THEIR BIGGEST LIE: The Greens party claim they run positive campaigns, we prove otherwise

insidethegreensmachine One of the big lies underpinning the tremendous recent success of the Greens party (where their national vote surged to 12%) is that they run “positive campaigns.”

They use this lie to intimidate foes – particular in Labor’s Left – from taking them on.

In truth, the Greens party is an extreme-left party with an anti-Labor attack agenda that would put Tony Abbott at his most effectively pugilistic.  Naturally, they hate the Liberals too although don’t waste too much time ripping in to them.

Negativity is in the Greens’ DNA. They were founded by environmental protesters opposed to development. They have been over-run by leftists opposed to  market capitalism. It stands to reason that much of what they have to say is an attack on major parties and perhaps more ominously on the lifestyle of the millions of Australians who want to live on a quarter acre and grow a lawn without guilt, don’t want $10K per annum electricity bills and 50% marginal tax rates with death duties, choose to drive to work, reserve the right to go hunting or fishing and don’t want street prostitutes or injecting rooms changing the character of their neighbourhoods.

annemartinelli2 Let’s look at one Greens party candidate in the looming , Anne Martinelli, a paid consultant to the environment industry running in Northcote and a mum of two. Look at a picture of her, butter (organic) wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But then check out the venom and vitriol that spews out of it. Here’s the complete and unedited exposition of Ms Martinelli’s ‘policies’ on the Greens party website. As you’ll most of it is an attack:

Whether it’s transport or planning, water or climate change, early childhood education or housing affordability, we have a State Government that keeps throwing the same old, quick-fixes at every problem that comes along. (NEGATIVE)

How is it that after a decade in Government, we have lots of new roads but are still waiting for a rail extension to South Morang that would ease commuter traffic through Northcote?  (NEGATIVE)

Why is it that ordinary citizens have to put their lives on hold to fight inappropriate developments because we don’t have a planning system to guide development with clear and consistent rules we can trust? (NEGATIVE)

How come every time State Government real estate becomes available – land that could become open space to compensate for the increasing density of our city – we are asked to ‘buy’ it again, when we already own it? (NEGATIVE – EVEN IF BARELY COMPREHENSIBLE)

How can the Brumby Government claim to support equity for the gay and lesbian community while refusing to endorse same-sex marriage? (NEGATIVE)

And what can you say about a situation where our coal-fired electricity factories in the Latrobe Valley use vast quantities of water, while just 100 km away at Wonthaggi we are building a water factory that will use vast quantities of electricity? (NEGATIVE)

When I look around my neighbourhood, I see a community that is way ahead of its political leaders. (NEGATIVE) We choose sustainable transport, make alternative purchasing choices, save water and reduce emissions. Our community supports a huge range of initiatives from Sustainability Street to Transition Towns to local waterway friends groups and many, many others. (POSITIVE)

The Greens know there is a better way. (POSITIVE) The people of Northcote are showing through their everyday actions that they know there is a better way. (POSITIVE) The only people who seem not to know are their elected representatives. It’s time that changed. (NEGATIVE)

Let’s do the math.



Ms Martinelli is not unusual.

Hidden behind the soccer mum mask is a cynical politician who makes her living from promoting the environment industry, a business which makes money from government mandates that the Greens party want imposed.

We write these words even tough they come as no surprise to most people with a clue.

We write them for the strange Left folk in the ALP who once convinced themselves that appeasing a fierce foe with trinkets and preference deals and jobs at the ACTU would buy them off.

ID4TIME Remember the scene in ‘Independence Day’ when the President asked the invading alien what they wanted humanity to do in response to their presence. The alien’s candid reply “Die” was a shock but in retrospect seemed obvious didn’t it?  The Greens party have come to destroy the ALP and eventually the Liberals by making sensational and outlandish claims that the thousands of idealistic, hopeful, optimistic people involved in both are somehow involved in a deeply immoral enterprise. That is the Greens party inherently negative message. Mistaking their alien intentions as friendly will guarantee the demise of all the Greens’ targets who remain gullible and naive about their plans.

We write these words because sometimes pointing out the obvious is an essential first step to progress.

Looking at her material, the paid environment consultant Ms Martinelli has every chance of winning the seat of Northcote because she will lead a vicious attack on the Labor government, on issues like public transport.

