COSY: Greens MP Adam Bandt gives lover a job

gillardbandt image The newly elected Greens party federal MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt appears to be employing his lover Claudia Perkins as one of his three taxpayer-funded staff on a salary between $70,000 and $90,000 per annum. The extraodinary move comes after his election campaign in August pledged new – higher – standards in politics and where he argued that the federal seat of Melbourne had been “taken for granted” by Labor.

His campaign material pledged “the Greens will do what’s right” and an end to “cyncial (sic) politics”

The Greens federal leader Bob Brown has attempted to make political mileage in the past from stunts like opposing pay-rises for politicians who are paid around $130,000 per annum plus a $35,000 electoral allowance with a taxpayer funded car and free petrol etc. Many – including VEXNEWS – think we might be better off with many fewer politicians who paid quite a bit more. But the Greens party have attempted to score political points by attacking what politicians receive while their own MPs are engaged in the most ethically dubious rorts.

Tasmanian Greens Cabinet minister Nick McKim has previously slammed the ethics of MPs employing family members:

NICK MCKIM: What a number of Labor members have done in Tasmania fails the common-sense test and one moment’s thought should lead all MPs to understand that the community wants some certainty around how its money is spent by MPs and part of that certainty ought to be that MPs don’t featherbed family members by employing them in their office with taxpayers money.

In an advertisement published in the Weekend Australian, advertising two positions at levels A and B (C being the highest salary level which wasn’t advertised), applicants are asked to apply to Claudia Perkins. Perkins is believed to live with Bandt in Parkville and plan to move to an $800,000 property recently purchased in Flemington.

Perkins, a former staffer to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Labor ministers, is believed to have resigned her job with the government effective election day.

Bandt has recently travelled overseas and VEXNEWS understands directed the AEC to have the declaration of the count in Melbourne held early so that he and his lady friend could go overseas.

Bandt’s partner Perkins is an experienced Labor staffer but her appointment raises questions of nepotism and whether the Greens political party are engaged in the kind of indulgent, venal politics of which they are usually the first and loudest critics. The practice of MP’s employing their spouses or lovers is not unlawful but is generally frowned on.

Labor sources told of the news worried that the appointment made it look like the extreme-left Greens party had an operative at the highest level of the Labor government who could have played a role in the notorious Greens-Labor co-operation agreement formed after the election about which the Greens were so enthusiastic they immediately put the staged pic of Labor and Greens MPs wearing matching lapel flowers and shaking hands in accord on the front-page of their website.



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104 responses to “COSY: Greens MP Adam Bandt gives lover a job

  1. Wendy

    I know you lot are so scared of the Greens that you have become obsessed .. stalking in a love-lost way is more like it. You’re like those American preachers who rant and rave about unholy practices and are then discovered with a frequent flyer card to a down-market brothel.

    How about a FACT to spoil your jealousy at the Greens success. Many ALP, Libs and Nats MPs employ their wives, children, girlfriends or goats too. Some MPs have their wives on staff. D’Oh.

    Honestly Vex, why are you frightened by the Greens? Do you and your readers lie awake at night all bug-eyed and afraid? Do you sweat badly when you see Senator Brown on TV? Does Senator Milne make you call your therapist and seek an appointment?

    Quick, look under your bed, there’s an environmentalist hiding there! LOL!!

  2. James

    No Wendy, they’re just sore losers, simple as that.

  3. annoon

    the problem is that the position wasn’t advertised

  4. Wendy

    Two points. First, you don’t have to advertise these positions! There is absolutely no law, convention or rule that staff positions are advertised. Annoon, you should perhaps check facts before you make a fool of yourself in a blog.

    And James, sore losers I hear you bemoan from your lowly work station? Is this why Vex hates the Greens … because a) they are sore losers or b) they got 1.5 million votes and have some power.

    Maybe you should call a friend before you answer that, buddy boy.

  5. House of Apostasy

    It is common enough practice so I am surprised it is “frowned upon”
    This case raises the question of a Greens operative within the ALP inner sanctum as well as the hypocrisy of the greens (for which they are well known)in publicly eschewing practices they later engage in.
    Wendy, we a frightened by the greens because they are deranged moonbats with dangerous social policy and basically would have us living in the stone age. You will be destroyed at the next ballot.

  6. Megan

    Wendy, now breathe. That’s better.

    This points out the hypocrisy of Bandt after he called for higher standards. I don’t believe it is common as you suggest – although it’s possible amongst your friends, goats are people too.

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  8. Anonymous

    Just another political party

  9. Ben

    How disappointing. What an unethical-sounding move by the Greens.

