COURAGEOUS: Victorian Liberals embrace disgraced Casey council boss Mike Tyler

miketyler VIctorian Liberals continue to worry about the approach championed by some in Melbourne’s south-east to side with the state’s most notoriously poisonous council, Casey Council and its disturbed CEO Mike Tyler.

Tyler’s principal local defender Berwick News – part of the debt-ridden Star News Group – has been accused of “corrupting its masthead” and further debasing its reputation by selling its front, back and inside pages to the political party for an ad that launched into a spirited defence of Tyler’s mal-administration of his poisonous landfill in Brooklands Green estate.

A whistle-blower inside the company tells VEXNEWS that the Thomas family who own the newspaper sold the wrap-around that was designed to look like a newspaper “at a deep discount”.

“They haven’t yet paid for the ad and I believe they’re not going to pay much at all for something that should be in the five-figures,” a source familiar with the matter.

The Mike Tyler/ Liberal candidate dominated Casey Council exclusively advertise in the local paper at the expense of Fairfax and News Corporation owned competitors, propping up the south-east Melbourne based company that owes its bankers many millions of dollars in expensive debt that is a strain on a company its size. VEXNEWS has previously revealed Star News Group owes Westpac nearly $8 million.

Some are concerned that the arrangement suggests the political party is benefiting “on the side” from a very generous hand-out of ratepayer loot from a council as popular as leukemia.

Star News publications have vigorously defended the notorious Casey Council CEO Mike Tyler who has run the council for over a decade and presided over the poisoning of over a thousand homes on the Brooklands Green estate because of a dodgy municipal landfill for which he had direct responsibility and is being currently sued for the allegedly negligent way he ran it.

The council is currently being sued in a class action by hundreds of local home-owners involving potentially many tens of millions of dollars.

Council insiders tell VEXNEWS that a spin-doctor firm Socom, previously associated with Labor’s Socialist Left, engaged by the Casey council has been keen to blame the Victorian government for the management of the local tip of poison. That’s clearly a stretch and is not a commonly held view in the area. Socom are believed to have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to spin the council’s involvement in the notorious tip and have scripted calls to talkback radio and authored letters to the editor in local papers in pursuit of Mike Tyler’s blame-shift strategy.

Socom’s ties in the state government are strained by its association with a cause so discredited, government insiders have previously told VEXNEWS.

“Defending these buggers is much worse than acting for Big Tobacco, Socom clients are being told to stay away” one explained.

Concerned Liberals have also questioned feisty local MP Inga Peulich’s chosen “all-in” strategy on the issue, arguing that associating her party’s brand with the Casey council, its infamous CEO Mike Tyler and his poisonous municipal landfill might not be the wisest political strategy.

The Victorian Ombudsman investigated the Casey council in relation to their conduct and made a number of damning findings against the council CEO Mike Tyler including that he’d threatened the physical safety of Environmental Protection Authority officials who were probing his poisonous tip.

The Berwick News shows no such reservations in its editorial coverage, although handing over its front-page to a political ad certainly got the attention of local political observers astonished by the foolhardy nature of the enterprise.

Aside from vigorously defending the Mike Tyler’s landfill and attempt to blame-shift, the newspaper describes one political candidate as a “working class hero (who) has answered the call and is standing up for his community.”

Geoff Ablett – the brother of Gary Ablett whose hobbies included supplying lethal quantities of illicit drugs to young women at the Park Hyatt – is believed to have written the “working class hero” line himself, Lib insiders laughingly told VEXNEWS. Ablett is a devoted supporter of Tyler on council who is believed to have strongly encouraged Ablett to run in the state election defending his record on issues like the poison tip.

Ablett is considered very entrepreneurial, even arranging Casey council funding for his $70,000 per annum job as the manager of a local community radio station that has at least five listeners by lunch-time.

Some might call that a corrupt conflict of interest but we’re sure he would have complied with the Local Government Act even if he’s acted unethically.

