MUSCLING UP: Senior Liberal Helen Kroger condemns Baillieu's plan to give seats to extreme-left Greens party

greens450 Ted Baillieu’s plan to hand potentially seven seats to the extreme-left Greens party is rightly causing uproar within the Victorian Liberal party.

Today’s Herald Sun splashed with reports of an “open revolt” in the party over their preference dealings with Senator Helen Kroger, a leading light of the Kroger-Ronaldson faction, calling bulldust on Baillieu’s preference plot.

She’s written an impassioned “op-ed” calling on Baillieu not ignore Liberal grassroots on the issue and urging him not to hand the extreme-left party seats in the Victorian Parliament.

It will go off like a bomb today in the Victorian Liberal party as Kroger’s group is really the dominant voice in the party’s organisation even though Baillieu’s faction still has many people in the parliamentary party. What will also worry senior Liberals both the organisation and the party room is that the nation’s most popular newspaper the Herald Sun has made it clear that it strongly disapproves of (or perhaps is puzzled by) Baillieu’s plan to elect Greens to the lower house of Parliament. They are not an enemy he wants to have in the lead-up to an election.

Baillieu had been hoping that he could slip through the election with the usual amount of scrutiny on preferences (not much) and hope that defending the inner-city would cost Labor plenty of money and brain-space.

Of course the truth is that Labor’s campaign to hold seven inner-city seats (not just Melbourne, Brunswick, Northcote and Richmond but also Footscray, Albert Park and Prahran) is going to keep them very busy anyway, with many spending decisions presumably already made.

So preferencing the Greens party ends up looking like a student-political style mind-f*ck with little to justify it other than the doctrine that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

It’s hard to predict the Greens erratic behaviour but it’s certainly a big call to say that the Liberals could count on any arrangement with their MPs to put them in power. Many Liberals assume they’ll just side with Labor as they did in Canberra and Hobart.

But what is certain is that identifying the Liberals with a brand of politics associated with some very unpopular extreme-left causes like death taxes, soaring electricity and fuel prices, closing the Melbourne zoo, depriving kids of cancer medicine because it was made in a nuclear reactor, putting prostitutes on every street corner and so much more. Follow the links, read the material, while it seems too bizarre to be true, it’s actually just true enough to be bizarre.

As Senator Kroger so eloquently put it today:

The real policy agenda of the Greens goes far beyond saving old-growth forests and protecting frogs and bandicoots.

They are a far-left party, cunningly disguised as tree-huggers. They are actually just old-fashioned statists and anti-development, anti-growth economic Neanderthals who like to dabble in divisive social issues. They are like the old-fashioned Labor Left but without that solid base in reality they have via their ties with trade unions which often produce rounded, practical and sensible people who deal in the real economy and real world. There are a few loons and thugs in that world too, but they are the exception who prove the rule. Even the loopiest unionist has a very different world-view from a perpetually unemployed enviro-activist who doesn’t care about jobs unless it involves a hand-out from some government agency or another, assuming that the money will just keep flowing despite their attacks on the productive economy. Those people – with the help of the Liberal party – are on the verge of holding the balance of power in Victoria’s Parliament. No wonder many senior Liberals are horrified by the prospect.

This day was always going to come. The farce of Australia’s premier conservative party and Victoria’s coalition handing over as many as seven seats in the lower house of Victoria’s parliament to a party so far left they make Labor look tame and sensible couldn’t proceed without a huge fall-out. And now it’s come at the worst possible time for Liberal leader Ted Baillieu because he’s repeatedly refused to rule out handing the Greens those inner-city seats.

The party of Bolte and Menzies surely isn’t made for this. They knew who to handle the extreme-left of their time, they shunned them, they attacked them, they put them last on How-To-Votes and Menzies even hoped to imprison them and outlaw the Communist party. (We’re not suggesting the latter, before correspondents suggest otherwise).

Some say that Labor is the Liberals’ main opponent and should therefore be put last. But the way parties allocate preferences also says a lot about them, where they stand and what matters to them.

That’s why the major parties putting One Nation last made such a big statement. It was an important step in delegitimising the divisive party.

It is now time for both Liberal and Labor to consider the same bold gesture. Labor ought not – must not – preference to the Greens either when there’s a chance of electing them to the lower house. Ironically, it’s Ted Baillieu’s seat of Hawthorn where that prospect is greatest. Their moral responsibility is the same, to keep the extreme left party from dictating its divisive policies on all of us.

Australia has been well-served by its major parties even if we love to slag them off. With occasional exceptions, they have delivered stable, responsible and unifying government. We don’t have riots here. Even unpopular governments tend not to have their legitimacy questioned by either side of politics because there’s a respect for the system and a general view that our elected leaders will govern for all not just for those who voted for them.

The Greens party represent a clear and present danger to these things we take for granted.

They embrace – without hesitation – some of the most divisive and extreme policy positions any party could take.

