PARTY'S OVER: Collingwood's Dayne Beams and John McCarthy helping Victoria Police with their inquiries over sex attack claims

Joffa-6362373 VEXNEWS has learned that up and coming Collingwood star Premiership player twenty year old Dayne Beams and Grand Final emergency John McCarthy are the two as yet unnamed players who have assisted Victoria Police with their inquiries into a complaint made at the South Melbourne station.

No charges have been laid and both players come forward voluntarily to give interviews about the events of the night of Collingwood’s celebration after a twenty year wait to win the AFL Premiership. The alleged incident occurred in an apartment.

Other witnesses have also assisted VicPol but it is understood the two players are the focus of the inquiries at this stage.

The accusations have sent shockwaves through the Club – known for its hoon supporters – and are likely to cast a big shadow over celebrations.

Beams had two quiet Grand Finals but is regarded as one of the brightest prospects on the Collingwood list, winning the Club’s best first year player award in 2009.

UPDATE: The players through their union the AFL Players Association have strongly denied any wrongdoing in the matter. The investigation is believed to be continuing.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Victoria Police slam the naming of the players as not helpful and irresponsible.

THURSDAY UPDATE: Melbourne broadcaster Neil Mitchell has picked up VEXNEWS exclusive story after confirming it for himself and has also identified the two lads, stressing that they haven’t necessarily done anything wrong. VEXNEWS – first with the worst once again.



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130 responses to “PARTY'S OVER: Collingwood's Dayne Beams and John McCarthy helping Victoria Police with their inquiries over sex attack claims

  1. RDR

    I’ve had similar chin up lads these young uns just don’t know what’s good for em.

  2. Al

    This Beams cretin has form, being one of the blokes named regarding the impregnating of a 16 year old school girl.

  3. DeZi

    Why post names without being 100% confident. You could be ruining careers if it isn’t them

  4. dragit

    I’d say ‘hoon’ is a very kind description. I will not elaborate.

  5. TC

    You have made a some factual mistakes in your story here.
    1. Beams is not a teenager.
    2. Quite a lot of Collingwood are not hoons. They drive very responsibly thank you very much.
    3. Who said the party’s over!
    You?!?! HA ! THATS a joke!!!

    Also, “Helping with enquiries” may be a euphemism but until there are actual charges laid then its all so much bull manure!

  6. TC

    You have made a some factual mistakes in your story here.
    1. Beams is not a teenager. If you can’t get your basic facts straight what does that say for the rest of your story and other posts?
    2. Quite a lot of Collingwood are not hoons. They drive very responsibly thank you very much.
    3. Who said the party’s over!
    You?!?! HA ! THATS a joke!!!

    Also, “Helping with enquiries” may be a euphemism but until there are actual charges laid then its all so much bull manure!

  7. FACTS

    naming names is risky business.. might be in a bit of trouble here.

  8. Damien

    Beamer the tag teamer!

  9. M and M

    Don’t worry guys. All will be fine.

  10. Anonymous

    ohh beamsy 😦

  11. Mooks

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer team.

  12. facts take 2

    Not sure how reliable this report is considering the age of the player isn’t even right – Dayne Beams is 20. Leads one to question the accuracy of a report that can have massive implications for all involved.

  13. Anonymous

    Big call, if your right then good on you for having the balls to publish this, but if your wrong I think the likes of Collingwood Football Club and Eddie Maguire will go out of their way to financially destroy the owners of this website!

    Massive news to be publishing without any form of proof though!

  14. Anonymous

    Guilty until proven innocent – isn’t that how these sex allegations work?

  15. Craig.L.

    I’m in the clear as it’s a female making the allegation.

  16. Byron11

    So far, five players have been named on various web sites. That means three are wrong and law suits will be forthcoming.

  17. SteveK

    Hope your pathetic virtual rag gets sued and taken to the cleaners

  18. Mick Malthouse

    Fu*king rapist

  19. Skankwatch

    Cometh the hour, cometh the gold diggers.

