LABOR WORRIED: Katter could lead his country cousins to Abbott because of Greens pact


No-one is certain which way the Independents will jump. But this much is clear:

â–  The country Independents were leaning towards Labor for a variety of reasons including historical hatred of the Nats and the clumsy approach of Abbott to the costing of his policies;

■ Labor’s very public pact with the Greens (with self-congratulatory matching lapel decorations) was very confronting for Bob Katter;

■ Katter’s reaction was to make it clear what his policy priorities were (strangely free of the pork barrel demands of the kind Andrew Wilkie displayed) and to insist both sides respond to it;

â–  This last-minute decision by Katter to bolshie up has wrong-footed the government, confounded the Gallery and created a big opportunity for Tony Abbott.

The Labor caucus and Liberal party room has no idea what’s going on and – for now – just sit in hope that their leader can find the structure of a government from three independents who have ended up slipperier than a bucket of eels.

Labor caucus members rightly worry about now being subjected to attacks on the many extremist aspects of Greens party policy, some of which we have highlighted here at VEXNEWS. They are a party whose commitment to much higher taxes through 50% income tax rates and death duties, more regulation, ideologically driven attacks on everything from zoos to private schools to cancer medicines should be enough to consign them to the non-recycling dust-bin of history. Labor will need to be very careful indeed of the electoral consequences of having any association with the Greens party.

greenspartyfreaks Check out the extreme-left Greens party website at the moment with the very prominent display of the pic with Gillard and Swan. They’re all over Labor like a nasty rash, itching for legitimacy by association with a mainstream party.

Whatever happens with Katter, it could all come back to haunt Labor, particularly if the Liberals start to align their rhetoric about the Greens with their How To Vote card preferences. Both parties need to process this basic fact and act accordingly: if you’re helping the Greens party get elected with cosy preference deals or hand-outs, it makes it that bit harder to correctly criticise their policies as extremist nonsense.



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56 responses to “LABOR WORRIED: Katter could lead his country cousins to Abbott because of Greens pact

  1. andy bult

    It looks like common sense might prevail after all but then why would anyone want to govern such a short term option.They will all be back to the polls in a year or so anyway and then watch the shit fly everywhere..

  2. Stooge

    Whatever the outcome it’s going to be a bumpy ride with ultra-flake and electorate shopper Andrew Wilkie along for the ride.

    Who’s to say that he won’t yank the carpet out from under the ALP for any reason at any time. Combine that with rural independents with a true independent streak and we are set for a great three years of politics.

  3. Giuseppe De Simone

    Rob Oakeshott is a trendy bolshie that would have no trouble being in the Greens himself except he wouldn’t win a conservative country seat with that badge of honour emblazoned on his floral necklace. He’ll take Windsor with him as Windsor intends to retire at the next election and won’t be worried about electoral retribution. Summary, I think the ALP will get over the line because the National Party didn’t have the brains to run a proper campaign against Oakeshott. This will be a tragedy for his electorate and for the poor buggers who will be paying for the flawed NBN white elephant for the next twenty years.

  4. Wendy

    Hang on a minute Chicken Little, isn’t the Greens agenda very similar to those of the Labor Left, oh whom Gillard, Albanese, Faulkner, Tanner, Plibersek et al are members! So why is this now a radical, extreme agenda … and really boys, why are you all so scared of gay marraige, stopping the planet from being turned into a giant bog hole, fuel efficiency, public transport?

  5. Adrian Jackson

    Is this a gay marriage?

    The cartoon reminds me of an old cartoon from the 1920’s when the communist waterside workers union “married” into the ALP

  6. Your Favourite Martian

    I am trying to see things from your point of view Katter, but I can’t get my head that far up your arse.

  7. c u on the tram

    who’s the next Labor MHR to go wobbly do you reckon? anybody who would change sides, or quit in a seat that’s vulnerable to libs/greens/independents in a byelection?

  8. Wendy

    I believe if Abbott is PM, Broadbent and Moylan will split and vote with Labor. They are a house divided between moderate Liberals and racist flop jockeys. Turnbull will eventually have to lead a breakaway group of moderate Liberals in the Fraser mould.

  9. Anon

    Wendy – get of those drugs.

  10. If Jooolya doesn’t come out of this as PM she is finished. She has to make whatever deals are necessary to save herself from the Labor knives.
    Extremely doubtful that she can keep this blended family together for long. The Brady Bunch it won’t be.

  11. Predictor

    K-Rudd will go in a byelection within 6 months, regardless. Griffith will be vulnerable – Libs held the seat from 1996-1998.

  12. piv

    Wendy, have you ever ventured outside of inner-metro Melbourne?

  13. Pissy Chryne

    Ohhhh dear I couldn’t persuade Rob even with my fav revealing frock, Monky Tony will be angry with me for failing again.

