BRIAN WALTERS: Melbourne newspaper condemned by federal MP over Greens candidate coal-mining and swastika row

 danbydalailama The Greens party’s house-journal The Age interrupted its occasional guide to the flavours of calzone served at Greens party morning teas with a spirited defence of their candidate Brian Walters’ right to take money from brown-coal miners, war criminals and anyone else he feels like.

Walters likes to style himself as a human rights lawyer but over the weekend it emerged that he’s just a middle-aged rich barrister who represents the big end of town against injured workers and invests the profits in property developments that cash in on coal-mining booms.

Just because you’re a lawyer for a pedophile doesn’t make you a pedophile goes the argument and it’s one we’d normally find appealing from anyone slightly less pious, preachy and sanctimonious than the rich Greens candidate. And while the ‘cab-rank’ concept is well-understood in the Bar, certainly the community has frequently frowned on “mob lawyers” if they got too close to their clients.

In the case of Brian Walters, it certainly looks like he’s been very enthusiastic indeed about making a quid from coal-mining, even advertising one of his north Rockhampton property developments (with an end value around $5 million) on the basis that it offered exposure to the central Queensland resources boom, which of course is centred on coal. It no doubt gave him something to talk about with the big coal executives he represents in court.

Federal Labor MP Michael Danby – a real human rights crusader and prominent campaigner against the world’s worst regimes – thinks The Age has gone too far and has pointed out some inconvenient truths in a statement issued today:

MP Slams Age Excuses for Greens Political Party

“The Greens Political Party are a bunch of wusses if they needed their principal ally, The Age newspaper to excuse them from the scrutiny to which all political parties are subject,” Michael Danby, Federal Member for Melbourne Ports said today.

“It is clear to any observer that The Age has been campaigning for the Greens Political Party for months prior to the imminent State election,” Danby said. “The entire newspaper, not just the Thursday edition, should be renamed the Green pages,” he said.

“The Age had defended the Greens Political Party’s candidate for Melbourne, Brian Walters, insisting that it was a smear to point out that Walters had defended SS Nazi auxiliary Konrad Kalejs and that Walters had taken an extreme position in defence of the Nazi symbol, the Swastika.”

Michael Danby concluded that The Age’s demand that the Greens Political Party be given a free pass again demonstrated that it was written by and for a narrow demographic increasingly restricted to the inner city suburbs north of the Yarra.



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25 responses to “BRIAN WALTERS: Melbourne newspaper condemned by federal MP over Greens candidate coal-mining and swastika row

  1. greens and nazis

    Hilter was vegetarian; Brian is a vegetarian

    Hilter passed strong animal welfare laws; Brian wants strong animal welfare laws.

    Hilter passed sweeping environmental laws; Brian wants sweeping environmental laws.

    Hilter supported euthanasia; Brian supported euthanasia

    Hilter yearned for the end of the industrial age; Brian supports anti-industry job destroying policies

    but Brian is not a Nazi because The Age says so!!

  2. gt

    ‘Walters had taken an extreme position in defence of the Nazi symbol’

    Does anyone have more info on this?

  3. Anonymous

    wait till the next bomb hits… greens want to scrap non-government education and funding… was ok when he was enjoying the benefits with his daughters at Ivanhoe Girls

  4. Zaf

    “Just because you’re a lawyer for a pedophile doesn’t make you a pedophile goes the argument and it’s one we’d normally find appealing from anyone slightly less pious, preachy and sanctimonious than the rich Greens candidate. ”

    But since it IS a Greens candidate…oh, never mind, I read you for the lolz, do you change ANY minds with this kinds of stupidity?

  5. sg

    “‘Walters had taken an extreme position in defence of the Nazi symbol’”
    “Does anyone have more info on this?”

    He has this crazy idea that the swastika used to be an Eastern symbol of peace and that perhaps it shouldn’t be banned from publication. I’m shocked.

  6. Reds are better in bed

    Fairfax love the ALP, just ask the editoral team at the Melbourne Times led by chardonnay sipping Alison Dean [No relation to the mighty Jesse Dean] who pushed for a vote for cath even though voters couldn’t tell a single story about what she done for the Melbourne electorate.

  7. Disillusioned

    Yeah you’ll find a big juicy swastika on the top story on the home page @gt:

  8. Disillusioned

    Yeah you’ll find a big juicy swastika in the comments section of the top story on the home page gt …

  9. Ben

    To “greens and nazis” – I applaud your comment. Well put.