  10. mick

    Ah, the “BUT THEY DID IT TOO MUM” argument from Wendy. Classy lady.

  11. Wendy

    No Mick, you semi educated dwarf, the point I made is that it is a common practice in all parliaments, except the ACT, which prohibits the employment of family or partners. Your misguided view is that Adam Ant or Barndt or whatever his name should be subject to a different standard than others. Why?

  12. Andrew Landeryou - editor VEXNEWS

    Wendy, the Greens pretend to represent a higher standard and don’t.

    There are other MPs who employ their spouses or lovers but it’s increasingly rare. And we think it should be.

    But in all those cases – involving other parties other than the Greens – there isn’t the breathtaking sanctimony and faux piety that we get from the Greens party.

    That’s why this is a story worth telling.

    That’s why Adam Bandt ought to be held to the same standard his party seems to expect of others.

    The Greens poltical party cannot have it both ways where they pretend to be purer than the driven snow but are in fact just a bunch of cynical very left-wing careerist politicians who preach accountability and high ethical standards yet employ their lovers and partners in taxpayer funded offices.

  13. Anonymous

    Spot on Andy.

  14. anonymous

    hahaha at that first comment by Wendy! That was brilliant, vex news really do target the greens in a stalkerish way, all these strange facts and details, quite creepy really…

  15. Wendy

    Gosh Andrew, that’s an amazing response. So Liberal and Labor don’t profess to have any standards, so whatever they do is okay with Vex, but the Greens apparently campaign on being ‘purer than driven snow’ agenda and therefore if they adopt similar employment practices, it’s legitimate to go after them?

    And this from a site which allows people to post any old potty-mouthed homophobic garbage.

    Let me reiterate – your so-called ‘news’ site (which is so funny I’m maddicted to it!), which allows posts full of every type of childish smut, is obsessed with the Greens to the point of phobia, and all because they apparently preach high standards.

    You’re joking right Andrew? Tell me your laughing all the way to the Prius?

  16. Andrew Landeryou - editor VEXNEWS


    * If a televangelist preaches piety, makes millions from his shtick and has a stable of lovers, we get shocked and upset about their hypocrisy and no-one would question whether reporting on their human frailties constitutes news. Indeed it’s only news because of the hypocrisy. The Greens situation is much the same. They are the greatest frauds in modern politics in this country. They consistently fail to be the change they pretend to seek. That is our editorial position which we prosecute with well-researched facts and hopefully consistent arguments.

    * I’m glad you’re “maddicted” to VEX, all are welcome. Even if we can’t agree, we might learn things from each other along the way.

    * We certainly discourage potty-mouthed homophobic comments and auto-block many bad words. If we’re missing any or a nasty comment slips through, please let us know. We don’t want hate-speech here, be it racist, homophobic, sexist or whatever and I appreciate very much when we are alerted to such unpleasantness. We are working on a way that will make this easier for readers to do.

    * Have no problems with the Prius, some of my dearest friends drive them around silently around the inner-city. I personally look forward to seeing state Melbourne Greens candidate Brian Walters “wankermobile” all-electric campaign car so I can see what we should all aspire to.

  17. Hmmm..

    Well normally speaking employing family or close friends in your poitical office without advertising the position is a negative.

    But… If a outstanding candidate appears for the job and is available, and is going to be a front runner in any interview anyway, you might as well snaffle her or him. There is no question about Adam’s new staffer’s experience or talent. If the position had been advertised and she had won it fair and square which would have been the likely outcome, there would still be whingers and whispers.

    These closeness of the personal relationship given that Labor and Greens are in Government together may even be constructive. Probably more to be gained from negotiation over breakfast than picketing other members offices.

  18. Paul

    If this is the best you can do maybe blogging isn’t your forte.

  19. Wendy W

    The Greens are now behaving like the worst of the main parties.
    The small amount of power they have is obviously corrupting them.

  20. Duchess of Sturt

    I have employed plenty of lovers on my staff. Although in most cases I employed them first and then made them let me go down on them. One naughty young chap actually split my sphincter with his large and rather spectacular man wand.

  21. Wendy

    VEX, you say you have high standards. I refer to the post above. I wonder which is more offensive: employing a qualified partner in your office, or spruicking homophobia, smut and school boy filth.

    This isn’t a news site, it’s a home to scared, powerless little men in small, petty positions of employment. Want to be men – run for office and stand for election. That will sort the men from the cry babies.

  22. Duchess of Sturt

    I did Wendy and have won seven elections.

  23. Darren

    Hi Wendy – I cant run for election because of my erection!