Never mind Joe Hockey, it’s the Greens who are the economic Hansonites of Australian politics, but it’s their passion to impose radical views on the most sensitive of topics like marriage, euthanasia and other matters where society needs to be led responsibly and respectfully and cautiously that could really tear the social fabric of this country.

People will look back on these strange days and express astonishment that once upon a time the Victorian division of the Liberal party did all it could to elect Greens party MP Adam Bandt, a former Marxist activist (who recently wrote his PhD on Marxist Soviet jurisprudence or some such) who doesn’t seem that former, despite him pledging to vote up a Labor government in the House and immediately upon election began championing every divisive lefty cause stocked at the organic supermarket. It’s more than just embarrassing for the Liberals to be so closely associated with Bandt, it’s brand-damaging and reputation-destroying. And Helen Kroger, a former party president, is right to recognise it and brave to speak up for an important principle.

Yes, they are a fad. And a bubble.

But they are not to be underestimated.

The Greens have enjoyed a tremendous lack of scrutiny as their vote has surged in the inner-cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

They even had a federal leadership coup attempt without it being reported for months by the small army of supposedly feisty Press Gallery journalists in Canberra.

And while it was churlish and stupid for the Greens to attempt to hide the coup attempt with a cone of silence over their party room’s proceedings, it does tell us quite a lot about the kid-gloves treatment they get from many journalists. They are not the main game,  journos tell themselves, but they are about to have the balance of power in the Senate and helped determine who would govern the nation. In those circumstances, their internal machinations merit the same attention as the other parties get.

The Greens are entitled to their radical views – and even to ditch them cynically under pressure – and to present themselves in a democratic contest. We have no issue with that. We do have an issue with the fraud involved in disguising these extremist views and their loopy candidates as a friendly, naive environmental group when it is in fact a highly cynical, divisive, scheming, manipulative and secretive far-left political party that very much operates in the tradition of the Communist Party. And while they’re responsible for what they do, our political leaders and journalists and business leaders are responsible for their own reaction to this outrageous phenomenon.

Just when we’d thought it was beginning to look very bleak indeed, this week could be an important one in the history of how mainstream society tackles this radical threat. It’s too early to say it’s the beginning of the end for the Greens party. But it is the end of the beginning.

UPDATE: After the increasingly eccentric Ted Baillieu ally Jeff Kennett came out swinging, attacking Senator Helen Kroger for expressing mainstream views about the prospect of preferencing the extreme-left Greens party, party President David Kemp has sent out an email attempting to constrain hot-heads like Kennett (who recently claimed he’d been shot at while Premier despite there being no Police records of any such thing):


Members of the Victorian Division are reminded that the decision on preference allocation is a matter for the organisation of the Party in consultation with the parliamentary leadership. This is the long-standing practice.

Any views that members of the Party may have on preference allocation should be communicated through the forums of the party and the usual processes of discussion within the party.

Not surprisingly, the matter of preference allocation in this election is a matter of discussion within the party, and members and candidates have taken the opportunity to communicate their views, both formally and informally.  This communication is of great assistance to the party leadership in making its decisions, and is encouraged.

It is inappropriate for members of the Victorian Division to engage in public discussion of this matter through the media.

Final decisions will be made in the interests of the people of Victoria.

David Kemp
State President

28th October 2010



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76 responses to “MUSCLING UP: Senior Liberal Helen Kroger condemns Baillieu's plan to give seats to extreme-left Greens party

  1. Mike Baird

    i always like to appear to be green and sucking up to the greens is easy – they are pretty stupid and never look @ my record as a corporate banker

  2. BS Detector

    Helen Kroger is a Patriot who speaks truth to power.

  3. Let us get this right

    The Greens are a fringe political party. They have attracted Academics who find it tough to co-exist in main stream society because most people do not understand them and this political party gives them an outlet for their wacky ideas.
    It has also become a home for lost socialist souls who still cling to the bohemian/hippy lifestyle hoping that the revolution will happen and the wealth of the country will be distributed so that they do not have to work.
    It is also a home for environmentalists who wrongly believe that the Greens actually are a dyed in the wool environmental party. Wake up! how many socialists and academics care about what happens outside of the cities.

    If you do not give them oxygen to spread their wacky ideas they will lose support. They are a motley crew of individuals who if they cannot get what they want they will leave.

  4. Anonymous

    wonder if labor will put the greens last andrew…

  5. The mighty Jeffistas

    So after the many, many years that Helen Kroger has been on the public purse, this is her first contribution of almost any note, and what that contribution amounts to is a public dumping of a bucket of sh*t on her party in the middle of an election campaign. Well done Helen.

  6. Wendy

    Oh hear the voice of the Tea Party dripping through the pen of Andrew and his band of fearful boys at VEX. So much better to support the sane rational views of say the Nationals: make the rivers flow inland!!, bring back protectionism and trade barriers, subsidies people who run unsustainable businesses; mine the barrier reef and the Arctic. Now that all makes sense.