  14. Geoff Cass

    There is NO chance that a Greensw/Labor government will be able to get voter’s OK to continue, once their demands become clear. That is, IF they become our government.
    There is ONLY one answer – hold another election ASAP

  15. mick

    Wendy, Labor policy is formed from the center-left because of electoral requirement. Both the major parties end up with a policy spread that rotates around their center average. Neither side would get elected with radical policy – the Howard gov was voted out on the back of a radical-right Workchoices.

    The Greens policy is formed by their most militant radicals and sold to the masses under the guise of saving the environment; effecively selling red as green and sucking in left-leaning blue-regulars into buying a product they would never, ever, ever vote for otherwise. The Greens party’s policies are not even remotely representative of their voter base as a whole, who are largly ignorant of what the Green’s stand for other than “saving the planet”.

    As the Greens become more and more mainstream the policy is still being formed from the radical left and still being sold behind a green front. Labor cannot move to the left without losing the middle to the liberals, and it cannot survive as a stand alone entity while the Greens continue to steal the center-left emotive vote under false pretenses.

    The Labor party needs to go to war with the watermelons and expose them for what they really are – reds under the bed. We are already seeing rumblings of what will happen if they go the other way – a formal left coalition – true media focus on the Green’s policies would make such a coalition into electoral poison and deliver a generation of conservative prime ministers.

    Lastly, to rabbit on about gay marriage or “not turning the planet into a bog hole” is to ignore the policies that are spawned from the radical left and currently fly under the radar. 50% top tax bracket. Death taxes. Closing selective schools. Attacking private schools. Raising business taxes. Heroin injection rooms. Far-left policies that are completely irrelevant to the environment and would never get votes if sold at face value.

    The Greens hasnt been about saving the environment for years. If it was it would be a center party representing (and with representatives from) all sides of politics, not an electoral vehicle for Marxists who otherwise would be completely irrevant. Even combining all openly socialist / marxist parties in the senate would not yield enough votes to create a single officially recognised party for AEC per-vote payouts.

  16. Greg James

    Gizzard is finished – even if she does manage to cobble together an unholy alliance with the Greens, Wilkie and the 3 lunatics – she’s gone.

    Six months, maybe, maybe less maybe more, but she’s gone.

    Abbott will be in government within the next 6 months and will be there for at least the next 3 electoral cycles.

    Gillard and her voice will last be seen hitch-hiking a ride back to Altona, there to sink into domestic obscurity with her best mate ‘madge’.

  17. Anonymous

    The good thing (if there is one) if all 3 independents back the ALP, the Greens MP isnt needed to stay in govt so if the Greens become too demanding they can be p!ssed off.

  18. deathtogreenies

    The greens will cost Gillard even if the Indies support her


    How about calling Ms Gillard the MOST INELIGIBLE COMMANDER IN CHIEF
    gosh if she commands the armed forces oh someone please help us well she Gillard stuffed up in East Timor asap so whats next implusive Gillard does Australia have a code like the USA president for war situations
    please we dont want Gillard EXECUTING on that one
    well one execution of KRudd was enough so spare us Gillard as PM she is not steady enough! she cant even hold onto any policies for long eg Climate change so how long will Gillard hold onto power as PM not long! Bill Shorten in as soon as Gillards polls fall! Now thats more instablity for Australia
    NBN now yes how much will that cost? BER how much money was wasted there ?
    home insulation how much did that cost Australia in deaths and money? How about the computers in the schools more money wasted!
    see ALP is so very good at spending taxpayers money but that doesnot make them a good government!
    yes an NBN may mean vision for the future but at what cost well if you look at the ALP record it is not good
    so are the voting public going to have say gay marriage forced on them by the Green ALP alliance
    we dont want that so no Gillard Brown government.Gillard is still TOO GREEN and far too inexperienced to be a longterm PM so its not worth the risk in putting her in! ABBOTT in, Gillard out for Australias sound economic future.
    La donna mobile the hand waving woman for three more years oh spare us independents please think what may just do?
    really how is Gillard inspiring except for axing men ie Beazley and KRudd and coming up with silly names education revolution
    not everyone thinks she is a good PM so please dont be swayed by say promises of money alone well its not Gillards to spend its taxpayers! Australai needs stronger leadership than what Gillard offers she is far too impetous to be a leader when under significant pressure! Dont take that risk
    of giving her three more years!

  20. Question.

    I know we are meant to believe the Greens rhetoric outright and not question it or we are evil. But perhaps a member of the Greens can answer this without telling me how evil I am:

    The Earth has been far hotter and far colder in the past. The science shows us that during these times of being far hotter and far colder there was far greater levels of greenhouse gases contained in the Earths atmosphere.

