IT'S RAINING ETHICS: Lobby storm-cloud forms over NSW Liberals glory hole

bofbusiness New South Wales Liberals are on the verge of one of the most spectacular electoral wins in the history of Australian politics in next year’s election.

The rage against the Sussex Street machine is such that 10% swings against the government are now considered by the Opposition and Government as a minimum in next year’s election.

The sense of betrayal, being duped, conned, cheated, deceived and ripped off was perfectly captured in two brilliant TVCs by the Liberals. One an animated ad, another a straight-to-camera piece by anti-Muslim yob Angry Anderson, whose tatts and chipped teeth disguise the recording artist millionaire racist within. We recall we might have contributed to the Angry fortune by buying the “Bound for Glory” track during Melbourne’s depressed early 1990s.

Anderson once told a parliamentary inquiry that “Aussies fight with fists” and asserted it was the other cultures who introduced weapons to street-fights. From the anti-Chinese riots of Lambing Flat where armed “Aussies” butchered Chinese migrants and onwards, there have been plenty examples disproving Anderson’s racist rant.

Angry Anderson really is a class act, even selling his image for $50,000 for a poker machine attracting criticism from wowser Senator Nick Xenophon. We tasked the militant youth wing of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit with finding quotes of Angry ripping into pokies and couldn’t find much but we did find plenty of quotes from his close chum and critic-silencer Les Twentyman who described a pokies facility as a “loaded gun at the head of the community.” Nonsense, of course, because pokies are actually a harmless low-cost form of entertainment for the vast majority of people but we love a good humbug angle.

For all that, the rich yob made a brilliantly effective Liberal spokesman. The ad was chillingly effective as Anderson – whose royalties have reportedly totalled $10 million plus – presented as a convincing Sydney battler and the script brilliantly captured the mood of betrayal for Labor in Sydney. A sense of betrayal so strong that even a promise of billions for rail infrastructure seemed to regarded as a personal insult by half the city. “You know they hate you when promising ‘em nothin’ works better than a $3 billion rail link,” a Labor insider explained.

Within the NSW Liberals though, there is much angst about whether they had sufficiently capitalised on the ground from the shock and awe air cover provided by these devastating ads.

One Liberal told VEXNEWS:

There are a lot of very pissed off Libs in NSW with rank and file party members wondering how the party only picked up a net one seat.

People are mystified how head office only got candidates out in certain key seats like Lindsay and Greenway after the campaign started. How different things may have been.

NSW Liberal president Campell got out in the Nick of time, no pun intended, after setting up a lobbying company with VP Michael Photios. People now know why they and their supporters were so keen to rort state pre-selections instead of getting ready for a critically important federal election.

There’s an ethics concern – of a serious kind rather than the confected nonsense we’ve read from Dr Cannold about the Governor-General’s ability to do her job – arising within the Liberal party about the early emergence of Liberal-aligned lobbying companies in Sydney that will attempt to match the massive financial success of Hawker Britton which was sold to the listed Singleton company (in which mega-millionaire John is no longer a big shareholder) for a sum in excess of $30 million.

This is why Bruce Hawker smirks so much, it is widely believed by his critics. We love Brucey here, so we’ll hear none of it and look forward to being invited to his private Tahitian island and brought dacquaris by his buxom Pacific serving wenches. Only kidding.

“If BOF isn’t careful, the jellied fruits of victory could be ashes in his mouth.”

The Honourable Peter Collins QC MP is also on the job. He’s setting up Barton Deakin consulting which is conveniently located in the same building as the NSW Liberal secretariat, in the same way perhaps as kiddie porn artist Bill Henson set up shop in 104 Exhibition Street, the Victorian Liberal HQ.

Demonstrating just how supportive likely Premier Barry O’Farrell is of the new venture, he agreed to open the premises and enjoyed the boozy launch, according to observers.

Peter Collins QC is also seen as a keen self-pleasurer, having been the last NSW Attorney-General to appoint himself a QC. The late Socialist Left ally Jim Kennan QC, much celebrated and recently departed nincompoop former Victorian Labor minister did the same thing in 1987 while Attorney-General, only barely interrupting a lifetime of preaching to others about ethics at dinner parties. It is always those who preach loudest about ethics who have some twisted, dirty little secret hidden in plain view, but that’s another story we’ll come back to when jackass ethicist Leslie Cannold has to apologise for slurring the Governor-General on the basis that she couldn’t ethically discharge her duties because she has a son-in-law in the federal Parliament when the Solicitor-General comes back saying it’s ridiculous.

Nasty gossips around Macquarie Street tell VEXNEWS that Coleman achieved a little infamy as Opposition Leader for getting to know his Rural Media Adviser extremely well indeed when visiting places like Dubbo and Wagga, which required overnight stops in seedy motels.

Coleman’s then missus got sick of his country members’ tours and eventually settled down with former Victorian Treasurer and national party president Alan Stockdale, who did much to restore Victoria’s financial health after the disastrous Cain years.

Meanwhile, there appear to be a thousand flowers blooming as every ex hack, spiv and anyone who’d ever been in the NSW Young Libs for five minutes figures out a way of making a quid out of introductions, fundraising, government facilitation and such.

One NSW Liberal warned:

“If BOF isn’t careful, the jellied fruits of victory could be ashes in his mouth. He needs to settle in for a long innings of the kind that will make history in New South Wales. He’ll need to shun the lobbyists from the temple, not be opening up their offices and running errands from the $500 per hour, ten grand a month retainer crowd. If ICAC could bounce Greiner, it could do the same to any Premier.”



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143 responses to “IT'S RAINING ETHICS: Lobby storm-cloud forms over NSW Liberals glory hole

  1. Mike Baird

    my daddy told me that i support Barry 100%!

