TIME TO BREAK THE SILENCE: Former Nationals Leader Pat McNamara calls on Coalition to stop handing seats to extreme-left Greens party

patmcanamara2 Former Victorian National Party leader Pat McNamara has called on the state Coalition to stop electing extreme-left Greens party members with their preferences.

McNamara served with Jeff Kennett as Deputy Premier, Police Minister and Agriculture Minister throughout the Liberal government in the 1990s.

He is understood to be on friendly terms with current Nats party leader Peter Ryan.

The former minister is part of a rising tide of conservative doubt over the Liberals preference decisions that could have the effect of electing as many as five members of the extreme-left Greens party to the Legislative Assembly, at Labor’s expense. We believe that the Greens could take as many as three lower house seats, based on their performance at the federal election.

Greens party policies include massive new tax increases including federal carbon taxes, death duties and a 50% marginal tax rate, the banning of the importation of zoo animals, stripping independent schools and private health insurance of billions of dollars, decriminalising marijuana and all forms of street prostitution.

With 12% of the national vote and a vote as high as 47% in one inner-city booth in Melbourne at the last federal poll, the Greens political party is undoubtedly the most electorally successful extremist political party in Australian history.

Some of its vote is a protest vote against a government that had “lost its way” by its own admission and an Opposition with a strong, polarising leader and not much else. In the “Massachusetts of the South” (Victoria), the Greens met the perfect political settings and in our view can only increase their vote in inner-city Melbourne.

VEXNEWS understands that Labor will attempt to exploit the issue of Coalition preferences in country electorates. This is an important step. Only when decision-makers in the Liberal party associate their behind-closed-doors preference-deals with electoral loss will they be ready to shift to a more principled position.

Labor as well seems to be processing its grief after losing its heartland seat of Melbourne to an extreme-left party it once laughed at. The numerical dominance of left-aligned members in Melbourne should have been an advantage in the left-wing leaning seat. It wasn’t.

They left any genuine scrutiny of the bizarre policies and curious personal history of their opponent alone. They had months to muddy up the Greens and more material than we’ve ever seen on anyone in a genuine contest in modern politics.

Their candidate in Melbourne, Adam Bandt, was on the record defending shop-lifting. On the record describing the Greens as a bourgeois vehicle for communists to implement their agenda. Left-wing lawyers told us he took money from loggers, polluters and all sorts despite being preachier than Jimmy Swaggart.

Their policies included the most outrageous propositions from a “progressive” point of view including, as we saw during the campaign, a commitment to abolish the World Bank, an international agency that is the single biggest donor to the world’s poor.

Labor moderates have put the Socialist Left on notice: fight for your patch or get out of the way. There’s certainly no shortage of ammunition to shoot at a Greens politician who has set expectations so very high and will be full of excuses in three years time about why he delivered so little.




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36 responses to “TIME TO BREAK THE SILENCE: Former Nationals Leader Pat McNamara calls on Coalition to stop handing seats to extreme-left Greens party

  1. Anon

    You must be getting nervous Andrew the way you keep banging on about where Lib preferences go. Just like Labor put the Greens before the Libs, the Libs have always put the Greens before Labor and both sides always will. Instead of attacking the Libs perhaps your beloved Labor should look at selecting someone other than ex union hacks or lefty inner city lawyers lawyers and they might actually stop bleeding voters to the greens.

  2. deathtogreenies

    you greens are going down with your anti migrant mates in One Nation!! It will be all tears in your green tea at November!!

  3. Derr I lost one of the unions companys but dont worry one of my mates own it now

    Adam Bant is a inner city lawyer. so there goes that arguement anon.

  4. Thats what she said

    I loath the greens- the trick is, however, to give them enough room to battle the ALP (thus drawing ALP funds away from Coalitions marginals), while also drawing the ALP to the unpopular left, ALL while allowing the public to see the true face of the far left. The only caveat is that the Libs have to put them down if they ever get to the stage where they can win without preferences.

  5. milson milkybar muckey

    who cares what an ex nationals politician thinks. these are the people who represented the bush and did nothing for them. this is why they are so angry with the three independents. because the are showing them for what they are.these people kept the liberal party in power all these years and got crumbs for the bush but did very well for themselves.they were taken for granted in both federal
    and state politics.it will be the end of the nationals. we’ll see more successful independents in the bush.there goes the party.

  6. andy bult

    McNamara would be better off just sinking in the sunset as he took the money and ran when he was in Parliament after doing stuff all for the electorate he was supposed to represent.He made a good partner for Christine though on the gravy train.

  7. Austen

    What a unity ticket – Preferences from the Libs and Big bucks from the extreme left ALP unions to get a marxist lawyer from the Greens elected in a Labor stronghold! Old Arthur must be spinning in his grave! But the Vic Government is determined to break the unity ticket and save Ministers Pike and Wynne at November’s state election. Buying off the left wing building unions and their (small) fellow travellers with industrial payoffs is the tactic. A contract deal here, boost their membership there. All paid for by the taxpayers. Neat and sweet. That might turn off the money tap. But how to get the Libs to either run strong and effective campaigns in Melbourne and Richmond and/or not preference to the Greens? Let’s hear your suggestions!

  8. Backwater hicks

    Let’s face it Australia is a backwater.
    A lucky country with lazy leaders.
    Populate or perish was a 60 year program that told the world we deserve this rich southern land.

    Zero carbon nation and fortress Australia are the two key concepts of greens and the liberals. Both crazy. Both preference each other. This makes sense when both are nation demolition teams. One destroys our open minded society the other will flatline our economy.

    Vandals that preference together.

