THE END OF THE BEGINNING: New NSW Left MP Luke Foley says no to Islamist misogyny, racism and homophobia

lukefoleyonislamism In a highly impressive inaugural speech, newly elected NSW state MP Luke Foley has shown that while Labor’s light on Rooty Hill is flickering in a storm of scandal and dissatisfaction, there’s always going to be hope.

It’s a well-crafted speech of the kind you’d expect from a political professional but we were really shocked to hear this leading Lefty say these fighting words:

I draw inspiration from one of the great radical documents in human history: the American Declaration of Independence. What was radical in 1776 was the notion that government arose from the people and was not a gift to them or an imposition on them. The American Declaration of Independence established the concept of human rights, for the first time in history, as the basis for a nation. I hold human rights to be universal. I do not believe that, in today’s world, human rights are the exclusive preserve of Westerners.

Anti-totalitarianism is at the heart of my politics. Today a totalitarian movement of the far Right is threatening pluralist democracies and the lives and freedoms of people in many societies, including our own. This global Islamist movement is misogynist, racist and homophobic. This movement’s extremist ideology is, of course, based on an utter perversion of the Islamic faith. Too many progressives are silent about this or deny this. Governments everywhere have a profound duty to protect their citizens from the threat of extremist Islamist terrorism. I intend to maintain an active interest in this over my time in this place.

These are startling and courageous words from a leader of Labor’s Left.

For decades, from the time of solidarity with PLO terrorist hijackers to the making of excuses for the murder of 2000+ civilians on 9/11, the apologist Left have been very, very reluctant to confront the evil so accurately described by Luke Foley. Sadly a lot of this reluctance to criticise Islamists has stemmed from the view that any enemy of America is a friend of the Left.

It’s been a tremendous source of puzzlement that the Labor Left could profess enthusiasm for feminism, internationalism and egalitarianism while remaining very silent indeed about this far-right Islamist movement that hates women, enslaves whole peoples and is financed by vile kleptocracy. It has been an unprincipled silence, rooted in cynicism and disregard for first principles.

With their vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, desire to exterminate the Jews, their contempt for democracy and loathing of individual liberty, Islamism has emerged as a successor to Nazism that enjoys more public support in more countries than Nazism ever did.

We’ve wondered when and where the Australian Left would wake up.

They’ve been appeasing and accommodating and making lame excuses for Islamist villainy for so long it seemed the day would never come.

On the first day of September, 2010 in the NSW Legislative Council chamber, it arrived.

Foley is no bit-player or eccentric in the NSW Labor Left. He’s a big wheel and a big deal. He’s been their most prominent and influential Left faction operative for nearly ten years, working under the tutelage of Anthony Albanese, the federal minister and leader of the NSW Left faction. Indeed, Albanese and outgoing Defence Minister John Faulkner were both in the Gallery to hear his remarks.

If Labor’s Left can get it after decades of struggling with it then that gives us tremendous hope.

While the focus of NSW politics will be on the trivia of which websites Fred Nile pops into between divisions or even whether Labor will be left with 20 or 10 seats in the Legislative Assembly after the election next year,  politics will remain a war of ideas.

Luke Foley’s inaugural speech represents an important battle won for freedom and against those in Islamism who have long found allies among the apologetic left who should have always known better than make excuses for one of the great scourges of the world.



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26 responses to “THE END OF THE BEGINNING: New NSW Left MP Luke Foley says no to Islamist misogyny, racism and homophobia

  1. jose

    A couple of things …

    1. It is important to remember that the “global Islamist movement” that he refers to does not refer to all Muslims.
    2. Who on earth on this ‘apologist left’ that you refer to makes excuses for 9/11? And if you can find the odd leftie nutjob to hold up as an example, it doesn’t mean that they sepak for everyone who identifies as “left”.

  2. correllio

    Welcome but with problems:
    1. Jihad, women/non Muslims as inferior etc are mainstream Islamic teaching not a perversion of it. If he is advocating for the minor minority of liberal/reformist Islam he can forget it or else read Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the like and then start educating himself about what Islam actually teaches
    2. Violent jihadists meld their religio-political ideology wth leftism eg Qutbr not that there is much difference between extreme left or right..

  3. Foley the Idiot

    What a joker. “the far Right”?????


    Where is the commitment of fundamentalist Islam to individual freedom, private property rights, small government?

    Fundamentalist Islam has all the trappings of a far Left movement, belief that the State should guide the lives of the people, centralisation of power, etc.

    Foley, wake up to yourself, Fundamentalist Islam is from the Far Left.

    Until you work this out, kindly shut up and stop embarrassing yourself whenever you open your mouth.

  4. Adrian Jackson

    The US Declaration of Independence may have has some relevant in 1776 but only for white men. Women blacks, red Indians and the defeated Americans who sided with the legitimate British government were not considered and I understand 250,000 of these “British Americans” had to leave the good’ol USA because they were on the losing side.

    All the declaration did was enshrine power in the ruling plantation owning elite like that slave owner George Washington. The American insurgent only won with the significant help if the French Army, and particularly the French Navy. France at the time was ruled by an absolute monarch too where as Britain was a constitutional monarchy

  5. Adrian Jackson

    Foley, probably a chest crossing tyke who hates all other religions and we atheists too

  6. correllio

    PS Islam grants ‘rights’ like life, land , wealth etc but only to those in Dar al’Islam. Rest get death unless you are Jew or Christian where you can opt for dhimmitude

    This is how Islamists also justify killling Muslims (which is prohibited in Islam). They first pronounce them apostates or infidels and then it’s no holds barred. See for example bin Laden’s fatwa against Saudi Arabia!.