  20. Stephen Milne

    Go and get f**cked you old c**t

  21. Pissy Chryne

    Why didn’t the lads call me I don’t kiss and tell and I don’t mind the odd punch around my ring.

  22. Boofa Leigh

    Cooor.. that Joffa salute in the pic reminds me that this Wednesday night it is my turn to pull out the big one. The Wench will be very lay back about my display of power and persistence but just as the pies, I keep the pressure up in all quarters…

  23. Just hope you know what you’re doing naming people like that, if you’re wrong it could ruin the careers of those young players and if you’re right but they’re found innocent, you could be sued. Just saying…

  24. Pies Supporter

    Naming names unless you are sure could cause a few problems.Didd you get this direct from either of them?

    Until ther eis proof this is just hearsay.Maybe you should have kept this to yourself until you were sure.

    How many people have heard of this sitesays plenty doesn’t it? And what does Joffa have to do with this?Why print this picture ?

    Why not go the whole hog and print photos of the two people you were so ready to name.I think this is just a little over the top.

    If I was Eddie or Gary Pert OR the two you have named I’d be suing you right now.

  25. Wenchy

    Geoffrey no more humpy pumpy for you until I get my promised campaign funds.

  26. Pablo Discobar

    Some poor attention starved young woman may have just ruined the glory of Collingwoods’ 2010 premiership victory with allegations of sexual assualt. If its true, its a real shame and letdown for soo many people, if its not, so help me god you little bitch, if i find out your address, ifucking lynch you myself.

  27. Al

    Aussie Rules is a pointless sport played by mentally retarded halfwits who were too stupid to attain a grade five level education. The sooner this embarrassment of a sport is flushed down the sewer along with the rapists and other scumbags that play it, the better.

  28. tb

    just another attention seeker i’m tipping ….. don’t worry boys party hard !!!!

  29. Anonymous

    I hope you guys are as scathing of rapists as you are of this site for having some guts to name him

  30. Andrew, the Law you have broken as most media do in cases like these is the Judicial Proceedings Report Act which makes it an offence to name or identify sexual assault victims. That also includes providing public information that names the alleged offenders who are innocent until proven guilty. Trial by the Media are ugly places to be. I know Eddie McGuire will ask you to explain what you have done by naming names.

  31. Anon

    Err – Mary-Ann, do you understand what is meant by the term “victim”?

    Andrew does not name the “victim”.

  32. Anonymous

    Cant name the accused? Oh really?

    1. Theo Theophanous named and shamed but is found innocent by the courts.

    2. Andrew Lovett named and shamed and court case is proceeding.

    I think you will find the accused gets named all the time and the “victims” get to do it all from complete anonymity.

  33. profess

    ERRR – ANON, do you understand how to read? next time don’t get all excited and reply before you have finished reading the whole comment. No go back and read the comment by Mary-ann fully, and then reply…..

  34. jim

    Collingwood stands for two things.

    1. Losing grand finals
    2. Scum

    After Saturday afternoon the balance had to be restored, and was.

  35. Banyule Blast

    Damn, when I saw the headline “Police quiz Pies” I read on only to finds it was just about an ordinary everyday thing these morons at Collingwood are used to. I truly thought the Police were doing a real good job and had found the evidence that Collingwood had stolen the Premiership which is the true scenario.

  36. Rachel Clark

    Guilty until proven innocent?

    Was that how mick malthouse treated stephen milne regarding pretty much the same allegations?

  37. Joffa's gold jacket

    Congrats on the exclusive.

  38. Kane

    Get off the Eddie suing crap, sure he loves and abuses power but the story simply notes the players are helping police with enquiries. Hard to believe players would get themselves into a situation like this, but went you hardly drink for a year then on it until 4.00am you are not really functioning on full brain power. And while you sympathise with the girl she didnt actually put herself in a great position

  39. Keep throwing mud (or ink) and some of it will stick & hopefully these bloody bogan scumbags will learn some respect for women. It matters not how much a skanky hoe wants to be around these boys. Learn that they are like blow flies and if you behave like shits they will come in droves.