    So my question is if the greenhouse gas levels have been far greater in the past yet, the Earth has at times been far colder than it is now,how is this so?

  21. Patriot

    Katter has gone with the Mad Monk. Looks like Joolia’s deal with the Greens could csot them. Oakshott and Windsor to speak at 3pm.

  22. Anon

    Are Oakeshott and Windsor patriots? Or will they side with the ALP?

  23. Patriot

    Oakeshott and Windsor backing Joolia.

  24. True Believer

    Oakeshott and Windsor backing Joolia Dullard

  25. Syphologist - a pox on pollsters

    So Kum-Ba-Ya Jokeshott delivered his group hug to Julia.

    The silence from his electorate must be deafening.

    This pair of pricks preferenced Coalition. Their electorates preferenced Coalition. Their electorates polled Coalition. I hope their electorates deliver a good, hard kick to the rear end as soon as they possibly can.

  26. Cane Cutter Casey

    sanity prevails, how could anyone see the future of Australia in the hands of the likes of , Barnaby Joyce,Bronwyn Bishop,Nick Minchin,
    Kevin Andrews,Eric Abetz,Julie Bishop,Joe Hockey and the Paul Hogan of Parliament, the epitome of Australia the Grand Catholic Ayatollah himself Saint Tony.yesterdays people, Howards Dads Army.We’re moving on, the rest of you get out your Guitars and Banjos out and start singing those C&W songs about how good things were.

  27. Anonymous

    Andrew Wilkie sold his vote for $100 million and Oakshott / Windsor sold theirs for $10 billion. Wilkie you got ripped off !

  28. you're a dickhead andy

    and you are wrong again, you and your mates should join the libs and [deleted – profanity] off out of the labour movement,you are right wing dicks with nothng more than a taste for gossip and slander(you.. [deleted – profanity])

  29. democracyATwork

    Yes under Gillard the new pug-dog Parliament (Its ugly but its owners think it is beautiful) has a 30% possibility to see out the 3 year term of office. Under Abbott we could be assured that the Parliament would face a double dissolution in 12 to 18 months. There still is a 70% chance that that a double dissolution will be on the cards. The opposition will target the Green ALP alliance and things will become ugly come July 1, 2011

  30. Melbcity

    [Rob Oakeshott is a trendy bolshie that would have no trouble being in the Greens himself except he wouldn’t win a conservative country seat with that badge of honour emblazoned on his floral necklace. He’ll take Windsor with him as Windsor intends to retire at the next election and won’t be worried about electoral retribution. Summary, I think the ALP will get over the line because the National Party didn’t have the brains to run a proper campaign against Oakeshott. This will be a tragedy for his electorate and for the poor buggers who will be paying for the flawed NBN white elephant for the next twenty years.]

    I am surprised Jo that you do not think the NBN is a white elephant. I think it is much better option then the roll out of Cable TV. A centralised network authority could ensure that there will be true competition. The only c0ncert of some merit I have about the NBN is that it does not include a copper power supply inbuilt into the Optical fibre cable. If the power goes out so does the communication. Will will need a battery backup power supply to ensure that the connection is viable in an emergency situation.

    The one blessing is that if there is to be a minority Government then Gillard is the one to lead it. If there is any criticism of Gillard it is she is too consultative but she is competent unlike Abbott.

  31. Anon

    Eden-Monaro retains its status.

  32. Anonymous

    Who’s the biggest dog the last month? Oakshott? Windsor? Langdon?

  33. Wendy

    Go the extremist radical Green Labor alliance! Now all you right wing Vexnews fans will have to marry each other, pay death duties, live in caves and eat tofu! LOL!!

  34. Syphologist - A Pox on Pollsters

    The biggest dog? Jokeshott.

    Think of a skinny whippet/dingo cross. A low, mangy cur. Pretends he’s not interested in the food bowl, all the while sidling around the rest of the pack, a wolfish grin in one direction, eyes shifting all around looking for an opening.

    And the mongrel yaps. Non-stop.

    He’ll grab the bone.

  35. Wendy

    Hello Mick. I so love the politics of fear. Yes, private schools are just that – private. Why should the state pay for kids to attend private religious schools? It’s called choice, and if you choose to reject the public option, then you should pay for that. Like public/private transport – do you believe the government should pay your petrol or your car rego just becuase you might not like the tram or bus service?

    What you and your fellow right wingers may not have noticed is the AAA rating Australia enjoys. The biggest growth in the OECD, the lowest unemployment. And, just in case you like FACTS, rather than fiction, there is stable and economically sound ALP-Green governments in the ACT & Tas.

    If the people of Lyne and New England thought the Nats were any good, they would have voted for them!

    Welcome to the new paradigm gentlemen … ain’t it grand?!

