LABOR WAKES UP: Like Khrushchev before him, the Greens Greg Barber tells Labor "We will bury you"

greensadmit Fiona Richardson, the Victorian Labor MP for Northcote, has called out the Greens party for their little-discussed agenda to permanently undermine the ALP.

In a surprisingly balanced story in the Sunday Age, normally known for its cheerleading for the Greens party, the extreme-left party even admitted its agenda with their de facto leader Greg Barber boasting that he is part of an international movement that will engulf the world:

Mr Barber said the Greens were analogous to Labor, in that they both emerged from big, worldwide movements. The labour movement in the 1890s gave birth to the Australian Labor Party, and the environment movement of the 1990s gave birth to the Greens, he said.

“in the 1890s, the Labor Party was formed and by the 1920s they were the national government of the country. That was because they were the vanguard of a movement that was unstoppable. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion about the environment wave we are seeing now…”

Of course, the hubristic Barber is not part of the political tradition of unions pushing for incremental, achievable change to advance the interests of working people.

He is part of the extreme-left political tradition. Of the kind that enslaved the people of the Soviet Union and much of Europe.

And of course at varying points as extreme-left politics swept all parts of the world from the jungles of Nicaragua to the might of the Kremlin and rice paddies of Vietnam, they looked like they had their moment.

Former Soviet Union ruler Nikita Khrushchev once boasted “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you.”

Greg Barber – keen to escape internal Victorian Greens party term-limits like that other Russian leader Vladimir Putin – is not as eloquent as Khrushchev but his boasting is the same as the old bloke that used to whack his shoes on the podium.

In the 1950s and 1960s communism had a real sense of momentum and it prompted one of President Kennedy’s most famous speeches:

There are some who say that communism is the wave of the future. Let them come to Berlin.

The Greens party is just another one of these extreme-left fads that come along to confront freedom every now and then.

It is a party dominated by ageing leadership like Bob Brown and Lee Rhiannon in their 60s, just slightly in front of Brian Walters and Christine Milne who intend to be next generation of leadership.

If they are Australia’s future, as Greg “Khrushchev ” Barber boasts, it is a very bleak future indeed.

We thought it very telling what the UK Deputy PM Nick Clegg, the leader of what we saw as increasingly left-wing Liberal Democrats party in Britain, had to say on the subject of extremist parties this weekend:

He said: "There were some people, particularly around the height of the Iraq war, who gave up on the Labour Party and turned to the Liberal Democrats as a sort of left-wing conscience of the Labour Party.

"I totally understand that some of these people are not happy with what the Lib Dems are doing in coalition with the Conservatives. The Lib Dems never were and aren’t a receptacle for left-wing dissatisfaction with the Labour Party. There is no future for that; there never was."

Let’s say it again. There is no future for that; there never was.

And of course that’s exactly what the extreme-left Greens party fad is: a receptacle for left-wing dissatisfaction with Labor.

Fiona Richardson is making it clear she is going to hold the Greens party to account in her inner-city seat of Northcote. Many Labor insiders worry that Labor candidates in Richmond, Melbourne and Brunswick will fail to heed the lessons of Labor’s defeat in the federal seat of Melbourne where Labor failed:

â–  To hold the Greens party candidate to account for his policies and past;

■ To mobilise Labor’s base against an existential threat to working families;

â–  To address Liberal voters on what the Greens stand for and why they ought not be preferencing to them.

The Greens party’s big lies – that they run positive campaigns when they spend 95% of the time running down Labor and occasionally attacking the Liberals – that they are an environmental movement when they are in fact a far-left political party – that they are a protest against politics when they are a cynical bunch of left-wing extremist political operatives – will all eventually implode.

The Australian controversially wrote the Greens need to be destroyed at the ballot box. That’s true enough and good people need to do all they can. It’s nearly thrilling to see one state Labor MP truly understand the nature of the task.

But history teaches us one thing: political extremes do not serve the people, just the extremists.