  40. Flawed

    There was no assault, the “victim” just got annoyed that the Pies boys were smashing each others holes and not hers…

  41. Anonymous

    good old collingwood forever

  42. Anonymous

    Dayne Beams did not win best and fairest in 2009. It was Dane Swan.

  43. RDR

    Wait up boys can I go next.

  44. Anonymous

    When o when will Governments wake up. If an “alleged victim” never has to be named, then why can “alleged perpetrators” be named?

  45. rex

    if it were any other club ppl would have been named straight away. bet ed has rang every news business telling them he would sue if they named names. good on u for having the balls to do it and it only says they assisted police not that they did it side by side they stick together…..

  46. I went to air saying “beam me up scotty” to get the name out there. Now I believe the boyfriend of the girl in question may of instigated all this, lets hope he is charged and the players found innocent.

  47. Anonymous

    Gloating and naming before charges are laid. You vile scumbags, the lot of you.

  48. Mitch

    hehehe, if this all falls on it’s ass, I hope they sue the bejesus out of you!!

  49. Brian

    I JUST LOVE IT !!!! FTP !!

  50. Side by side

    Eewwww, is this what they mean by “side by side we stick together”?

  51. annoynmous

    what sort of creeps are you that can genuinely relish in the unfounded, unsupported defamation of two strangers, simply because they play for a particular football team?!

    This is the sort of sorid, irresponcible reporting that can ruin the lives and careers of innocent people. Its shameful.

    I can only hope they take you to the cleaners.

  52. Flawed

    @ annonynmous (5/10 15:02)

    They sound VERY innocent!

    I’m actually surpised there was a female present!

  53. Spida

    “Yet another alleged girl, making alleged allegations, after she awoke with an alleged hangover and I take it an alleged guilty conscience.

    “Girls!! When will you learn! At 3am when you are blind drunk & you decide to go home with a guy ITS NOT FOR A CUP OF MILO! Allegedly.”

  54. anon

    Magpies ‘Premier Rapists’ for 2010.

  55. joffa

    The reason no one will be suing the proprietor of this website is because everyone knows he has no money, which is why he regularly defames people with impunity.

  56. Bass

    The only reason the Herald Sun hasn’t printed the names (when everyone in the AFL community knows, its not hard to find out). is because Eddie McGuire is a columnist. If this were any other club then the names would’ve been splashed across the headlines. I’m not saying they should be convicted by the public before the police have even assessed whether there is a case to answer, but I am saying there is a MASSIVE double standard evidenced by the Herald Sun saying it has “decided not to publish the names of the players”. Hypocritical old boy club.

  57. Party On Pies.

    Harden the Fcuk up!


    HOT PIES 2010……

  58. Say what ever you want. The Pies are Premiers for 2010 and that will never change – u bunch of jealous people. As they say in the classic VICTORS DON’T HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR ANYTHING

  59. Pie

    Alleged offenders can’t be named until charges are laid….

  60. Suck shit

    Pies will win back to back. There is no competition out there.

  61. Big Bad Bazza

    The 2 alleged rapists must have been so drunk that they thought the “victim” was actually Alan Didak. “Lock them up and throw away the keys !” I say.

  62. Alleged contempt

    Good work Andrew Landeryou, you could be in contempt of court proceedings, even if you remove this article. Go ahead and name the victim too, you may as well name her because you’ve named the alleged perpetrators.

  63. Brodie

    I don’t know how true this could be.

    With something like this in the story… “The accusations have sent shockwaves through the Club – known for its hoon supporters – and are likely to cast a big shadow over celebrations.”

    You wonder if this is serious or just someone having a pot shot at Collingwood.

  64. Tom

    To Brodie, read the rest of this website.

  65. Fact is, easy to lie for $$$$$

    Let’s face it, how easy is it to “stage” a sexual assault? You go home with a high profile person (ie. has lots of money) have sex with them then just run out of the apartment and cry rape.