  2. Talihunter

    How about Robertson? The good old Terrigal mafia did such a great job with a candidate in the field for a year, but failed to swing a seat on <1% margin even with help from Belinda Neal. Good old Taliban clumsily digging themselves a deeper grave.

  3. Pissy Chryne

    I hope Ken’s is open for business next week. I have some grecian cave exploration work to conduct.

  4. Anon

    Robertson has costed the coalition Government. What went wrong?

  5. Lindsay Man

    What went wrong?

    Two words – Dick Shambles.

  6. Anon

    So it’s Nick Campbell’s fault that Hartcher and co. didn’t get their act together?

    Or was Darren the wrong choice?

  7. Deb O'Neill

    I’d like to thank Nick Campbell and friends for all their help. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thank you for keeping Tony from Government, he’s just not worth the risk.

  8. Craig Thomson

    I’d also like to thank the Central Coast libs for all their help. Pre-selecting a shady pink batts bloke was a stroke of genius. My friends from Eden Monaro and Paige also want to give a giant shout out to Mark Neeham. O

  9. Greenway

    Our vote was really soft, and it was always going to come down to the wire. We only saw one campaign and one candidate. Anyway who needs a conservative Government anyway?


    Greenway electorate

  10. QUESTIONS are being asked inside the Coalition about poor decision-making that might have cost it the chance to win the election outright.

    Late candidate preselections, poor funding for key seats and large-scale campaigns in safe conservative electorates between Nationals and Liberals made Tony Abbott’s job of seizing the prime ministership much more difficult than it needed to be.

    Liberals also did not direct mail postal vote applications in the key seats of Greenway or Lindsay, giving Labor a considerable edge when those votes are tallied.

    It is also understood that while Labor realised Banks was in trouble during the campaign, the Liberals had not even polled the electorate to find out if it was winnable. In Bonner in Queensland, where the former Liberal member Ross Vasta was successful, the LNP realised it needed to direct resources his way only after a media report that Labor was concerned about holding the seat.

    Liberals were concerned about the slowness to get candidates in the field in the seats of Greenway and Lindsay before the campaign began, seats Labor won only by the barest of margins.

    Abbott is believed to have been furious with the slow candidate selections, something that happened because of factional wrangling. During the campaign, irate Liberal supporters in Greenway flooded the party’s website with complaints that they had not seen their candidate out on the hustings, including one former campaign worker from the successful 2004 effort to win the seat off Labor.

    The Liberal candidate for Lindsay, Fiona Scott, told The Australian she decided she would like to run for the seat shortly after the 2007 election, yet she won party preselection only shortly before the election was called.

  11. Anonymous


    Libs to form Govt $2.00
    ALP to form Govt $1.75

    Looks like theirs a belief Julia will make it – would be a heroic effort, even though I voted for Tony!

  12. Voted for change

    What sort of Moron waits till the day an election is called to preselect a candidate?

  13. Pisstopher Chryne

    The title of this report suggests a new glory hole has opened in Sydney. Can anyone tell me where it is as Ken’s bath house no longer offers the discretion I desire…although the boys are hot, hot, hot.

  14. Miles

    But what about ME! I fully support Nick’s decision to delay preselections until the election was called. He is a visionary state president. He has also promised me a Senate seat. He hasn’t said when, but I believe him.

  15. Taking of Pell 123

    Mike Baird, your daddy is a wise man….and a good creationist christian

  16. Jefferies

    Alex says he’ll find me a seat too… some day…

  17. lazy lib

    If we’d won Robertson we wouldn’t be having this debate on who independents would support.

  18. D@W

    LNP 74
    ALP 71
    Gr 1
    Gr (Ind-Tas) 1
    3 Amigos

    ALP to lose Corangamite and His Luck on Declaration Votes

  19. lazy lib

    Hartcher on ‘photographic safari’ in africa during fed election. Now he’s the one being hunted.

    Itd be pm abbott today if it weren’t for poor liberal organisation. Once again Hartcher under-delivers. Why not pre-select former one nation bloke for The Entrance? oh you’ve done that. Good. No profile dead beat for Wyong? Check.

    Failed almost green anti-fluoride nutbar for gossie? Hartcher strikes again.

    Chris Hartcher. Keeping labor in power since nineteen-dickety-two.

  20. BS Detector

    The late preselections were entirely due to the fact that nobody decent wanted to run in these seats.

    You seem to forget that, up until Keevie wet his pants at Floppenhagen abd the global warming myth collapsed, the Coalition looked like being steamrollered.

    Who wants to run when they know they’re gonna lose excpet madmen and Young Liberals? And that’s what we were talking about this time last year – 100+ seats for Labor, less tahn 50 for the Coalition.

  21. another lazy lib

    Ah, not being able to adapt quickly to a changing political environment… FAIL! Robertson was always in play for the Liberals. Ever since Belinda went bananas at iguanas.

    It really goes to the deep malaise of the organisation. 12 years to get our act together, yet Labor still wins.

  22. Obviously, the warriors of Opus Dei thought Abbott wasn’t right wing enough.

    Much better to support fringe dwellers from One Nation and Warringah Council.

    What next? Greg Smith to roll O’Farrell for the NSW Leadership????

    These fools should have been driven out of the party ages ago…

  23. another lazy lib

    Hahahaha it’s Hartcher’s A-team hobbled around a computer like neanderthals around a fire.

    It must warm the heart of Kristina Keneally.

    Really it’s a nice cover from Hartcher’s mate Mcnamara. Except Thomson got primary swings in Northern booths.

    Both labor and Greens had primary swings towards them, and libs a 2.17% swing away.

    Why was this allowed to happen? Why was Robertson allowed to happen.

    Let’s go safari on Hartcher.

  24. Damien Tudehope

    Look, I was up at Blaxland East Booth ok, don’t blame me for getting lost on the way to Bella Vista….

