PUT THEM LAST: Liberal patriot MP Bernie Finn stands up for principle on the rising tide of Greens menace

berniefinn True Blue Liberal patriot Victorian MP Bernie Finn has publicly called on the major political parties to stop conspiring to elect members from the ultra-left Greens political party to our Parliaments.

Finn told ABC Radio that the Greens are a threat to Australian freedom and prosperity, reflecting concerns over their ill-considered, usually extreme-left wing policies.

Liberal thinking – and past Labor practice as well – has been that it was best to put the radical left-wing party ahead of their principal political opponents so that it would cause as much tactical disruption as possible.

However, as the Greens party vote as surged in concentrated parts of Melbourne’s inner-city, it is possible the extremist environmentally-cloaked party could win as many as eight or nine seats in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. A tactical stunt prompts a strategic disaster.

If momentum continues going their way and neither Liberal or Labor call out the Greens on their jobs-destroying policies, their surge will continue in Victoria where they stand to win the following state seats:

â–  Melbourne
â–  Richmond
â–  Brunswick
â–  Footscray
â–  Northcote
â–  Kew
â–  Hawthorn
â–  Prahran

It is worth noting that these seats contain significant figures from each side of politics, two Ministers, a Cabinet Secretary, two Parliamentary Secretaries, the Liberal leader himself and the Shadow Minister for Police.

The major parties could give themselves tactical advantage by occupying these senior figures in the business of defending their marginal seats throughout the next state election. But for the Liberals in particular, for this dubious benefit, they will get a block of ultimately very ideologically hostile inner-city Greens MPs who regard traditional Liberal areas like Hawthorn, Kew, Brighton and Toorak as potentially very fertile ground and will make their move real soon.

Any Liberal seat where the Greens can run ahead of Labor could fall.

De facto Greens party leader, stock market speculator and party numbers-man Greg Barber has already publicly identified these targets. We laughed at him at the time. He was right though, he does want to takeover the world and for now the trend is his friend. Indeed even his enemies in Labor and Liberals are his friend too, handing over preferences in return for nothing but self-destruction.

Labor could never win these traditional Liberal seats but the Greens party, supported by freshly propagandised graduates, socially aware trust account heirs, doctors’ wives and guilt-tripping high income-earners from ad agencies, the professions and the public service, could win, with Labor preferences.

The federal figures show that in Ted Baillieu’s heartland Hawthorn seat, the Liberals achieved less than 50% of the primary vote in the relevant Kooyong booths (around 48%), putting the Greens within striking distance of beating him. If their vote continues to surge, he’s gone, leaving the state in the strange position of potentially electing Ted Baillieu Premier but getting someone else, perhaps his little known Deputy Louise Asher, who would be presumably only be slighly less surprised than the rest of us.

It’s in this context that many on both sides of politics think this joke has gone on for too long.

For Labor, they’ll think they will miss out on crucial Greens preferences in marginal seats in the burbs where the Greens don’t have a chance if they didn’t do a deal with them. Maybe. But most Greens voters want to and do preference Labor and even in the seat of Blair where the Greens candidate (an extremely eccentric sex instructor and accused kleptomaniac) was preferencing to the Liberals it didn’t shift the preference flow from Labor too much. As for unseating Baillieu and McIntosh, while it be amusing for some Labor comrades it would clearly be seen as massively destabilising and vindictive as well.

It’s the same too-clever-by-half politics that gets politicians into trouble.

The Liberals have not much to lose either by shafting the Greens. By preferencing to the Greens in the inner-city, they cause great angst not only for principle-driven Liberals like Bernie Finn but real trouble in regional Victoria where the Greens party is widely acknowledged as their natural enemy. The Liberals have just elected a member of the House of Representatives from the extreme-left party. It doesn’t take Nostradamus to know they’ll get called on it at the state poll. All they get out of giving the Greens party a preference hand-out is a little distraction for Labor in four or five seats, potentially electing Greens MPs who will almost inevitably side with Labor anyway and drag any government it forms further to the Left of anything Bracks or Brumby has delivered in the past ten years.

