COMPROMISED MARRIAGE: Labor appeases Greens risking Katter's wrath while Libs complain about Adam Bandt's lady friend from the PMO

adambandtclaudia The Greens party – a fringe party with extremist policies that barely survive the most basic scrutiny – have been able to use their leverage to extract a variety of modest demands from the teetering Gillard Labor government.

With talk around Canberra today that the newly elected Greens party MP Adam Bandt’s girlfriend Claudia Perkins works (or at least worked until recently) for the Prime Minster Julia Gillard in her private office, many Liberals complained of a stitch-up, that they were never in serious consideration by the far-left party.

Perkins is apparently a committed Labor lefty type and no great fan of the Greens party (except for her bloke we assume). Perkins had worked for Gillard since 2009  as a ministerial staffer and worked as an advancer in the Prime Minister’s office upon the Gillard ascension. Acknowledging a potential conflict, she gave up her job after Bandt’s election. Increasingly, these kinds of power couples are going to be a phenomenon of politics so it was interesting to see the lefty dynamic duo take such a traditional approach to the issue.

Some VEXNEWS sources were more surprised that Bandt had a girlfriend at all, assuming him to be gay on the basis of his inner-urban vocal inflection, his loving gazes at supreme leader Bob Brown and admirable collection of jauntily worn scarves.

Of course, Bandt had publicly pledged to support a Labor government prior to the election. It was only after the election that the extreme left put conditions on what had been previously unconditional support.

The need to get the Greens party signed up – and agree to conditions – is understandable at one level. It notionally puts them on an even-level with the Coalition.

But rumours from people well-connected with popular country independent Bob Katter say he was none-too-impressed by just how cosy they looked.

The detail of what Labor has agreed isn’t the end of the world. But the precedent it sets suggests that Labor could end up being the dictated to by an extremist party that hasn’t met a tax or regulation it didn’t like and whose policies make even the most politically inept Socialist Left Labor operative cringe with anxiety. This is a party that advocates the closure of the World Bank, the world’s largest distributor of welfare to the world’s poor, the closure of Australian zoos by banning the importation of zoo animals and even pledges to deprive Australians of key medicines that combat thyroid and breast cancer because it demands the closure of the OPAL reactor at Lucas Heights.

Its policies are contradictory. It doom-boosts about carbon emissions and climate change. Yet it adamantly opposes zero-carbon emission energy option nuclear energy on nothing more than ideological grounds.

Cobbling together a majority in the House of Reps in these circumstances isn’t easy and it’s all to easy to criticise from the comfort of the grandstand.

We like the cuteness of the old saying ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ but we wonder whether many in Labor’s Left clearly recognise that the Greens party is their enemy. They come to destroy Labor (and the Liberals where appropriate) in the inner-city. They wield a strong “brand” (to use the language of the market they abhor) that attracts votes without analysis. They are part of the inner-city lifestyle for many people who ignore the extremist policies on independent schools, private health insurance and new mega-taxes. They put forward mostly dud candidates often with dubious connections to extremist-left groups.

Labor’s unity ticket with the Greens party gives the latter a legitimacy it doesn’t merit, rewards its attacks on Labor and makes it very clear to Labor voters everywhere that it doesn’t matter if you vote Green.

Perhaps Bob Katter’s reaction will teach Labor a lesson it would do well to learn. If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.



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59 responses to “COMPROMISED MARRIAGE: Labor appeases Greens risking Katter's wrath while Libs complain about Adam Bandt's lady friend from the PMO

  1. Boofa Leigh

    Hey I lie down with dogs all the time! Do ya see me scratching? Well do ya?

  2. RDR

    Claudia – don’t bother texting me.

  3. Wenchy

    Geoffrey but you have given me a persistent nasty little itch though and STILL NO campaign funds. Malvern Branch were spot on about you, you are filled with piss and wind.


    Why is anyone surprised Gillard lives for one thing power so she will do anything to get and hold pwer hence signing the Greens up
    well may the Greens rue the day that Gillard drafted them them or did the greens draft Gillard
    so thats why we need the Coalition these two the greens and the ALP are unknown as a team so who knows what they will get up to if Gillard gets the government

  5. Kenny Rogers old face

    Julia looks like a gambler betting with someone else’s money.

    If she loses she won’t be around to deal with the ramifications of this labor/green pact.