And as much as the Greens party pretend otherwise, their policies show them to be extreme. The closure of zoos. Depriving kids of cancer medicines if they’re made in nuclear reactors. Attacks on private schools and private health insurance that will cost many billions as thousands are priced out of both and into government schools and hospitals. Massive new taxes including carbon taxes, death duties and 50% marginal income tax rates. These are extreme-left policies.

And people of Melbourne’s inner-city, in the Massachusetts of the South, are just starting to wake up. When they realise they’ve been so ruthlessly conned by the most cynical – and dare we say currently effective – political operation since the rampaging Communist Party of Australia dominated many big trade unions and had to some extent infiltrated the ALP.

Labor dealt with that threat and Australia did too.

The Labor Left refuses to criticise their principal opponent (an opponent determined to destroy them, one seat at a time).

Some in the Prime Minister’s Office appear to fail to comprehend just how loathed the Greens party are beyond their small base as they distributed matching lapel flowers to the comrades to celebrate a Greens-Labor parliamentary deal where Labor actually gave them nothing in policy but a bucket-load of legitimacy they haven’t earned.

The Liberals refuse to preference the Greens last, Labor continues to give them preferences too.

Until these things change, Australia will continue to hurtle down the South American road where political extremists prosper and the nation’s welfare is frequently junked. At least Fiona Richardson is confronting this evil and calling it what it is.




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49 responses to “LABOR WAKES UP: Like Khrushchev before him, the Greens Greg Barber tells Labor "We will bury you"

  1. andy bult

    Well well the veil of fantasy has been lifted at last. The Greens have done a bigger job than Monica Lewinsky and have been able to slip under the radar of accountibilty by appearing to be a tree hugging enviromentalist party when in reality they are the biggest risk to the way of life we have in Australia.

  2. Say hello to the Tomato Faction.
    They start out green, but when they’re fully ripe they’re red right through.

  3. E.i.E.i.O.

    The U.S. Census bureau’s annual snapshot of American living standards also found that the fraction of Americans living in poverty rose sharply to 14.3% from 13.2% in 2008—the highest since 1994. Some 43.6 million Americans were living below the official poverty threshold, but the measure doesn’t fully capture the panoply of government antipoverty measures.
    The inflation-adjusted income of the median household—smack in the middle of the populace—fell 4.8% between 2000 and 2009, even worse than the 1970s, when median income rose 1.9% despite high unemployment and inflation. Between 2007 and 2009, incomes fell 4.2%.

  4. seer

    Fed Labor didnt take on the greens and expose them for what they stand for (including the fact that the only reason the ALP couldnt get the ETS through the Senate is because the Greens kept voting against it). Because Fed Labor let the Greens get a free ride their vote went up. I suspect the Greens voting record will be scrutinised more closely from now on.

  5. Vote Liberal.

    The Greens and the ALP are both Left.

  6. Lamont Cranston

    Any swing on the part of Labor voters demonstrates their dissatisfaction with the party hacks and bureaucratic machine men of the Labor Party who long ago lost any ability to even conceptualize being the party of organized labor, the working class or progressive values.
    They serve business interests and maintain their own petty political fiefs.
    Comparing The Greens to the Soviet Union seems to be a new meme of the reactionary right, and I don’t really see the point except desperation because when you can not argue the facts or the principle the next tactic is hurl mud. Aside from the fact that it wont register with anyone under about 60 its basic absurdity is obvious.

  7. Walter Plinge

    The Greens will end up like the Democrats – a barely-remembered footnote to history.

    Labor and the Liberals would be well advised to adopt a tactic effectively used by the extreme left in the US — Rule 13 of Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals —

    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    Shouldn’t be too hard — it’s a big, soft target.

  8. Walter Plinge

    “The Greens and the ALP are both Left.” say Vote Liberal above. You can include the Liberals and pusillanimous Red Ted in that too. Great choices we have been in Victoria…not.

  9. The House that Labor built

    Labor no longer represents the working classes.

    The sad truth is that the Greens IR policies are more labor than Labor.

    Labour has lost the battle against capital.

    Its Labor’s fault I now vote Green.