Her offer will be uncosted.

It will be vague.

It will involve spending a lot more taxpayers’ money with no realistic way of paying for it.

If her opponents dare point out that fact, they’ll be slammed by her, her cynical emailing party apparatus and their friends at The Age newspaper for pouring “vitriol” on the Greens.

It’s not vitriol to put out the truth about your opponents.

Ultimately, Martinelli is a lightweight. She’s in no position to fix anything.

She’s a local placard wielder without the intellectual depth or hands-on experience to solve real-world problems.

Public transport, all transport, is complicated. One of the government’s smartest, toughest operators Martin Pakula has made many right calls in our view and even shows a great knowledge of the system and more importantly a genuine empathy for really pissed off train users who are sick of late trains, sick of cancellations and think someone’s taking the Myki.

Few have seriously questioned Pakula’s personal performance though. He’s been exceptional, having inherited a real mess. A public transport system never designed for the numbers now using it and a situation where it takes many years and many billions to make impactful changes. The good news is that people are using public transport like never before and it’s only sensible to ensure the system can support them.

Could you imagine trusting the Greens with the operation of that complex system? It’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

It might be politically opportunistic to cash in on train users’ impatience but you can’t pretend to be pure while actually being a sleazy vote-grub with no real or costed plan. And that’s precisely our issue with the Greens. Like Comanchero bikies, they prefer to ride with face-masks to conceal the ugliness within.

And to be fair and bi-partisan, as much as we rate Pakula, we would equally say that of all the Liberal Shadow Ministers, they have the strongest of them in Terry Mulder in Public Transport.

But the Greens offer what?

People like Anne Martinelli who make half-baked fantastic promises of more trains, more this and more that and conductors like the old days (are we the only ones who remember that most of our tram conductors were all ultra-left freaks with facial jewellery and hygiene issues?) but with no way of funding it that would gut the economy and cost jobs.

Mulder and Pakula have their limitations but they are required by their party and their colleagues to come up with real policies.

It’s time Greens party candidates like Martinelli was held to account for her half-baked pipe-dreams. Because there is a rising tide of concern about what Greens policies would mean if actually implemented. The fraud that is the Greens party is going to be exposed, however long and hard the road may be.

Martinelli is certainly not unusual. We could have chosen any of the Greens candidates and seen the most breathless attacks on Labor and the Liberals accusing them usually of some deep immorality of some kind or another. Accusations about opponents has always been part of politics of course. We don’t have an issue with the Greens party throwing a few punches. But we do have an issue of it coming from a party that pretends to never be engaged in negative campaigning.

The recently elected federal politician for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, put out an unprecedented amount of material in this past campaign, funded by a $300,000+ donation from Dean Mighell’s Electrical Trades union in return for the Greens party promise to get law enforcement to back off investigating the union.

We have highlighted the negative material in one direct mail letter sent by Bandt. The attack-headline on it “Disappointed with Labor but don’t want Tony Abbott” was used throughout the Greens party’s material and speaks to the essentially negative campaign run by the Greens party. It is littered with direct or implied attacks on the Liberals or Labor or claims that anything promised by Labor was a result of them being intimidated into doing so by Labor who were merely copying their policies. We have highlighted in pink the negative attacks.

bandtattack1 The Greens party’s campaigns are just as negative as – arguably are far more negative than – the major political parties. Their hypocrisy seems endlessly renewable.



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24 responses to “THEIR BIGGEST LIE: The Greens party claim they run positive campaigns, we prove otherwise

  1. Did you hear Adam Bandt’s interview
    with Monica Attard on the weekend, Mr L?
    …my Dad studied and trained as a social worker and Mum studied and trained as a teacher…
    Poor bastard. He never had a chance.

  2. Negative masters

    Check Out liberal lover greens like Greg barber and his protege Trent mccarthy. Every word they utter is an attack on state labor…..

    This is because they sledge labor to get labor votes and keep the door open for liberal second preferences. They never make any negative comments about the liberals.
    They are an extension of the liberal party attacks.
    The pack like mentality comes out from time to time such as barber/liberal attack on Alp staffers.
    These fake greens are always to jump on any liberal party witch hunt.

  3. andy bult

    Tell me how the Greens have been able to slip through the scrutiny of the Media on their cocked up policies over the last few years. Obviosly there must be a number of monica lewinsky’s in the party.