    Your obsession with the Greens says more about your lack of political stability and policies. If the Libs had an iota of ability then they would win the Vic election and preferences would be moot. But you don’t. State and federal, the conservatives are a joke. Hockey couldn’t manage a raffle. Barnaby is a political circus. So instead of building popular policies and positions, all you can do is rubbbish another party BECAUSE they are getting a substantial vote.

    You’re the Tea Party. No ideas, no policies, no leadership – just fear and phobias. Australians have shown at every election they vote for parties with positive agendas. Let’s talk after the Vic election and see how your reds under the beds tactics work!!

  7. Lib Branch Member

    Whilst almost no-one in the Liberal Party agrees we should preference the greens, isn’t there a sound argument that delaying this decision (as Ted is hopefully doing) will cause more ALP resources to be diverted to those seats? Then, at the last safe moment, announce what we thought all along — greens last. If this is not Ted’s strategy, then go to town on him then. But if this is his plan, then shouldn’t we let it run its course? Shouldn’t Helen have given him the benefit of doubt?

  8. RDR

    Helen I will not ever give you a ‘ride’ home oh no no YUK!

  9. RJ

    Exactly what is radical about equal marriage rights for all adults?

    I’m not a Greens member or supporter, but I also find it a little harsh to regard them as a fad – they’ve been around too long and are getting too much of the vote to be treated so dismissively.

  10. Anonymous

    Labor puts Liberals last in every Victorian seat.

    Why wouldn’t the Liberals do the same?

  11. dal

    There is no preference plan for any of the parties. This much is patently clear from all reporting on the matter. The only fact capable of being drawn from the ridiculous furore is that the only true coalition is the one between the alp and the libs. There is no such thing as left and right in mainstream politics. It’s fantastic that people are finally getting this message. It has taken far too long.

  12. Steve Sensible

    The problem here is the Greens Party have nothing, as far as pre-election deals, the major parties want.

    We all know the Greens Party will preference the ALP in the LC.

    Greens Party voters will direct their preferences in the LA to the ALP as well: as they always have.

    The Liberals ran an open ticket in some seats last time – this seems the best option in the seven inner-city seats mentioned.

    Footscray and Albert Park are also complicated by high profile independents running.

  13. Judy Truth

    Helen looks better with a dog on her

  14. c u on the tram

    if you think that’s bad this will send a shudder

    VEXNEWS: Barber’s comments on the shower head inspectorate having the right to knock on the front door and the power to inspect and change shower-heads in bathrooms was a tremendous insight and reminded us of that classic Superbowl ad on the Greens police. We can only thank the Greens for ensuring VEXNEWS has something to write about.

  15. ICT

    You just don’y get it.
    You want us to re-elect the ALP inner city candidates so they can continue to represent themselves & their six figure pay packets & multi-million dollar unfunded public superannuation.
    You gotta be jokin; these arseholes are not real ALP but careerists who don’y give a stuff about their electorate.
    When the ALP goes back to some working class core values then they will get elected; until then they can eff off.

  16. Fellow Traveller

    Thank-you Vex Patriots! Keep up the good work.

  17. Senator-elect Shaun Tedwards

    Wow! What a woman. Is Helen married? Cos if she is I’ll have her over those red benches very soon. Please don’t let pissy and birmo know that I’m promiscuous with partners and positions.

  18. Helen Kroger

    Helen Kroger has f#cked over the whole Libral Party when she was Pres. Why would she change her spots? She is just doing old man Korger’s dirty work.

  19. If there is anyone more useless in the Liberal Party than Red Ted it would have to be Helen ‘how the hell was she preselected for the senate’ Kroger.

    Begone, begone, ye barnacles!

  20. Brimbank Party hack

    The Libs would be stupid to give the Watermelons there second preferences,but as a very upset Brimbank ALP Party member I Pray that they will give it to the Watermelons in the State seat of Richmond.

  21. reds are better in bed

    ALP relying on lib preferences to get the likes of Fiona Richardson over the line should ensure that within the next decade the greens will out poll the alp not only in Melbourne, Richmond and Northcote but also in places where they read Bolt rather than Focault like Preston and Thomastown.

  22. Anonymous

    Helen Kroger (ne Madden) was without doubt the worst President the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party has ever had.

    She got the position through the Michael Kroger/ Costello faction with the help of that little State Director weasel Julian Sheezel (also a Kroger/ Costello sycophant – that’s how he got to be State Director).

    She shoe-horned herself into the Senate position through various sneaky and dishonorable means under the cover of high activity in the Party.

    She caused a trail of destruction with many of her sycophantic ‘supporters’ – just ask Ms Simone!

    Apart from marrying (and divorcing) Michael Kroger her only other claim to fame is doing some fund raising for her kids private school (Wesley). Oh and she ran a delicatessen where apparently she was good at slicing salami!

    She has no academic qualifications whatsoever. Not even sure she reached matriculation (year 12 for those younger readers).

    I would suggest the article in today’s Hun was not even written by her.

    Certainly any public presentations are tightly scripted so she can’t stuff up too much!

