VIC ALP PRESELECTIONS: Nominations close with no surprises

Word from ALP’s head office is that only one nomination was lodged in the safe seat of Thomastown, that being Bronwyn Halfpenny of the Socialist Left grouping.

In Bendigo West, Labor sources report “multiple” nominations but no-one likely to threaten Bob Cameron’s electorate officer Maree Edwards.



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6 responses to “VIC ALP PRESELECTIONS: Nominations close with no surprises

  1. House of Apostasy

    Someone like her needs a safe seat as only unthinking lemmings will vote for a left wing union hack.

    Has she ever worked out of politics and unions? I don’t know but unless she’s been a check out chick (arghhh!) I would be surprised. This is one of the ALP’s biggest problems.

  2. Bearhan

    I will stand in Bendigo. High office is my birthright

  3. Wendy

    Her corrupt father ultimately destroyed the Socialist Left domination of the Victorian ALP. Maybe she will add to their chaos.

  4. Sandy

    I gather Ms Halfpenny does not live in Thomastown.

  5. Andrew Giles

    What about me?

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