YAWN: Dummy spitter thanks the party that gave him everything and covered up his sins with a raised middle-finger

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In an a letter dripping with hatred, typographical errors and spelling mistakes, aptly called ex-Government Whip Craig Langdon set out what he claimed were the reasons for his resignation from his seat of Ivanhoe.

It is widely known in political circles that the troubled Langdon was deselected after a number of scandals related to his private life bubbled over and threatened to make him unelectable.

Since then, he has been looking for people to blame and appears to identify them in his rambling letter.

Of course, Langdon would almost certainly have continued until his chosen date of retirement given his extensive multiple recruitment in the Heidelberg region and his long-time loose political alliance with designated successor Anthony Carbines.

It was only when Carbines defeated him in a preselection that he suddenly reached the uncharitable and apparently quite false conclusions he makes in his sad letter.

The simple fact is that Craig Langdon was a mediocre MP and modestly effective branch-stacker.

He had a steady series of horrible conflicts with former staff and former Banyule councillors that suggested either they all had a serious mental illness or he did.

Perhaps they all did.

Regardless of all that, the simple fact is that Craig Langdon got the highest-paying most prestigious job he’s ever had and will ever get courtesy of the ALP. (Unless of course he’s come to an arrangement with Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu about future appointments)

The fact the bloke sent his daughter (naturally appointed as one of his electorate officer) out to speak for him speaks volumes. There’s something very wrong with that picture.

From his last words, we see the real Craig Langdon. A sad, confused, lonely man who has seriously lost his way. We don’t wish him well.

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