    If she needs to answer questions then that’s where the ‘intellect’ is on display to all see!

    How can someone like this be in the Australian Senate representing Victorians? It IS a disgrace.

    A lot in the Liberal Party members remember this bitch with utter distain. She still has another 3 years on her 6 years term as a Senator for Victoria and then State Assembly will be going for her jugular.

    So just as she and Ronno struck Tsebin Chen down in 2003 she will get her just disserts in 2013.

    And all this grief to the Victorian Division to get more numbers for the ‘Costello for PM’ mission who is demonstrating just this week just what a snotty nosed pratt his really is!

    All this will come back to bite her on her fat arse! The worm will turn on you Ms Madden.

    And the world and the Liberal Party Parliamentary party will be a better place!

    Thank God for Karma.

  23. Finished 3rd

    The Greens are like the Fegan/Butler hsam group, all piss and wind!!!

  24. Catherine Nou

    One serving MP has the courage to stand up. Good on her. The Greens are a threat to our way of life.

    If the Liberals had a clear, consistent anti-Greens message, they’d poll a lot better than they probably will now.

    Helen Kroger should move to state politics and become leader after Baillieu’s inevitable and pathetic defeat.

    It shouldn’t take a woman to clean house but she is clearly the strongest option.

  25. Pissy Chryne

    Sorry Tony I missed the vote I was entertaining the Head Boy from my old school.

  26. Lib stalwart

    Whatever decision the Liberal Party takes it makes no sense to announce it early – keep the ALP guessing and putting resources behind the organic decaf latte curtain.

    Helen Kroger – I like you but you should stfu on this one (with respect).

    Onward to victory – Ted might just do it!

  27. Cozzie

    Mmmmm Helen.

    Would love to go your pink then have a go at your stink.

  28. Pisstopher Chryne

    If the water boy gives you water why wouldn’t the head boy look after me during the school tour of parliament house?
    I always respected the demands of the brothers when I was head boy!

  29. Hi 🙂 Is it alright that I kinda off topic? I’m trying to read your blog on my new iPhone but it won’t show properly, do you have any recommendations? Shall I try to find an update for my computer or something? Thanks! Tana x 🙂

  30. Sandy

    Helen and the other real conservatives should ditch Red Ted to give the electorate a real choice.
    As it is, no one really knows what Red Ted will do or say about any issue. How can conservatives vote for him or his party? There is not much difference from them and the Greens who seem to have given up on environmental issues.

  31. Faction Watcher

    Ronaldson faction?? Who are the members? Peter Phelps and Robert Hardie?

  32. Medici

    Everytime I read one of these hysterical rants it cements my support for The Greens. Attended a public meeting tonight where Greens, ALP and Indy speakers put their positions on a local issue. The Greens got a great reception, while the ALP and the independent (ALP decoy for the state election) were met with howls of derision and mistrust. My sense is more seats could go than are being anticipated, plenty going on in the minds of the voters. The Greens are here to stay and all the hysterical witch hunting is not having any impact in fact quite the contrary.

  33. LIKE many Victorians I have watched the growth of the Greens vote with increasing concern. In the recent federal election the Greens claimed historic success, with Adam Bandt elected as the member for Melbourne on the back of Liberal preferences.

    The Greens also appear to be on the rise in the state election and there is talk of a Green-Liberal deal to secure government. The reality is that the Greens need Liberal preferences to win any seats.

    I hope that the state Liberal leadership, in its considerations, will ask what service to Victoria’s future would be done by delivering seats to the Greens with Liberal preferences.

    Green policies need to be exposed for the radical fringe they represent. No voter should cast a vote for the Greens without knowing that despite the mask of Greens branding, heroin injecting rooms and death duties are high among their priorities.

    As a senator for Victoria I hope the state parliamentary and organisational leaders of the Liberal Party recognise the significant precedent that a preference deal with the Greens would represent.

    If it comes to pass, the Liberal Party would be dealing with an organisation that is fundamentally opposed to Liberal beliefs.

    The real policy agenda of the Greens goes far beyond saving old-growth forests and protecting frogs and bandicoots. How do we know? Bob Brown’s recent elevation in Julia Gillard’s Labor-Green alliance exposed the Greens’ priorities.

    Brown didn’t talk endangered species and wild river conservation when he signed off on a power-sharing arrangement with Gillard. He was strangely silent on genuine environmental issues. Instead, the Greens offered their radical view of higher taxes and removing choice in education and health. Their agenda begins with extolling euthanasia and goes on to death duties, gay marriage, increasing taxes, carbon or otherwise, and ripping government funding from private schools.

    What’s next? Legalising drugs and heroin injecting rooms as previously embraced by the Greens?

    This is the Greens’ agenda in the Australian Parliament. Greens in the Victorian Parliament won’t be any different.

    John Brumby’s Labor Government goes to the polls on November 27. The Labor Government has been an extraordinary disappointment. In contrast to the successful reform agenda of the Kennett government over just seven years, 11 long years of Labor has delivered little beyond cost overruns, an army of media advisers and ever-increasing spin.

