DIRTY POOL: Peter Slipper's mates refute campaign of fear and smear

dirtypool Despite an edict from Liberal Party Whip Warren Entsch to neither defend or attack Deputy Speaker Peter Slipper, Party members are talking loudly about the matter today.

Slipper’s backers – who spoke on strict condition of anonymity – say that former Whip Alex Somlyay and new Whip Warren Entsch have launched a “vicious and cruel campaign of personal destruction” calculated at doing nothing less than “destroying Peter’s marriage.”

They have condemned the personal claims made against Slipper as “baseless and bulldust.”

One said “If there was any evidence of wrongdoing or inappropriate behaviour it would have emerged a long time ago, it’s not as if Somlyay has been restrained in his conduct, he was even brazenly taking photographs of Slipper in the chamber while nodding off and personally sending the image to a Sunshine Coast newspaper. Does anyone imagine that if he had proof of Slipper doing anything inappropriate that he would have held off using it?”

“It’s impossible to prove a negative though. No-one can prove something doesn’t exist or isn’t there, but the onus is on the accuser.” a Slipper supporter explained.

In relation to expenses claims that were the subject of recent media reports, Slipper’s backers say they relate to claims made in 2003 where there were different interpretations of the guidelines.

MPs have explained to VEXNEWS that repayments prompted by differing views of the remuneration guidelines and even subsequent amendment of those rules occur reasonably frequently.

VEXNEWS understands the Remuneration Tribunal actually changed its rules to correct – in Slipper’s favour – an anomaly that was costing him money that didn’t effect other MPs due to the location of airports and such.

Slipper’s backers say he has nothing to hide or fear from close scrutiny of his expenses claims.

In some cases expenses are incurred on an MP’s behalf by the Department and attributed to their name without their knowledge until after the event.

Slipper’s supporters also strongly dispute claims that any wrongdoing has occurred in relation to party funds, saying that Slipper was never actually a signatory on any party accounts and that the accounts were transferred in the normal, correct way following the merger of the Liberal and National parties into the LNP.

His backers in the LNP aren’t certain about his next move, with them pointing to both Malcolm Turnbull and Warren Entsch as being examples of people who had made decisions to spend more time with their family but then ultimately decided they preferred Canberra after all. “Hasty retirement decisions can be later regretted,” one explained.

Mal Brough – the disgruntled former federal MP who had a massive falling-out with the LNP hierarchy during and after the party merger – has moved into Slipper’s seat of Fisher on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast but that he is long-time resident of the area so the move might not necessarily be a political one. His family lives in the area with his brother – the former game-show host – serving as a local newsreader.

“Brough is still not yet a member of the LNP” one well-placed observer pointed out today, although he is not restricted from joining despite his strongly expressed hostility to the LNP merger.

Slipper’s supporters aren’t sure what’s prompted this very strong campaign against him but they point to the official statements of party leader Tony Abbott who strongly advised members at a party room meeting that they were act in a restrained way with the newly elected Deputy Speaker.



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23 responses to “DIRTY POOL: Peter Slipper's mates refute campaign of fear and smear

  1. Pyne'O Smear

    I like a bit of dirty pool in my office. Forget the pink always go for the brown is my motto.

  2. bimbos revenge

    Might be the coalitions very own age style ‘dirt unit’.


    hey isn’t that the Brimbank public pool?

  4. far from the maddening crowd

    Yes I think Simon did another great job there.

  5. do not blame the maddens

    C’mon guys…do not blame Madden or madden…you know it was a mainland contractor.

  6. upside down

    which mainland? Australia or China?

  7. theo

    comments on this site are disrespectful of my clients….now stop being ‘ungrateful kangaroos’ you all know intralot and Chineses bankers saved the Victorian economy…now please pass the NBN to my nice clients and be helpful for once…

  8. grateful kangaroo

    Does anyone how much !% of $43 billion is?

  9. grateful kangaroo 2

    This site is disrespectful of my clients…now please pass the NBN over and be nice…
    your comrade in arms theo

  10. theo

    Oh…please vote labor in november…

  11. John

    thanks again for your service theo.

  12. Honest John

    Theo had to go as you know.
    He is now a federal lobbyist and any questions should be forwarded to Conroy.

  13. no questions

    There are no questions asked and so there are no lies told.

    We are very grateful to be part of the greater co-prosperity zone.

    We will continue to facilitate an enhance that gratitude as we move towards a brighter tomorrow

  14. pool guy

    It is true andy. Libs pools are very dirty….

  15. Stooge

    “Slipper’s backers spoke on condition of strict anonymity”

    No shit. I wouldn’t admit to being friends with this slimy lizard.

  16. wayne rackers

    Peter Slipper has mates?

  17. Antonio Andolini

    That looks like Farlow’s arse after Don has finished with it

  18. club penguin cheats

    You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

  19. Southern Charmer

    Was the pool part of the ALP school halls project…… the quality of the workmanship is on par.

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