  6. Anonymous

    Geez, the world was going to end when the libs put labor last in the seat of melborne andrew and you’ve had this weak go at Joolia’s labor for forming an alliance with the Greens in the Federal Parliament?!? Plz….

  7. Anonymous

    It sounds like Joolia didn’t want Government so took the option of a way out by going Green.

  8. Noel Jackson

    Geez – that couple is as ugly as each other.

  9. Back door in the dunnies

    Who said Adam Bandt wasn’t gay? That’s not what the boys from the beats around town say…

  10. Brett Logan

    Anyone who lisps like that is not straight.

  11. Brett Logan

    Anyone who lisps like that is not straight at all.

  12. Anonymous

    She looks like a guy anyway

  13. Tim Wilson

    Bandt isn’t butch enough for me. Give me Milton Friedman any day of the week.

  14. Dave Haskins

    That’s not a real kiss anyway. He looks like he is kissing his sister. She looks like his sister too. Yuck.

  15. middleclass mumblers ate my country

    The new mumbler for Melbourne gave a dreary performance on 774.

    Thought I was listening to another soft left ‘we will do what we can’ chair warmer.

    He should come out of the closet so we at least have some difference between him and labor left MPs. Nothing more passe than a faux gay.

    And what is with the nerdy look and nerdy chrissy-pyne-like voice?

    Is this a private school nerd act to keep those crucial liberal second preference voters?

    Or more likely this is the REAL Adam and we have another middle class wanker sucking on the public teat.

  16. andy bult

    Another Christine nixon recruit!!

  17. Anonymous

    How can this guy Bandt be in the Greens?? It appears he is HETRO!

  18. Darla Jane

    I’ve heard some people end up looking like their partners or pets but this is ridiculous.

  19. deathtogreenies

    Death to Carthage!!! Death to the Greens!!!

  20. Get your hands off it

    So once again we have women and gays being denigrated on this website. No comments about the real issue which is a (potential) conflict of interest between who you work for and who you sleep with. You sad pathetic little men never play the ball but always the man.

  21. Bruce the He-Man

    Real men don’t play with either the balls or the man. Its sheila all the way. Need a lift in me ute?

  22. Labor's legacy

    “Labor’s unity ticket with the Greens party gives the latter a legitimacy it doesn’t merit, rewards its attacks on Labor and makes it very clear to Labor voters everywhere that it doesn’t matter if you vote Green.”

    A more true statement has never been written by you Andrew!

  23. deathtogreenies

    Dear getyourhandsoffit – I am not attacking Bandt for being a woman. I am attacking Bandt because he has come to wreck our prosperity and take over the Greens with his Left Alliance mates.

  24. Madam Lash

    How is Adam Ant’s girlfriend working for the Leader…was he just doing it because of her access to Julia…I would think it is a gross conflict of interest which she only apparently understood once the little shit was elected…was Adam a plant to rid Julia of her arch enemy Lindsay Tanner…it is a very odd turn of events and that’s for sure..

  25. Adrian Jackson

    With Bandt and now Wilkie backing Gillard to form a government she only need 2 Independents to go to the GG while Abbott will need all 3 Independents.

    I think the Independents will not be impressed with the Liberals campaign promises costing black hole – billions out according to Treasury.

    If Gillard gets the numbers Andrew Robb and anyone else associated with the costing of election promises might get the chop and that included Brian Loughnane.

    Kevin Ekendahl might be interested in Goldstein in 2013 too

  26. Giuseppe De Simone

    Greens policy needs real scrutiny. As they support truth in political advertising, I’ll happily donate $10 to them to help publicise some of their policies via google text ad word links so everytime the word “school” appears, their policy on private schools is brought up and publicised.

  27. Cwaig Wangdon

    She looks like my kind of woman

  28. Get HSAM scabs out of our hospitals

  29. Businessman

    Giuseppe – you are a true patriot. The Greens will not only be destructive to private schools, the mining industry, our national security, employment etc they will also cruel the ALP.

    However save your $10 – Julia will ensure the Greens will get access to the taxpayer teat

  30. Get out of Northern hospital hsam scabs

  31. Your losing Monash Fegan get out

  32. Boofa Leigh

    OMG! This itch just won’t go away. Perhaps I spoke too soon? Can someome run out and get me some chamomile cream and a candle?
    Just don’t ask will ya? I need to check something out next Wednesday night…if she did this to me there will be all hell break lose…and after all I have done for her!