    This year, Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has led the charge to expose the mismanagement and lack of vision of the Brumby Government. He has effectively presented himself as a genuine alternative premier with a real agenda for the future of Victoria. The Brumby Government’s lacklustre performance means the election is there for the taking.

    Victorians, and particularly Liberals, don’t want a preference deal with the Greens that entrenches a radical agenda. The future of Victoria depends on the party leadership taking into account the views of many grassroots Liberals.

    Helen Kroger is a senator for Victoria and a former state president of the Liberal Party of Victoria

  34. Elthamite

    Last time I voted Green, Not this time

    I live in Eltham, Melbourne’s Green Belt. I find it somewhat hypocritical that Greg Barber, Green Upper-house member, set-up his office in Carlton. Carlton is not in the centre of the electorate but on the inner-city fringes. There is no train connection from Eltham to Carlton.

    I have never seen Barber in our part of the electorate and my friends in other parts of the electorate say Barber who?.

    The fact is Greg Barber does not represent the interest of the Northern metro electorate. He is only interetsed in the inner city cafe-late socialists.

  35. Anonymous

    I’m voting Green just to stick it up Labor and the Liberals !

  36. Anonymous

    @Elthamite: Elthamite – Eltham is in the Eastern Metro Region not Northern.

  37. That f%^&*er David Kemp can go screw himself. Helen Kroger is my hero and if she wants to speak her mind, she will, just like my mate Peter Costello did before. The rules apply to everyone except my friends.

  38. The mighty Jeffistas

    Former Liberal premier Jeff Kennett condemned his factional opponent, Liberal senator and former Victorian party president Helen Kroger, for trying to ”make things difficult” for Mr Baillieu by calling for the Liberals to put the Greens last.

    Go Jeff, and all loyal patriots who serve his name.

  39. Anonymous

    Jeff is the Emperor and I live to serve his every command.

  40. Giddy Up

    What are you all talking about?? Ted is doing a great job!
    Look at the polls and my own track record of accomplishments as long as a paddle pop stick…how can we not win the next election with marginal seat campaigners like me 🙂

  41. anon

    No wonder Michael dumped her imagine looking at that at sunrise every morning, it would definitely deflate the morning woody.

  42. inga binga

    voting green is like masturbation, feels good but it’s not the real thing

  43. Anonymous

    I’d go one in her pink and one in her stink in a flash!

  44. Pissy Chryne

    And Anonymous I’ll be up your stink in a flash.

  45. Wendy

    19 per cent!! Can you scared little rascals believe that. The Greens are polling 19 per cent!

    That’s one in five of you lot. How funny is that – you’re going to be ruled by a Green-Left cabal.

    Better move to WA now before the stampede.

  46. Anonski

    It is very hard to believe that 19% of Victorians are absolute solid-gold arse clowns.

  47. Anonymous

    Pissy – Too late, Craig.L. owns my stink.

  48. Reds are better in Bed

    the only bubble burst will be that of So You Think who won’t run a place in the cup, time for communists to clean up with a very wide roving banker trifecta

  49. kroger-nomics

    Kroger is quite a piece of work.

    The libs only chance of putting some pressure on is letting the greens do some heavy lifting.

    Kroger just wants to bury Ballieu…..

    time for the millionaire toorak toff to get a new hobby….

  50. the current panic

    So the libs are not sure if their clever tactic turns into a permanent split that leave them where they already are…nowhere.

    The Libs are formalising a three way voter split that will be hard to undo.

    This is a losing proposition:
    smash the labor inner city base to create a neo-marxist party led by a dangerous himbo that will form government with labor.

    Dumb, dumber and Baillieu.

  51. big business hits the panic button

    So big business is getting worried…well too late guys…the greens are in town.

    The liberal/labor/business trio is now split. Welcome to the new paradigm of greens veto on your profits and impacts on the planet.


    The truth is now coming out.
    The Greens have used powerful ‘stupid idiot’ drugs to get the dynamic leadership of labor to vote legions of no nothing say nothing MPs.

    This evil plan to make the labor party a vacuous parody of democracy has left it open from greens to fill the void with their own brand of comedy.

    In fact rumour has it that failed comedians have taken over the Greens (having grown bored of running the abc).

    Once greg barbar gets the balance of power he will be announcing the first comic take over of a western democracy.

    Stay tune for more unfunny twitters…from the politician that makes the bloke from the office look like a self aware and caring and sharing kind of guy.



  54. voter bypass

    Brumby’s voter bypass is clever move…take the money away from libs and make the duopoly of neglect reappear.

    he is telling business – I cant lose – if you want a green alp government then just let our liberal lackeys preference greens.

    money talks and b s walks.

  55. meanie greenies

    but what if having a disfunctional green/labor government is actually good for business?? renewable energy etc

  56. green economy

    Greens business rules will be good for chinese business…the tasmanian growth story again.