We have seen from the private email correspondence from Bob Brown’s own staff that their own market research (remember they profess to oppose poll-driven politics and reject the concept of political ‘brands’) reveals that their supporters violently oppose them playing games with preferences. They pretend to be a party of protest against politics but – as the many shocking stories based on recent leaks have demonstrated – they are indeed the same cynical, nihilist, ruthlessly pragmatic types that we once saw populate the Communist party and other far-left groups. Their underbelly has been quite the sight.

Finn is totally right. It’s time the major parties put their Greens party in their rightful place. Last or near enough to last. It’s time for party members – Liberal and Labor – to make themselves heard on this before it’s too late.

How many seats does these extreme-left militant party need to win before we wake up to them?

Click here to hear Bernie Finn on the Greens party menace.



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44 responses to “PUT THEM LAST: Liberal patriot MP Bernie Finn stands up for principle on the rising tide of Greens menace

  1. sandy

    When is Bernie taking over from Red Ted?

  2. anon

    Would you [deleted – defamatory]

  3. Blobby

    The greens only win seats because of Liberal preferences as part of their political deal

  4. Winston Churchill

    “Liberal patriots” – hahaha

    You liberals would sell your country for political power.

  5. hullsy dullsy

    I wouldn’t call him a patriot Andy. Not after his repulsive attacks on the good people of the west.

  6. anon

    If it looks like a kiddy fiddler, if it acts like a kiddy fiddler, if it sounds like a kiddy fiddler HE IS A !!!!

  7. Hope the Greens win in Richmond and give that uselees ******* the flick,with the best wishes of the Party Members in Brimbank

  8. Will Labor come to the dance?

    Quid pro quo:

    If Labor preferences the Liberals/Nationals before Greens in the federal Senate and state Legislative Councils, then there is the basis for a ‘preference Greens last’ deal in the lower houses.

    Is Labor willing to make such a compromise? Otherwise, why shouldn’t the Liberals continue to throw green anvils as Labor drowns on it’s (inner city) left?

    It’s your base, your mess, and our wedge to divide your de-facto red-green coalition from mainstream middle Australia. Get your house in order before the Greens drag all of Labor down to the 13% quagmire of far-left latte sipping politics.

    One Nation and the Democrats are no longer a political forces. The Liberals saw off those breakaway rivals to the left and right. Only the Nationals still struggle with breakaways in the form of rural independents.

    Now it’s Labor’s turn to do the same against the Greens before your are forced by electoral reality into a coalition that will prove electoral poison, where Labor would be forced to bear the affront for every wacky and odious Green policy repugnant to mainstream middle Australia.

    The Green’s threaten Labor much more than Liberal, and once they are given a platform, or worse, power in a Labor government, their exposure will drive the electorate as a whole to the right.

    So against that, what will Labor offer for a Liberal preference deal?

  9. Flopsy Western

    For the record – if the electorate of Hawthorn falls to the Greens I will bare my backside in Bourke St.

    The mere mention of Hawthorn (and Kew for that matter – are you really that desperate?) in this context is entirely laughable and is clearly a lame attempt by the host of this site to somehow influence the Liberal Party away from a clever political decision that will see safe Labor territory falling into the hands of the Greens. Sadly for him the moment of truth has finally arrived – the ALP can no longer rely on Liberal preferences to shore up their inner city electorates. It will be so sad to see all that Labor talent exit the Parliament in November – I hear Bronny Pike is not taking the news well. Such a shame. Oh well, at least she gets her Super!

    As for the comment from ‘anon’ at 19.20 – if he is all as you describe he is also most definitely a member of the ALP. Given their track record is all I’m saying.

  10. Noel Jackson

    Bernie is the only Lib with principles.

    The rest of them are doorstops.

  11. Anonymous

    The Greens are to the left as One Nation were to the right. Both disgusting scum

  12. Anon

    Why does anyone think the independents will be voted out of their seats if they support the ALP? When Russell Savage from the conservative seat of Mildura supported Steve Bracks in 1999 he increased his primary vote from 44% in 1999 to 52% in 2002 and the 2PP from 56% to 68%. Craig Ingram increased his vote in the conservative seat of Gippsland East from 25% to 41% and the 2PP from 58% to 62%

  13. Blind freddy

    Bernie, wouldnt it be smarter to preference the Greens, let them win a few seats and let Labor run back to the left in order to win back their heartland? Then as they move left the more middle ground outer suburban seats will all come back to the Libs. Before you know it Libs back in govt. Simple ey?