  33. Reverend Fred

    Boofa my son you must keep away from extra marital activities, just watch it on the net like me and you’ll never get any itches on old percy.

  34. RDR

    Do not txt me. Ugggh, females over 19 please lose my number.

  35. Irene Webber 19th

    Hey guys perhaps Kathy Jackson and
    Michael Williamson have taken their eye off the ball. Who is the call centre person at HSU who is telling members to off, they are sick of them. HSAM at Northern, I do not think so, perhaps Monash. Wonder whether the survey is coming up with the ballsup that is HSU. Vexnews did say that they were the most disfunctional union, so do something about it or more will go over to HSAM

  36. Greening of Australia

    gillard’s government can only bloom with 9 green senators.

    Andy, welcome to the greening of Australia.

  37. Greening of Labor

    The minority labor government will find a way forward…arm in arm with the greens.
    They will have to report back to greens in the reps and in the senator.
    So get over it Andy… Labor sold out on refugees, the abcc and climate change….the cost of all this was a massive swing to greens.

    You can’t blame the greens for taking votes labor drove to them.

  38. Labor losers

    Labor not only lost the electorate they ran lousy campaigns from top to bottom.

    Victoria is case in point where the liberals redneck posturing did not take root.

    Labor failed to profit from this. The greens just gave the voters what they wanted.

    The labor loser whingers on this site have only themselves to blame. Look at semi amateur labor campaigns in batman and melbourne.
    Labor was thrashed in melbourne. In batman the out of touch western Sydney , born to rule, conservative marn funguson let the greens get 2nd party status.

    c’mon Andy fess up … Your labor mates are losers.

    Labor has no political instincts. Just run by a pack of losers.

  39. Open minded

    Love the way…. Her boyish good looks and his snag like speech have you neo con homophobes all confused.

  40. Get out of the gutter

    The joolia article was kinda crazy..this is more of the same.

  41. deathtogreenies

    Greening of Australia? more like the compost bin

  42. Jimmy

    Adam Bandt? = Adam Bandit = Adam (bum) Bandit

  43. Anonymous

    The Greens got 10% of the vote – 90% of people dont support their crazy ways!

  44. Loser watch

    The biggest losers are the people stooping to personal abuse .
    In business it is called strategic leverage…. Now do you labor losers want govt or not?
    The keys are green.
    Just shut up and drive.

  45. Boofa Leigh

    Claudia I dreamed about you last night! I dreamed about Wenchy the night before and woke up with a start. I dreamed about you and I woke up with a definite finish….mmmmm until next week my dear….

  46. Cwaig Wanker

    I’m all for gay marriage but this is ridiculous.

  47. Flopsy Western

    Gee the PMO sure looks like its a bastion of ranga feminism, doesn’t it? The Sisters rule the roost at last!!

    Pity any poor bloke assigned to duties in that office – no doubt the sins of his entire gender would be used against him on a daily basis. Poor bastard!!

  48. Byron in Wahroonga

    Alan and Pissy let’s meet tomorrow in the usual public lavatory as I’m in desperate need of a re-bore?

  49. Life on Mars

    With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine, right, Adam?

  50. JG

    It’s kind of ironic, the sheer amount of time you put into making up stories about the Greens given that apparently they are “a fringe party” with no influence. Perhaps you think that if you say it enough your wish will come true. In fact you’re just shedding a light on how central the Greens really are, but you’re too torn up to stop.

  51. Greg Ryan

    Don’t worry Crayg. I still support you with my batton!

  52. Anonymous

    One Nation came and went, the Democrats came and went, the Greens are just another passing phase.

  53. Wendy

    Funny how you all think 1.47 million voters are ‘fringe’ or radical. And no, the One Nation voters didn’t pass away, they went back to the right-wing turn-back-the-boats Libs; which is why so many Libs desterted and went Green. And by the way, the Coalition got 42% of the vote, meaning 58% don’t support their radical extremists dangerous policies.

  54. Shack watch

    That parkville shack was not a ‘house’

  55. Labor days

    With some relief we dodge an Abbott govt. But the days of labor are gone… Gillards labor mst report to indies and bob brown….gillard may have won but labor has lost it’s way .

  56. Anonymous

    Abbott is the real winner. He gets to put up his agenda and get it passed and it is Gillard who has to wear the brunt. Good one Labor….

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