Also ethically dubious is Lorraine Wreford, another Casey councillor running for a state seat, who falsely claimed on popular radio station MTR this morning that she is a “medical professional.” VEXNEWS has learned that her qualifications extend to that of a two-day needle injection course. Her ex is a doctor so might have hoped the training had rubbed off between the sheets, local wags suggest.

Other candidates are more modestly described.

More positively, after they’ve defended the state’s worst council on one page, the Liberals ad tackles some good issues on cost of living, law and order and transport infrastructure.

Not a word about $5 discount swimming lessons, war on dog breeders or dirt units or hand-outs to anti-Liberal African groups of the kind that appears to be the Liberals central message if you read the metro newspapers or watch the TV news.

It reveals a gap between the approach pursued by Baillieu’s leaders office and the perhaps more highly regarded crew at party HQ at 104 Exhibition Street.

Even Baillieu’s message on the back page isn’t half bad but many think will be totally undermined by defending a deeply unpopular and disgraced Casey council bureaucracy that many locals would rather lynch than continue to pay for.

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40 responses to “COURAGEOUS: Victorian Liberals embrace disgraced Casey council boss Mike Tyler

  1. Gazza Anderton

    “It reveals a gap between the approach pursued by Baillieu’s leaders office and the perhaps more highly regarded crew at party HQ at 104 Exhibition Street.”

    – give credit where credit is due: this is the great work of one G Anderton.

  2. anon

    And we just that that smell was Inga farting after lunch.

  3. Toxic Timmy

    Credit where credits due, hey, big Gazza has come out to play.

    Hang on isn’t that Gazza Anderton the same Gazza Anderton who ended up derailing the Libs 2006 campaign for a couple of days because of his racists rants on the internet??

    The same Gazza Anderton who is shagging one of Wooldridge’s staffers.

    The same Gazza Anderton who leads the very very lamentable Melbourne Footy Club cheer squad, the worst cheer squad in the league.

    Tossers like Gazza will keep the Libs in opposition for a long time!

    PS. I had a lot of fun doing him slowly from East Melbourne.

  4. Top Cop

    Their police recruitment promise is out of date for their own party’s policies. Jeez, these guys are terrible.

  5. Delusions of Grandeur

    Ablett’s no Howard. Don’t think we’ll see many battlers come out to fight with this self-described hero.

    Can someone post him a cape and mask?

  6. Boofa

    Cor your right that Wenchy sure has no ethics when she grabs Percy it’s like a seagull after a crook prawn – cor.

  7. Micky D

    Tammy Lobato will be looking for another job soon. She would join the list of her discredited Liberal mates after she changes membership to the Libs of course and sit with her friend Lorraine Wreford

  8. Liar Liar

    Another pathetic story rehashing old crap forgetting to mention that your correspondent on Casey Council Kevin Bradford is currently being investigated for corruption by the local government inspectorate and his Labor friends continue to protect him by delaying the inevitable finding. By the way, Ablett started out as Labor but he too could not stand the corruption he was seeing and broke off. Well done I say.

  9. Speak No Evil

    Lorraine Wreford a medical professional! Liar Liar pants on fire!

    When will this tart ever give up on her verbal diarrhea!

    Ms Wreford used to work for an optometrists. Not as an optometrist mind you, but more the ‘gee the Ray- Bans’ look great type of store assistant with the obligatory cleavage thrust to close the sale. I guess you could call this being a ‘medical professional’ couldn’t you? Or at least some sort of pro?

    She has also previously declared herself as a self-employed ‘finance broker’. Apparently over the 2 years the business ran profits grew each year… Year 1: $5, Year 2: $10

    But now Ms Wreford is at the pinnacle of her career as the Mayor of Casey. This position carries with it an $80,000 a year salary plus a full maintained car (a luxury European one – specifically requested by Ms Wreford).

    While Ms Wreford is the Mayor she is also running as the Liberal candidate for Mordialloc – miles away from the City of Casey … go figure?

    I suggest ‘ethically dubious’ are kind words when describing Ms Wreford!