    And to the do-gooder lefty women who would say “why would a woman do that?”. Simple, MONEY!

    Fraser-Kirk was offered a fortune, around $800,000 to settle against DJ’s and she wasn’t even touched !

    If this alleged “victim” can win a court case, how much do you think she would get from the player, Collingwood club, AFL etc etc? No doubt a few media deals too.

    It pays to cry rape.

  66. Anonymous

    Least we know Beamsy and McCarthy arent gay afl footballers, whew!

  67. Dear Anon ( who Posted October 5, 2010, 0:21

    I am happy to answer your query. By naming any player who was there (that may/ may not be her ‘boyfriend of 7 weeks’) also may lead to the identification of the victim. The Law includes identifying ‘anyone’ that may be “likely to lead” to the identification of the victim herself.

    It is obviously ‘preferable’ that no-one is named (victim or alleged offender) until police conclude their investigations (and in my opinion) not until ‘after’ the Court actually makes a legal finding. The only ones who benefit by naming and shaming people in these circumstances is the Media people who themselves are fueling this attack. Its gossip. It’s entertaining but it’s not well researched news. Let police do their job. The actual Law is as below:

    “Journalists across Australia are not allowed to identify the victims of sexual assault. The law in Victoria is very clear.”
    “A person who publishes or causes to be published any matter… likely to lead to the identification of a person against whom a sexual offence …is alleged to have been committed is guilty of an offence… — Judicial Proceedings Reports ACT 1958 – Sect 4”

  68. I wrote in to say the Law needs to be altered, both victims and offenders should be protected until the justice system deals fairly with any complaint. The Media People have a bad habit of naming names and then chasing up what they think are the facts. If I may give the example of the young mother who was ‘almost accused without actually being accused’ of murdering her two little sons. The police concluded it was a terrible tragic accident – however the Media were already on her doorstep within hours photographing the discarded child size football boots. The message put across was she HAD self harmed after killing her boys. Give JUSTICE time, don’t name or shame anyone without consent. Trials by the Media are not unhelpful.

  69. DontBeSoPrivate

    Check the background history of the alledged victim too! Is she ‘known’ to go home with lots of boys. Let’s trial them all in the media. Who trusts the cops and the courts anyway. ;o))) Can’t even see videos of court cases, so how do we know if they can be trusted. They should be open to scrutiny too! Referendum!!

  70. Pie in Spain

    Sad state of affairs all this.

    If these men are guilty the bad news for all the Collingwood haters is that the Premiership cup still belongs to the Mighty Magpies and it’s the individuals will have to pay the price.

  71. hating collingwood is always satisfying

    Magpies need to get over 2010 the win and be constantly reminded of their 1977 loss! Go Roos – Premiers for 2011!!!!

  72. Hatethefilth

    Maybe now I can go to a game and not have to hear rapist chanted at one of my fav players!!!!

  73. Michael Ostomybag

    Where did all these bush lawyers come from? it’s not illegal to report that someone has been questioned in relation to a specific matter.

  74. Buddy Franklin

    Perhaps they scored Coke from their druggie mate Thomas, who got it from the yakuza Swann, armed with Didak’s Gun, after visting Commercial Road with this alleged girl in a Trannie Bar. LOL!

  75. hating in general is not cool

    At least you stated your colors. Unlike the other ‘haters’ out there. Jealously is a natural feeling. ;o)) See a thearapist and all should be good in a few years!! :o)))

  76. izWill

    I’m confused. Why are so many people grumbling about these ‘lads’ being named, rather than expressing concern about the never ending sexist/mysogynist culture Dane and John prove exists, by their very involvement in another footy sex scandal?

  77. Anonymous

    We need televised court cases and phone/internet polls to act as the jury !!

