LEFTY HOUSE OF WORSHIP: Coup attempt fails

Following our story last week, many were keen to hear how the battle royal in the left-wing Melbourne Unitarian Church turned out. We are told their election results declared yesterday are


Peter Abrehart   19

Lev Lafayette      14

Informal                  1

Total Votes         34

The one informal was deliberate, and wrote “NIETHER (SIC) WORTHY OF SUPPORT” on their ballot paper.

Committee of Management (5 to be elected)

Anne Kay                             27

Ralph Knight                       27

Lindy Gilham                      25

Toula Nikolaou                  25

Florence Wathen             19

Lev Lafayette                     17

Carol Campbell                  15

Elizabeth Kourtis              15

Lev missed out by five votes Chairperson, and by two votes for the Committee.

Our informants reveal the AGM was more exciting than the Grand Final with one explaining “Lev and Carol, two failed candidates for the Committee, were both handing out election literature. It didn’t seem to impress a majority of voters, who appeared to have made up their minds not to support a candidates with backing from Diane Anderson.”

“The combined votes of former stacks from Diane Anderson and recent stacks from supporters of Lev were not enough,” one observer remarked.

Some comrades think Lafayette had something to offer but teaming up with controversial former member Diane Anderson’s backers was a fatal error.


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