  25. Chadlee Sidler

    Hartcher’s Africa on Safari gets me a little restless

  26. Hugo Halliday

    Did somebody say John Alexander?

  27. another lazy lib

    This front page is Hartcher’s fault.

    Conservatives should not forget this. Don’t give this chronically underperforming talibanista another go.

  28. School of hard Knox

    Kristy Knox could have beaten Thomson. I know this because Cnr Amy told me. She tells me things when she isn’t on the pokies.

  29. Toto Hartcher

    It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you.

    There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

    I bless the rains down in Africa.

    Gonna take some time to do the things we never have.

  30. Let us get this right

    Don’t worry about the “Liberals” or should I say conservatives (obviously they do not know where they sit politically). Labor has lost NSW, not the conservatives winning it with hard work or any decent policies.

    The right wing of the Labor party in NSW have a lot to answer for not only in NSW but Federally as well.

    Time for the broom!

  31. Karl B

    Please can someone show me the way to the employment search counter at Centrelink?

  32. Alex Hork

    I think the success the libs have experienced in NSW can all be attributed to the hard work of the young liberal flying squad led by my loyal minions.

    Just look at how well we did in Eden-Monaro!

  33. Blame everything on Clarke

    Its all David Clarkes fault:

    Greens get another Senator – blame Clarke.

    Oakeshott wins Lynne – blamce Clarke.

    Wilkie wins Dennison – blame Clarke.

    Sex Party preferences Family First – blame Clarke.

    Raining tomorrow? blame Clarke.

    The one question that will always linger over this election is why was the President of the NSW Liberals sacked two weeks out from the federal election?

  34. Wow… the President sacked? You must also believe the pope when he says the pull-out method works better than an evil condom.

  35. Nom nom nom

    The only thing Kristy Knox could win would be a pie eating contest.

  36. Shambles

    I was not sacked. I resigned for family reasons.

    I was not sacked from the Mitchell preselection. I withdrew for family reasons.

    I did not knife Mr Towke. He also withdrew for family reasons.

    I did not rat on Miles. I withdrew my support for family reasons.

    I did not establish the Party Affairs Committee to persecute factional opponents. It exists only for family reasons.

  37. Sideshow Bob

    Clr Houston loves a gamble. Too bad she’s hopeless at it.
    Backing Hork = fail
    Holding her job with Coonan = fail
    Picking a winner in Dobell = fat fail

  38. You're fired!

    Amy Houston was ‘asked to leave’ Coonan’s office because she was white anting the Robertson campaign.

  39. Talihunter

    I’ve been hunting for some tali’s that are gainfully employed, or high achievers, or even just some Tali candidates that are actually doing some work in the community, some activity that might help us win seats… But it’s just so tough! I’m taliwhacked!

  40. sceptic

    How did Amy whiteant the robertson campaign? That is disgusting, unfair suggestion. Explain exactly how she whiteanted robertson if you have the guts. Typical tali probably won’t.

  41. Anonymous

    For the truth just “google” Craig Langdon

  42. mr abbott

    Hey guys,

    I didn’t really want to be prime minister. Thanks for not getting over the line in robertson. I hope africa was good chris.

    Robertson misread the memo from chq and strived to ‘stop the votes’. Simple mistake.


  43. You're fired!

    Ask Coonan.

    Or better yet, see if she ever gets another job.

    Packing shelves at Woolworths doesn’t count.

  44. Gainfully employed

    I had to laugh out loud ‘Talihunter’ at your suggestion that you are unable to find ‘talis’ (i.e. conservative Liberal Party members in the tradition of John Howard/Tony Abbott)who are gainfully employed.

    As you would be well aware, just about every YL/LP member of a conservative stamp is or has been successful in the private sector – some in the finance industry, others as lawyers etc.

    This is in stark contrast to your fellow Ambition faction members, who it seems are either badly performing staffers, stacking shelves at Woolworths or ‘in between’ jobs.

    BTW your anti Catholicism truly makes me sick.

  45. Quotable Quotes

    “There’s no wagon like a bandwagon,”

    Tweet from Scott Farlow days before Turnbull was rolled for selling out and collaborating with the Rudd socialist government on the ETS as the Liberal base revolted.

  46. Dominic Perrottet

    I f^&#@d up in Castle Hill and Baulkham Hills

  47. Charlie Perrottet

    I f#%$@d Damian Tudehope in Baulkham Hills

  48. What makes me sick, “Gainfully employed,” is your patriarch Clarke turning up to ethnic functions and screaming blue murder against muslims and homosexuals under the guise of some militant brand of Catholicism (or more plausibly a ruthlessly calculated attempt to prey on the fears of ethnic Christian minorities in order to establish and grow a power-base of solid but impotent & inactive Liberal branches in Western Sydney).

    To have a Copt speak with me about how Clarke had spoken at his church and said the ALP and those less “pure” in the Liberal party than he want to abolish scripture in public schools and replace it with lessons on Islam (by the way, here’s a membership form) should make us all pause and question whether we’re really fighting over ideologies (who in the Liberal Party (aside from DC) could possibly think his rantings constitute coherent social policy or an electable platform?) or it’s just a cult of personality.

    That we have a group of people in this great party that care less about winning government, and more about prosecuting some religious bigot’s warped view of Australian society should give us all great cause for concern.

    Dump Clarke though… and perhaps everyone moves back to the centre-right where we stand the greatest chance of forming government at all levels, and represent the bulk of the Australian electorate.

    I’ve heard rumblings about moves to sideline Clarke, if only someone in the taliban had the balls to do it.

  49. Hard Truth

    If Alex Hawke really wanted Tony Abbott to be Prime Minister he would have voted for him in the Party Room nine months ago.

  50. Belinda Neal

    – I go bananas at Iguanas.
    – I try and cover it up
    – I spend 28 days on the front page of the telegraph.
    – I have a very public and bruising preselection.
    – I’m replaced by someone with a similar name.
    – I stay on as a destabilising figure.
    – The liberals have someone in the field for a year, gains a reasonable public profile.