  78. To “hating collingwood is always satisfying” you are a loser. When did the Roos last win a Premiership anyway. As I said previously the Magpies are Premiers 2010 and that will never change. As for the Roos – nobody wants them – the Gold Coast didn’t – they are a scum of a club that attracts about 5 people to watch its games

  79. Who knows what happened really?

    @izWill: Sounds like you know what happened, sounds like you think the boys did something wrong – I can only presume what happened! I would imagine that this girl might have been drunk, might have liked the idea of going with the players, liked the idea of something happening with them, then didn*t like the way she was treated afterwards. That is my presumption. If she were raped, then she would have left straight away and gone to the police, or at least have signs of being raped. Lots of questions hey? The guys could be setup? Maybe she was a disgruntled Saints fan, or she needed an excuse for her boyfriend – who knows!!

  80. mad rooter

    because, izWill, the fact that men are horny is not very shocking at all.

  81. mad rooter

    I think it has been previously reported that the Vexnews reporting staff have often engaged in sado-masochistic romps with young farm animals. Can anyone find that old story and link to it?

  82. mad rooter

    hmm interesting…

  83. mad rooter

    If you comment and include the word ‘VEE’ – ‘EEE’ – ‘ECKS’ – News (the name of this website) your comment has to await moderation. If you spit random crap about anyone else your comment goes straight online.

  84. mad rooter

    vex news

  85. mad rooter

    oh putting a space in there works. thats good for everyone’s future reference

  86. Binmonitor

    Does any one remember round 3 this year?

    Hmmm the bitter irony of hypocrisy!

    Now I bett you all fell like Eddie on Brownlow Night…

  87. sam

    this girl should have used her brain! everytime a football player goes out girls throw them selfs on them its really sad because this is what happens! , if she used her brain we wouldnt have this would we no. i mean the collingwood boys just won and now this? its a set up or she is trying to get back at someone and she must have no life.

  88. Annoyed

    This girl sounds like a real scank.
    She has sex with her boyfriend who then encourages her to have it with a Collingwood player, doesn’t she know the word NO, or are they both gold diggers?

  89. FAITH


  90. Boofa Leigh

    Nothin’ wrong with scanks my dear fellow!

  91. hate the fapies

    Sam, how old are you, 5? 6 at the most? You can’t spell let alone put s sensible sentence in writing. You can’t even follow what the the allegations are. Typical bogan pie muncher. You should have tried using your brain. Suck it up cold pies, party’s over :)))

  92. hate the fapies

    Sam, how old are you, 5? 6 at the most? You can’t spell let alone put a sensible sentence in writing. You can’t even follow what the the allegations are. Typical bogan pie muncher. You should have tried using your brain. Suck it up cold pies, party’s over. 🙂

  93. Dayno

    Sorry Eddie I’m really sorry after all those beers – under that quilt it really looked like Didak’s hairy arse not a girl’s.

  94. Disgusted

    Beams was one of the players involved in the impregnating of the school girl – I know this for sure.

  95. John Howard

    It should not be reported until charges are made by the police. Brendon Fevola was cleared tonight I hope he sues those who annnounced his guilt before they had the facts. I hope the acuser who laid the charge looses her house and any other assets she has if it comes out that her claim was malicious

  96. poppa

    oh malthouse! its called Karma, you shouldnt throw rocks in glass houses.
    milne was never proven guilty let him rest in peace.

  97. Eddie

    @Dayno All will be forgiven if you answer the million dollar question:

    How do you plead in court?
    A) Guilty
    B) Not Guilty
    C) I thought it was you under the sheets Eddie
    D) Hot pies!

    We’ll be back after the break

  98. Inuendo

    Firstly alleged rapists/sexual assaulters & alleged victims cannot be named under the Privacy Information Act. Even when charges are laid a victim can request their name to be injunctioned/removed for safety reasons. Secondly, no excuse validates rape to do so gives permition to rape

  99. Anonymous

    AHHH, They have been named and shamed in the general media today, good work.

    Now lets proceed to a televised trial and phone polls to act as the jury.

  100. Party On Pies.

    More Beer please.

    Saints wont win a prem ever again.

