POISON PEN: Cyndi Dawes campaign linked to forgery and dishonesty

greensforgery The Greens party’s campaign in Brunswick has been linked to a forged letter purporting to be from Labor MP Carlo Carli that had him declaring Victoria to be the ‘freeway state’ and talking up roads spending, which is presumably not a popular cause in the left-leaning inner-urban electorate.

The letter titled ‘make sh*t happen’ was distributed to hundreds of homes in Brunswick last week.

The document has been referred to the authorities. We cannot republish the letter in full, for legal reasons, which could form the basis of a criminal investigation into the Cyndi Dawes Greens party campaign.

Political observers believe the Greens party’s ultra-left heritage means they will frequently resort to dishonest campaign techniques like this.

“Cyndi Dawes cut her teeth in extreme-left student politics with members of the Communist Party before joining Labor’s Socialist Left and then moving on to the Greens” one explained.

This week, a left-wing email newsletter detailed very damaging news about Dawes’ past involvement as a spinner and consultant for the government’s controversial Myki ticketing system. VEXNEWS has learned her salary was in excess of $100,000.

Everyone’s gotta eat and she didn’t invent the system but what smells very bad for the Greens candidate on an ethical basis is the contrast between her public statements on ticketing system then and now. What she once spruiked, she now slags.

Her Labor opponent mayor Jane Garrett – who looks like she’s going to have a red hot go at stemming the extreme-left Greens party tide – has directly slammed Dawes for hypocrisy over Myki because Dawes is now a strident public opponent of the ticketing system she once spruiked.

Andrew Crook, for the left-wing email newsletter, quoted people who detailed Dawes’ shady spining past where she is accused of lying to the elderly about free tickets that never came:

According to Mervyn Senn, the recently-retired president of National Seniors Australia’s Doncaster branch, Dawes was effusive in her recommendation of Myki when she travelled to the suburbs last year to sell the system, with offers of free travel.

“She was very supportive of Myki, people were looking forward to what would happen after that because she said they’d be getting free tickets for a month but they never did … she made a presentation saying that it’s coming into effect next year, she said it was so much easier than the present system that they have now, you just press your card against some little gadget there and it’ll work out for you. She talked about all the details and was very impressive,” he said… At a similar roadshow in Camberwell in Feburary, seniors were chuffed that Dawes “was able to reassure us about the operation of the system as far as giving the best cost deal for seniors”.

The Greens have been highly critical of the ticketing system, with aspiring state Public Transport Minister Greg Barber demanding an inquiry and echoing criticisms that have been made of it without proposing an alternative, according to Labor strategists. Until yesterday, the Greens own involvement in Myki had not been revealed.

Dawes appears to us as a careerist, cynical political hack whose record as a sneaky spin-doctor and having campaigners engaged in criminal activities like forgery is going to make the Brunswick campaign one of the sleaziest ever.



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19 responses to “POISON PEN: Cyndi Dawes campaign linked to forgery and dishonesty

  1. growing trend of useless alp mps

    Maybe Carlo should have actually focused on his seat. It’s the incumbents like Carlo who have been sitting in these safe labor seats for years collecting there pension well guess what these seats are now marginal. Ok we can point at the trend of militant lefties moving into these seats but when will we look at the mirror and say hey what about our useless mps who have done absolute bugger all?


    petty bourgeois urban elitist scum. the greens are marxists for millionaires. they trash programs that help the working classes, and hope to rise the cost of living for poor families 10 fold through higher energy bills and restrict their ability to work through driving bans on every main road. these don perignon sipping careerists have never worked on a factory line or in any other career that toughens your skin.. but spout that the revolution is coming! they are worse than toorak toffs, because they desperately want to be something they aren’t. god fucking help the middle and lower classes if these creeps ever come near power in victoria. if the state lived off potatoes, the greens would be trevelyan.

  3. Rebecca

    Well done Andy.
    The greens have been caught out again.
    Their low ethical standards will destroy their own party.

  4. Wendy W

    Mad lefties cannot conduct themselves properly

  5. BJB

    Thanks for giving me a reason to vote for Cyndi if only to refute the ludicrousness of your line “Political observers believe the Greens party’s ultra-left heritage means they will frequently resort to dishonest campaign techniques like this” I look forward to your sequels to the “Lord of the Rings” and other great works of fantasy

  6. wolf

    And so it begins… while ot as funny as the antics in Lindsey it’s a start.

    Going to be a lot more of this sort of thing from all sides this election, and I can’t wait to see how bad it gets.

    Andy please tell me you’ll publish all of the ones you hear of, not just those that origiated outside the ALP?

  7. Go Jane

    Jane is an awesome candidate, and will win Brunswick hands down. she will be a welcome inclusion in parliament and will do an excellent job. She always eats her Greens-Cyndi who? Lauper is the only one I know

  8. Crack team at the Age

    Got to give it to the crack team at the Age. Three stories on Brunswick broken in two days. One in Crikey that Greens Candidate takes money to sell Myki to the elderly whist publicly attacking the same system. Vexnews breaks a forged letter scandal that clearly breaches multiple laws and imperils whole Green campaign. And the Age’s crack reporter Farah…. well she breaks what Greens Candidate ate for lunch – Spinach Calzone. (see page 9 The Age, yesterday). Helpfully they added full color photograph to capture the moment.

  9. Andrew Giles

    Fair to say Carlo Carli is the most useless hack I’ve ever helped put into Parliament in my whole meaningless and small life.

  10. greens love in

    young journos love greens.
    truth is that the only one that is half good is on the etu leash.

    the rest are feral…

    ..and barber is a lib….

  11. Crack team at The Age?

    The team at The Age may well be on crack. That’s why they are a crack team?

  12. Pyne-o-Clean

    I like a bit of plumbers crack in the morning although no plumbing firms will come to my home anymore unless my wife is present. Of course she is away with the children visiting her ‘uncle’ who I was sure died many years ago…hmm…perhaps I’ll call the pool boy to clean out my murky filter. Can’t wait for Canberra when my staff and I will be all alone – unless Peter Silpper wants to join us.

  13. She is a fraudulent liar, schemer.. She should be stopped now.. What does these mean some people will just be like sheep and follow any candidate or Mp along no matter what laws they break or wrong they do?

    She stuffed up big time!!! Incorporating others into her deceit.. She has had her day!! Wake up people, if she can’t function legitimately now she is not going to in the near future and thats the fact!!!

  14. Bill Heff

    That’s the problem with us nowadays we’ve let Nancy Boys and Shirt Lifters like Pissy into the Party.

  15. andy bult

    It just goes to prove that this feral group of wankers cannot be trusted.Anyone who votes Green is mentally challenged and unable to make a sensible long ranging decision.

  16. Richard

    Give me a break. Jane Garrett’s recent campaign Manager, Lachlan Beaton, is a lobbyist for big tobacco and alcohol! I’m sure British American Tobacco will be rubbing their hands if Jane gets in. Honesty? Don’t make me laugh.

  17. Anonymous

    the ETU would be proud

  18. Alan Jones

    Christopher has punched me around the ‘ring’ a few times over the years.

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