  24. Madam Lash

    Adam Ant is a complete hypocrite…Lindsay Tanner never employed relatives…just people who served the community of Melbourne well…looks like the Green’s glasshouse is about to be shattered…I hope Ant chokes on splinters

  25. Hmmm..

    Got agree with Wendy about the quality of comments on this site.

    Anyway to all those deeply offended types out there suddenly overcome with convenient outrage (no serious political players lurking around here I suspect), I’ll point you out one small practicality.

    Parliament resumes this month. Be a hard push to advertise and interview before that. Certainly Adam Bandt could borrow staff in a reshuffle from other offices or twiddle his thumbs while he gets his office into shape or go personally frantic trying to cover all the bases himself – and as newbie in the house himself.

    Or he could avail himself of the right on the ball, in the thick of things, talent right under his nose and looking at him at breakfast and get straight down to work.

    Smart Adam.

  26. Pissy Chryne

    Darren I can relieve you of that issue in my St. Morris office later. I’m always ready, willing and open to assist my Constituents.

  27. Dodgum

    This is a bit of a non-story.

    So, a Greens MP does what Libs, Labor and every other shade of MP does? Big deal..!

    The benefit for Brandt is that at least he’s got a staffer he can trust. Unlike most of the electorate staff in Australia.

    Nah, this yarn is somewhat silly and well below the Vexnews norm.

  28. Jimmy Swaggart

    To all my brethren in the greens party in oz – i have but one comment. Its a long fall from the high moral ground. By the way I didnt pay her.

  29. This is not a love story. The real Labor-Greens Love story is happening in Burwood Council in NSW.It has a female Greens councillor who claims to be “rat f**ked” by Labor, Announcements on Twitter, Alcohol, knifing and much more.

    The question now is whether Julia Gillard will also ‘rat f**k’ Adam Bandt!

    C’mon VEXNEWS get onto it!

  30. The Greens received over 7 Million dollars in public funding from the Australian Electoral Commission

  31. Arther conan doyle

    This is not a story. She seems well qualified for the job. I was once employed at Level C, without an advert or interview. I did know the Pollie, but not in an intimate way (Why that matters is beyond me). The pay is not great and the job is not high powered. The employment of family or friend should only really be criticised when they have no aptidude for the role. This Green chap on the face of it seems to have scored a bargain. His friend has certainly copped a pay cut as did i.

  32. RDR

    Claudia – do not text me.

  33. Medici

    Here we go again. I seem to recall that Claudia Perkins felt she had to give up her job in Gillards office because Adam Bandt was running for The Greens. She decided that it could appear the be a conflict of interests. In other words she has examined the situation and acted in an extremely ethical way, I’s like to see that from an ALP staffer. The other aspect of this is that partners, usually women make these sacrifices all the time in order to support the careers of their partner. They give up jobs, they give up their own aspirations, they give up their time, so what if he has employed her, she bloody well deserves it. I have been in the position of sacrificing my own ambitions in order to support a partner in a more high profile role. I don’t know Claudia, but I do know that she has made a huge decision and one that always costs women in more ways than just money. You go girl, you deserve it.

  34. Anon

    Why can’t you horrible people leave us alone? We just want what is best for us, what’s wrong with that? Be Green and keep ’em keen.

  35. gt


    The comment you are complaining about was posted four minutes before you posted your complaint. You can hardly expect Andrew to pick that up in such a short period of time.

    More importantly, your excuse for Brandt’s behaviour is that everybody does it therefore it is OK. This is rubbish. I don’t think it is OK for any politician to employ their lover at our expense and you will see that Vexnews appears to agree with that.

  36. They're all hypocrites

    I totally agree with Andy here. To preach one thing and do another seems to be the “operatus-modi” for the Greens at the moment.

    Come on.

    Bandt won Melbourne on Liberal preferences, then refuses to even negotiate with the Liberals.

    Come on. The Greens sign an agreement to form an alliance with Labor, whose single Climate Change policy is to have a “Citizen’s Assembly” (which has now disappeared).

    Come on. The Greens blocked the ETS.

    Come on. The Greens are meant to be fair and partisan, yet they don’t do what the Democrats used to do and had 2 options for preferences, one for Liberal or ALP.

    Come on. The Greens only got 11% of the vote.

  37. rech

    “Honestly Vex, why are you frightened by the Greens?”

    I’m frightened by them because they are obsessive people, comfortably off from the middle classes, who would be happy to reduce large sections of the population into poverty to make toads and algae happy.

  38. Anonymous

    Langdon employed his daughter but then had to give her the sack when he stuffed up his by-election stunt.