  4. Bonnie Miller

    Martinelli asks “How is it that after a decade in Government, we have lots of new roads but are still waiting for a rail extension to South Morang that would ease commuter traffic through Northcote?”

    What she means to say is
    “My friend Greg Barber won’t visit the northern end of his province because he only travels Zone 1 and the tram finishes at McKimmies Road Bundoora. If you build a nice train to South Morang, Greg will be able to visit all the lovely people out that way. But make it all Zone 1, I don’t think Zone 2 suits Greg’s impeccable tastes either.”

  5. Let us get this right

    Labor stole the centre from the conservatives and held office in every State and Territory including Federal.
    We now have to come up with a plan to steal back some of the left issues so as to make the Greens irrelevant except to a minor fringe element as they were years ago.

    Problem being is there any smart left
    thinkers left in the Labor Party. You cannot look at the SL to do it as most of them are right wing thinkers with $ signs in their eyes. Very similar to their right wing colleagues.

  6. Arther conan doyle

    Told you the ‘Cheese’ would win in Corangamite.

  7. Bonnie Miller

    To “let us get this right” Labor needs to start talking to the man in the street again, rather than just providing good services and not talking about it. We need to expose the contempt that most Greens have for the electorate if it doesn’t live within a stones throw of a tramline.

    I reckon more than a few battlers around the Northern suburbs would be dismayed if they knew of the contempt that Greens MPs and candidate’s hold them and their institutions in.

    Most people have a negative, stand offish view of politics and politicians. The Greens exploit this in their literature, look at all the negative comments in Martinelli’s document. The right wing media such as the Herald Sun and talkback radio use the same device. The right wing media types pretend to be men and women of the people but all they do is exploit their prejudices. The Greens have a smug prejudice against ordinary hard working non trendy suburban folk, but in the Green’s case is not widely acknowledged yet.

  8. Jim

    this place is starting to sound more and more like Pajamas Media

    wingnut magnet

  9. RJ

    You may as well blame the Australian people for responding to negative campaigning.

  10. Greenie

    sorry but the ALP is going, going…(almost) gone.

    heh heh heh

  11. DS

    I love all the publicity you give to The Greens. Especially your obsessions with Barber and Bandtman. Some would think you have a “secret” school boy crush?

  12. deathtogreenies

    You Greens have peaked and vexnews is leading the way in winding you back to the fringes where you all belong.

  13. Derr I lost one of the unions companys but dont worry one of my mates own it now

    wouldn’t it be illegal to accept large donations in return to try and influence police matters. I reckon the greens have treated Mile like the stooge that He is and they have taken his money then do nothing and enjoy him drowning in his own bile like everyone else will when the hammer comes down

  14. Rats in the ETU

    About time the ETU had an election and so normal working men and women can vote Deano out. He has obviously lied to members about their money being spent on the Greens.
    When did the members give the ok to spend their money on the Greens?

  15. Cracklier

    Hilarious running commentary as usual from the Fox news fans. I take it is the Greens stance on Palestine that are the real reasons for the attacks on them by this website.

  16. Marty

    Great read. Points all well made on the Watermelon Party. The last sentence nailed it perfectly.

  17. Ralph Prestage

    The Greens certainly had a hidden agenda not made public in the media until two days before voting.
    It appears their true agenda is to eliminate private property ownership and destroy all initiative and progress so that we end up living in communal tents smoking pot.

    Not a bad way to go!!

  18. Anonymous

    where’s the story attacking the Labor-Green Coalition!?!?

  19. Andrew Landeryou - editor VEXNEWS

    Believe me, it’s coming.

  20. Anonymous

    Noticed the Greens ads were in prominent locations in Melbourne Uni toilets. Just the right height to piss on…

  21. Adrian Jackson

    The Greens have just signed a Red/Green Coalition with Gillard to cooperate in government. But what does this really mean.

    The 1 Green MHR will side with Labour as previously declared and a few Greens in the Senate will support Labour too.

    But if 3 of the 4 independents support Abbott the red/green coalition will mean nothing much at all as Abbott will be in government.

  22. What do you think about the Labor/ greens deal Irene??

  23. Is that even a signature?

    IS that even a signature?

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