  10. anteybranchopolous

    Methinks I smell fear, and what a lovely smell it is. Dead women walking: Richardson, Garrett, Pike

  11. c u on the tram

    what’s wrong with term limits? if they are good enough for the US president, they’re good enough for the rest of us

  12. nomorebambi

    For years everyone has ignored the greens and their vote has been left to increase.

    But if they are going to throw rocks at the Labor Party I think they should expect a few rocks coming back their way – its only fair.

  13. Charlie

    Poor Mr Barber, the differences between 1890/1920 and 1980/now are stark- for one the ALP formed the first Labour government in the world, in its own right! The Aust. greens can not even claim to be in a government as partner for the first time as its already been done, so perhaps they can enjoy their term of success and get ready to head the way of the Democrats, there will always be a new third party.

  14. Bearbrass

    @Walter Plinge – to be a political conservative in Victoria today is to be virtually a dissident – we’re like a little bit of scandanavia in the southern hemisphere. Peter Ryan is the closest thing we have to a parliamentary representative.

  15. cynic

    Like JFK said, let the greens come to berlin & see hwt tahe germanic greens did when in poer. Adopt a pragmatic stance for th ebenefit of all germans not just live in a fantasy world. As for chris milne, she will do to the greens what kernot did to the dems, kill’m! She is woeful & waffles. Not bale to cut through & looks naive/immature.

  16. riversutra

    I’m with Walter Plinge and Bearbrass- any vote in Victoria is for the left. Red Ted and his Toorak clique of “Progressive” Liberals are so left ,no Howard liberal could stand voting for them. Victoria -“The Garden/Green State”. Unused bike paths on every road and half a billion for the desalinated water even if we don’t use a drop. By the way, looking for sites for those nuke power stations… right next to the desal stations. Perfect fit!

  17. Andrew Giles

    My cronies and I need to be held account for the right royal stuff up that was the SL campaign for Cath Bowtell in the seat of Melbourne. Less than poor organisation, a failure to activate our old leftard base of or properly play dirt politics on the Libs. Epic FAIL

  18. Wendy

    Walter Plinge – the Greens are a worldwide movement; the Democrats were an Australian only affair, meaning that the growth of the Greens internationally will have an impact here. Their senate vote means they will have power and influence for at least 6 years, and they are in alliance government in Tasmania and the ACT. I would call that a reality, and maybe you should compare that to your beloved Liberals – they have only WA to crow about … which makes the Greens more politically potent and powerful than the Liberals.

    Now, who’s a dying force in politics then?

  19. Bearbrass

    Wendy – interesting that you say that the Greens are “a worldwide movement” – can we trust them to put the interest of Australia and Australians first?

  20. Life on Mars

    This ugly political group have been allowed to fester into an open sore. The Greens like there socialist Alliance buddies need to be cut out of the political scene before they destroy the fabric of this great country.

  21. mick

    Careful Wendy, if you keep stretching like that you will tear something.

  22. Pissy Chryne

    I’m a strong support and advocate of going the ‘Brown’ way, I not at all keen on ‘Pink’ or ‘Greens’.

  23. Wendy

    Life – agree of Socialst Alliance. My knickers have more political nouse than that lot. I’ve seem bathroom scum with greater grasp of the legislature. But don’t you dare dis Bob and Christine et al. Bob’s smarter than you will ever be – and he’s been elected many times to the federal parliament, whereas your greatest political contribution is to blog annonymously. I rest my case…

  24. Wendy

    Thanks Mick. Obviously from the size of your comment, you’ve never torn anything! LOL!!!

  25. Pissy Chryne

    Alan gave me a nasty tear once.

  26. Boofa Leigh

    No one ever tears me!

  27. anon

    Her Indoor will Boofa when she hears about your antics with Wenchy!

  28. Taking of Pell 123

    I keep writing on the evils of the Greens in my Sunday column. Why won’t anyone listen

  29. Medici

    “It is a party dominated by ageing leadership like Bob Brown and Lee Rhiannon in their 60s, just slightly in front of Brian Walters and Christine Milne who intend to be next generation of leadership.”

