CLEVER TED: Baillieu makes life very difficult for challengers

tedchallenge Whispers around Spring Street of a last-minute Victorian Liberal leadership coup by Michael O’Brien or someone are not likely to be true on a number of grounds, Liberal insiders say.

They point to a particularly sneaky arrangement where – since the formation of the Coalition – the Liberal party room doesn’t meet.

The Coalition party MPs meet together but the Libs don’t, making a challenge all the more difficult.

An MP petitioning for a meeting of the Liberal party alone would be foreshadowing an act of serious rebellion or a leadership challenge.

It’s a situation of such sneakiness that we might have previously thought it beyond Red Ted, more a born-to-rule noblesse oblige type than a tough numbers-operator.

Beyond that, prospective leaders Terry Mulder, Michael O’Brien and Mary Wooldridge have done little we hear to ingratiate themselves with party room members anyway.

And of course, many see that while Mulder had a strong case to challenge in the past that he never had the numbers and that any challenger could be seen as a “wrecker” for destabilising the leadership so close to an election.

That said, Red Ted Baillieu does face challenges. His great policy initiatives so far seem to include $5 discounts on swimming lessons, a Greens party backed war on dog breeders and knocking off a silly state government plan to replicate a Parisian summer night-time festival during Melbourne’s chilly winter. If we didn’t dislike his brand of Liberal leftism so much we’d feel sorry for him, you could almost see them air-punching around 157 Spring Street with delight at the scintillating prospect of pre-announcing the Nuits Blanche or whatever the hell it is. Perhaps it’s time for the Libs to get some staff who live beyond the tram tracks. Brumby might consider the same.

Meanwhile, he does very much seem to have a problem with Richard Dalla-Riva who was once “staunch” with Team TB. Baillieu friendly sources believe Dalla-Riva is the loudest voiced dissident in the Liberal party room and accuse him, possibly unfairly, of being behind the highly negative story about Baillieu’s leadership that appeared in the Herald Sun last week.

“It was either Richard or someone wanting to make it look like it was Richard because the lines in the article are similar to what he says in private,” one insider told VEXNEWS.

Perhaps Dalla-Riva could play an important catalysing role in the party room, as Kevin Andrews did when he defied Liberal wet Malcolm Turnbull over his insistence that he would unilaterally determine the party’s position on the CPRS. But he – like Andrews – does enjoy respect across party ranks as an astute judge of issues and what plays beyond the Age reader-belt.

If Baillieu wins the election, and the current federally-contaminated polls suggesting he can’t really must be deeply discounted, Dalla-Riva might well be snubbed by a vindictive Ted, angry with his former factional comrade.

But if Ted loses, as more Liberals believe than they probably should, Dalla-Riva will emerge as an important voice of reason in the party room who has transcended the factional divide and isn’t afraid to point out the obvious that Baillieu is a first-class snoozer who has done little to earn victory at the next state election.

The fact that Ted’s built a strong party room fortress around him is a credit to his political smarts but it will be enough to make some Victorian Liberals despair that Baillieu acts like the old-school Labor leaders after the 1955 split did when they fought viciously to hang on to the Opposition Leader’s job but never seemed that interested in the Treasury benches.




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38 responses to “CLEVER TED: Baillieu makes life very difficult for challengers

  1. Rivers

    At least RDR is now not totally useless.

  2. Syphologist

    I think you’ll find that the reason policies have not been released by Ted’s office is the poor state of policy development from shadow ministers. We need a change of shadow ministry, not leader. Unfortunately, the one would probably lead to the other, and then to reinstatement of the lazy, intellectually bankrupt hacks that have caused the problem in the first place.

  3. RDR has the numbers

    RDR has the numbers. Of teenage gals that is.

  4. Walter Plinge

    Has Miss Wooldridge acquired a hair-do that is age-appropriate yet? Last time I saw a pic she was trying to look like a 17 year old.

