CHRISTOPHER STILL: TEN Network journalist poses as jackass outside County Court

TEN News reporter Christopher Still made a bit of a jackass of himself this morning outside the scene of George Droutsas’s legal triumph.

He seemed to miss the part of the proceedings where Judge Mark Taft threw out all of the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions’ case against Droutsas and thought it would make good television to chase him down the street in an attempt to recreate an undignified perp walk. Droutsas was right to not to respond to his inappropriate approach.

Given the judge had just ruled that the prosecution had failed to present a case of sufficient standard that it even merited consideration by a jury, it seemed a little ungenerous and unreasonable and even unethical to present the situation as otherwise than a complete vindication.

VEXNEWS understands that it is quite a rare event indeed for cases to be thrown out at this stage

Still seemed less than tranquil when intercepted by a VEXNEWS investigator inquiring of the TV star what his name was.  He seemed rather miffed we weren’t familiar with his identity already and tentatively offered his name.

When asked whether he would apologise for his network’s now proven false claim that Droutsas was involved in what they described in the fast-and-loose manner of a news service with forty minutes to kill as a ‘fraud’ he declined to comment which we suspect can be interpreted as a ‘no.’ When asked how he could defend such sleazy and inaccurate reporting, he was silent, an approach no doubt part of Channel 10 news bimbo training.

It could be considered that Christopher Still allowing a false impression of this kind to remain in the mind of his audience could itself constitute a fraud, if as loosely used as Christopher Still used the term.

And this is the traditional media which (with some very honourable exceptions) goes out of its way to criticise VEXNEWS for being a “smear site” linked to either the Liberal or Labor party depending on their mood.

Out of pity and sympathy for the somewhat hunted look on the young lad’s face, we didn’t pester him with further questions. We will let his conscience be his guide in future.



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6 responses to “CHRISTOPHER STILL: TEN Network journalist poses as jackass outside County Court


    I notice there is no mention here of the fact Crikey got intro trouble for ignoring the judges order not to publish his ruling until the jury was dismissed. Ignoring an order of the court is contempt Mr Beecher, and Judge Taft didn’t appear at all happy with you. Might be a good idea to call your lawyers.

  2. The Glass House

    This guy is clearly one of those creatures that inhabit the “profession” of journalism who have mush where others have brains, and who try to compensate for their lack of talent, competency and decency with a giant overdose of self-indulgent ego-mania.

    Perhaps George can get his house back with the help of Channel 10 and Mr Still.

    Notz sure whethehr “Still” refers to the non existence of any sign of life in his cranium, or whether it refers to the source of whgat he was on before he posted his yarn.

  3. Star 'Media' Chamber

    We should dispense of Rule of Law, the Courts and judgement of ones peers.

    Why waste 100’s of thousands of dollars with justice when we can just have trial by media instead?

    This is a case of the media still trying to convict someone who has been cleared by the courts. Channel 10 should be ashamed.

    The case was thorn out even before Droutsas had a chance to present his defence.

    Droutsas had no case to answer. He as and is an innocent man.

    Questions need to be ask on what basis did this matter proceed to trial? It is an indictment on the Victorian Office of Public Prosecution (OPP) which has sought to victimise George Droutsas and in the process destroyed his family life, life savings and professional career.

    Jereme Rapke Director of the Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP), who earlier this was accused of improper conduct, continues to bring the Office of Public Prosecutions into disrepute and has demonstrated extreme prejudice, unprofessional conduct and poor judgement. Rapke must resign or be sacked as a result.

    The real criminals, who should be on trial, are Peter Allen who had made false vexatious complaints in order to settle a sore with his political opponents.

  4. Anonymous

    Who are these people anyway? Small time Councillors with big egos.

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