    You guys couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery. I all but give you the seat and this is what you do?

    You guys don’t deserve Government, it doesn’t seem like you want it.

  51. Tali Cowards

    Look if you have evidence of why Amy was ‘asked to leave’ Coonans, say it now.

    If not shut the hell up and stop this slander. It does the party no good.

    Being a typical tali coward you won’t come up with the goods.

  52. Hard Truth

    After all the anti Catholic bigotry and smear the Ambition Faction now cries foul over slander against poor Amy Houston.

  53. Tali Cowards

    A well paying respected job at the NRMA is not woolies you ass.

    ‘You’re fired!’ is typical of the Irish cowards in the tali.

  54. Irishman

    I bet well paying = $40 k a year (a lot compared to the going rate for a Woollies shelf stacker)

    NRMA job = low ranking office clerk or call centre operator.

  55. Angry Scotsman

    NRMA was a parachute for the political fall from grace.

  56. Charlie Perrottet

    DC threw a chair at me in the office.

  57. Dominic Perrottet

    Disputes panel says I tried to rort the constitution in my attempt to win Castle Hill.

  58. Amy BO Houston

    Amy Houston needs a shower and someone to buy her some deodarant. She is toxic to the Lib party.

    Kristy “nom nom’s” Knox is just Amy’s lacky. Only think nom nom’s is good for is cleaning out a bakery

    Both will be booted out of the party before long and as for Alex “High Pitch” Hawke…. he won’t survive his next preselection.

    Once these three are gone, the libs will be far better off

  59. Amy BO Houston

    DC made advances towards me. I turned him down

    My nrma job is fab. Coonan found out i was going to run for her job.

  60. Epic Fail

    Houston will never be a Coonan. Coonan has class, style & hasn’t slept with every YL under 25 years old.

  61. Pre selector

    Amy thinks doing the numbers means strapping a mattress to her back.

  62. David Farker

    Thanks so much for your support in Chifley guys. I am proud to stand up for my values so I can serve David Clarke, God and George Bilic. I am really upset that the soft right wouldn’t let me go on state exec. If you let me on state exec i would show you what I am deep inside and we could fight together to retain the 4% we need to get our deposit back.

  63. In the know

    A serious review of the dobell campaign will show Clr Amy Houston’s commitment. She did nothing for the campaign at all. As soon as Neeham & Co passed over her embarrassing, lazy & unqualified friend, Amy went missing. Had more important things to do like humping the ambition faction and her angry Scottish brother. Lazy & everyone know’s.

  64. Tali Cowards

    Why would Amy help ol’ Pop ‘n Fresh in Dobell? he couldn’t even go to council without supporting the NBN 2 weeks from the election.

    The dickhead voted for a motion in favour of Wyong being a priority area for the NBN rollout. Lucky it didn’t get national coverage. Cnr Mcnamara voted that:

    “Council in partnership with Gosford City Council, the RDA and our local Federal Members, take a lead role in campaigning for the Central Coast Region to receive priority status in the rollout scheduling of the Federal Government’s $40 billion NBN…

    Council recognises the extraordinary benefits that will flow to almost every facet of our community as outlined in the attached speech by former Prime Minister Rudd on 10th December 2009 quoting,

    “This will revolutionise teaching in our classrooms, revolutionise health care in our medical centres and our hospitals and will plug our nation into the global economy. It will link together communities and people all across Australia so that Australians in regional areas are not left out.”

    Stop the bloats.

  65. Irish & Armed

    What does that say about the unemployed bloat Kristy Knox that State Exec overlooked as the candidate? Typical ambition faction: useless, no job, lazy, loafer looking for a free feed.

  66. Tali Cowards

    Better than the Hartcher backed Gary ‘pink batts’ Lee.

    Honestly how stupid are these people?

    There are three incredibly attainable seats in the Central Coast for the NSW state election.

    Despite Hartcher and his merry bunch of chums pre-selecting Darren ‘I electrocuted myself’ Webber and Chris ‘hate thems asians’ Spence, but the NSW liberal party cannot afford to allow these tali no hopers a chance to re-enact their disasterous federal campaign.

    Talis out. Ambition in.

  67. Spence Fan.

    Chris Spence has many ties to the community. He is involved with oztag!

    Who cares if he was involved with One Nation for a few more years than Pauline Hanson was? Who hasn’t been a leading light in an fringe anti-immigration, racist group? Who won’t do untold damage to the party with the Jewish community?

    Chris Spence can totally reconcile his firmly held one nation beliefs (his warped view of ‘Australian values’) in the taliban faction.

    The Liberal Party is a broad tent, we have to accept extremists, no matter how unpopular, backward and alienating they are.

    Robert Menzies would be proud.

  68. Irishman again

    And there it is ‘Tali Coward’ – you’ve exposed your hand.

    You and your fellow Ambition faction members simply cannot stand the fact that the only successful leader of our Party since Howard has been Tony Abbott -a CONSERVATIVE. Your little pal Turnbull would have been completely unable to garner even a respectable proportion of the popular vote – just look at the polls from when he was leader.

    The Ambition Faction may also think we are unaware of their sneaky little plans to reinstall him at an opportune moment – disaster for our future electoral prospects.

    It’s up to the real patriots in the Party to ensure that doesn’t happen, or we might be out of office for the next 12 years.

  69. Tali cowards

    Well if we’re not winning seats like Robertson because of the Tali, this hypothetical hardly seems relevant.

    Everywhere the tali played a hand in last Saturday we went backwards.

    The collapse in support for labor in Queensland has masked a hoorible performance in NSW. Despite a statewide swing, we failed to win where it matters.

    The tali’s performance in seats like Robertson has kept us from majority government.