  39. RDR

    Sarah please txt me.

  40. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Wendy – spruicking homophobia, smut and school boy filth – its like music to my ears! My darling if you want to book in for an obligation free lesson in the dark art of politics, I have a vacancy just for you. Next Wednesday night, 10.01pm to 10.02pm. No need to bring anything with you in fact the less you bring the better! You will have your turn right after the Wench and Ms Perkins (and percy hopes Ms Perkins doesn’t…)

  41. Wendy

    Well said Boofa, you may grow up and find a woman not in a glossy magazine. And Rech, you classify 1.5 million people as homogenous – are all Libs wealthy right wing exploiters and cold hearted war mongers? Ok, not the best example as it could be true, but you get the drift. Some people are good regardless of their politics, others bad, and others are just buffoons who write dross on web sites.

  42. Hmmm..

    Well the comments haven’t improved -sexism rules.

    Anyway just another bit of practicality. Adam wasn’t the only new Green elected. This is going to put pressure on the Greens to kit each office out with talented staff, and there will be competition for such staff from other new members from other parties. Adam did well to secure Perkins quick.

    That said he’s in a more interesting postition now than the other Greens in a way, so probably will be able to attract high ability people interested in working for him so will do himself a dis-service now if he doesn’t advertise his other positions.

    Some fresh blood rather than the same old, with the same old faces with the same old mindset, and the same old personal politics would be a healthy thing.

  43. Boofa Leigh

    I just love it when you talk dirty Wendy

  44. Sean Edwards

    When I become a senator next year I’ll be employing my long list of lovers including former newsreader Kelly Nestor. Please don’t tell my wife that Kelly and I are still bumping naughty bits together…oops, she has already caught us but I promised not to do it again.

    Do any of you know what my beautiful wife sees in me? Apart from being rich I am a bald, short, flabby, philandering liar who has ripped off hundreds of people to amass my wealth. She couldn’t be a gold digger could she?

  45. laughter

    Wendy, you are a moron. Piss off. Its like you greens political party have just enrolled in your Vic Uni Arts degree and are discovering student politics for the first time. And all your comments confirm it.

  46. RDR

    RDR at 21.53 is a fake RDR!

    I have standards!

    Sarah – do NOT text me.

  47. nepotism rules

    Greens are same spoilt brats in Labor left….born to middle class privelege… an out of touch insincere lot that leave migrants in third world conditions while they enjoy dinner parties in terrace houses…Brandt would have been preselected as Labor 10 years ago…now it is the Greens…what is different about these people?…there is really no real left wing in Australia – just a group of greedy self serving white folks who mumble sorry every now and then to the impoverished black natives…but of course wild rivers have more rights than blacks in this whitey paradise of moral and racial superiority that is the Greens party. Who needs one nation?

  48. He Larious

    So Adam Ant has unplugged the jukebox and done himself a favour?

  49. LeftRightOut

    I love how Wendy has now focussed her outrage on Vex comments, rather than her initial (now demolished) argument.
    We background readers enjoy very much, the picture painted by an outraged poster who is overrepresented in the replies section.
    Wendy, apart from entiely missing the point of the Vex argument (despite it being repeatedly pointed out to her), is like a first time user of the internets, steaming from the ears at her keyboard, completely impotent… it really is very amusing to read 😛

  50. RJ

    Is there any reason you call her Bandt’s `lover’ rather than `girlfriend’ or `partner’?

  51. cuckoo

    Looking at that photo of Bandt kissing his ‘lover’, are you sure it’s not one of those blow-up dolls? She looks about as responsive.

  52. Green member

    Msg to Labor staffers – please consider doing the right thing for the environment and for those with less. Talk to Bob Brown’s staffers about what you can do – in the long run the Greens will replace the ALP as the main left-of-centre party. We need your support and we will respect your confidentiality.

  53. Wendy

    Funny how most of the anti Green-Labor messages here are either from people consumed with hate and fear; semi literate failures or men without women.

    Middle class, my gorgeous backside! So you Libs are what, working class? Marxist warriors for the oppressed? Vex is a good site – it provides a home for those lonely embittered men too scared to run for office, but brave enough to say something trite on a blog site. What Heros. How manly.

  54. Liberal insider

    I’m fighting for Queen and country – that’s all.

  55. Sandy

    Interesting that the greens support the bigotry of Walters. Isn’t that very old politics?

  56. Larry Sludge

    Boofa have i got a deal for you, swap you a Camel for two monkeys.

  57. Boofa Leigh

    Wendy will you marry me?

