TRUE BLUE: Liberal Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle says it was a "disgrace" the Libs helped elect the extreme-left Greens party

minister-mayor The Liberal Lord Mayor of Melbourne – and former Victorian party leader – Robert Doyle last night condemned the decision by his party to preference the Greens political party in the federal seat of Melbourne, handing the seat to the extreme-left group.

VEXNEWS Investigations Unit members attending a Master Builders Association function last night heard the senior Liberal address the gathering and refer to the decision as a “disgrace” and argued that the election of a Labor member have been a better outcome than electing the Greens party.

A gathering storm of concern has formed following the election of campus Marxist turned militant left-wing lawyer Adam Bandt as a federal Member of Parliament. Bandt – as we have previously reported – as a campus Marxist defended shoplifting on the basis that it was stealing from the enemy (capitalists).

An analysis of AEC counting makes it clear that Bandt – whose party advocates 50% marginal income tax rates, death duties and an attack on private schools – was only elected because the Liberal How To Vote card put Bandt ahead of Labor’s Cath Bowtell, a senior executive within Victorian Workcover and one-time senior official at the ACTU.



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29 responses to “TRUE BLUE: Liberal Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle says it was a "disgrace" the Libs helped elect the extreme-left Greens party

  1. Cath Bowtell no lie

    Never mind Robert Doyle, I think this story should be more about the “disgrace” that is Andrew Giles and the SL having run the worst campaign known to man and electing Adam Bandt in the process!

  2. Adrian Jackson

    Come on Lord Mayor would you really want to elect an ALP left wing union hack instead. Elected a few Greens and they have to prove themselves instead of snipping from their forest hide.

    Also Adam “Ant” Brandt is only 1 MP out of 150 in the house of reps.

    Remember also that on most legislation the Coalition and Labor vote together as do many of the cross benches.

  3. sg

    Who wants to chip in to get VexNews some tickets to north-east Spain where they can meet some actual left-wing militants?

  4. Liberal insider

    The preferencing of the Greens had the ALP divert a lot of financial resources to the seat of Melbourne.

    Sure we don’t like the Greens. Maybe now there will be greater scrutiny of the Greens by the public and the media (though I’ve given upon the Age).

  5. Flopsy Western

    Good God! I can’t believe I am in agreement with the Vexnews version of Eric Cartman. Wonders will never cease.

    Little Bobby Doyle (the one responsible for the Vic Libs biggest defeat ever – God he was useless!!) has no credibility – why would anyone with half a clue be interested in anything he says or does – ever? Actually, the fact that he opposes the move convinces me that there must be more than a little merit in the proposal. Thanks for your input Bobby.

    It is high time for the grubby ALP/Greens alliance to be subjected to some decent scrutiny. One way to do this is for the Liberal Party to direct their preferences strategically – certainly in some seats (see Melbourne, Richmond, Brunswick and Northcote) to the Greens and we’ll see how their ALP bedfellows like them apples. For too long the ALP have been cosying up the Greens and been the beneficiaries of a solid flow of Green preferences, so as to effectively slide back into office on the back of those very preferences, without having to have ownership of any of the Greens crazy policies. Very convenient indeed. I note there are not too many Greens MP’s in the LA that have benefited from this arrangement though – in fact at last count it was a big fat zero. The Greens are nothing more than Labor’s bitch – or have been up until now. Times are a changing apparently.

    Let’s see how Labor handle the prospect of reduced Parliamentary representation at the hands of their good friends from the unholy alliance. It is the wake up call they had to have.

    The ALP can bleat all they like – the time has finally arrived time for them to finally do some heavy lifting and expose the Greens for the complete whack jobs they are rather than involve themselves in another grubby back room preference deal purely for political expediency. Over to you you John – best of luck to you.

  6. Boofa Leigh

    Yea Doyle? And you were an absolute disgrace when you shafted me in Malvern all thise years ago! And me, the most honourable of them all! Hold on Wenchy I am talking to Popeye – you will have to wait a minute before its your turn for me to be honourable to you…..

  7. Wenchy

    Geoffrey I am more interested in Robert, he is not only ‘larger’ in his bank account than you but also in other ways.

  8. Robert likes the sound of his own voice

    Robert is like the Greens – sounds much more inteesting when he is not responsbile for implementing decisions.

    But we see their shortcomings ( to use a pun) when they are put to the test, and they come up short.