  101. Goodbye Batchelor

    This afternoon disgraced Labor Minister Peter Batchelor will announce that he is retiring from the Ministry and not running for re-election in November.

  102. Anon

    Sadly, there are times when we learn great lessons in life and the girl at the heart of this has learned the hard way – not to trust men to not take advantage of you when you are intoxicated. Maybe in future years, when the people on this forum have daughters of their own at a similiar age to the victim, and they go off to party along with their peers, you will worry like hell and understand what this all means.

  103. Pies Trainer

    Makes a nice change from the normal “sex with boys and each other” which is the norm in this Club

  104. norma

    we are the 201-0 grand final guys u like us or hate us but we are the champions GO THE MIGHTY PIES

  105. Leanne

    Regardless of who did and did not; why is it that the male is always accused of being the assaulter? If two people of a legal age, both go out and get drunk, go home for sex, wake up the next morning without any memory of the night before, why is it that the man claim to have been assaulted? I am not saying that this is the scenario, but I am sure it is often the case. There are some girls who are predators of famous elite athletes. They go out specifically to pray on these men. Until there is any proof of violence or force we should refrain from comment. Why would any of these young famous men have to force anybody into having sex when they can clearly take their pick?. Spida Everitt made some valid points. To the girls who fit this category, take some pride in yourselves, take some responsibility and raise your questionable standards. In saying this, I do not condone sexual assault in any shape or form, but drunken consensual sex does not count.

  106. go u mighty pies 2010 well done pies

  107. go pies 2010 premiers

  108. i think everybody is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous about collingwood winning the 2010 grand final xxx

  109. anon

    You spot on Pies Trainer normally these blokes take aim at the big brown rear ‘Pie’.

  110. Eddie Mcguire

    i videoed it all 🙂

  111. Anonymous

    some girls are just bitches and liars

  112. Anon

    I agree with @Bass re. Eddie’s Herald Sun ties resulting in the players not being named. I remember when the St Kilda guys were in a similar situation (i.e allegations only) their photos were all over the front of the paper!!!
    It is karma Eddie and Mick . Maybe you will shut your big mouths, now you are experiencing it first hand.
    I hope the female involved is receiving appropriate treatment and counselling

  113. John

    I’m reading a lot of angry afl followers, who can’t deal with the fact Collingwood won the premiership. If you want to hate on them go ahead, but you just look like jackasses.
    Maybe if you just commented on the story, you wouldn’t sound like such morons??

  114. beamer

    John, you have some of your thinking correct. No doubts there are a lot of Collingwood player/supporter haters, more than a lot, more than you morons could ever count. Yep, everyone of them DO hate that the magpie maggots even made the GF, but with their fixture geared to favour them, who was really surprised? no-one. Now you are all squealing like little piggy pies your flag has been tainted by Beams and McCarthy haha, as for Eddie, you maggots hang off every word he utters like sheep dags. —- No hard feelings John Jackass, just telling it like it is.

  115. Anonymous

    Sounds like the pies have kicked a few doors down this year…first the premiership and now……..

  116. Bogans

    side by side they stick together…..

    that’s just gross

  117. Anonymous

    im going tobookmark you cunts just to see how long you last. Fucking hoons.

  118. Kay

    I can’t see the problem naming these players, it would have come out soon enough, someone had to be the one to name them. The real shame will be if these men keep being protected, and then cleared, just because they play AFL….where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  119. ANON

    Do any of you people have any idea what these allegations will do to these mens careers and familys?
    I hope this stupid bimbo of a woman learns not to lie, she is clearly just another attention seeking bitch.
    innocent until proven guilty.

