BUGGERED UP: Craig Langdon's by-election that never was

dirtyoldmancraiglangdon Victorian Labor MP Craig Langdon cost himself tens of thousands of dollars worth of pay, entitlements and family sinecures resigning months early in an attempt to cause a by-election before the state election.

“He really has made a complete mess of this,” one Labor strategist confirmed between laughs to VEXNEWS this morning.

Trouble is that the poor old bugger appears to have miscalculated the timing of the by-election by leaving his decision probably at least a month or two too late, as demonstrated in the Sunday Herald Sun’s own Peter Rolfe’s interesting article on the weekend. and confirmed by the Judge Judy of Victorian politics, Speaker Jenny Lindell who has ordered there won’t be a by-election at all. Those who have not yet seen Speaker Lindell dispense justice to boisterous Members of the Legislative Assembly, either on the Victorian Parliament’s website or going in for a visit to watch it live are truly missing out. We suspect the Liberals have got much of their inspiration for pretending Ted Baillieu is “tough on crime” from Jenny Lindell who actually is and carries it out from the Speaker’s chair with a great sense of command.

Langdon – never seen as a genius but acknowledged as exhibiting a great deal of rat-cunning over the years – definitely believed his resignation would cause a by-election, apologising for the inconvenience he had caused and making reference to what would be issues in the by-election in taxpayer-funded publications he had distributed at the time.

Neither side of politics wanted to be seen to be causing an inconvenience to Ivanhoe voters by forcing them to vote in a by-election that would be held just a couple of weeks prior to the November state election. It would also have been an expensive exercise that could elect an MP who might never serve in Parliament as they could be replaced by whoever was elected in the general election. With a federal election just a month ago, any desire the Liberals would have to demand one is trumped by not wanting to make a nuisance of themselves to voters in a seat that was held by the Liberals in the Kennett era (prior to a redistribution).

Langdon had previously enjoyed respect as a disciplined and shrewd local factional operator within his Labor Right faction.

The circumstances of his resignation where he’s cost himself a lot of money and has no job to go to is regarded by his many foes in the local ALP in Ivanhoe as a fitting end. Many disgruntled ex Langdon chums are looking forward to his campaign for local council which is thought to be likely to provoke a “smut-spree” as local rivals explore all aspects of the colourful ex MP’s flamboyant private life and performance as an MP.



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41 responses to “BUGGERED UP: Craig Langdon's by-election that never was

  1. Jake

    I loved this – the “colourful ex MP’s flamboyant private life”… Andrew you are in good form at the moment.

  2. mick

    You know you are past it when you cant even get screwing your own party right. Looks like the Labor preselectors in Ivanhoe were right on the money.

  3. Judi

    What goes round comes round.Now where are the boys from STAY??Hope they jump up and take a lead-to court.

  4. ‘flamboyant private life’? — are we talking the odd visit to the Sauna here? (or is that only NSW Right ALP figures) …or something even more sinister?…

  5. Anonymous

    Are we still going to give him his ALP life membership?

  6. Dummy split

    As far as dummy spits this is still not in latham’s league. Could be the most expensive Victorian labor dummy split.
    any other nominations?

  7. Banyule curse

    Can’t the likes of sietz leighton and langdon be shipping to tassie?

    Locals in banyule deserve better.

  8. Sin bin

    Ex lib and labor mps as banyulecouncillors…. a brimbank in the making?

  9. It is about time Irene Webber came clean and told the real truth about STAY. She was the one who was talked into taking over Langdon’s job in STAY and she was the one who was talked into giving a statement to police about Langdon although she did not do it because she actually knew nothing about it and never saw anything. Although Langdon does seem like a loser she did not see anything but certainly heard certain people trying to get young men (not from STAY) go to the police and make statements. About time she signed that Stat. Dec.

  10. Anonymous

    Dear Mr Brumby,

    Your dirty old man resigns from Parliament.

    He then says will run in Council elections.

    Is this the kind of people you support? whackjob if I ever saw one.

  11. Come clean Irene

    I’m with Anon, fess up Irene Webber and come clean!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    I want to know when Langdon’s male STAY victims will finally have the courage to speak about their traumas.

  13. Anonymous

    I want to know when Lan gdon’s male STAY victims will finally have the courage to speak about their traumas.

