LIVING NEXT DOOR TO KEVIN: The Rudds buy their way back into Yarralumla


The famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit has a real treat for political snoops today, an intrusive glimpse inside the modest new Canberra digs of recently deposed Prime Ministerial Entity Kevin Rudd and his good lady – with big fortune – Thérèse Rein.

The property is in Canberra’s ritzy Yarralumla community, by pure coincidence in the same neighbourhood as the two of the nation’s flashest public housing facilities, the official Prime Ministerial residence, the Lodge and the Governor-General’s Government House. A couple of million dollars of Mrs Rein’s mega-fortune (thought to be in the $100M range) was enough to buy back into the ‘hood of power.

It’s a beautiful home according to a glowing description found by VEXNEWS investigators:

Located only moments from popular Yarralumla shops, lake and parkland. This fabulous near new home is designed for modern living. Impeccably appointed throughout, the home features beautiful hardwood floors in the kitchen and living areas, stone bench tops and limestone accent tiles. Summer entertaining is a breeze with a sensational outdoor kitchen and alfresco dining area which has easy access to the in ground pool, and newly established easy care garden. Gracious formal lounge and dining rooms with a study down stairs. Accommodation consists of five bedrooms with a luxurious ensuite and main bathroom plus 3 additional bathrooms.

Previously when in Canberra, prior to being PM, Rudd would share a modest flat with caucus colleagues but that arrangement seems less than satisfactory now so the Rudds have purchased a splendid property in C-town and appear set to spend a lot more time there, with a kid still at school in the nation’s capital.

Mrs Rein has indicated on Twitter that she and the new FM will be moving in to the newly “mid-October” and is looking forward to bringing their pets (excluding Rudd confidant and Fairfax scribe Rhys Muldoon) under one roof and to plant some vegetables (perhaps some of Rudd’s loyal Hard Left faction supporters) in the new garden.



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22 responses to “LIVING NEXT DOOR TO KEVIN: The Rudds buy their way back into Yarralumla

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  2. axel springer

    So a multi millionaire and her husband who’s not short of a shekel buy a pied a terre in the nations capital. what do you expect them to do? ask Joe Hockey if they can rent his garage as digs as Brendan Nelson
    did.Isn’t “Envy” one of the seven deadly sins? If you work hard and find an honest job then you will leave that caravan park.

  3. Anon

    Can’t stand Krudd and have never voted for the left-wing ALP in my life but couldn’t care less if Kruddy and Ms Rein decide to buy a property in Canberra – good luck to them.

  4. Girlie Giggles

    Why does Kevin Rudd owe Ms Gillard any loyalty well she has sure shown him none, none at all
    We are so very tired of the leftie media darling Ms Gillard always going on about choices see that so proves that Gillard lacks the sophisticated overview to look at topics from both sides, ie beyond mere personal autonomy! Now there was no outgoing PM to welcome Gillard at the lodge and that is her fault so how many more stuff ups will Gillard preside over in this second term – not too many we hope! Gillard has had a lucky escape but if she goes down she wont be able to blame Krudd this time see the responsibilty is all on her now so heaven help Australia! lets hope we dont go backwards under Gillard! We want sound policy action not glib talk and girlie giggles! Bring back Paul Keating for a good PM to run Australia!

  5. Gerry of Mentone

    Dear Axel,”an honest job”??? I may be a bit unfair here but just how many job seekers get the feeling that placement agencies have the job seeker’s needs as any priority? I suspect that the job placement industry makes hay of job seeker cannon fodder. Referrals to inappropriate training courses have that familiar odour.

  6. Canberra Bore

    He’s messing with Joolia’s mind.
    He’ll be walking his dog(rented) pass the PM’s pad every day.

  7. Axel Springer

    Gerry@Mentone you are very fair in your comment,most of these Agencies
    are “Sausage Factories” and do nothing but play mind games with their clients.If you read my comment again you might see two things, the tongue in my cheek and where the direction of the comment is pointed at.

  8. Wendy

    Old news and politics of envy. They bought this weeks ago and so what? Turnbull rents in Canberra – from his wife! That’s right, he pays Lucy rent money. You folk really don’t understand how Canberra works, do you?

  9. Brett Logan

    I want some more pictures of that fat woman at the gym.

  10. Dodgum

    Nice pic of Kevin – Is that his new guard dog next to him?

  11. Rich and educated need not apply

    The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Alp.
    Rudd was too rich to stay pm. Look he can afford to live near lodge ? Far too rich to lead us.

    The latest in this sort of small thinking comes from steve Newman. Brumby is too educated to be premier. Well this I suppose is a ringing endorsement of the dumbing of labor. The back bench must light up newmans hope for labor…according to Newman we need less educated mps to get the kind of policies the timber industry wants.

    I wonder if his wife will run that theory past the educated tree hugging voters of northcote this November?

  12. Pissy Chryne

    My frock is much nicer than hers! Over the weekend my has been up and down like a bride’s nighty.

  13. Hi, I’m Kevin and I’m here to help myself…

  14. JooLiar

    Brucey Hawker tells me that calling Abbott “a bull in a china shop” is a winner.

  15. Bruvver Bruce

    “Abbott is a bull in a china shop”, say this, say it about 100 times.

  16. andy bult

    What will they do when he finally throws in the towel and takes up his UN job which is what he has been on about all along.

  17. ombres, O Rudd pofvavore , is doing the same as me i live in uruguay and Albert park, whilst i travel to sydney visiting my beloved son, whilst I’m in derrimutt trying to protect myself, From O’conner forces Tachos, Miller, and from Suleyman family, and above else Lappos and his rouge George Seitz, so why cant the Rudd sit in PM backyard, maverick lappos is doing it to me

  18. RJ

    @Vexnews Why does this matter? If you’d suggested that this was evidence he was or wasn’t interested in the top job/a UN post/whatever, this might have been worth reading.

  19. Boofa Leigh

    Goodness gracious me. The more I look at that picture of Thérèse Rein the more I…..ah thats better…I hope the Wench didn’t see that.

  20. Wenchy

    Geoffrey has that promised term deposit matured yet? I really need those campaign funds now otherwise no more booty for you.

  21. Adrian Jackson

    What no 2 person spa (2 and 1/2 person actually)? She has put the weight back on it would appear.

    Love the 06 Aug 1945 Japanese property redevelopment snap behind the loving couple too.

  22. Life on Mars

    If only we had a Bastille to storm. Made for each other these to sucks. The Chinese have bought much from Australia but not the politicians, as they only want quality products.

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