    But that’s ok, what’s 3 more years of Labor between friends?

    David Clarke and Chris Hartcher have a lot to answer for. They can go on a permanent photographic safari as far as i’m concerned.

    We need hard headed non-extremists to run the show. Campbell and Hawke are our only hope.

  70. Baci


  71. Oh wow… the Taliban Patriots! Sounds like an Afghanistani soccer club, but unfortunately is probably more like a Redfield chess group.

    For God’s sake, the centre-right is no great fan of Turnbull’s, and let’s be honest, Abbott is far more pragmatic than that fruit-loop Clarke.

    How far away is the Taliban from having a leader who could actually get elected to a lower house? Give him the chop, boys. Every day he’s out there he’s damaging your credibility.

  72. Fartcher

    Chris Spence is so loony I’ll be taking another holiday.

  73. Kenny Rogers

    On a warm summer’s evening on a train bound for nowhere
    I met up with the gambler we were both too tired of sleep
    So we took turns at staring out the window at the darkness
    Till boredom overtook us, and she began to speak

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    And knowing what their cards were by the way they held their eyes
    So if you don’t mind my saying, I can see you’re out of aces
    For a taste of your whiskey I’ll give you some advice.
    So I handed her my bottle and he drank down my last swallow
    Then she bummed a cigarette and asked me for a light
    And the night got deathly quiet, and her face lost all expression
    Said, If you’re gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right

    You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
    Know when to walk away and know when to run.
    You never count your money when you’re sitting at the table
    There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done

    Now Every gambler knows that the secret to surviving
    Is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep
    Cause every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser
    And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.

    And when she’d finished speaking, she turned back towards the window
    Crushed out her cigarette and faded off to sleep
    And somewhere in the darkness the gambler, she broke even
    But in her final words I found an ace that I could keep

    You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away and know when to run.
    You never count your money when you’re sitting at the table
    There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done

  74. Tony Abbott

    The Jesuits are more impressive than Opus Dei.

  75. Barker

    Clarke got rid of me cos I wasn;t Opus Dei enough.

  76. Nat Smith

    I love inspecting Don Harwin’s plumbing.

  77. Alex Hork

    My promises:

    – David Miles for the Senate – BROKEN
    – Simon Berger for Bradfield- BROKEN
    – David Elliot for North West – BROKEN
    – Mark Chan for Bennelong – BROKEN
    – Scott Farlow for Drummoyne – BROKEN
    – Kristy Knox for Dobell – BROKEN
    – Nick Tyrell for Riverstone – BROKEN
    – Tash McLaren-Jones for the Legislative Council – MET

    1/8 ain’t bad guys???

  78. I know the truth

    Do a bit of research on Kristy Knox….. Ex-Employee of the “Exclusive Brethren”…. That would boost her chances… surely!!

    She’s had more “jobs” than Campbell had at the mens sauna…..

  79. Micky D

    Is Tomerong anywhere near Telopea?

  80. My talent pool is running a bit dry…

    Damien Tudehope, Kevin Connolly, George Bilic, Mad-Dog, David Barker, James Diaz, McNamara…

    My cupboard’s getting bare… who else am I going to commission to fight on the side of righteousness, to fight for the spirit of all that is good, to fight over the spoils of opposition!!!???

    If only I had some better quality minions, I might be able to help Barry win government! If only I had some better quality MP’s who did some work occasionally, I might not be left holding the bag when we only govern for one term! Why doesn’t anyone half-decent want to play with me anymore?

    …maybe I’ll have to reconsider my no-whip-no-play rule…

  81. Howard

    So disapointed with the party. The comments here are the exact reason we are out of government. no unity!! imagine if my beloved dragons were like this, we would have got the spoon not the minor premiership.

  82. Taliban Terrorists

    Noel McCoy – wannabe Senator and wannabe Member for Berowra. Former Coonan staffer, now working for a law firm. Rents a Kings Cross apartment despite membership lists stating he still lives at home with his Mum at Pennant Hills.

    Nathaniel Smith – plumber from Epping who lives at home with Mum and Dad, just turned 30. At least he is finally getting married. Now works for a PR firm that hopes to cash in on his Dad’s rise to the NSW Attorney General. Privately despises Noel McCoy.

    Dominic Perrottet – worked at a law firm for a year, Alex Hawke for a year and another a law firm for a year. Rents an old house in Beecroft, can’t afford to buy a place in Castle Hill.

    Charlie Perrottet – works for David Clarke – enough said. Couldn’t find a work as an aeronautical engineer, not qualified or intelligent enough.

    Thomas Tudehope – got sacked by leftie Malcolm Turnbull for creating an Alex Hawke Hitler YouTube Clip. Also got busted for drink driving and given a suspended sentence. Not very christian like.

    Jerome Smith – gay hospital nurse, still living at home. Massive conspiracy theorist who does a good Mel Gibson impersonation.

    Michael Davis – unemployed bum who ran out of money and had to return to his parents at Tomerong. Worked out there was more money on the dole than being a carer.

    Ed Dyga – serial student who believes anything David Clarke tells him. Would jump off the Harbour Bridge for Greg Smith. Never worked the same full time job for more than a year.

    Chad Sidler – fails Uni, loses votes at SULC and is the laughing stock of the NSW Liberal Party. Probably the biggest tool you’ll ever likely to meet. Sells lingerie at Castle Hill Myer whilst wearing a lime green tie.

    Chris Rath – gay boy from Campbelltown by the Sea. Connie gave him a job because she felt sorry for him.

  83. Wayne Bennet

    Don’t worry Johnny, Dragons are in top shape this season, but i must agree, the NSW liberal party certainly isn’t!

  84. Liberal heavy-hitter

    You people are all sad losers. Honestly, get over yourselves quick-smart, because frankly the way you keep carrying on is just extraordinary. You should be very much ashamed that you didn’t win Robertson, or Lindsay despite the state-wide swing.

