UGLY POLITICS: Liberal candidate Mike Laker burns himself with Somalian fire

A must-win Victorian Liberal marginal seat candidate Mike Laker has been caught race-baiting against Somalians in the regional seat of Seymour.

On our favourite talk station MTR, Steve Price and Andrew Bolt carved up the candidate, extracting a painful confession from Laker after a caller (Glen from Kinglake) phoned in and said Laker had told him the state government planned on settling fifty Somalian refugee families in Wallan with new social housing and – if you don’t mind – a free car because of the lack of public transport.

Laker had initially denied making reference to Somalians at all and denied the reference to the free car.

Hilarity ensued when Price’s able producers phoned back the caller – a proudly self-described “red-neck” – who strongly objected to being called a liar by Laker.

Bolt ended the call ominously by declaring that he would be dis-endorsed for such evil stupidity.

Victorian Liberals have not made any announcement on it yet but he certainly has made life very difficult for Liberal leader Ted Baillieu. They will not want to remove a candidate in a must-win seat at this late stage but will also not want to hang on to someone about to be demonised as a racist or as someone keen to appeal to racists.

Here’s a link to the initial call, the candidate’s interview and the ugly aftermath.

That’s a much bigger scoop exposing racist politics than the latte sippers at The Age can manage, with their puff-pieces by Farrah Tomazin on what kind of calzones are on the menu at Greens party morning teas. Next time they mindlessly slag Bolt and Price, they might consider this incident.




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39 responses to “UGLY POLITICS: Liberal candidate Mike Laker burns himself with Somalian fire

  1. Wendy W

    Plug the pipe will pick him up as their candidate

  2. Pissy Chryne

    I’m intrigued, there is a political movement called “Plug the Pipe”?

  3. bimbos revenge

    Typical liberal loser. Always diminishing this country by making it scared. No better than inga binga and her holy wars.

  4. johanna

    Thanks for this post. It was a valuable insight into the issue. Listening to the representative from the local residents, she went out of her way to be factual and calm. She resisted attempts by the interviewers to make her say something mad. She is not mad, or a racist.

    I think it is an important contribution to public debate to indicate that the old right-wing left-wing thing is no longer applicable.

    There are liars on both sides of any debate, and good on you for exposing them – ditto to the guys in the radio broadcast you linked. Talkback is often decried as junk radio, but this was far from it.

  5. Chutzpah

    Ha-ha, that’s hilarious! Andrew Bolt pulling up someone on racism?!

  6. andy bult

    Making a mountain out of a moles whole

  7. Melanie

    Chutzpah, care to give an example of Bolt being racist? Bet you can’t find a single one. Waiting….

  8. Anonymous

    Bailleau is to scared to dump this loser

  9. Rotarian

    Mr Laker is a member of the Seymour Rotary Club.

    He should ask himself if his recent behaviour passes the “Rotary 4 way test”.
    The Four-Way Test
    In 1932, Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor created The Four-Way Test, a code of ethics adopted by Rotary 11 years later. The test, which has been translated into more than 100 languages, asks the following questions:

    Of the things we think, say or do

    1) Is it the TRUTH?
    2) Is it FAIR to all concerned?
    3) Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
    4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

  10. RJ

    @Melanie he’s currently being sued for racial vilification, so we’ll wait on the outcome of that.

    But even without that, denying the existence of the Stolen Generation despite a wealth of evidence has pretty strong overtones.

  11. Libs won't change spots

    The liberals are addicted to race baiting at state and federal level.

    Lazy bigots who do not even have policies on key service areas.

  12. Po

    “Chutzpah, care to give an example of Bolt being racist? Bet you can’t find a single one. Waiting….”

    There’s plenty of examples (read the comments as well):

  13. Po

    @Melanie, plenty of examples here (read comments as well):

  14. Is this a Liberal Candidate promoting “Wedge Issues?” Surely Not!

  15. Melanie

    So RJ, does questioning the unquestioned version of the stolen generations make you a racist? There is enough documented evidence to show that Aboriginal children where not taken into care for racist reasons but rather because of concern of abuse and almost no documented evidence to prove otherwise. Robert Manne and his fellow academics who have succeeded in rewriting history have done so because so many Australians are so willing to believe the worst of prior generations without any evidence to back it up.
    Historian Keith Windschuttle has written convincingly about what actually did happen based on historical documentation etc.. Does that make him racist?

  16. Lindys goodies

    Red Ted still hasnt distanced himself from this Laker
    perhalps quietly they are encouraging this type of action
    in their win at all costs campaign

  17. Adrian Jackson

    Dan Lewis and Michael Burd the bloke on the “left” is not me. I suspect these KKK good ol’ boys are some of Sara Palins tea party folks.