  36. Anon

    Jokeshott is not a dog. He is just a simpleton.

  37. But the acclaim for the man who nearly wiped the electoral floor with Labor and at one stage thought he had, will disguise a number of problems within the Liberal Party exposed by the election.

    One is the operation of the NSW branch, where candidates were selected quite late and campaign organisation was considered poor.

  38. anon

    is vexnews now just some whacky ranting anti-greens party website? shame… it had so much potential to be more than that.

  39. Syphologist - A Pox on Pollsters

    Shambles, I think you’re right.

    One problem that will be obscured is Abbott’s poor media and public performances. I oppose Turnbull on policy grounds, but there is no doubt he is a far better performer than Abbott. Turnbull’s interviews – and Q&A performances – were masterful.

    And that late preselection problem wasn’t unique to NSW. I can’t understand how the state branches got so far behind.

  40. deathtogreenies

    Wendy – the state aid debate going back to the sixties should have been settled. Only retorgrade commies like you want to make it a private v public ideological battle. Public money for private schools reflects the contribution parents make to education through taxation. Until state aid, many poorer parents spend a their own money for the kind of education they valued. In effect we have a voucher system without the vouchers and it works very well. Private v public transport is also a redundant political debate – it is about the right balance between different kinds of private – cars, toll ways, bikes – and public – trains, taxpayer funded roads, buses, trains etc. Wendy you might think you are an intellectual giant but really you are just an idiot.

  41. Pisstopher Chryne

    I wish it was me at the altar with Bob Brown in the cartoon. The mature man to take care of me while I jump the rump of some young bucks would be just wonderful. I’d also be happy to have have that big Brown inside my tight backdoor brown any day!

    Why oh why won’t Bob ask me to join his band of merry men!

  42. Wendy

    Deathtogreenies, I think your views are passe. Why should the public pay for a state run health & education system, and then pay again for a privately run alternative system? Under your world view, we would pay taxes to Channel 9, 7 & 10 as they operate a complementary service to the ABC. And why not fund a private police force, rural fire service and SES?

    To call people ‘commies’ shows an oddly fascile view of the difference between Marxist communism and left of centre politics. My goodness, boy child, was it communist to deregulate the economy, to float the dollar, to remove tariffs, to join the G20, to have paid maternity leave, to introduce a stimulus package that saved us from recession, to have federal funding for hospitals?

    Poor Tasmanianians, living under Mao style dictatorship! When you grow facial hair, let me know if you understand why my taxes should be spent because mummny and daddy want liitle snotty bear to go to private school and not get germs from the povo’s.

  43. 2. Not winning enough seats in NSW:

    While the wins in NSW seats by the Coalition were an admirable effort, if they had picked up a few more seats in the state the whole hung Parliament fiasco wouldn’t have been needed, they simply would’ve won. Dobell, Robertson, Lindsay and Eden-Monaro were all seats the Liberals could’ve picked up and didn’t. In both Lindsay, Greenway and Parramatta candidate preselections were left up until the last minute. The NSW Liberals have to cop some blame for this. Robertson was the prime example; a seat held on a knife edge and formally held by Belinda “don’t you know who I am” Neal.

  44. Anonymous

    Langdon who?

  45. Taking of Pell 123

    Oh Wendy how I have missed you. Don’t ever leave me again.

  46. Anonymous

    Oh we are disgreeing already. Really!

  47. pissie chrine

    Oh cwaig wangdon call me, you arent my type but you can pass around one of your boys for me.

  48. Coleen Bwooks

    Just hold another erection!

  49. Cardinal Pell

    Pissy meet me at the Pulpit and the Brothers will entertain you.

  50. the bolt from Kooyong

    when push came to shove, Katter delivered what his electorate wanted, I think the other two will be extinct at the next election

  51. Taking of Pell 123

    I think I will have to give Brother Abbott a push from behind

  52. Pissy Chryne

    I’ll go seconds.

  53. Bring Back Smith

    Little Kevvie was hopeless as PM.

    Why would he be any better as Foreign Affairs Mnister?

  54. Taking of Pell 123

    Well he won’t spend as much time in front of the mirror as Stephen Smith

  55. Didn’t think much of Smiffy as Foreign Minister, but maybe he was overshadowed by the Look-at-ME PM.
    He’ll be feeling a chill of a different sort after the election. Perth used to be a safe Labor seat but the Liberal candidate Ferrante gave a good showing.
    A large percentage of Green voters in this electorate too. Pity. “Folks are dumb where I come from…”

  56. Kevin V Russell

    Deathtogreenies you must have been away from school the day they were teaching clear thinking. The main effect that state aid to private schools has in Australia is to raise costs for both the public and the private education systems. The knock on effect is to entrench privilege.

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