    Mark Neeham should be the one to blame. He is, after all, the bloke pulling the strings and directing resources. If you guys blame everyone else, but yourselves, you just look even dumber. Mark Neeham is at fault here. He should be asked to leave the party before the state election. What good has he achieved for the party? Failing to get good coverage of his videos on YouTube. The Hawke-Hitler video had more hits than any of Neeham’s videos put together in the space of two weeks, it went viral. Yet what has Mark Neeham managed to achieve in this area?

    I would seriously discourage Barry O’Farrell from allowing this bloke to be shoe-horned into state parliament and given a Ministry once he gets his fat sorry ass over the line.

    And Barry isn’t winning this election because he’s worked hard and taken on good advice. Far from it. He’s going to win simply because Labor are shooting themselves.

    He’ll be on the only Premier known to have slid in to office. No hard work, no conviction, no new ideas, just piss-weak performance from the professional mob down there on William Street, ably assisted of course by the stale, moribund parliamentary division. Shit, we have some fools in the parliament.

    There is now a list of names being circulated of MP’s or members of the Upper House who are more than likely going to be tapped on the shoulder very soon. The list will be forwarded to the media soon.

    – Jillian Skinner
    – Judy Hopwood
    – Shelley Hancock
    – Catherine Cusack
    – Don Harwin
    – Robyn Parker
    – Greg Pearce

  85. Broomer

    A torch has to be shone on Chris Hartcher and his Central Coast liberal party machine. His machine has:

    – Lost Robertson, contributing to not yet forming majority Government.

    – Backed Mr pink batts as candidate in Dobell that could have done the national campaign a lot of damage.

    – Had a swing towards the ALP in Dobell and Robertson despite statewide and national swings.

    – Pre-selected a Liberal in Name Only former one nation big wheel in The Entrance, in an election where we don’t want the opposition to be the issue.

    – Backed a Liberal in Name Only, almost hippy in Gosford. Anti-fluoride, anti-development whose family business is witchcraft.

    If someone doesn’t soon bring in the broom. We could wake up March 26 with Kristina Keneally still premier, just like Julia is still PM.

  86. Irish & Armed

    Good luck Broomer.
    You’re obviously out of a real job like Houston, Lehmann, Knox and everyone else who threw their hat into the (reamed) Hawke ring.
    Sniping from the sides is easy. Whilst that remains the only contribution you have, we will continue to build against you and the ALP at the same time.
    At least the ALP have a history of success.

  87. mark of success

    The mark of success is obviously how many hits you get on youtube. Chris Crocker should take over from Neeham.


  88. Abi is a slut

    Let’s face it, those sluts Amy and Cat lost it. They clearly didn’t spend enough time on their backs this campaign.

  89. Howard

    Viciously attacking young ladies about their apparent bedroom activities is “un-Australian” and the act of a coward!!!

  90. talihunter

    I think those anti-social Tali bastards are just jealous they don’t have any members that are as hot as Abi…

    Seriously though, do the Tali boys continuously reference the supposed sexual exploits of centre-right Liberals because a) they’re not successful with the ladies, or b) they’d like some prettier women in Opus Dei?

  91. Talihunter

    “Irish & Armed” says the ALP has a history of success… Will that be another one of Hartcher’s clanger campaign lines when we’re trying to win in 2011? We should all be worried how big the swing’ll be against us on the Central Coast if he’s actually on the ground (in Australia, not Zambia) campaigning…

    But the comment “Irish & Armed” makes gives us a clear insight into Taliban mentality. They’d rather back the ALP than risk winning government on a less extreme Liberal platform. Should’ve been obvious earlier, I suppose, what with their excellent choice of candidates.

  92. talibads

    Hartcher and his machine are a microcosm of the failure of the extreme right to translate their inner party stacking successes into real world electoral reward.

    We’ve allowed them to lose us one federal election, we can’t allow them to lose us a state one.

    The tali are more interested in fighting a cultural war than winning government. They’re more interested in promoting a narrow brand of catholicism than building a viable alternative to labor.

    The use of violent language when talking about women in opposing factions points to deep dysfunction.

  93. Irish and Proud

    The Central Coast results lie completely with Mark Neeham. ‘Hartcher was in Africa’ is a convenient narrative to shift blame from where it rightly lies.

    As for Chris Spence, the hawkeites and the group have to understand that many of our voters are just as so called “extreme” in matters of race, immigration, indigenous matters etc.

    The fact that David Oldfield was singing the praises of Spence in parliament in 2006 is a positive rather than a negative. Have you people listened to talk back radio or been to a pub in Penrith before?

    Traditional values welded with a true debate on immigration/race unconstrained by politcal correctness would make us a formidable force.

    David Clarke, John Howard, Tony Abbott, Chris Hartcher and Chris Spence are the legitimate faces of the modern conservative movement.

  94. This is the first time I’ve seen the Taliban come out and suggest that we share voters with One Nation.

    It’s a shame the voters on the Central Coast rejected “Irish & Proud”‘s argument emphatically with a swing AWAY from the Liberals.

    To put David Clarke & John Howard in the same category is like comparing George W Bush to Ronald Reagan. Members of the same party, but one was visionary while the other one-dimensional.

  95. are you kidding?

    Talihunter.. ‘I think those anti-social Tali bastards are just jealous they don’t have any members that are as hot as Abi… ‘
    ummm Eleni is a lot hotter than Abi and she’s not appart of the Ambitious Faction.

  96. Howard

    Eleni petinos? Yes she’d beat Abi

  97. I wonder what she’d think of the way you Tali bigots speak to/about women?

  98. Sarah Palin

    You are all frustrated little boys.