  10. Mordialloc Going Blue

    Speak no evil you are such a tosser. Obviously Labor now knows it will lose Mordialloc with a capable operator like Lorraine Wreford, who is by the way also one of the best mayors casey has ever had. At least she did not cost the city thousands in legals chasing after witches like your mate Rob Wilson, or bring discredit upon the city with corruption and scandals like your mate Kevin Bradford. Go and toss some more you knob. Roll on 27 November.

  11. Wenchy

    I just love it when you talk dirty Geoffrey….it makes me want to throw off all my clothes and run down the main street of Berwick

  12. Speak No Evil

    Hey Mordialloc Going Blue, you should get out more sunshine. Pull your head out of the sand mate and ask around about Ms Wreford. She is about as popular as a turd in a lunch box with the Mordialloc liberals. If she gets any further up herself she we disaapear up her own orifice. Mind you that might be a good thing as far as they are concerned! Her candidacy was originally supported by Goeff Leigh – the failed ex Member for Mordialloc (aka Boofa)- who is now also about as popular as a turd in a lunch box with the Mordialloc liberals!

  13. Not the dirt unit

    You have to love how spewing Labor are about the News cover ad. It showed up how lazy, lazy, lazy and arrogant their Casey MPs are. Its stirred them up enough that their dirt unit responded with the dribble in the article above.

  14. ?

    So Kevin Bradford is back with Labor again. Banging the chicks in the dirt unit?

  15. Mordialloc Staying ALP

    Lorraine couldn’t disappear up her own orifice as Boofa is always ‘up there’.

  16. Mordialloc Staying ALP

    And as for her being a ‘Medical Professional’ what a joke, she had more careers than Boofa’s had sly bonks. Let me see: Medical Professional, Mortgage Broker, Business Woman, Photographer etc. As for her stint as a Medical Professional I bet it was the ‘Professional’ Bed Pan Emptier.

  17. Tim Holding - Clueless at Mt Heathertop

    Working Class Hero is a Peulich expression – have heard her use it to introduce Ablett.

  18. Mordialloc Staying ALP

    And further down South we have another ‘blue rocket scientist’ in Donna Bauer busy campaigning in her luxurious Mercedes saloon – that’s sure to be a big hit with strugging families in Chelsea Heights. The Libs and Boofa’s casting couch sure do pick em in the south-east!

  19. ?

    Who in Donellan’s office gave you this info Andy? Most of his staff are in hiding or jail. Is it Luke himself? (Not that he’s ever in his office – it’s too far from his Northcote home)

  20. Munt Munted Mordialloc;

    Wreford may not be Einstein, but she is working hard and must be doing well given that she is regularly attacked on this ” Labor Dirt Unti Site”.

  21. Lindell ripped off $2 Million in Taxpayer Money

    Donna is a breath of fresh air. At least Donna drives her own car and works hard for her money unlike Lindell who has an income and benefits , paid by struggling Victorian taxpayers , in excess of $500,000 per year and gave herself as the Speaker a pay rise! That is approximatley $2 Million since her re-election in 2006.

  22. Mordialloc Staying ALP

    She definitely is no Einstein you got that point correct, the term ‘Airhead’ is far closer to the mark. The Libs have no hope with her, already she is seen as a joke ‘Why is the Mayor of Casey here?’ The Libs could easily win Mordialloc as it is a very marginal seat, but they will not without a decent & credible candidate. And if they don’t win Mordialloc they will not win Government. Despite this Munt is everywhere in Mordialloc and has scored a lot for the area. In finishing the only person who ‘munted’ Mordialloc was Geoff Leigh and hasn’t he been successful since his loss?

  23. Mordialloc Staying ALP

    ‘Lindell ripped off $2 Million in Taxpayer Money’ you Libs are great with numbers these days dickhead – have you been studing at the ‘Andrew Robb School Of Election Costings’? Lindell earns nothing like $500k per year that’s more like the figure Baillieu earns from his investments derived from school closures.

