VAUCLUSE: Melbourne Cup field assembles to shine Sydney Liberal jewel in the crown

The former NSW Liberal leader Peter Debnam is grumpy and is complaining in advance about Barry O’Farrell’s incoming government squibbing reform. Some thought this a little ungracious in the circumstances.

He’s quitting for safe seat of Vaucluse (held by a 16% margin at the last election likely to increase to 99% of the vote according to current published polls), announcing his decision earlier in the year. The preselection had been scheduled for August 21st until the PM thoughtlessly called on the federal election on the same day.

Young businessman, ex student pollie and Liberal staffer Anthony Orkin is running for preselection for the highly prized seat and is believed to be opposed by a Melbourne Cup field including anti-development candidate Liberal lefty Gabrielle Upton, the front-runner supported by some in the Right restaurant owner Peter Doyle, aptly named barrister Mark Speakman, Woollahra councillors Andrew Petrie and gym lord Peter Cavanagh, former Malcolm Turnbull staffer Mary Lou Jarvis, former John Brogden chief of staff Peter Fraser and medical practitioner Greg Levenston.

VEXNEWS has obtained a copy of an email from Orkin to Party members:

From: anthony orkin []
Sent: Wednesday, 8 September 2010 3:26 PM
Subject: Anthony Orkin for Vaucluse
Anthony Orkin is passionate about making Vaucluse the number one
electorate in NSW and the premier SEC in the NSW Liberal Party.
You can be confident that Anthony will be Vaucluse’s representative
in Parliament not Parliament’s representative in Vaucluse.
Anthony has an intimate knowledge of Vaucluse having served as
Malcolm Turnbull’s Electorate Officer in Wentworth for over 3 years
from 2004-7. His keen involvement has continued since and he played
a senior role recently in Malcolm’s highly successful Wentworth
campaign. Anthony maintains very close connections to key community
groups in Vaucluse including business, charitable, religious,
environmental and seniors and has a deep appreciation of local
Anthony has vast hands-on political experience. He knows first-hand
how Government bureaucracy operates and most importantly, how to
get results for Vaucluse. Having worked at the Millennium Forum,
the fundraising arm of the NSW Liberal Party, he appreciates how to
network with business leaders and raise money. He also served as
the Electorate Officer for Ross Cameron, Federal Member for
Parramatta, for 3 years.
Parramatta and Wentworth were marginal Liberal seats so Anthony
values every vote and thrives on grassroots campaigning. He will
treat Vaucluse as a marginal seat, energetically pursuing each
vote. Engaged with the latest technologies and innovations, Anthony
is extremely well placed to increase the 16.1% margin by attracting
younger electors, many of whom have traditionally voted for other
Anthony is currently a member of the Point Piper branch. He has
been elected to leadership positions in the Liberal Party. These
include Policy Vice President and Finance Director of the NSW Young
Liberal Movement. He is renowned for his enthusiastic public
speaking abilities, a skill that will prove useful and make him a
strong voice for Vaucluse.
Anthony led the push to advocate and defend Liberal values at
universities across NSW while completing a BA (Media and Cultural
Studies) and MA (International Relations) at Macquarie University.
Universities are often hostile environments for Liberals, thus
highlighting his loyalty and dedication to the Liberal cause. He
was the Founder and President of the NSW Liberal Students’
Association, the peak body for Liberal university students in NSW.
Anthony has been employed in diverse fields. He has media
experience, having written and hosted a weekly nationwide show on
SBS Radio. Anthony worked in the private and business sector at
various mineral exploration companies. Jobs that involved
structuring high-end international investment deals, geological
field work and reconnaissance exploration. His latest venture has
been setting up a non-profit organisation, the Charter for
Compassion (Australia) Inc, to promote compassion. A journey that
has taken him around Australia and to Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Anthony is a keen sportsman, a regular golfer at Woollahra Golf
Club and a cricket and rugby union fan.
As the NSW Liberal Party makes the transition to State Government,
Anthony Orkin is the candidate with the political experience and
the initiative and enthusiasm to hit the ground running for



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6 responses to “VAUCLUSE: Melbourne Cup field assembles to shine Sydney Liberal jewel in the crown

  1. Vote for me. I am David Clarke and God’s personal right wing candidate. I will stop Ostralia bcomin a Mozlim country.

  2. Tommy Tudehope

    Howabout my Dad for Vaucluse?….burrppppppp

  3. Think before you preselect

    PLEASE no more ‘young liberals’ who have worked as political staffers (they are an angry bunch – all factions).

    Also, please no more lawyers.

    How about someone with a bit of commonsense and life experience.

    We need more politicians who are reflective of the people of NSW.

  4. Duchess of Sturt

    I think we need more young liberals in the parliament. There are so many talented ones just like my very good friend Alex Hork. If I like the cut of their jib and they service me like Alex they will be great in the harem, err parliament!

  5. Miles

    What about me, Nick and Alex??? You promised me a seat… somewhere… sometime…

    I would make a fine candidate for Vaucluse. I can be a real toff if i want to be!

  6. Anthony Orkin

    Im as mad as Peter Debnam

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