  58. andy bult

    Shit wendy get your head out of your ass and look at what she did. Sleeping with the political enemy of the ALP (Bandt) and doing the green thing to julia by bending her over and giving her a Brownie. Get the power and piss off into the arms of the lover and taxpayer. Greens dont have morals and they are not conservationist’s just a group of opportunists followed by the wanky Latte set who cant think for themselves.

  59. Daniel Edmonds


    Given the huge time and effort you clearly take out of your life to desperately argue your left-wing, moral relatism (on a decidedly right-wing conservative blog); can you not see the irony in your srill barking about Vex News being petty fear mongers?

    I guess being a leftie you have a lot of spare time on your hands. Most conservatives like me are busy running businesses and spending time with our families.

    I’m guessing that the huge blocks of time you dedicate to blowing hot air on this site confirm your childless spinster status. It gives me comfort knowing that my large conservative family (and others like it) will out number you lefties 10 to 1 by the time you all abort and euthanise yourselves out of existance in the next generation or two.

  60. anon

    Which of the Liberal Lads has been beating their wife in Victoria??

  61. mister ed

    doliver is touching up the little ones and vex is worried about the greens

  62. green wash a mafia re-run

    The idea that the greens are dangerous lefties is laughable.

    As soon as Bandt was elected he said people needed to wait for gradual reform in relation to gay marriage etc

    Where have we heard this hollow mantra before?

    The socialist left have long promised progressive outcomes from a conservative ALP.

    The Greens offer the same false dawn…trust us our few votes will make this difference.

    This makes no sense. Any analysis of past voting in any chamber shows that Libs, Nats and ALP will combine to protect big business interests when it matters.

    The Greens are the same people in many cases who were in Labor 10 years ago. Why do we think they will act any different to socialist left faction fakes. The Green fakes are even further constrained because any real reforms will cost them liberal second preferences that are vital for their re-election.
    That is why Green councillors and Green lower house members are the most do-nothing and offend-no-one representatives we have seen in modern times.

    Aside from their venal anti-labor sledging they have little to offer. They sledge labor to get labor first preferences and they never attack libs to keep those vital lib voters on side.

    Not a great deal of science at work here. The Greens are all robots in relation to this tactic. With robotic and idiotic Greg Barbar being the most mindless in this regard. ‘ALWAYS ATTACK LABOR….NEVER MENTIONS LIBERAL’.

    Greens are the new DLP and they are 100% hot air.

    But one thing they are not is progressive in any form. Even on the environment they have achieved nothing since Bob Hawke saved the Franklin.

    The Greens need to block ETS and any move to address carbon that will work. The exist because of the perception of no action on climate, once the mainstream of society addresses carbon then the greens have no oxygen.

    Watch…BHP lobbying will deliver a carbon tax before the Greens.

    The Greens will always vote against any community and business consensus on carbon policy and then blame the major parties for lack of action.

    The Greens are a political re-run of the old mafia scam of smashing windows while owning the only window repair shop in town.

  63. Charlie

    hear hear Daniel Edmonds, I think Wedny has moved to another thread now to blow some more greenie hot air in frustration at her own existance and lack thereof any meaning.

  64. Greens nepotism

    The greens nepotism has been on display for sometime. In Tassie with ministry deals and in Victoria with the Greg barber family business.
    Ho hum.
    The labor party is now slouch in this regard of factionally stacked preselections giving us husband and wife teams. The premier’s own family ties are also part of this self servin sickness.

    The greens brand promises us a different politics… But that is for gum chewing voters.
    Grown ups know that the greens are just a new sleazy chapter in the story of our self serving politic elite.

  65. Wendy for pm

    Wendy love your posts here. Good to see the moral vacuum of the greens party ideology on display. Great laugh.

  66. Death of labor left

    The green’s sins are small so far. Let us look at the socialist left in victoria. The lockout left unions and promote branch stackers and their allies into safe seats.
    These fine comrades are largely funded by pro development element in Hume and whittlesea. Kim carr and the other political beneficaries if this are happy to stand by and watch innercity state and federal seats being handed over to the greens without a fight. The leadership of the left knows that stacks in Hume matter more than their three state seats. The left is going quietly into the night. The etu via it’s huge cash injection has let the greens genie out of the bottle. The cfmeu will now finish the job with candidates like steve jolly putting the nail in wynnes coffin.

    The left unions were bullied and humiliated by the socialist left mps and their advisers and now the tables are turned.

    In the wash we will see the end of articulate left mps and the socialist left will look more and more like the nsw right. A few shallow feifdoms based on developer contributions and outer suburbs ethnic stacks.