  57. head in the clouds

    kids have their head in the clouds….overspending cap works make daddy rich..please do not vote greens…it will hurt the trust account

  58. Brumby logic

    Bandt + cash = victory.

    Brumby logic says take away cash and take away threat.

  59. barbar's bitch

    Barbar to Baillieu
    ‘thanks for the votes bitch’
    now go sit on the opposition bench while the greens/brumby love in starts.

  60. A Better Way?

    If the Opposition was tactically smart it would try for the best of both worlds – put Labor last in Melbourne and Richmond held by Ministers who are publicly known for their incompetence – use this as a justification with details of the failures of these two – and Labor above the Greens in other seats to maintain faith with conservative rank and file and the public. This has the enviable outcome of realistically not delivering balance of power to the extremist Greens whilst simultaneously causing Labor to divert precious resources to these seats and creating divisions in Labor beween the inner Melb lefties and the rest of Labor Party in the suburbs and regions.

  61. Anonymous

    Libs should preference the Greens in:
    And Labor in the remaining seats in the state.

  62. Wenchy

    Boofa I’m nearly there – hang on glory is nearly there for me.

  63. Elthamite

    Not where I live. I am in North Eltham near Diamond Creek. Never seen the Green MLC.

  64. Green missing in action

    I live in Alma Road, Hurstbridge and we have never seen the Greens’ member of Parliament either. Nor have my friends or neighbours.

  65. anon

    Hurstbridge now there is a town that is filled with dole bludgers, bogans and dope smoking ferals.

  66. Moderate

    Wendy, there is only one thing I hate more than the Greens as a moderate, centrist Liberal – the cockiness and arrogance of the Greens.

    Please don’t forget that the left is fractured.

    Please don’t forget you rely on us to get in, and relied on us for Adam bandt.

    Please don’t forget that you only poll 19%. Labor 35%. We’re over 40%.

    If the Greens do get the balance of power, we will see how inept they really. Just look at Tasmania – the failed economy.

    But that might not happen. A little birdy from Exhibition St tells me that the Liberals won’t be giving anything to the Greens unless they give back.

    You know how it goes – spend a little, make a little :).

  67. Sotherby

    So Wendy the Green goddess, why is it ok to preach to the public about being clean and green when you lot cant even make money through ethical means?

  68. Green Brian Walter’s coal-fired controversy

    Victorian seat of Melbourne has admitted defending a "dirty" brown coalmine where a father of three was unlawfully killed.

    Brian Walters is running as the Greens' star candidate for the marginal inner city seat at next month's state election and has publicly condemned the production of brown coal.

    But a Sunday Herald Sun investigation has revealed the prominent Melbourne barrister is acting for a brown coalminer accused of negligently causing the death of a worker.

    He has also made a private investment in an industrial estate, linked to the mining industry, in resource-rich Queensland.

    Mr Walters is representing Downer EDI, which owns 44 per cent of RTL, a non-incorporated joint venture that operates the Yallourn open cut brown coalmine, the biggest open cut coalmine in Australia.

  69. Benvolio

    I thought of voting for the Greens out here in the near north of Ivanhoe, instead of the ‘jobs for the boys’ nodding dog candidates of the Lab/Lib variety who think the most pressing matter concerning this electorate is who gets to open the community garden somewhere. Then I thought…Nah.

    The problem being the Greens no longer represent what they were formed for…been hijacked and gone all wacky and neo-pagan.

  70. Boofa Leigh

    Crikey Wench I can’t keep this up any longer! I am not getting any younger and ‘her in doors’ is giving me a real hard time. Come on election hurry up. Tiny and me want some time together again.

  71. Sex hobbit update (won’t see this in the newspapers):

    We had a lot of fun but unfortunatly the expected corruption prevailed!!

    We managed to have the Chief Magistrate (IAN GREY) whom was obviously set up to hear the matter step down from the bench.

    IAN GREY is already on several Misprison of Treason and Treason charges pending Grand Jury one of which was from Graham Daniels himself in 2007……and he admitted having knowledge of this.

    He even asked Graham (on record in the court proceeding) where this had gone so the Court again has knowledge on record that this is still awaiting hearing.

    IMHO…….He should NOT be allowed to continue practicing on the bench until cleared!! – Think about it…. how many lives have been ruied while he continues his corruption?

    I beleive we had made it clear in our Affidavitt’s that we weren’t going to accept the Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) taking over the case. – Wouldn’t it be nice to be on a traffic violation and be able to walk into the Court and advise you were taking over your own case and discontinuing it??

    SO……. they took plan B and delayed the case and the Deputy Director of the OPP (GAVIN SILBERT) wrote to the Atorney General (ROB HULLS) and the AG then wrote back and directed his Representative to take over the case and discontinue it (I think under section 22 or 29 of the PP Act)

    I point out that we made it clear that there was a “causal link” and that ROB HULLS was already on 3 charges awaiting the same hearing by Grand Jury and has a conflict of interest and vested interest in the case, as did the Sitting Magistrate (I think it was PETER LEIGHTON, in any case he was the Deputy Chief Magistrate) on the Bench.