  5. Craig.L.

    Challengers call me. I am a chief backstabber.

  6. Mrs O'Brien

    Micheal ain’t up for the job and I should know. He wouldn’t last more than 2 minutes.

  7. Speak No Evil

    Hey what about that dud Liberal candidate for Mordialloc Ms Wreford?
    Only being ‘supported’ (in more ways than just the pre-selection) by Geoff Leigh (aka Boofa) the failed ex-Liberal member for Mordialloc. This bottle blonde bimbo with the false frontal assets has been involved in some disastrous public policy issues in her times as a local councilor at the City of Casey.
    This has now culminated in her current Mayoral year presiding over what will be one of the biggest liable suits ever to be placed on a local government in Australia!
    770 of her residents and 11 other seriously angry parties are about to sue the living day lights out of her council over the disastrous Brookland Greens gas leak that she presided over!
    Check out the story at
    How the hell can this type of candidate ever be put forward by the Liberal Party? Boofa will have a lot of explaining after the State election in November…


    Red TED makes life so very very difficult too for the most innocent of innocent, the hidden unborn that are part of the wider community! Well the late term abortion rate has jumped six hundred percent since Brumbys anti life bill came in and they told us the abortion rate wouldnt change
    well wasnt Emilys List and all their cronies oh so wrong here but do they admit it in any way or ever say sorry no way!
    no compassion for the unborn at all
    how callous!
    Red TED is here because his mother didnt abort him she chose his life yet he voted anti-life so vote Red Ted out!
    same goes for Brumby too they are both too pandering to left leaning aggressive all for choice women yes all for their choice and no one elses in other words hard women IMPOSING their regressive anti life views on others! so C U Later at the polls two dills Red Ted and Brumby well at least Tony Abbott has some moral backbone re the unborn!

  9. There Is Something Wrong With Victoria, i.e. RDR

    RDR is what is wrong with Victoria.

  10. RDR

    Ms Wooldridge is nothing like a nice young tender teenage girl. On a side note do any young ladies require a ‘ride’ home tonight?

  11. party of sleep walkers

    How is ted any worse than the lot of em…really this is the sleep walkers from the vic liberal land – the land that time forgot

  12. Shambles

    The Victorian party is a disgrace. It has actually preselected candidates prior to an election campaign.

    They should have followed my strategy instead.
    I am a respected party strategist from NSW. It is my preselection strategies that have made me so respected.

  13. Kapel is the problem

    Michael Kapel is the problem. He is overly influenced by Petro, in fact he has just employed two more of Petro’s staff.

    Kapel is way out of his depth, and for Ted to keep him speaks volumes for Ted’s judgement.

  14. Craig.L.

    Imagine the talk I had to give my teenage son about my love for men – priceless.

  15. Forbsey

    Tell me about it.

  16. Inga Binga

    Has anyone considered my massive attributes for higher office?

  17. Anonymous

    It astounds me that Madden criticised Peta Duke’s media plan (and her) and also claimed he knew nothing about it (yes Harry you never no anything) at yesterday’s inquiry. Yet Peta Duke is now an advisor to the premier working out of 1 Treasury. Let’s win the election then we should roll Brumby and clean the hell out of PPO.

  18. mp

    how about anon you keep your dumb thoughts to yourself, moron

  19. Fatty Doyle

    Since I have been one of most successful Lord Mayors in history I am sure soon I will get the call to come back to save the State Liberal Party and lead them to a victory. McPerton can you please order another bottle?

  20. Anonymous

    Posted by mp | October 1, 2010, 15:13

    Don’t you people at PPO work? It’s a Friday afternoon surely Dan has something for you to do. Oh that’s right usually on a Friday afternoon you lot are throwing airplanes and footballs at one an other.

  21. Craig.L.

    It’s going to be cold tonight, I need the body of a warm male next to me.

  22. Liberal supporter

    It’s shame because Ted can perform well sometimes but he is too often off message or not even visible.