  99. tailhunter hates life

    Better than the ambitious pin – di@*s that get the girls into bed then ignore them later

  100. Alex Hork

    I wonder what ministry Tony’ll offer me this Wednesday…

  101. Truth

    Houston was fired for under reporting on campaign KPI’s i.e. saying that Jameson had door knocked significantly less than he actually had.

    Also, so what if Hartcher was away, he’s not responsible for running campaigns, H.Q. is. His office isn’t allowed to assist, it’s illegal. It’s like blaming Ayres for us loosing Lindsay.

    A seat we could have won if we had run a postal vote campaign, which we didn’t. But instead of spending money in there and Banks, which we narrowly lost, and other seats, we spent thousands on Riverina against the Nats.

    I hope you all know now that Abbott now owns the party. He got rid of Campbell for trying to rort Baulkham Hills and for not having federal preselections. Alot more heads with roll.

  102. STD (So Totally Disillusioned)

    That traitor Hartcher would have to be one of the most Machiavellian characters the political process has ever produced ! And the people aren’t happy at all – especially given his involvement with the Party’s selection of candidates – both Federal & State. Why doesn’t he just resign ? – > 22 years etc !

    But why should we be at all surprised ? – a person who was on the left when he joined & so remained until about 2000, when he saw that the Clarke forces were starting their move – so he abandoned any principles & jumped ship.

    Have also heard some interesting things about him & the use of fists – not necessarily of the violent kind, if you get my drift ?

  103. Hork

    Fontana is easily the hottest girl in the YLs

  104. wayne

    Fontana has a pretty face

  105. Irfie

    Why isn’t anyone talking about me anymore?

  106. Houston is a Patriot

    Imagine if Jameson had to do more work? He’d be an MP by now.

    Amy Houston is a patriot who had the foresight to modify the KPIs to incentivise the poorly run Robertson campaign.

    Hartcher is responsible for his local machine and poor choice of candidates.

    He definately lost robertson, saw us go backwards in dobell. He hopes to repeat this in 2011 with poor candidate choices in The Entrance, Wyong and Gosford.

    Fact – The CEC will run a more mainstream candidate in The Entrance than us.

  107. Houston is a Patriot

    I’m Amy.

  108. D.Barker

    Jesus has come again in the form of David Clarke! David/Jesus will drive all heathens from the Earth and install me as supreme commander of the Earth! My barrel of fat is actually where i hold my army of Isbistarites who will ensure the dogma of Opus Dei becomes the law of the World!

  109. truth and factual

    Abbott wanted Nick Tyrrell as the candidate for Greenway, not that retard, the son of the Councillor, what’s his name?

  110. Hork = Deluca

    Dont you have anything else better to do with your time Vince than hang around on Vexnews?

  111. Let's get real

    Doesn’t matter who would’ve run in Greenway, or Lindsay for that matter. Who the hell would’ve thought 6 weeks ago that they were on the map, especially Greenway. Hell, Louise Markus bailed twelve months ago because she thought it was unwinnable!

    Where we should’ve won seats was on the Central Coast. We picked up Bennelong, we should’ve picked up at least Robertson.

  112. Quite Frankly

    Lets face it truth and factual.

    It doesn’t matter what Abbott wanted. He didn’t stand up for any other candidates or early preselections he just pandered to Hartcher and Clarke – Lindsay and Parramatta are other examples.

    Was he even serious about becoming PM or did he just do what would help Hartcher become Premier?

    Really the federal election should be a warning to Barry O’Farrell – let Hartcher and Clarke have their candidates and the Liberals will hand State Government straight back to the corrupt Labor Party.

  113. Alex Hawke

    I didn’t vote for Tornie Abot in the party room 9 months ago because I couldn’t spell his name.

    Did I mention that I got a 65 UAI and studied arts.

  114. Had we won Lindsay, Greenway, Parramatta and Robertson Tony would be PM

    Yes but we won Bennelong because JA door knocked, got out in the community and wasn’t “too important for the little people”.
    Fiona Scott was only given 6 weeks despite being ready THREE years ago AND got a 5% swing.
    Jameson assumed he had won so he just didn’t try – and went BACKWARDS. Really we are lucky he didn’t make it. What kind of a marginal seat MP would he make?

  115. Liberal heavy-hitter

    Ok, let’s all look at Mark Neeham and start to question why he didn’t encourage or push Darren Jameson to do hard work. It’s pretty bad when you can’t win marginal seats that you need to help form government. And as for Lindsay, not having Fiona Scott in a position earlier on in the campaign just defied logic.

    There needs to be a few questions asked of Mr Neeham, and someone from either faction (hard or soft) needs to ask the following:

    – Why didn’t the State Secretariat timetable the Lindsay pre-selection for an earlier date?
    – Why didn’t the Secretariat swing into action after the change of Labor leadership?
    – Why was a candidate only chosen half a week into the campaign?

    If no one asks these questions of Neeham, and finds out what the deal is, then I’m sorry… but that’s just not good enough.

    It really shouldn’t have been allowed to come to this. The fact that it has, should serve as a reason as to why we need to consider moving Mr Neeham on, and getting someone of better competence to come and run the division.

    And failing that, if nothing happens in this area, then frankly you’ll all be far worse of because of it. Get some answers before its too late, and start asking the real questions that need to be answered. Or, just continue to fight amongst each other, and blame people who weren’t even on the ground during the campaign, and just continue to be laughed at by the media.

    Imre Salusinszky from the Australian newspaper knows that there are some Libs not happy with Mark Neeham. So you would only be reconfirming what he has already heard from different people on the competence of the State Director. If someone asks these questions, then Imre has a better ball to bat with. So anyone who feels aggrieved should ask the question, and relate the information to Imre in a confidential phone call.

  116. Irfie

    Did I event mention that I don’t like John Howard.

  117. No More Tears, No More Shambles

    Don’t blame Neeham for the late preselections. The dates are set by the State Executive. The State Director has no power to set dates.