    Jesus have you looked around the union movement recently? Talk about ageing leaderships, all ALP hacks who put Stalin to shame. They hate women, young people, anyone remotely more talented (and that’s not hard), and anyone not ‘in the party’. What a load of bollocks. Greens all the way for me.

  30. Prince Dandelion

    can we trust the conservatives to put
    the interests of Murdoch and the Multinationals first?

  31. DS

    Keep telling yourself whatever it is you wish to hear.

    Make daddy proud, Andrew!

  32. Boofa Leigh

    Her indoors has no idea about me and the Wench. The Wench has no idea about me and Donna from Dingley. Donna from Dingley knows nothing about me and Mary from Mentone…..the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone…the thigh bone is connected to the percy bone…the percy bone is connected to whatever he can find…

  33. Larry Sludge

    Boofa you’re reading my mind, we must be using the same dealer.

  34. actually, the retired veterans and exADF community are watching all of this as many are conservative but actively helped to vote the Howard govt out in 07. Not certain how to remark re Greens, but we are finding your vexnews blog edgy and informative.

  35. RDR

    Boofa do any of those women have teenage daughters?

  36. Jokeshott

    Ladies and gentlemen………


    [20 minutes of crap later]

    though I would’ve been a brilliant Speaker my good friend Tony Windsor has told me that it might be best, on this occasion, and do ironically what I’ve always done, and sit on the cross-benches as an Indepenent.

  37. Pissy Chyrne

    Jokeshott I’ll sit next to you and we can play Ladies & Gentlemen after Dinner.

  38. Radguy

    Everyone is so sure about their history, including the anonymous author here. History that was written for the purpose of justifying the capitalist system.

    When supreme capitalists realised the threat communism posed to their supremacy, they did EVERYTHING in their power to destabilise it.

    In that environment, it is hardly surprising that grievous crimes were committed to prevent communist governments from being undermined.

    Capitalism stupidly caused the improper downfall of communism, although China will work very hard to show this system working. (I don’t like their chances)

    Capitalism was its own wrecking ball through the GFC.

    Clearly, when capitalists are able to exert unnatural power over the populace through media and other methods, bad things happen.

    Capitalists need to be a little more worldly. Had communism been able to fail because of its own foibles as a system, it would be no threat to us.

    Both socialist and capitalist ideas are incorporated into our laws.

    Anyone with aversions to socialists ideas should move to another country. We are a “Commonwealth”, we need to share infrastructure and services.

    The Greens happen to recognise these arguments. The ALP lost their mojo this election. The libs will hide behind their version of the truth to avoid saying “we stand for international corporates and pay lip service to the Church.” If you’re looking for vision and good leadership, it is as simple as this.

    And to those making the “red” connotation, I consider this unfounded scare mongering, and extremely intellectually void for the reasons mentioned above.

    The Greens are no further to the left than the ALP. I am happy to see more taxes on the wealthy while I am surrounded by so many gas-guzzlers. Seriously, baby boomers are the “me” generation. You guys as voters collectively are responsible for the Howard era which I loathed. You are the ones responsible for the low intellectual capacity of outer Sydney. And you guys are the ones negative gearing the property price up.

    If I thought like VexNews and some posters here, I would start an aged care home modeled on a battery hen farm.

    Yes I have a grudge.

  39. Dodgum

    I don’t really think Labor needs any help from the Greens in destrying themselves…they’re doing a bang-up job of f&cking themselves on a daily basis.

    Andy, don’t let Vexnews become an angry anti-Greens yak-fest.

    There is a real need for a decent alternate news source in Australia.

    You have a good chance of being that, but if you bang on about nonsense, that’s how you’ll be judged.

  40. Anonymous

    Wendy you have far too much time on your hand

  41. Medici

    “Fiona Richardson, the Victorian Labor MP for Northcote, has called out the Greens party for their little-discussed agenda to permanently undermine the ALP.”

    Any day now someone somewhere in the ALP will have a rational attack and realise the future and electoral fortunes of the ALP are totally in the hands of the ALP.