    I am using he most extreme oveet examples here but don’t think this mindset doesn’t pervade Islamic worldview in millions of subtle ways.

  7. correllio

    Excuse typos. Joys of tiny phone.

  8. wolf

    Given the shafting a certain member received at the hands of the state executive, and the further smears on his reputation from this site in a manner which probably breaches court orders it comes across as wholly hypocritical for you to applaud someone denouncing homophobia.

  9. Pissy Chryne

    I’m ready, willing and able to take a ‘shafting’ from State Executive or this site. In fact I love to take a ‘shafting’ anytime anyplace.

  10. Pissy Chyrne

    Have a great weekend I’m off to the Bath House hopefully one of the lads has a ‘big present’ for me.

  11. Can't wait for that first debate between Clarke and Foley

    This global Islamist movement is misogynist, racist and homophobic. Hate to break it to you Foley but it is not just the Islamics. You now sit in Parliament with David Clarke the most misogynistic, racist homophobe in all the land. You should do all of NSW a favour and denounce him and his extremist friends.

  12. SamG

    Huh?…He means ‘the far left’

  13. Ollie

    Pissy you will enjoy being in a ‘well’ hung parliament you lucky lad.

  14. Anonymous

    Coleen Bwooks?

  15. Anon

    Speaking of retards, rumour has it that the labor left Melbourne is having very initial conversations with Adam Bandt about joining forces. Watch this space.

  16. Giuseppe De Simone

    It was an interesting speech and one which came as quite a surprise.

    Let’s get something clear. The far left and the so-called far right have much in common sitting as they do on the state oppression/dictatorship side of the political divide.

    The real right believes in minimalist government, individual liberty, religious freedom, private property, entrepreneurship, social obligation based on fair laws, democracy etc.

    This also happens to be the ground occupied in the main by moderate left parties in the social democratic hue.

    This is where ALP patriots sit.

    The march of progressive inclusive ideas over the past twenty centuries is a function of the superiority of western values born in the crucible of the Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian continuum.

    It was first nurtured in by-ways of Athens, the parliament of the Roman Senate. After the fall, it was protected in the monasteries during the dark ages and moved to the fledgling universities in the early part of the second millennium. It received a significant boost with the patronage of the wealthy mercantilists who promoted the arts and science. Its springtime came with technical innovation leading to the sharing of wealth and the creation of an educated middle class.

    Unfortunately, the Islamic world missed out on these civilising developments and many extremist clerics still want to keep the believers in poverty and ignorance because power can be imposed more easily.

    We in the West have a heritage of values that we must continue to protect if needed with our lives but hopefully only with the power of the Internet and communication.

    The light of knowledge will win out.

  17. [deleted - impersonation]

    I fiddle the kiddies

  18. malcolm turnbothways

    Couldnt be any worse than Kerry Hickey AKA Trevor marmelaide

  19. Walter Plinge

    ” based on an utter perversion of the Islamic faith.”

    No perversion involved. That *is* the Islamic faith — historically and currently violent and acquisitive.

  20. Right needs brain restart

    Watching the right nearly trash a fed govt and then lose Melbourne is painful to watch .

    The hard left unions just showed that the middle class greens just need some hard cash to remove the moral vacuum of the soft sellout left.

    The continued exclusion of etu, cfmeu and amwu will cost central votes and sl seats at state poll.

    The etu cash has pushed a number inner seats past the tipping point.

    Batman and wills also lost over 5000 primary votes and will be marginal at the next federal election.

    Born to rule Martin ferguson will be the last labor member for batman.

  21. Bane

    Ur a joke man, I can’t wait for this website to be shut down. Racist people like you just help to spread the hate and not fix it. (And don’t try to deny that ur not racist)

  22. Well done Mr Foley. If he read ‘What’s Left’ by Nick Cohen or ‘God is Not Great’ by Christopher Hitchens he was bound to reach this intellectual milestone. Credit where credit is due. Why the left with its emphasis on marxist and/or post modernist analysis and the associated centrality of power relations in interpreting everything hasn’t led lefties to realise that Islamic governments are about the worst kinds of power requires something more elaborate than the human brain, which is what I am equipped with. Watching the socialist alliance exhort and shout for Islam in Melbourne is amazing in the literal sense of the word.

  23. The next step is for him to realise that moderate Islam is the vital and necessary seed bed for the kind of Islam that makes us wake up and notice utter monsters like Hillay. Many of his followers would say “hey I’m moderate !”, but they paid his wage…

  24. Anon

    The far-Right in the West claims that the Islamists are in bed with the Left. But in Muslim countries, Islamist parties are regarded as the far-Right. And the fact remains that the initial oxygen provided to the Islamists was the Afghan war which was an anti-Communist project of Western conservatives.

  25. peter d jones

    Why pick on Islamism and not mention conservative Christians of the same ilk – racist, misogynist and homophobic. Also a nasty brand of Hinduism emerging in India. In other words, the enemy is extremism of any faith or ideology, not just Islam, and that is an important distinction to make.

    As for the Left, that’s silly – just as Islamic extremism constitutes a fraction of Muslims worldwide, so only a few people on the Hard Left would apologise in any way for whatever this MLC is getting at.

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