    I heard from my spies he recently gave a very weak speech at a business meeting. Those attending were not impressed. Why can’t he get a simple message together about the failings of the Govt, which are many and easy to document, and som statement about what he would do about it?

    He could win but he needs a harder more professional edge – those of you who can influence this please do so with urgency.

    We do not want another 4 years of this State Government.

  23. By Default

    The labor p[arty looks like winning the State election by default. Even the inner city seat of Prahran looks like being safe as Clem Newtonlees Brown has barely come out of the starting blocks and their has been no campaigning. Clem obviously expects he will fall across the line. Mush of course will depend on ballot paper positioning and minor candidate preferences. Clem just does not have the killer instinct when it comes to wanting the seat. Analysis of teh August Federal Poll shows that the LNP could win control of the upperhous and should they manage to catch Brumby on a hop they could end up winning by default not design.

  24. Pissy Chryne

    What a lovely spring day I feel all friisky and randy I think I will call Alan.

  25. Pissy Chryne

    Arh Brutus Beefcake tore me again.

  26. Colin B from Bundoora

    Don’t worry Craig L. I am here for you.

  27. AC

    Mum will be so annoyed when my secret gets out. Ivanhoe must be jinxed.

  28. Craig.L.

    It’s ok AC, we share a very similar secret.

  29. Pissy Chryne

    Oh no the Pharmacist is closed has anyone got some Savlone?

  30. Anonymous

    Posted by mp | October 1, 2010, 15:13

    Is that you peta?

  31. dukestar

    Hey Dan, I think I am due for a promotion after November? All the good work I have been doing. Can you ask Mr Reece to maybe consider me for roles at head office? I will join the alp and quit the greens.

  32. Liberal supporter #2

    Yawn…goodbye Ted. The State parliamentary liberal party will reap the fruits of its inaction. We your supporters have long given up hope – you pack of losers. You do not deserve to win – even with this most incompetent State Government.

  33. Speak No Evil

    I bet the Liberal candidate for Mordialloc Ms Wreford must be sh*ting her pants at what the Labor dirt unit has on her! See:

    Tiny Tim is good at getting to the ‘dirty laundry’. Look at what type of hatchet job he did on his own commrade Crean in his pre-selection for Hotham a few years ago. No stone left unturned to try and shoe horn Martin Pukula into his seat – except for the Crean’s ethnic branch stacks in Clayton that is!

    But as far as poor old ‘Queenmaker’ Boofa and his Wench….TT will eat them up for dinner!

  34. Fiona Pickett

    Ted Baillieu will make an excellent Premier as he is totally anti small business just like the pro-Union anti-entrepreneur “Fair” Work Ombudsman. Like the FWO commissariat, Red Ted attacks small business employers like 7-11 franchisees who pay a proper wage for next-to-useless slacko Indian visa dodging students to do the graveyard shift. If they weren’t employed by 7-11 they’d instead be driving taxis earning $7 an hour which would be dangerous because they can’t drive and don’t know Melbourne and take speed to stay awake.

  35. Bearbrass

    Hey “By Default”, we just got a lovely letter from Clem Newton Brown inviting us to hang out with him this weekend on the corner of Toorak Road & Caroline Street South Yarra. I reckon Clem does work hard – we never hear much from Tony Lupton.

  36. STD (So Totally Disillusioned)

    Sadly – could say exactly the same things about the NSW Liberals except the newspaper headline : Sleepwalking to poll victory.

    Ask countless business people in NSW who will tell you : “never was the maxim truer – Oppositions don’t win, Governments lose…”

  37. Once again we are being shown the fruits of a decade of factional hacks being put in Parliament, robbing the Liberals of real talent. There are quite a few real goers in the membership but they cannot get around the factional voting blocks and get into Parliament. Given the performance of the Brumby Government, the Lib’s should be able to walk in.

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