    If you must blame someone, blame the president who was sacked for not wanting to hold the preselections before the campaign.

    Blame Dick Shambles.

  118. wayne

    Why does Alex Hawke hate god?

  119. STD (So Totally Disillusioned)

    Interesting to hear Alan Jones on 2GB talk of the disastrous performance by the Liberals in both Dobell & Robertson & how they otherwise would be in Government.

    Given Jones already committed support for Clarke (God knows why ?) – then that’s an indirect hit @ Hartcher !

  120. Irfie

    Speaking of layers of fat, I’ve a few to share. Will Clarkey let me back into the fold?

  121. The tali rabble may have duped Abbott into swallowing their crap, but at least their purported hero John Winston Howard knows how sort the wheat from the chaff.

    It seems that Clarke and Co are past their peak and are quickly sliding into irrlevancy.

  122. DC = Dessicated Coconut

    Howard…….that little twerp!

    I always knew he was a lefty, just like Hawke, Roberts and all those others he employed.

    He’s not a mainstream conservative like Marie, Greg Smith and my good friend Damian Tudehope.

  123. The Howard Faction

    What’s the opus dei crowd going to say now?

    We’re the true mainstream conservatives? John Howard is in the past? Tony Abbott is our true leader now?

    Let’s be honest, Howard would never write a reference for a shit head like Nat Smith….

  124. Hard Truth

    Howard was a staunch advocate for Alex Hawke enternig parliament…..ohh wait.

  125. THE NSW Liberal Party finance director has warned they are now facing a financial crisis in the wake of the Towke affair, with major donors preparing to walk away from the party.

    Prime Minister John Howard has now personally called in the leading right wing power broker on the party’s state executive Nick Campbell, and ordered him to bring an immediate end to the factional war.

    In the seat of Cook this disorder has led to the nomination of Mr Towke, over a field of more qualified candidates, who has subsequently been discovered to have misled the party about his former Labor Party membership, his Army Reserve credentials and his career.

    Mr Campbell is now being targeted as the man responsible for sorting out the mess after buckling to the wishes of his factional colleague Marie Ficarra, who was Mr Towke’s sponsor in Cook.

  126. It’s easy to see why anyone with half a brain would be distancing themselves from Ficarra and Clarke…

    Since someone mentioned Hartcher’s leftie days, what about Ficarra’s ‘road to Damascus’ conversion?

    The history of these characters demonstrates a cult of personality over any real political philosophy or ideology.

  127. Hugo Halliday

    My Dad used to be a member of the ALP and DLP. Now he’s a hard right winger and future leader of NSW!

  128. Warringah Council and Mr Vincent De Luca

    rack off De Luca. Charlie Lynn was right about you all along….

  129. Nick Campbell

    Why won’t Tony Abbott return my calls? I don’t get it?

  130. STD (So Totally Disillusioned)

    Last comment @ 11.10 by talihunter – well said; indeed, couldn’t have put it better myself !

  131. Team America

    Anyone else see the similarities between Clarke and Kim Jong-Il?

  132. Anyone else se the similarities between Hawke and Darth Vader?

  133. Don Harwin

    I wasn’t looking at porn. promise.

  134. DC

    I never never ever never supported David Barker! I never ever ever never even knew him!

    Oh, I promised him Chifley in March because I needed his vote in my preselection?


  135. Fed Up

    Well, it’s looking like Nick Shambles and Alex Dork have cost Liberal the election! or at the very least with have them governing with a minority government.

    Idiots! Alex Dork is all about self preservation and control … nothing else.

    Didn’t care about Lindsay or Greenway.

    The blame for thiis sad result lays squarly on Alex and Nick’s shoulders.


  136. And yet, the President of the Liberal Party, Nick Campbell seems to be opposing his Federal Leader and his State Leader in joining this fellow Hawke in a campaign to unseat David Clarke. The same David Clarke who is supported by a cross section of figures with the party. I mentioned the Federal Leader of the Opposition, the State Leader, Shadow Attorney General Greg Smith, the Leader of the Opposition in the Upper House Mike Gallagher, Deputy Leader of the Upper House Matthew Mason Cox, Upper House MLCs Marie Ficarra and Charlie Lynn, the states Vice President and leader of the Left Photios all supporting David Clarke.

  137. Darren Jameson

    Hey Tony,

    I’m running a little late. I know I am meant to be there for the party meeting, but silly me – I didn’t win Robertson.

    Who would have thought that I cost us Government?

    I promise next time I’ll win – it’ll be a “sure thing” and hey I might even campaign!

    Love Darren

  138. David Barker

    Why won’t David Clarke return my calls? I don’t get it?

  139. Alex Hawke

    I have completely given up trying to pretend that I am not Talihunter.

    I know it’s obvious. But I like Joe Hockey’s point about the cult of personality. It’s what I use to distance myself from DC, MF and the rest of the far-right.

    It was hard acting far-right for all those years, working for David, befriending all those people of Mitchell who are too religious for my liking and will get in my way for ultimate glory. But the act was worth it – now I have been elected for a second term and can wave the Parramatta Eels flag around while pretending that I represent these religious jerks of Mitchell.

    The problem is, I don’t know what my own ideology is. In my maiden speech I said that I support the war on terror, and so many other things, as they were supported by the majority of other liberal members, and back then I needed to get ahead.

    I have taken on ideologies of all types of people over the years so to gain their support. But I don’t know what my own ideology is, besides putting my own interests first.

    I want to be Prime Minister one day, and I thought that I was making enough friends to get there, but why are people being so mean to me?

    I kept my friends close and my enemies even closer, as the advice goes. That’s why I beat David Elliot for the Mitchell preselection in 07 and then put him up for preselection for NSW against Clarke and failed. So I put him up for Baulkham Hills and we won! Isn’t that how you do it?

    So why are my friends angry at me?

    Help me!

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