    The greens, not withstanding their nepotism, can safely claim the moral high ground against a self loathing socialist left that is now controlled by outer suburbs branch stackers and puppets of the broad acre development industry. Why deal with unions when you can work directly with large developers?
    The stench of Hume and whittlesea will continue as the left shrinks. Progessive politics in the Alp was sold long ago to defend calwell, scullin and carr’s senate spot.
    All these federal mps are now solely dependent on ethic stacks and developer donations to factional slush funds.
    Once they pay off the ethnic councillors who are the go betweens in this process they are no spoils for union leaders. There are only so many upperhouse seats to hand out after all. Given that this completely crook process is on display everyday in labor ranks in the upper house why does anyone with progressive politics vote labor? The socialist left mps in Victoria make mark arbib look clean and fresh.

  67. Ethnic stacks cheaper than unions

    Dear dear roachy. Still pissed carr threw you overboard for some votes from developers friends in hume?

    We do need housing mate. You members may get work. A corrupt ethic stacker is the price you pay to keep conroys mob out of the north mate.

    You need a good reality check you cfmeu loser.

  68. Left union's small gene pool

    The problem with left union leaders is that they cannot understand that they no longer call the shots. Community based candidates are from ethnic backgrounds in labor heartland and we do welcome migration and housing development.
    These positions cannot be linked to corruption. The left unions cannot win preselections because they do not have members engaged in our suburbs.
    Perhaps if your candidates reflected the seats you crave you might have some success.
    The left unions need to expand their gene pool.
    When was the last time the left unions put up a Greek candidate?

  69. Theo's ghost

    Dear northcote blogger. Are you suggesting more Greek mps like theo will save the left in Victoria? Hmmm interesting theory. However an objective head count of left numbers in the socialist left reveal a strong Greek tradgedy already.
    Perhaps dear northcote blogger your style of ethnic quota politics is part of the problem and why so many ate switching to the greens.

  70. Blame

    Typical Anglo union fat cat to blame Greeks for greens victory. Richmond would stay labor if it still had a greek mp. Past Greek mps for Richmond were well connected and kept labor vote sky high. Would northcote be in danger today if we had a Greek mp there this election?
    No it has been the greed of others in the party that had seen northcote given away to a long series of no hopers. Now the Greek dominated northcote is about to be handed over to the Greens. It will take a Greek candidate in 2014 to win back this seat.

  71. libs like Intralot

    The libs and greens like intralot a lot.
    They hope the advisers who hatched this baby get rewarded with advisers jobs.
    Bring back theo….

  72. Theo for northcote

    Theo is innocent.
    Bring back theo to retake northcote in 2014.

  73. Rita for northcote

    Rita would have a better chance. Think of the sympathy vote.

  74. Greens best candidates

    Labor activists on this site are right to focus on having better candidates for inner city seats in 2014. But why not put up your best candidates now.

    The greens have new fresh candidates who are ready to listen to voters and are not caught in the factions of the labor party. These ugly factions are on display in too many poor decisions in Victoria.

    The decision to gobble up farm land on melbourne’s fringes was opposed by the greens only. This mad land grab will see 143,000 new housing blocks added to Melbourne making our carbon footprint swell.

    Reading this site it is clear that this land grab is all about money and power- it will hurt the environment and the poor people who go to live in these car dependent poorly serviced suburban wastelands.

  75. Craigieburn is great

    Typical innercity green elitist. Life us better in Craigieburn you snob.

  76. Greening darebin and northcote

    Green activists in darebin are fighting over development which is even worse than the massive sprawl of the outer suburbs. We face massive 5 storey towers backed by overseas money and our compliant ‘multi-cultural’ labor mps and councillors.

    This election vote for the only party that does not take developer donations.

  77. Greens anti people

    Let us get this straight. Greens oppose urban sprawl and development in the inner city?

    Exactly where are people meant to live?

    What happened to the sharing and caring greens?

  78. Socialist left the problem

    Labor socialist left’s big Australia policies ignore the planet and add to congestion. Green voters are moving away from a hollow and empty labor left that is making melbourne a miserable place by following failed high growth economics.

  79. Green force to stay

    The pro development leftwing of labor us a captive of big developers. Left unions need to understand they will remain locked out. The left can’t have two masters. It has to choose between big business and bug unions.

    The developers preselect not the faction bosses. Watch the left fill the Melton and thomastown with developer friendly light weight mps.

    Meanwhile in the real world voters in upto 6 inner city seats have a chance to ditch a party that is in debt to big business and vote for greens mps.

    Do not waste your vote.