  14. Adrian Jackson

    Finn is always good for a laugh but nothing else

  15. Adrian Jackson

    Bye bye, Bronwyn Pike and Richard Wynne. Go the Greens.

  16. Adrian Jackson

    Gee if the Greens get Prahran both bread winners of the Tony Lupton MP family may be out of a job as his wife is a journalist (or is that just a reporter) at The Age.

    The Age had printing press problems once again – no paper home delivered this morning. Perhaps its time to cancel all papers.

  17. Ben

    I know what I’d do with these green vultures.

  18. Rick

    Its time for ALP and Liberals to both preference each other ahead of the Greens.

    I’m a Lib supporter – but ALWAYS put Greens last on the ballot.

  19. David Clarke MLC

    Finn is next Alex Hawke

  20. Pisstopher Chryne

    Who is ‘anon’ above accusing of being a kiddy fiddler?

  21. Dave

    “Now it’s Labor’s turn to do the same against the Greens before you are forced by electoral reality into a coalition that will prove electoral poison, where Labor would be forced to bear the affront for every wacky and odious Green policy repugnant to mainstream middle Australia.”

    Maybe I’ve missed something, but there is a Green/ALP Coalition in Tas and a Green supported ALP gov in the ACT. Where are the problems?

    Add to that the fact that the ACT Libs were trying to form government with the Greens, and it seems that the Greens aren’t as poisonous as you think.

    Maybe your just scared of the new world where people dont blindly support the ALP/Coalition.

  22. Adrian Jackson

    A few years ago Kew and Hawthorn had more change of falling to the Dr wives than the Greens now.

  23. Nongs.


    You bring up Tasmania and ACT. Both are rumps of government and fundamentally parasites. Not a good example.

    Especially ACT. It is a travesty and waste of money that they have the equivalent of a state government. Really just an overblown city council but with the scary ability to pass real laws.

  24. Dave


    Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. The point is, they are governments, dealing with many similar issues to ones on the national agenda such as health, education, economics and the environment.

    If they were just city councils, then I would agree, they would be bad examples.

    Whether you or I or anyone else likes it or not, these are REAL governments serving REAL people.

    Just because they are small does not reduce the right of the voters to have the same representation as everyone else.

    Whether they are rumps or not has no bearing on this debate at all.

  25. Greens bitch

    Ballieu is the greens bitch.
    He will take it anyway they give.
    He can’t win this time….so he is going for the simulated victory of greens win in Melbourne Richmond northcote and Brunswick.

    Will the greens return all ted’s love when it is their turn or just jump into bed with labor?

  26. Vic greens are liberals thru and thru

    Bob brown has attacked both labor and liberals…. But barber never attacks libs…. Vic Libs and Vic greens are joined at the hip.

  27. swill watcher

    The senate as body is unrepresentative swill.

    This federation was stiched up by power crazed premiers in. 1901. It sold out the 1880s and 1890s popular movement for national government. It was a betrayal of the Citizens then now with massive population shifts it is wholey undemocratic. By what right do small states weld so much power to block.
    Ofcourse it has not done anything for tassie….power crazed right and left wing idiot mps have held state back at every turn.

    It is your worst nightmare … Dopey councillors running your whole state.

  28. Herald sun hate campaign

    The only real nongs are the guys on the labor hate campaign in the herald sun…they will not get labor but instead get a greens /labor govt.

  29. Anonymous

    Finn is a chronic alcoholic and the poor people of the west have to listen to his constant gibberish in parliament

  30. Anonymous

    What we need to really need to point out hear is that Bernie Finn’s spot in the western suburbs is under threat from the greens. Non labor voters of the western suburbs are fed up with Mr Finn so the alternative will be the greens. Mr Finns spot can very well go to the greens. Finn is just scared.

  31. Anonymous

    Colin Brooks is great.

  32. Greens turn Brown

    Re bulldust Posted by Anonymous | August 29, 2010, 0:57

    The Federal Senate vote was over 34% for Libs , so Libs are looking good 2nd quota – not losing first quota.

    After the debacle that is the Federal election result, support for Greens and third parties will decline.