    Graham had pointed out that it is a Judicial Act sect 78b requirement that as there were Commonwealth Constitutional maters we need all proceedings held until ALL Attorney Generals have been notified Under 78b.

    PETER totally ignored this

    I pointed out that there was Sect’s 34, 43 and 44 breaches of the Crimes Act Commonwealth and some of the others had at least 2 more crimes being commited. Don’t these Commonweatlth Acts under section 109 (I think) of the constitution outrank the State Acts? How can they assume to take over the case under the DPP Act if the Crown and her Majesty has already been taken out of the Legal Practice Act……. Hold the phone aren’t they CROWN prosectors?? Ahem?

    A letter was produced by the Barrister (ELLENBY) from the AG ROB HULLS and we were all given a chance to read it BUT WERE REFUSED A COPY.

    I asked the Court;

    – If the Bench had in any way had any dialogue with ANY of the defendants and he rattled off some names he hadn’t been in contact with….. clearly meaning that he had been in discussion with someone he wasn’t stating or he would have easily answered NO??

    – if it was The Court’s intention to conseal a piece of evidece of treason and of course there was no Answer from the Bench to my question.

    Graham spoke on a few more issues which I can’t remember at the moment till I get the transcript.

    I again refered to the Sections of the Crimes Act and included reading out Sect 34 into the record and again also referred to the High Court rulling in Queen v Roberson on perverting the course of Justice.

    I made it clear that the Mag needed to run the 78b’s or transfer the Juristiction to the Full Court of the Supreme Court for Grand Jury work but could not proceed with any decision as we had defined that the court was out of Juristiction in the matter.

    Another Informant refered to Sect 243 (I think) refering to ROB HULLS in the act of breaching his Public Office

    All of which was listened to in good scripted manner patiently by PETER and then continued on to give the order that ROB HULLS took over and Discontinued the case.

    I am of the STRONG opinion that all the listening in the world would not have changed the outcome as it was all scripted to go that way no matter what. ALL of the Magistrates Body Language clearly indicated this.

    It was noted that the Mag deliberatly pushed the mic away from himself and spoke as softly as possible so we expect the Transcipt to have alteration from our recordings… we will see 🙂

    Now how many People and how many charges do you think we can file after the above experience??

    How many of you want to help get on the boat so as there was only 6 this time it would be great if we had 20 next time.

    Where does the corruption Stop? The election Writs for Victoria will be issued on Mon or Tues and the Government will be perouged.

    I say there was at least 20 of us already in the court room witnessing this corruption first hand.
    What have they to hide in running the hearing? I wonder?

    YOU DECIDE!!!!

  72. Green Piece

    I thought the ALP is supposed to be some kind of progressive / workers party & the Libs are supposed to be an individualist free enterprise party. I don’t see that in either of them. It’s little wonder membership is dwindling voters are deserting in droves.

    I vote the ALP and Libs merge to form the Beige Party. They spend so much time pretending to be each other. Instead they should both grow some balls and get back to their roots.

  73. Adrian Jackson

    Helen is a Liberal Bronny Pike. Not to much between the ears.

    Jeff summed up her silly rant about Green preferences by saying Helen was only a junior Senator who did preference deal with the Green too.

    Helen could not even keep her marriage together either.

    Why are all the dud Liberal women MP’s called Helen?

  74. Giuseppe De Simone

    Helen Kroger was a much better Party President than Ted Baillieu, Ian Carson or Joy Howley. She is a much better Senator than Tsebin Tchen ever was. At least she doesn’t sleep on her office couch in Canberra while claiming her electoral allowance or take as many overseas trips as possible to maximise the perks. Unfortunately, I can no longer comment on her views about Greens preferences as such matters are to be kept within internal party forums. However, this means Ted Baillieu, that dud leftist, can pretend he has consulted widely before deciding that Victoria would be better off with a Greens-ALP government than an ALP government. What this will lead to of course is that the Greens-ALP government will have a majority in the lower and upper houses of the Victorian Parliament unlike the situation now where the government does not control the Legislative Council and is held to account. I remember well that State Director David Kemp stood up to then Leader of the Opposition Jeff Kennett in 1988 when Kennett wanted to run on the stupid campaign theme of “Liberals: a great team for a great state.” Had Jeff stuck to script in 1988 and hammered home the message of waste, mismanagement and corruption, we would not have had Joan Kirner as Premier. Now it saddens me that as Party President David Kemp listens meekly to the depraved delusional rantings of Ted Baillieu about what the campaign should be about. Ted is all about big government – police with guns at train stations, random strip searches without reasonable cause, higher spending, more regulation of alcoholic consumption, more powers to nosey public servants that haven’t seen a regulation or piece of red tape they didn’t like.

  75. Just how wacky is Greg Barber

    Below is a published interview and commentary of Greg Barber’s wacky ideas… (and he could hold the balance of power come November 28)

    Now I don’t want to seem like a spoilsport, but I would just like to be reassured on one small point: how the hell do the Greens then plan to power our state?