  80. Greens wrong

    Greens are wrong. The labor left will be renewed and nor with developers stooges.
    Time will show a rebuilt left with strong connections to our industrial base.
    Enjoy your games greenies. Unions are coming back to state labor and your liberal games are wearing thin.

  81. clueless

    The bloggers in this site are clueless about what is really going on in state labor.

    National forces are not going to waste time on gift taking councillors in the remaining scarce seats.

    The admin committee us strongly focussed on longterm outcomes not petty prizes .., for the ‘natives’.

  82. Horse has bolted

    The greens take power away from unions. Voters understand this even if union bosses do not. Dean mighell can try to switch the green switch on and off but the horse has bolted for at least 3 seats at the state election.

  83. Leftwing mess

    Decent moderate mps like marsha thomson and Fiona Richardson are clearly innocent victims of a fight in the socialist left. Carr had failed to contain the ambitions of a rotten crew and had to lock out large unions.

    The tensions here are ugly and all about power not union members or voters.

    In the face if this leftwing mess we cannot blame Inner city voters for leaving labor in droves.

    But voters now risk being cheated of moderate kaboor mps in footscray and northcote.

  84. Peaceful greens

    The federal campaign in Melbourne was just the start. Greens will wipe out four labor left seats in nov. Consider this a peaceful transition. Like tanner you can all resign now and spare youself the pain.

  85. No surrender

    Will will fight them in the cafes… We will fight them in the clearways… We will out nimby every nymby…we will never surrender…

    Yours Kim il carr on behalf of comrade garitty.

  86. Anonymous

    What Marsha actually knows where Footscray is?

    On the other hand Fiona Richardson is a really good local MP (in stark contrast to her predecessor).It is a shame her seat is under attack by the Greens, but this has got more to do with disenchantment at an inept Council and the general contempt the ALP traditionally show for its Northern suburbs heartland rather than being an indictment on the Member for Northcote (who I wouldn’t think would go down without one hell of a fight). Add to that the new yuppie component of the electorate who lap up the “it’s all about the love” vibe of the Greens without any deeper analysis and you might actually have a contest on your hands.

  87. Piv

    Greening darebin and northcote – You speak hysterically of “massive 5 story towers” in your backyard as if they were sky scrapers. Typical Greens and their self interested followers: you are the greatest conservatives of all!

  88. Sdj there is no cure

    Sexually transmitted jobs. Quite common in labor elite. Now spreading to greens. No known cure. Began in Africa.

  89. Labor can hold northcote

    Inner city Voters sense they is little difference between left labor mps and green mps are feel little risk in voting green.

    Northcote may be different where labour unity rightwingers have stranglehold on area since getting rid of left from council in 1998 and northcote state seat in 1999.

    The council has been a play thing of nazih elasmar and the Scott faction ever since. While Fiona supporters claim from time to time Fiona now controls the council it is clear her electorate officers husband cr Tsitas is the only direct vote she can rely on.

    That too has been amusing to watch… Control is probably not an accurate discription of that relationship. Perhaps ‘conflicted ineptitude’ sums it up on both sides.

    For Local voters whatever the clumsiness it has been clear that richardson has been scared of losing seat so soon after her husband was deleted from head office. That gives voters quite a bit of power and they certainly have been using it. The question now is are northcote residents better off with a terrified member of the labor govt or a green who just blames the govt in other words acts like labor mps did under lib admnistrations.
    If as is expected this seat is decided by just 300 votes in November then it may be the result that northcote goes back to being neglected but with a greens novice mp.

    Locals will be better off with a knife edge result that keeps this increasingly friendless labor mp just hanging on.

    What would help at this point would be for the darebin council to be as inept as moreland council and vote for 12 storeys on the aurthurton rd site. Then richardson could rally against the council and hope like he’ll that voters blame council and not state labor planning policies… Ofcourse her husband would have to stop bragging on this
    site that she controls darebin council….but we then address another inept area out of richardson’s control… Her hubby.

  90. Husbands to blame

    If Richardson and her electoral officer are unemployed by Xmas then their husbands are to blame. Newhams aggressive tactics against greens are off putting. She should put them both on leashes until after the election. Voters like a hard working member but not the baggage she carries with her ex state sec hubby and his harsh tactics.

  91. Inept council hands northcote to greens

    It is no secret that massive protest vote in reservoir and Preston and a green surge in northcote in 2008 saw the council slip from the safe hands of senator feeney, Nazih elasmar and robin Scott backed candidates.
    This was a real lost opportunity for labor. When feeney Scott and Nazih had control of council we did not have irresponsible $100 rebates given to pensioners or the absurd call for refugees to be allowed to live in alphington!