  9. Blue and Green should not b seen

    Doyle gets it, but the Age does not:

    These green extremists would have us all dringking sludge – or at least those don’tlive among the snobby, arrogant and selfish inner city tofu set.

  10. Ben

    What’s the difference between the Green Party and Labor again?

  11. Pissy Chryne

    I have certainly swallowed some sludge in my time but I don’t recall it being green.
    Of course in the interest of bi – partisanship I am willing to do a deal on green sludge swallowing with Bandt.

  12. Pissy Chyrne

    Badt my bad boy I’m ready, willing and open to a hard and deep ‘policy’ probe from you in my bathhouse.

  13. Fatty Doyle

    Pissy I reckon you have Ollie ‘banging’ at your ‘backdoor’ before too long.

  14. Anonymous

    Colin Brooks is good.

  15. Hard facts

    the preference arrangements in Melbourne saved two liberal seats by diverting deluded Alp and union elite to look after Melbourne.
    Union leaders and Alp party elites live in this seat – so they missed the real game in Outer burbs.
    The Vic libs are in serious turmoil. They must cling to whatever floatsam comes there way.

    Sure preferencing the greens is idiotic and lacks longterm thinking but remember this is desperate times for the libs in Victoria.

    While they will pick up 4 eastern marginals eg mount waverly mitcham burwood and mt waverly they will lose one outer east seat to labor.

    In the coming state election the greens will win 4 inner city seats and the libs will struggle to get net gain of 3 in metro area. That means brumby’s fate lies in regional seats. If labor can contain country seat loss to 3 seats then the Alp will govern in it’s own right for another 4 years.

    These are the numbers that the beaten loser Victorian liberal party face…. Faced with that we would all keep preferencing the looney greens too.

  16. Fatty Doyle

    I’d support the Greens if my darling EPC thought it was a good idea.

  17. Anonski

    Trust Doyle to suppport preferencing the Greens last. Now doubt he is merely following instructions from his great mates Bracks and Brumby.

  18. McPerton

    My dear Fatty Doyle, the dearest of all dear Fatties. The Greens are really not that bad. They did support the Charter of Human Rights afterall.

  19. Jayne McPerton

    Speaking of Charter of Human Rights Victor, when are you going to pay child mainenance to me?

  20. The Player

    What is a disgrace is Doyle’s ‘promises’ before he became Lord Mayor. Didn’t he promise to demoltion the ol pub on the corner of Bourke & Spencer ????

    Today it is still there.

  21. Anon

    Doyle is a joke. Didn’t he also promise to open up Swantston Street?

    Bring back John So.

  22. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***Who wants to chip in to get VexNews some tickets to north-east Spain where they can meet some actual left-wing militants?***

    Colombian special forces captured a laptop in a raid on a FARC base on the Venezuelan border. That laptop – examined independently by Interpol- held emails of support to the terrorists, sent by left-wingers in Australia. We’ve got plenty of leftie militants here.

  23. Wun Hung Low

    John So he good man, Doyle a bit of a nuff nuff and he look like he eat too much fried rice.

  24. Anonymous

    You’d reckon the Labor-Green alliance in Fed Parliament would get a run at some stage on this site?


    Doyle has a point…by all means lets have a green-labor alliance at the next MCC Mayor’s election…then fashion week can lose one set of roaming hands….

  26. CR

    If we end up going back to the polls, would love to see the Libs not run a candidate in Melbourne.

    Doubtful the Greens would come close to holding it.

  27. Fed Up

    Well, don’t forget Nick Shambles and Alex Dork (NSW) have also cost Liberal the election! or at the very least will have Liberal struggling to govern with a minority government.

    Idiots! Alex Dork (Hawke) is all about self preservation and control … nothing else.

    Both didn’t care about working on the Lindsay or Greenway seats (both were winnable).

    A big portion of the blame for this sad result lays at the feet of Alex and Nick.


  28. politicalrealist

    From close experience, Doyle is an appalling, disloyal bastard who only maintains the friends he needs, to be disposed of when no longer required. Hopefully a “oncer”!

  29. Giuseppe De Simone

    Most buskers are left wing militants. They are setting up all over Melbourne so they can explode suicide bombs in a co-ordinated attack on our great city. Obviously, the ALP governments beholded to extremist causes won’t protect citizens from this marxist-muslim alliance and therefore a true patriot must step in and save us from this risk. What a brilliant tactic to use regulatory controls to remove the buskers from their safe havens in the Mall.

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