    After all, they don’t plan to stop at Hazelwood, either. Their policy is to shut every coal-fired plant, leaving us with just 5 per cent of the electricity we now use – with nuclear power banned, new hydro power banned and wind power as reliable as, well, the wind.

    It’s madness of the kind you get from a child who wants her fifth ice cream but not the upchuck that goes with it. Still, you’d think the Greens would have worked out by now these small details about how to keep the lights burning. Right?

    But let’s run the tape from my chat yesterday on MTR 1377 to Greens MP Greg Barber.

    Me: How are you going to replace the power we need to keep going our hospitals, our factories, our homes?

    Greg: The simplest way is to save energy rather than use it in the first place.

    Me: Save 95 per cent of our energy?

    Greg: I took over my place and I cut my energy bill by half and you won’t see us freezing or doing anything like that.

    Me: Ninety-five per cent of our electricity comes from coal-fired power generation … I’m just asking, how you would replace 95 per cent of our power?

    Greg: I’d say homes and businesses around Australia could probably cut their energy bills by half and they wouldn’t even notice until they got the bill because it’s called energy efficiency.

    Me: A factory, how would that cut its power by half?

    Greg: Ah, lighting, heating, airconditioning, and, um, ah …

    Me: You’re serious?

    Greg: Well, businesses are already doing it.

    Me: Half! No, Greg, please, half? That’s incredible.

    Greg: Come and look at the office building I’m in some time.

    Me: I’m looking at an electrically powered train going by me right now. How is that going to cut its power use by half?

    Greg: There’s a thing called traction braking, for an example, that actually recycles the energy of the train when it slows down to be used when it speeds up again.

    Oh, please. If you think this is remotely possible, dear Greens voter, consider first that this state is actually predicted to need 50 per cent more power by 2030, even though many companies, hit with higher power bills, have tried for years to cut their use.

    Then go around your home – and, more importantly, your factory – and switch off half the power.

    With all appliances off, look proudly at the appalled people around you in winter and say, “Isn’t it great we’re all freezing to death for the planet?”

    Or, in summer, for variety, ask: “Isn’t it lovely to be sweating in this furnace now that I’ve switched off the aircon?”

    And then, by the kerosene lamp at home, try to figure out the next step. After all, you’re still only halfway to replacing the 95 per cent of electricity the Greens plan to ban.

    Let me just try to get it through your cable-knit beanie how impossible that is without reducing this state to the standard of living endured by people who burn cow dung for their cooking.

    For Earth Hour this year, the zealots at Melbourne University tried especially hard to cut their power. The university exhorted staff and students to do their best to save the planet from their electricity, and to “turn off all lights and appliances”. All of them.

    And the result? Read the University’s boast: “Electricity consumption on the Earth Hour weekend dropped by 5.51 per cent compared with a 2010 business as usual weekend.”

    Less than 6 per cent? After all that special sacrifice? For just one weekend?

    Whoopee do. And that’s from a mere university, mind, which runs no heavy industry or essential services, and had almost no one in the joint over that weekend actually wanting to work or switch on so much as a toaster or kettle.

    Just 90 per cent to go, guys, before you live the Greens’ dream.

    But there I go, trying to marry consequence to action, like I was an adult or something. Don’t I realise the times have changed? After all, this is the Age of the Use Less, in which our brainless and godless rich resent their own wealth – well, resent the wealth of everyone else, at least. And then, for penance, suggest ingenious ways to make us poor again.

    Example: remember how this Labor Government told us for years we didn’t need more water supplies, claiming we could get by if we just Used Less?

    And so our ovals turned brown, our gardens died and we broke our backs carting buckets to the most precious of our plants. Use Less, heaven!

    Ah, but you think I exaggerate this madness of our times. So let me introduce you to the latest guru of this Use Less creed, “anti-poverty crusader” Richard Fleming, as featured this week in the Herald Sun and on Channel 7’s Today Tonight.

    He, too, preaches Use Less, or eat less, actually. He’s promoting his $2 a day “Live Below the Line” diet, which restricts you to eating the very cheapest of foods – hummus, watery soup, dahl, rice, marmalade and peanut paste.

    No real reason for this torture, other than to make you realise what it must be like to be some starving Bangladeshi, wishing you were lucky enough to live in a country where you had so much to eat that you’d, er, starve yourself instead. Out of sheer, mindless guilt.

    “There’s a level of stupidity in all this,” Fleming admits, but he should be less hard on himself.

    He’s the poster boy of a state in which so many finger-waggers want to deny the rest of us the harvest of our science and ingenuity – cooling on hot days, heating on cold ones, water for green gardens and food for a feast.

    Fine, if that’s what you want for yourself. But, please, before you vote to inflict this on the rest of us, first try living as the Greens prescribe and see if it truly suits even high-minded you.

    Lights out. Heating, too. Starve and shiver for your faith. At least live as miserably as you plan to vote.

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