    But one single decision by the council will deliver the seat of northcote to the greens. That decision was the cutting of funding to the cr chiang’s Nemca group. This is a group Micheal leighton’s wiser councillors funded for 12 good years. Why should Chinese residents in northcote vote labor when stanely and his wife and many Alp members in
    nemca are treated In this way by a majority labor council. A council that has given one sole green too much power and given greens spots on every committee they ask.
    This may not be richardson’s fault but with her officers husband now clearly voting with the 7 labor/green councillors it appears labor has gone green already.

    Fiona must restore this funding before November and save face with local Chinese community or lose her seat.

  92. Bring back chris and pete

    Chris Kelly and Peter Stephenson should be brought back to fix this. How can a labor council cut funds to a vital community group like nemca just before a state poll. Nemca members have served the party at every poll and preselection for many years. This betrayal of the true believers will see Chinese voters desert labor across the northern suburbs at a time labor needs them most.

    This is the most inept act we have seen on our council.

  93. Inept local planning decisions

    Inept planning decisions like the 5 storeys on Victoria rd, the 5 storeys on the Australian horizons site by a labor council will cost richardson her seat. The greens were only ones to vote against these monstrosities, the new vertical slums of northcote.

  94. Greek mayor

    Timefor a greek mayor to sort out this mess.

  95. More green lies

    Greens on this site are a sad joke. The greens councillor voted with whole council for 5 storeys on australian horizons site. But why let facts get in the way.

    Let’s just have a frontal lobotomy and vote greens.

  96. Greening northcote

    Good to see factionally divided labor already handing out blame for potential lose of northcote. The greens on the otherhand are focussed on giving inner city voters a real choice in the state election.
    Labor be gone.

  97. Greening australia

    The darebin council like the federal government understands that some respect needs to be given to swinging greens voters. With over 80% of these voters voting labor with their second preference there is clearly a signal for a new kind of politics from labor.

    Mindlessly rejecting all greens policy positions is as dumb as blindly accepting the unworkable parts of their platform. The member for alber park has outlined a more rational approach to meeting the challenge of the greens based policy not undergraduate scare tactics.

    The difference between a state labor government that has real policy action on climate and the Feds will be shown at the November poll.

    Voters can see the Victoria government is leading on climate change actions and social justice. In fact Victorians rejected the Abbott dog whistle politics.

    The Greens own Tampa is developing with their nimby approach to all development and failure to say where those on average wages or those on welfare can live. The greens housing policies would drive up land and house prices by stopping units and stopping the release of more house blocks.
    State Labor on the otherhand can show both new housing land for recent arrived migrants in the undeveloped northern and western suburbs and the roll out if 6000
    public and social housing units. The young especially cannot afford the greens red light to more housing.

  98. Greens insanity

    It is not labors job to tidy up the greens economic lunacy. Let stand and fall on their policy merits. Their policies are antI people at all levels because at the core of their green religion is the concept that Australia is already too big. Wild rivers have rights but even aboriginals don’t. Human economy and lifestyle options all comes last in this ecological religion.

    Like family first this lot are religious nuts. Not even their voters want to live a pre industrial lifestyle of low carbon cave dwellers.

  99. Greens insanity part 2

    Gillard has to secure a majority. What is Martin foley’s excuse for getting in bed with greens?
    Oh I forgot ….he is not facing greens outpolling the libs in his seat.

    Let’s stop the crap. The greens are shallow policy shirkers grabbing power off lib preferences. No one believes in green policy agenda. It is a protest vote.

  100. Protest vote

    This blog gives us plenty to protest about.

  101. Failing to understand

    I fail to understand how it is nepotism to employ a former Gillard staffer. Surely, if anything it’s counter-intuitive and above reproach to do so. Frankly, I think it’s better to employ someone who has experience over someone who doesn’t a common practice of both the Liberal party and the Labor party. Wyatt Roy certainly has about as much experience as a tomato seed.

  102. Adrian Jackson

    Lets hope that they do not have a lovers tiff and split up. All that corporate knowledge gathered in the office and on files. Never mix work with pleasure

  103. Adrian Jackson

    Did Adam support the ALP to form government because this former Gillard staff member told him too?

    In the meantime Adam what are you, as the MP for Melbourne, going to do about the crime, drug and booze problems in Melbourne CBD.

  104. Adrian Jackson

    What, a “taxpayer funded car” surely the trams can be used around the electorate; you can trip over a track every 500 metres while the Skybus from Melbourne Airport is only $16 to the CBD when returning from Canberra.

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