HEF'S HELLFIRE: The War on Slipper cuts to the car chase

thehef Attacks on maverick Queensland Liberal MP Peter Slipper have continued from yesterday’s salacious claims about his personal life and expenses claims published in the Courier-Mail and here on VEXNEWS.

One story, claimed by enthusiastic Liberals to have been repeated by lovable NSW Senator Bill Heffernan after a few sherbets, was doing the rounds yesterday and we should emphasise cannot be confirmed and sounds far too amusing to be true.

Indeed, when sources close to the good Senator were asked about it, it was most emphatically and absolutely denied.

The yarn goes that Hef told party room colleagues that he saw Slipper leaving Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport one evening and thought it strange that he would be in Sin-City rather than head for home in God’s own country of Queensland.

Being the international man of mystery and inquiring mind that he is, the story goes that Hef had occasion to order his Comcar driver to “follow that car.”

Sources close to the Senator explain he has no Comcar entitlement to order cars around Sydney at random and emphatically deny that he did or ever would give such an instruction. One source insisted it was “absolute horsesh*t.” We should emphasise again that we make no allegation whatsoever that the Senator has ever or would ever give an improper instruction to a Comcar driver.

Hef – and his driver – the story goes – followed Slipper throughout Sydney’s mean streets to his chosen destination which they insists was the “Hellfire Club” in Sydney.

For those few VEXNEWS readers not familiar with the Club, it is apparently a ‘dungeon’ where all sorts of naughty things go on that it is too early in the morning to detail. Google will no doubt reveal all to those keen to know. We stopped reading when we noticed the address details emphasised that access was only possible via the ‘rear entrance’.

There is no doubt this story was doing the rounds yesterday as several of Slipper’s opponents wanted to take him down and no doubt that it has been repeated to many far and wide. But it does seem highly unlikely that a federal MP would go straight from the Airport to such a place after an evening flight.

The story does however suggest just how difficult and ugly relations are right now between Slipper and his colleagues.

Steve Lewis of News Limited reports that Opposition Whip Warren Entsch has instructed colleagues to neither “criticise or defend” Slipper with Lewis suggesting Slipper might face “disciplinary action” (not necessarily of the kind imagined by the ever-active mind of Liberal gossips and snoops).

Sources familiar with hard work and fortitude of Senator Heffernan insist that he is focused on the big issues facing the nation including the Murray-Darling Basin and the strength of Australian currency, not gutter politics.



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18 responses to “HEF'S HELLFIRE: The War on Slipper cuts to the car chase

  1. Pissy Chryne

    I was following the Hef!

  2. Goose

    No doubt he was just conducting research.

  3. nice ...

    I think Peter Slipper’s libido is to be admired!!!

  4. Wendy

    This would be the same Bill Heffernan who made utterly false accusations against a high court judge? The same Liberal Senator who used false documents to slander a Judge? The same Bill who was was forced to resign as Cabinet Secretary?

    And what does this say about Heffo? Using a Comcar – at tax payers expense – to stalk a fellow MP? Is this what a Liberal senator does on the public payroll … follow other MPs around to see what they are doing?

    J Edgar Hoover is now alive and well and occupying a Liberal senate seat!

  5. anon

    I’d love to watch Heffernan suffer and die.

  6. Hells Cabinet

    Hell fire is the Liberal Party Cabinet ‘war’ room. It is in disguise to prevent would be terrorists from targeting their monthly gatherings in NSW. Hef is just pissed that he was not allowed to attend.

  7. Ollie

    Mr Slipper sounds like a nice man.

  8. Darren

    and how does Hef know where the Hellfire club is?

  9. The Hoff

    Hef is a good bloke.

  10. BJ BJ

    Some one should ask the national boss of a certain transport union about HIS exploits at the Hellfire Club…..maybe he bumped into Slipper there.

  11. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Wenchy thats not a picture of you on the front page of Hell Fire is it? You know before you ventured into the peroxide blonde bimbo look? I seem to recognise the dumb expresion on the tarts face..

  12. Dirty Donna

    No, Mr Leigh it’s me after I visted your preselection couch.

  13. Does Vexnews condone misogyny???

    Vexnews, the regular trashing of and innuendo directed against women which is allowed on this blog via comments are appalling, Andrew, and it’s time to clean up this site.

    Where else would there be unrestrqained licence to subject women to this sort of condoned libel?

    Fair crack of the whip!!!

  14. Chad Sidler

    Mr Slipper visited me in Castle Hill once

  15. Former Liberal supporter (waiting to return)

    AND the same Bill Heffernan who bandied a file about John Brogden (to the Mactaggart supporters in Pittwater at the by-election after Brogden’s retirement)….
    AND the same Bill Heffernan who has, ever since 1995, kept rumours abound about the NSW Premier-in-waiting (as Alan Jones so fondly refers) & those young nude pics – of boys or girls (was it Heffernan ?) !

    Why do the Liberals keep this shit ?

  16. Southern Charmer

    Hellfire Club Story….. and not a TWU official in site…… this story must be a hoax.

  17. Bill Heff

    Alan Jones is one of those pillow biting Nancy Boys our great party does not need.

  18. This is my first time here. I found so much interesting stuff in your blog especially it’s discussion. From the tons of comments on your posts, I guess I am not the only one having a good time right here!

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