  9. observer

    The Nats are the only party to increase it MP numbers in the Legislative Assembly at the 02 and 06 elections. Have also just increased numbers at the federal election.

    And with Peter Ryan as leader they are going pretty well.

  10. Anonymous

    observer when you party is nearly wiped out you’d hope they’d take a seat or two back

  11. footpath cleaner

    Pat’s voice of reason and mustache of certainty have been sadly missing from our state parliament in recent years

  12. inga binga

    it’s great to share stories with parliamentary staff about my fellow travellers in the east, like scoresby. Being a christian girl I say no to many things, but I can’t so no to spreading nasty gossip. I might even be caught and have to confess!Hee hee

  13. Carli

    God you people are pathetic.

    You’ve said the Greens wont get beyond 5% of the vote. They’ve done it.

    get over it you bunch of right wingers.

  14. countrymember

    Peter Ryan is absolutely ropeable that Ted Baillieu has said he’ll only implement the bushfire royal commission stuff ‘if affordable’. Libs ratting out the Nats again – even before we actually get into government.

  15. Anonski

    Yes, countrymember, your brilliant point is taken. Promising to impliment unaffordable promises is a much better path to take.

  16. Noel Jackson

    The Nats do need to watch themselves, very carefully.

    Otherwise certain other parties will take their spot in looking after Country Victoria.

  17. Melbcity

    In 2007 The Liberal preferences delivered the Greens a bonus 7,000 votes as a result in the flaw in the way the AEC counts the vote (Calculation of tech Surplus Transfer value is based on the number of ballot papers not the value of the vote). This bonus 7,000 votes could have elected a Green Senate over the ALP third candidate had One Nation preferences the Libs ahead of the ALP and before the Greens. The system increased the value of the LNP ticket vote at the expense of these minor parties opposed to greens policies. Yet they unwittingly added to the possibility of the Greens being elected as a result of LNP preferences.

    The Greens fell short of securing a Senate seat based on Primary votes this election. No matter what analysis of the registered ticket votes the Greens were assured of securing a Senate seat in Victoria and most other states. Again based on LNP preferences.

  18. Greening of victoria

    The garden state is set to bloom with 4 green lower house mps.
    The current brumby government is soft inside but prickly on the outside. In other words it is cactus.

  19. mimi van lube

    the coalition were in power from
    March 96 to Dec 07 nearly 12 years.
    if this was such a wonderful time
    for Australia ruled by the Messiah
    Howard. how come country folk are squealing about being forgotten and not listened to? i can see their point but what were the bush MP’s doing for their people if there are so many issues to resolve today? whoever gets in will it be another case of a little bit of bread but no jam?

  20. EduMe

    The coalition has failed to provide any infrastructure expenditure other then a train line dividing Australia East west.

    Schools and education fell well below the level of sustainability no we need to import skilled labor.

    The ALP policies whilst modest and conservative are never the less visionary in terms of their commitment to education and economic growth. The fanatical greens are a serious threat to good stable government.

    Homosexual/Gay couples want Marriage rights. Yet Labor has delivered equality. The only thing missing is the white wedding and certificate labeled Marriage.

    Its a joke that they claim they want Gay rights. They have it, thanks to Labor and a cross factional agreement. but that is not good enough for the extreme policies of the greens.

  21. libs r dills

    the libs are dills..the homer simpsons of politics…they preference greens who then lock them out of government….doh…

  22. left no angels

    this left can call for right wing heads of mediocre branch stackers but what about their own…..the sl put in the mate of a hume councillor….

    why not put wynne in there….the labor left needs to clean up its own backyard…

  23. libs not much better

    actually both liberal and labor leaders know they have ‘brown paper bag’ specialists in ranks…..both leaders lack the power to clean house….

  24. New minister for housing

    Dick wyne is no loss. Robin Scott will make very good minister for housing in minority labor govt. Just ask bensons.

  25. Developers govt

    Yes in the next labor govt why not by pass factions and let developers pick ministers. Then we can the pretense of listening to voters. Scott for local government. Elasmar for planning.

  26. minority govt no big deal

    With almost no socialist left mps to share with surely the greens take over of the inner city is a good thing for labor unity hacks.

    Why not Nazih elasmar for a ministry?

    Robin played too many games in brimbank… Bensons trusts Nazih more.

  27. Pike wynne Garrett Richardson saved

    The backing of the nationals should save labor…,

  28. Green switcher

    I was voting green but with former nat backing labor I am switching back to labor…

  29. Nations endorsement

    Urban lefties listen up to the big pat. Yeah right. You guys believe your own bs. Say goodbye to fat salaries.

  30. Fat lady has sung

    The fat lady has sung for inner alp seats. Footscray is also at risk.

  31. Green brumby

    Can brumby do green act 5 mins before poll?

  32. Observer

    I don’t give a rat’s clacker what Baillieu wants to do. The ONLY thing for the Liberal Party to do is put ourselves top of the card, then go to the bottom of the card where we should put Green, then come up one and put the ALP, then keep on coming up till we get back to ourselves. Hardly rocket science! ANY Liberal who puts Green ahead of Labour is a f%&*#$g idiot!

  33. Noel Jackson

    What Ted doesn’t realise is that the Greens negotiators are smarter than his own.

    The Libs will always come out second best when dealing with the Greens.

  34. News Flash

    Katter, Oakeshott and Windsor have surprised many observers by deciding to support the Coalition.

    Congrats to PM-elect Tony Abbott.

  35. politicalrealist

    I’m just surprised George Seitz isn’t Premier, he has style and class, great personal hygene and would be a real asset as leader … to the Liberals.

  36. Last time I voted Green. That was the last time. Never again will I make that mistake

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