  18. Anon

    Po, read the anti-Bolt blogsite, had a bit of a laugh, but still struggling to find evidence of Andrew Bolt’s alleged racism.

  19. Anon

    Hey Schonfelder, speaking of wedges, how about that time you suggested Tony Abbott was responsible for increased suicides – nice one!

  20. Elias

    Hey guys. I don’t necessarily support Mike Laker, but has anyone actually looked at the situation of the somali refugees in Melbourne?

    How many of the somails here are actually gainfully employed or in the education system? (Some definitely are).

    And how many, on the other hand, are too traumatised by their (sometimes horrific) experiences back in somalia to become productive members of society? And drifting into perennial joblessness and crime? Or spending time in our overstreched mental health system being treated for severe post-traumatic stress disorder? (Not to mention the drain on the centrelink budget).

    Now, don’t get me wrong – the latter group may well deserve our sympathy. But I don’t feel that we can afford to take in other contries’ problem cases. We simply can’t afford the social security bills or the hospital and jail space – and their future here is in any case pretty grim.

    I’m not crikey’s greatest fan, but take a look at their article on the subject at and Michael Cusack’s excellant observations on the the issues that plague the somali refugee community.

    Now, if anyone has any *facts* to prove me wrong, I’ll happily listen. And I hope I’m not branded a nasty racist for raising such concerns.

  21. Journoolust

    Bad editing from the hun. They’ve repeated the same quotes.

  22. Po

    Anon, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    And watch it, Elias: Andrew Bolt, Eternal Defender of Somalis, might pull you up on where you want to take this, kind of like he did with this Laker fella. Andrew Bolt is militantly against racism, as he says so himself, so just watch it.

  23. Lindys goodies

    maybe elias has been buying his genitaljewellry from Lakers business

  24. Anonski

    Is that Po admitting that Bolt is not a racist – but that the radical left, blinded by their demonisation of Bolt – just refuse to admit the obvious.

  25. Laker's Nemesis

    Watch for the next episode in the life and times of Mike Laker.

    Mike, your past will come out. Be afraid, be very afraid, CFA boy.

    Your run-in with Bolt and Price will seem like a picnic.

  26. anon

    Mike Laker is very low in the gene pool, you only need to chat to him to realise he is a nasty little racist with boarderline IQ close to actually being diagnosed with an intellectual disability.

  27. We Like Mike!

    Laker is a former Kennett public servant who got pushed out of the service for using his taxpayer funded job for significant personal gain. Why did the pre-selectors of Seymour not ask Mikey why he has been unemployed for so long, or was Laker all that was left at the bottom of their scum barrel?

  28. Po

    “Is that Po admitting that Bolt is not a racist – but that the radical left, blinded by their demonisation of Bolt – just refuse to admit the obvious.”

    Er … yes, that’s, ah, exactly what I’m saying. (See previous response to Anon.)

  29. Elias

    Remember guys, I’m quoting Crikey. And I didn’t think Crikey was exactly a fan of Bolt’s!
    As to the question of why Somalia itself is a “failed state” (to put it nicely) I leave you to do your own research. Just don’t OVERBLAME the west. Everything in the right proportion…

  30. Orville

    Nationals have got this seat for sure.

  31. Anonymous

    nationals…. lolololol not a chance

  32. Po

    Yes … it’s genetic, isn’t it, Elias? It’s innate. Though of course you’re not racist — oh, of course not! (I know, I know, I’m suppressing “legitimate” debate, etc.)

  33. anon

    Ha ha Laker the racist imbecile has just resigned I so hope he does a ‘brogden’ but succeeds.

  34. I am not a liberal member.

    What the hell is going on here?

    The ALP made a huge contribution to the agonising deaths of a 119 people. Why is there no discussion of reality? Or of the $4 billion
    bill? Why has some fairy story suddenly become more important?



  35. mike hammond

    why bother?

    It is immediately sanctioned.

    You do not represent democracy. God knows what you represent but it certainly is not the death and destruction wrought on this Shire by the ALP and the Greens.

  36. Lindys goodies

    like you Hammond, Laker is gone

  37. anon2

    haha Lindys goodies. My thoughts exactly. another Hammond rant which doesn’t make sense….

  38. Laker Pikes

    Mike Laker, the candidate who never was.

    You never could handle stress Mike, old buddy.

    You were the classic gutless hater without the talent, intellect or integrity to get anywhere.

    You were just a tool of those who would use you for their own ends, like the evil chiropractor and his lawyer henchman.

    Look where it got you.

  39. Toodles!

    Oh Michael

    Stop commenting on your own life with your wife’s e-mail address! You are not royalty, you know, speaking about yourself in the 3rd person.

    Sorry one African had to spoil the whole continent for you 🙂

    Get out of public life, would be my suggestion, you have no dignity left, but maybe you can escape with a thread of sanity.

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