  33. What Bull,Anonymous.Bernie Finn is the only Uperhouse Member in the West,who is a Local.The others are all blowins, who dont give a Shit about us out here and are just dumbed on us without us having any say and do nothing.They need a GPS just to find there Seat.And this from an Vic Branchstacking Member.Dont call it ALP!!!!!

  34. plald

    I support the Greens and have absolutely no problem with any of the Greens preference arrangements with Labor. The arrangement for the 2010 election was beneficial for the Greens as it was for Labor. Neither party would have done it otherwise. It’s not some kind of sneaky game. Preference deals aren’t dirty – unless of course it’s a deal like labor preferencing family first as it did in 2004, getting Steve Fielding elected in the senate, and selling the entire country down the river in the process.

  35. Eugene


    There are a number of issues that need addressing. First, why did the Liberal Party preference a party (The Greens) that is almost totally opposed to its philosophy? Secondly, if it chose to do so, why didn’t it obtain some political advantage in return? For example, preferences in the Liberal marginals like LaTrobe and Dunkley, and the Labor marginals like Deakin and Corangamite? Thirdly, who made the decision. It appears that it was not made by the Administrative Committee. And senior parliamentarians were informed only after the deal was done. Finally, is it true that the State Liberal leader is contemplating a similar approach? Blind Freddy can see the disaster that would be. Has anybody run the Federal Liberal result across State booths? Apart from Menzies – and to a much lessor extent Kooyong and Higgins – it would result in a wipeout.

    Any serious Liberals reading this blog should be concerned.


  36. Grover

    Greens policies are unequivocally racist. This needs to be hammered at every opportunity. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/features/getting-wild-where-the-rivers-run/story-e6frg6z6-1225820154474

  37. Anonymous

    Posted by Brimbank Party hack | August 29, 2010, 16:24

    Contributors to this site can make all the smart remarks in the world about ethnics in the west, but there are some unassailable truths that these latte sipping turfs need to get through their thick heads. One, political activism is legal in this country. Second, people of all ethnic backgrounds are free to join political parties and contribute to the process, and to call them warlords resonates of white Australia and an intelligentsia that has only a superficial support for Multiculturalism.

  38. mick

    If the Greens continue to get electorally more powerful the Labor party will be faced with two bad choices.

    1. Go to war with the Greens in an attempt to save its center-left vote

    2. Form a coalition with the extremists, who although moving more to the center-left in terms of powerbase will still be policy-driven from the extreme left.

    Either way is a very quick path to damaged electoral relevance. The Labor party NEEDS option 3 – it takes the Liberal party to war with it on the Greens, seeing the Marxist left once again marginalised back to the “Socialist Alliance” 0.5% of the vote it deserves.

    Unfortunately for the Labor party and for the health of Australian democracy, it looks like the Libs may be seriously considering putting decades of power in front of the national interest. The nation is best served by a strong opposition, but if option 1 or 2 come to be its going to be Libs, daylight, more daylight, Labor.

  39. Giuseppe De Simone

    First the bandit then the wee-kid have backed “real” Julia – the socialist one. If the ALP had won those seats instead of their leftist proxies, there would be nothing to write about for the past week. Therefore, it was a counter-productive move that gave Julia momentum and the leftists valuable oxygen. Bernie is right as usual. Eric Abetz is right as usual – the Greens and their fellow travellers must go last. Unfortunately, Eric forgot to preference the wee-kid second last in Denison. How much more galling would it have been for the ALP to have to acknowledge they relied on Liberal preferences to win the seats of Melbourne and Denison from their real political enemies – the ultra leftists. As a believer not in stable government (i.e. one that thinks it has a mandate to do more) but in good government (i.e. one that does less), I’d rather have the ALP on 74 seats and the Liberal/National coalition on 72 + the crook than the current cobbled together position. At least then the decision would be left to the clean decent rural rent seekers rather than the trendy dirty urban kind.

  40. leftiesback greens as Labor loses its way

    It is not rocket science. Labor has abandoned the comrades, brothers and workers,their votes are now going to the greens, and then back to labor in preferences

    Socialist left are the losers here

  41. politicalrealist

    Always put the Greens last.
    Always put the Nationals second last.

  42. Anonymous

    Oakeshot will support Gillard and get the speaker’s job.

  43. Anonymous

    bernie is my hero

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