  14. Short Term Accommodation for Youth STAY

    It’s never too late for victims to come forward.

    Evil child rapist Dennis Goudge jailed for 26 years today for his crimes 1970-1994.

  15. Steve Fielding

    Maybe he knows the Scout Master that got me?

  16. Insider

    ALP is sending PI’s to investigate Lan gdon’s past – what will they find?

  17. irene webber

    Insider – perhaps the PIs should come to see me and I will fill them in on what I know and who was involved – they would be very interested

  18. TS

    Come on Irene stop keeping secrets tell all

  19. Can someone please tell me what this guy has done

  20. Jamie - The Other Max

    Whilst I would make a much better Member for Ivanhoe than Mr Langdon, I certainly do have a lot of sympathy for him.

    Craig is a good man that has been hounded out of the ALP by that mast Mr Carbines.

  21. irene webber

    WW11 it is probably not what he has done but what others have said he has done – you know the ones from the Underbelly of the Victorian Labor Party. Throw the mud and hope that some of it stick

  22. Anonymous

    Jake, STAY, trawling for rough trade, embezzlement are just some openers.

  23. AC

    We should not give him his life membership. That would be just revenge for trying to force me to a by election.

  24. I feel pretty, and witty, and...

    “Buggered up”. Lolz.

  25. Anonymous

    I don’t have anything about homosexuals per se but when they pay for it and force others into it then, thats seriously wrong.

  26. Pissy Chryne

    I’m not being forced into it I love being reemed and docked at the Bath House.

  27. Anonymous

    Anyone got a 46 minute secret sex tape I can watch? Prepared to pay $15,000 for it…..

  28. The 40,000 Dollar Man

    $40,000. That’s how much Craig Langdon lost but doing his dummy spit. What a f!ckwit. hahaha.

    How $40,000? Langdon was paid as an MP and extra as the “whip”. Salary = $160,000 a year. He left 3 months early = a quarter of his annual salary INCINERATED.


  29. Banyule Blast

    I am spitting my dummy, taking my marbles and going home but ooopsies! where is home, perhaps I can win a bed over at STAY. Langdon has had his snout in the Public purse for ages, he would not get a job on his merits cause like his morals he has none. Now he wants to come back to become Mayor of Banyule, again snout in the trough. Well Craig as a ratepayer forking out considerable annual sums to Banyule Council I don’t want 1 cent of my hard earned dollars supporting a useless piece of trash like you

  30. Laughing Out Louder

    Ok ‘Anonymous’love your work. ‘AC’ Whether the acual AC or not i totally support your view. ‘WW11 + Jamie-the other Max’, I’m wondering if you’re blinded by somewhat of a genetic contection. As for my opinion- i think he got what he deserved LOL! has anyone ever spoken to his staff? or researched FOI to support various claims?

  31. Laughing Out Louder

    Sorry ‘Banyule Blast’ love your work too.

  32. some one how really knows him

    i think you all need to get a fucking life!!!!!! LMAO you know nothing!!! your all a joke!!!!!

  33. jennie joy

    Well at least I get your pension. Some payment for the years of deceit,tough luck Craig/hope THEY get you.

  34. bella

    Craig did a great job for his community for many years now just leave him alone. You can’t talk crap about him the community was prepared to do a petition to get him to stay as their mp so get a live you creeps.

  35. Anonymous

    Bella alias kate. His last true believer.

  36. Into the dust bin of ALP History

    I love the fact that Craig Langdon spoke out about the need for an ICAC, the fact of the matter is that Craig cheated the system for years the anti corruption legislation will come back and bite him in the ass in the years to come.
    Craig was far from popular in the Ivanhoe electorate, he saw himself as the chosen son of west heidelberg. However when he runs for council im sure forces will unite to ensure that this man who has lived off the tax payer for so long will pay for his disloyality.

    It will be nice for a change to have a local member who can spell and not send out letters that could have been written by a 5 year old.

    So long farewell Craig, you will not be missed or remembered!

  37. Anonymous

    Ooh that hurt….

  38. Anon

    I wonder if there is another chosen son of West Heidelberg.

  39. Banyule Blast

    If he really knows him like he says “Somone who knows him” I would ask How Long you have had Eyes in the Back of your head??

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