BUSTED: Greens party candidate Cyndi Dawes' confidant Mike Puleston exposed as the Brunswick forger

cyndidawespuleston Despite Greens party Brunswick candidate Cyndi Dawes telling voters she had nothing to do with the forgery of a letter from Carlo Carli, the outgoing Labor MP, her campaign’s links to the criminal campaigning can now be confirmed.

Dawes is a former well-paid spin-doctor for the controversial Myki ticketing system and got into trouble recently when she was caught out attacking the system she was once paid to spruik.

A seniors group’s website reveals she was once very enthusiastic about Myki:

At our February meeting we were treated to a great talk by Cyndi from the Transport Ticketing Authority. She was able to reassure us about the operation of the system as far as giving the best cost deal for Seniors. However she said if you travel mostly by tram it is not going to be available for some little time. Everyone was most appreciative of her presentation and her answering of the questions.

VEXNEWS has learned that Dawes’ close political ally Mike Puleston (her former campaign manager in 2006 for her failed bid for the Brunswick seat) is a person of interest in the investigation relating to the false documents.

Puleston – an elderly former ALP member like Dawes – is a serial letter-writer and self-described “ratbag” who appears to have all but publicly incriminated himself via the letters to the editor page of a local journal. Puleston writes very often to the local papers, usually without identifying himself as a Greens party hack, although after complaints most started printing the disclosure that he is a Greens party member.

Leaked emails from disgruntled Greens party members during the federal campaign exposed a systematic attempt by their party leadership to manipulate and saturate letters to the editor pages and talkback radio with disguised party apparatchiks. It’s good to see it doesn’t always go undetected.

Prior to the forgery being distributed, Puleston wrote a letter to the local Fairfax weekly, The Melbourne Times commenting on a letter written by Carli titled “Make It Happen.”

image Puleston responded that Brunswick voters ought to “put letters before it.”

The forged leaflet was distributed on or around the 8th of October and it has been confirmed that the Melbourne Times received Puleston’s letter prior to that giving rise to an active suspicion he was knowingly concerned in the creation of the false documents.

TMT was published on October 13th.

These circumstances point to Cyndi Dawes’ ally Puleston’s fore-knowledge of the crime.

Puleston has form for doing ill-advised things. Previously, Dawes’ campaign strategist equated Labor scrutineers with Nazis in an official Greens party publication.

The senior Greens activist in Brunswick has repeatedly called for the nationalisation of power stations, banks and transport companies and seems like a slightly less than reconstructed Marxist. As Cyndi Dawes’ previous campaign manager, he is a trusted confidant of the Greens party candidate and it is hard to imagine he acted unilaterally or without her blessing.

When confronted by The Melbourne Times over the matter, Puleston said he had not seen the fake letter and claimed “the Greens wouldn’t go in for that sort of thing.” The Nixon White House might have referred to Puleston’s statement as a “non-denial denial,” we doubt the authorities will be put off the scent by the old bloke’s clumsy stupidity and a cynical candidate’s lack of morality.



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12 responses to “BUSTED: Greens party candidate Cyndi Dawes' confidant Mike Puleston exposed as the Brunswick forger

  1. Wendy W

    Greens activists learnt their dubious skills when they were in the Socialist Left, so they are not going to change when they join the Greens.

  2. The Notorious Candidate

    Dishonest scare campaigns, forged letters and rumours of manipulated surveys. Wonder whether Barber might neck her? Not for any of that standard green “activism”, of course – but the fact that she just keeps getting caught. He was shattered when she got preselection over his mate Fraser Brindley anyway.

  3. Reds are better in bed

    Saw a photograph of Dean Rizzetti the other day; man what a disappointment.

    I expected to see a haulking leader of men and all I got was a geeky four eyed sqib.

  4. Anonymous

    Ali Vawn has more idea than Dean, and that’s saying something.

  5. cynic

    more fanciful speculation….time you joined the real world….

  6. Colin B from Bundoora.

    I still NEED you Craig.

  7. Anyone that is concerned about false and misleading statements can make a complaint to the VEC. There is a 6 month jail sentence of they are found guilty. If for example they have published statements that are false or pretending to be in the name of someone else they are guilty of breaches to the Victorian Electoral Act. A statement of fact by Carlo Carlo is all that is needed to lay charges. If the statements appears on authorised HTV material then both the promise and the person hop authorised the application can be prosecuted,

  8. Thanks for the advice

    Thankyou for your advice Melbourne Greens. Unfortunately this criminal act was done without authorization. But with all such people their desire to brag about it overwhelms them. Your limitation of the potential complainant is also wrong. Time will tell.

  9. The Aged

    wonder if the Age will report this, no wait an emo arty looking indie person in a laneway said they woudl vote Green, that means everyone will, landslide in at least 200 seats (newly created for the greens to win)

  10. Let us get this right

    I checked the Victorian Greens web site today and looked up their climate policy.Under their Principles point 2, they claim “the human race has only 10-15 years to use our collective intelligence to address the crisis of climate change in order to prevent catastrophe.” Are they claiming the world as we know it will not exist in 10-15 years time!

    This alone proves that they are part of a lunatic fringe where reality is far removed from their views on how Victorians should live their lives.

    Scare mongering is the fuel of extremists.

  11. Sandy Kinch

    Dame Dawes beat Fraser Brindley in the preselection! Wow the former Socialist Left activists are really on the move.

  12. kaln

    @The Aged, real newspapers don’t usually report slander. So no, any self respecting publication, including probably even the crazy Australian, will not report on this. Fortunately, although this the vexnews site repeatedly lies, misrepresents facts, and slanders people, it is generally ignored by the few people aware of its existence.

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