    Anyday now someone in the ALP will snap wide awake and realise that all this paranoia and hysteria over The Greens is not going to change a damn thing, only internal reflection and willingness to change and embrace change will win back the voters.

    Any day now someone in the ALP is going to stop navel gazing, they are going to have a light bulb moment and they are going to say ‘ah yes of course, The Greens can have as many secret agendas as they like to undermine the ALP, but of course they have to give effect to that by winning actual voters. They cannot undermine the ALP without a great deal of assistance from the ALP.

    Any day now someone in the ALP is going to have a mindsnap and come to the conclusion that most people could not give a shit about the ALP and the fact that they are leaking votes to The Greens, they couldn’t give a shit that The Greens may have some secret agenda; although that all could be paranoia.

    Anyday now someone in the ALP is going to have a serious brainwave and wake up to the fact voters are not fools and they weren’t fooled by all the Laborbots mechanically telling the world The Greens derailed the ETS. No the ALP derailed the ETS first by not explaining it properly. The ACTU ‘Climate Connectors’ Campaign was just puerile bollocks and people were not fooled by how bad the ETS was, that it let the big polluters off the hook. The screaming Laborbots were just sad.

    Anyday now someone in the ALP is going to realise that you just cannot under any circumstances have a party under the control of a bunch of spivs from the NSW Right.

    Anyday now all of this could happen……………to be honest I doubt that it will be anyday soon.

  42. politicalrealist

    The Greens, like the Nationals, are political filth, there for their own benefits and not much else. ALWAYS put the Greens last, and the Nats second last.

  43. Let us get this right

    The current leadership in the Labor party will go down in history as the men and women who left the door ajar to allow the greens to get a foothold.

    They are taking our voters and we are letting them do it. As a centralist right wing party we have lost touch with the social justice issues that made us the great party we are.

    The SL are as left as Ted Baillieu and are not the answer. Economist rationalists in the right are ok but where is the balance?

    The scales need to be balanced because if it is not then we are going to end up voters who 30% Labor, 30% conservative and 30% Green, with 10% swinging in the wind.

    Labor need to get it right now or doom us to coalition governments into the future.

  44. Jay

    No doubt that the Greens have been targeting what is a directionless Labor Party, and they have reacted like a bunch of startled rabbits.They crap themselves at every enviromental issue instead of standing up and telling the Greens the truth: Global warming is a myth being used by self interest groups to promote their own agenda.It is time for Labor to move to the Right and stop trying to be everything to everyone.As long as 51% love you that is all that counts. The Greens will go the way of the Democrats, remember them????

  45. I don’t know what I would do without the Greens, I can never win without their preferences.

  46. Giuseppe De Simone

    The Greens are an interventionist old-style political party with a trendy brand image – not unlike the Cuban communists. The Green Party does attract some idealists who are probably decent people but they soon find they are not welcome in the corridors of power. The Victorian branch of the Green Party is run by Marxists and Extremists. The Liberals must preference them after the ALP and the ALP should preference Green Party candidates after the Liberals. Within two Federal election cycles, the Green Political Party will be a footnote in history. Best of all, the environment will have been remediated by the growth in the knowledge economy rather than dangerous measures to reduce economic well-being – a recipe for the poor being starved to death – a Green Party objective on the road to the extermination of all humanity except for the nirvana of Leftist Professors of Obscure Marxist Movements, Abstract Artists and Talentless Musicians.

  47. Geens not again

    With members like Andrew Bartlett who needs enemies. Bartlett is a disgraced politicians with no where to go other then then the Greens.

    The party that accepts drug addicts, perverse freaks and dunks.


    Well done to the greens ALP have take all their voters for granted fro so long and now the tide is turning!
    and besides we want to see the exit of Pike and Morand and Allen and Broad all such aggressive ALP man eating women
    oh throw Nicola ie never lost for wrds Roxon in there too and best of all the supreme man axer Gillard well ask Kim Beazley or KRudd they know what Gillard is really like! So when will Gillard feel the axe?

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