  24. Lindell ripped off $2 Million in Taxpayer Money

    Mordialloc Staying ALP

    Is that you Rolly?

    Maybe you can get Treasury to cost Jenny’s salary, super, speakers car, eo car, office, two staff members, expense account and all the travel which has not been publicly declared or reproted on….more than $2 Million per year!

    Dirty Tricks Unit at work? Oh…George Seitz reckons you run it!

  25. Go Donna- Difference between blue and red

    If you’re blue, you’ll work hard, be successful and because you know the value of money and how hard it is to get it, when in government you won’t waste it, ie. Howard Vs Rudd and Gillard, Kennett Vs Bracks and Brumby.

    If you’re red, you’ll create hate websites like this, pour scorn on any one who is successful and because you are a parasite leech who can never make a dollar yourself and generally lives off welfare and the public purse, you’ll hate someone like Donna because she drives a mercedes saloon!

    I would rather be blue any day.

  26. The Player

    Hey Mordialloc Staying ALP, I live in Chelsea Heights and own 2 Mercedes Benz’s less than 2 years old too. What model does she have. Also given the property price increases in CH there woudl not be too many ‘struggling’ families.

    I’m a Liberal fan but after seeing Bauer handing out Liberal how to vote cards but also wearig her City of Kingston ID I thought it was a conflict of interest. She will attract the Patterson Lakes vote and a few in CH and Aspendale Gardens but it is still a safe seat for the sitting member.

  27. The Player

    BTW WTF is Public Relations & Communications for local schools and kindergartens.

  28. kk

    hellooooo – have all you people forgotten that development around the landfill was approved by vcat, despite the council’s strong objections? whatever you think of local government [& i’m not a fan], vcat is worse

  29. kk bimbo

    Dear kk, how is it the only landfill site of 250 with this problem? How did gas move beyong 500 metres as measured by epa. Fucking poor management by ‘missing file’ mike tyler.

  30. Anonymous

    This will all happen because the ALP in that area are a bunch of soft cocks.

  31. Boofa Leigh

    Hey I am a soft cock and not ALP!

  32. Wreford is mayor?!!

    I actually know Lorraine Wreford personally and she is VERY emotionally and cerebrally challenged. True, she is virtually unemployable and has only ever been interested in how to network, However, she seriously cannot hold a discussion on politics at ANY level. Shame on the system for allowing Berwick to sink this low!
    (And how can she run for Mordialloc when she wouldn’t be able to get there without her city-paid Navman!)
    Ps I am NOT politically affiliated!

  33. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Wreford is mayor?!!

    The Wench works very well under Percy’s supervision!

    Why he popped up and spurted this out just the other night….

  34. Pissy Chryne

    Hey Boofa I am willing to service Percy too.

  35. Anon

    Internal polling shows that Einstein Wreford will be elected; that Alistair Harness is in big trouble, with accountant Shaw likely to be the next MP for Frankston, and that Jude Perera is in serious do-do in a 12 percent seat in Cranbourne from new Liberal draft, Geoff Abblet who is polling suprisingly well.

    This could leave embattled Casey Council with 2 new councillors to be elected on count back.

  36. AKD

    Where has all the Xenical gone?

  37. Mordialloc Staying ALP

    The only ‘internal’ polling on Wreford has been done by Geoff Leigh.

  38. The Scrutineer

    I recall scrutineering in Malvern one election and who should walk in to the counting room and causally pick up some ballot papers. Geoff Leigh.

    So corrupt and incompetent was the VEC returning Officer that when Geoff Leigh turned up to scrutinise the then upper-house seat of Monash Province. ALP scruineers strongly objected to Geoff Leigh being admitted into the count to scrutinise the ballot Geoff Leigh was the candidate in the lower house of Malvern at the time. The RO had to defer the count for an hour in order to get instructions as to if Geoff Leigh was allowed to be a scrutineer.

  39. Boofa

    I like to scrutinise the young ladies – indeed any ladies.

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