  10. Anonymous

    R R
    E E
    E E
    N N
    R G
    E R
    E E
    N E

  11. Les Argen

    I really like your point “We all know that the cab rank rule (note RULE, not recommendation) gives him no option to refuse briefs, but hey that’s no excuse because even though he had no choice, he’s pompous”.

    So, what you’re saying is that you don’t like him because he’s pompous. There. I just saved you 1000 words.

  12. anonymous

    lawyers are ethically bound to represent anyone, regardless of what they have done. the nicest lawyer on the planet would represent Hitler himself, it would be immoral to do otherwise. it’s a valid argument, and The Age merely pointed that out.

  13. Adrian Jackson

    Hey Danby read the Melbourne Ports redistribution submissions tomorrow (Cup Day) on the AEC website.

    Canberra AEC lawyer tried to censor them but submitters stood their ground and they will not be censored.

    Tell Manny Waks (that raving former ADC storm trooper)so he can do another rant in Canberra where is works in airport security of all things. Mossad will have free range up there now I think.

    Go the Greens in Melbourne too. I though he held his ground will tonight on the TV news. The ALP attack on him will back fire not only in Melbourne but Albert Part District too.

  14. More's the pity

    Adrian, your post above didn’t make a lot of sense. Pour yourself another stiff whisky and try again!

  15. rudi

    There are so many reasons to criticise the Greens but this is a beat up. I hate earnestness but you’ve made me earnest with your ill informed smear.

    You not only jumped the shark but you ate it.

  16. Danby understand hypocricy Well

    danby preferenced the Greens in his seat of Melbourne Ports. So does than make him a hypocrite?

  17. Adrian Jackson

    Danby or any other incumbent likely to win do not preference minor parties really as they preferences are not distributed.

    It is the minor parties that really preference major parties as only there voters end up voting for another party on a 2 party preferred basis.

    Preference voting is a big waste of voters and candidate’s time and often is the centre of attention rather than the policies.

    First part the post works well in the UK so why not go back to it.

  18. Alif

    And we all know how this has worked out for labor! Well done guys!

    What we know now is, that labor members (including the lawyers in their ranks) are either 1) entirely ignorant about this fundamental tenet of the legal system, or 2) aware of it and its importance to our justice system, but all too willing to sacrifice and misrepresent it for shallow political gain. Either way, it’s not acceptable.

    Nice to see such respect for the very real suffering of so many as a direct result of anti semitism. Labor successfully made a mockery of them and of the whole concept of anti semitism. Expect a very justified backlash from the Jewish community.

  19. wolf

    Michael Danby – defending your human rights (unless you’re Palestinian).

  20. Adrian Jackson

    Danby is a fascist

  21. fail

    this all worked out really for labor didn’t it… well done!

  22. fail

    expect disdain from the Jewish community over this awful stunt. And those who were not quite convinced of just how bad labor is? They are now.

  23. Don't Vote Green

    The last Party you want to vote for is Green. Broywn Pike is not much better.

    Better to not vote then to vote Green.

  24. cynic

    See it all the time. These lawyers of such high integrity would represent hitler if alive on the basis he was just misunderstood & he had the cash to pay their exhorbitant fees. Funny thing is, other lawyers of great integrity refuse such assignments on the basis they deeply oppose such actions. Self intersest to get into power is his driver, not the bloody environment.

  25. Giuseppe De Simone

    Michael Danby consistently campaigns for human rights. He has done so for over thirty years. He believes in democracy, freedom, education and equality for all peoples in all nations. This includes the Palestinians who have been denied their birth right, not by Israel but by the terrorists amongst them who hold them hostage. He knows, as do all people of good will who look at the facts, that the current autocracy that runs Palestine is corrupt and violent in suppression of genuine democratic sentiment. The people of Palestine are suffering not because of what Israel does but what the dictators in Palestine have done to them. The extremists continue to reject peace with Israel and allow criminal attacks on its citizens. Israel will continue to defend itself and will take firm action to neutralise the threats. Michael Danby is a patriot and a true believer in freedom. It’s such a pity he is also an accolyte of the Gillard government that is so infested with Israel haters and terrorist lovers (but certainly not as many as the Greens).

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