  120. micky malted

    Posted by Anonymous | October 8, 2010, 1:29 ……. now now joffa-Anonymous, no need to be so cut about your now tainted and tatty premmie flag. Happens to the worst of you……only. Yeeeehaaaa

  121. You haters are really laughable!!! hahaha!!!

    To compare an annoying wanker like Stephen Milne with a respectable player like Dayne Beams is just a joke. You just need to look at how each of these players play to see one could be a dirty little rapist, while the other looks like a decent bloke with tattoos. To all those Collingwood haters, get a frigin life, or follow a decent club that is organised. Jealousy will eat you up. And I hope it does. As much as you hate Collingwood, we hate dicks like you doubly. And you know what, I’m sure it’s not just Collingwood supporters. I respect all well organised teams and respectable players. Do not compare a bloke like Milne with Beams. Beams wins everytime!! Be honest!!! Go pies 2010 and beyond!!

  122. Shut the heck up!

    Does anyone ever consider that maybe this is another publicity stint? like that stupid chick chick boom girl? Or like that stupid woman who accused Fev of rape and she lied and was charged? NO well unbelieve people OPEN YOUR EYES. Does anyone know them two players? If not you have absoluteky no right to complain and assume things this girl may be a part of a stint and nor did she mention the other whole group of guys that assualted her? She only mentioned to 2 players because they are AFL players. If this was any other non famous person it the world this whole thing would not be a problem. John Mcarthy and Dayne Beams’s names didnt need to be mentioned at least not yet anyways!!! Imagine what their poor families are going through this could have ruined their holidays let alone their whole Careers!! UNBELIEVABLE people! There is not enough Evidence to charge them yet anyways so do not go and assume idiotic things like you are now ok?

  123. Party On Pies.

    Was so GOOD to see the sAINTS cry.
    They wont get another chance to win a flag ever again.
    Fcuk them, there FAGS anyway.


    Good Old Collingwood Forever.

  124. Callum

    re: just on the last 3 posts, from the obvious magpie maggot supporters, 1 can tell if a player is capable of being a rapist, from his looks and playing abilities?? lol, what a goose. The next, is whining about the girl only naming 2 afl players, wtf ?? err, it’s very clear you haven’t even read /followed this police investigation. The 2 named are the only 2 who have been confirmed by the media, not the girl, you dimwit. The others will be named when their identities are confirmed, as been said over and over. Keep up, maybe even try to focus, just a little. The third, well they say it all about why Collingwood supporters are seen as uneducated bogan ferals, living on welfare, and have nothing else in their life but idolising footy players. That, in itself, lends to all these AFL problems and these players feeling invincible . Way overdue to bring these players back down to earth. Hopefully this is just the beginning of busting wide open what has been a ‘code of silence’ among AFL players that feel they have some kind of caveman right to ‘share’ their sexual conquests, against these unsuspecting females. A despicable act that so many afl supporters AND families of these players, are/were totally unaware of, till now. Time they are ALL outed. Bring it on!

    ps, The latest “Young AFL star in sex assault investigation” is also “rumoured” to be the Beams dill again, over an alleged incident earlier in the year. For the maggot moaners, that “alleged” incident and Beams being named, is already well known public knowledge.

  125. Party On Pies

    The term ‘Rapists’ and ‘2010 Premiers’ will forever go hand in hand.

  126. porky pies

    gone old collingwood, forever, we know where to lay the blame,

    lies and lies you stick together, to uphold the maggots name,

    hear their barrackers a shouting “f—ing rapist”, as Mick encouraged they should,

    oh, now the sunkenship’s eating humble pie, for their shamed old collingwood.

    ~ smirk ~

  127. You haters are really laughable!!! hahaha!!!

    @Cullum – you can tell a lot about a person by the way they act on the field – just ask anyone who has played the game. And who do u follow? So we can all have a bash at your lousy club & team? You won’t be saying much anymore I would think. We are proud of our club!! You’re so proud of yours u won’t say who they are!! Chicken!! boo hoo hoo!!! We won – get used to it!! And our recruiting shows taht you will have to!! Haha!! No disrespect to all the normal supporters of other clubs, just the losers who hate Collingwood for whatever unknown reason!!

  128. Paige

    i really dont think people should make any accusations againest the players because you werent there and dont know what had happened between these people…it may be true and it may not but the thing is no will know until the truth is revealed so stop thinking you no it all when you dont so please stop

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