TSK TSK: Independent "ethicist" attacking Governor-General revealed as Greens party spruiker

lesliecannold Leslie Cannold – a self-described ethicist (it’s not a paying gig) – has absurdly attacked the Governor-General on the basis she is related to a Labor front-bencher Bill Shorten and has demanded she “excuse” herself from any decision related to the formation of the government.

The Governor-General of course acts on the advice of her/his ministers so the issue won’t arise we suspect unless there’s a genuine deadheat between the Coalition and their friendly Independents and Labor and their ones. In that case, a new election is far more likely than not. But the truth is that it’s far more likely that one side will prevail, will demonstrate through written agreements they can form a government and will show up to the GG and ask to be sworn in. No big deal.

image But what occurs to us as a big deal is when an apparently independent ethicist emerges to attack an institution that is central to the proper functioning of our democratic system and is not herself properly scrutinised by a News Limited reporter Nick Tabakoff.

image Before quoting the ethicist, he should have done some research. Normally she appears on ABC radio and writes occasionally for Fairfax, where she excoriates Labor leaders for being ‘sell-outs’ and Liberals for being ‘evil.’ She is also uses Twitter very actively, prompting a VEXNEWS Investigations Unit probe of her v

Bottom-line: Leslie Cannold is a particularly angry, inner-city, left-wing, anti-faith, Greens party promoter.

She professes a particularly hatred for Labor moderates, specifically Bill Shorten, Mark Arbib and others.

image She suggests that she voted for the Sex Party, Secular Party, Democrats, Greens party and Carers in the Senate, but is a near-constant spruiker for the far-left Greens party on Twitter and elsewhere. She even donated to GetUp, the left-wing ginger group, to fund the broadcast of anti-Tony Abbott ads.

Cannold really should have made this clear in her quoted remarks in News Ltd papers this morning.

image She’s entitled to her views but when you slag someone for being incapable of fulfilling the duties she has sworn to perform on the basis of a political conflict, then there is a high duty on oneself to disclose all.

Cannold didn’t.

Past Governors-General all owe their appointment to politicians, to the Prime Minister of the day.

image Many past Governors-General were not only members of political parties but were active politicians before taking the appointment, for example, Bill Hayden, Paul Hasluck and many others.

Indeed, in the great constitutional crisis of 1975, an ex ALP mate Sir John Kerr sought the advice of a former Liberal Attorney-General then High Court Chief Justice Sir Garfield Barwick on whether to give a Labor government the boot.

He advised Kerr to sack them.

image He didn’t feel conflicted in providing this advice, even though he was closely related to the Liberal Shadow Attorney-General at the time Bob Ellicott. Indeed they were unusually closely related as Barwick’s father married Ellicott’s mother and Ellicott’s father was married to Barwick’s mother. Which means, as best as I can understand it, that a brother and sister married another brother and sister. As you do. With an arrangement that complex, one of them should surely have qualified as Governor of Tasmania.

Life can get complicated in politics.

image But it’s outrageous and wrong to run someone down purely on the basis of their marriage. Or whom their daughter married.

When independent “ethicists” emerge to pass expert independent commentary, we must always look to their bona fides.

Leslie Cannold should recuse herself from all future commentary on conflicts of interest.

The Doctor should heal herself. News Limited should know better than to plumb the depths of the dry-as-dust AgeBC well for “independent ethics commentary”.







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24 responses to “TSK TSK: Independent "ethicist" attacking Governor-General revealed as Greens party spruiker

  1. Piv

    As an ethicist Cannold is morally bankrupt. It seems to me that to Cannold the role of ethics is to legitimise her preferred position, rather than reaching a position through reasoned thought based in ethical principals.

    Although any position could be accused of this, the issue with Cannold is that she uses her position of ethicist to pretend that she somehow rises above self interest.

  2. Fairfaxista

    Good get Andrew.

  3. Ben

    Granted, she has a point. Nepotism is rife in the Australian Labor Party. They’re a very incestuous political group.

  4. anon

    Deny you may but Shorten’s career has peaked – if not ‘hit the fan’. His morals and political acumen are both sadly lacking. He has based his life on spin, a smart mouth, a massive ego and self-love.
    Arbib, Feeney, Howes and his lordship have ONLY themselves to blame for Labor’s predicament.

  5. Poser

    She’s also allegedly a feminist but wrote an article about why she gets plastic surgery when holidaying in her native USA. She has zero credibility http://www.theage.com.au/news/opinion/our-attitude-towards-cosmetic-surgery-needs-a-sharp-facelift/2007/08/19/1187462081028.html

  6. Just a factual correction Andrew. You have said that I voted in a particular fashion but that was not my tweet. Rather, as it clearly says, it was from Tyger_Tyger, who follows me, and which I retweeted.

    Of course this may not undermine your argument, whatever that argument is. It seems to be that because I am on the left side of politics, I needed to have disclosed this before advocating for a principled position that disadvantages the left side of politics. Hmmm.



  7. Andrew Landeryou and the VEXNEWS Orchestra

    Wrong, Dr Cannold.

    Your “principled position” is just a vindictive anti-Labor left slap, in our humble opinion.

    Your failure to disclose your political leanings most certainly undermines your credibility, in the eyes of most people.

    And the assumptions you make about advocating a position that “disadvantages the left side of politics” is just wrong.

    Yours was and remains a cheap shot falsely framed as “ethics”.

    Beyond that, you suggest you re-tweeted someone’s comment without agreeing with it?

    Is that a non-core tweet or a non Gospel truth one? It’s all rather silly.

    Next time you pretend to be a politically independent unpaid “ethicist” you might disclose your support for the anti-Labor left, it’s the ethically right thing to disclose your views in that context and helps people realise where you’re coming from.

    The only other ‘ethicist’ I can think of is ex-Greens candidate Peter Singer who reckons raping animals is perfectly legitimate so I’m sure you’ve got more to offer than that, and I hope when you make these offers you behave ethically yourself and honestly disclose all that you should.

    I’ll get off my high-horse now and get stuck into some KFC for luncheon.

    Ethically yours,

  8. DR NO

    Really dont want to hear anything about Cannold here well she is such a pain in the derriere
    you are correct the woman is percieved by some as both ethically and morally astray
    All for choice so long as its her own way her view her pushy dominating anti-life view of the world
    her own mother was obviously pro life about her in retrospect some could argue thats such a shame because we have to put up with all Cannolds bleating
    but she sure as hell aint no Paul Keating!

  9. anon

    Hang on Andy you (the Journalist) did write: “She suggests that she voted for the Sex Party, Secular Party, Democrats, Greens party and Carers in the Senate…” and appear to use the tweet as evidence of that. If you had read the provinence of the tweet correctly you would probably not made that assertion.

    No big deal in making a mistake – it happens (even to you). But now time to man up and say you got it wrong.

  10. Adrian Jackson

    I do not think the GG will be compromised [deleted – silly]

    I think the GG should keep politicians at a distance socially and should have a cuppa with them only at swearing in ceremonies, executive council meetings and the like.

    The media are talking about Shorten being the new leader of the ALP. I predicted that this could be the plan when Rudd was dumped. Dump Rudd get Gillard to a early election and if she fails, which was likely, then replace her.

    Gillard has done better than expected but a hung parliament is probably a trigger to replace her in any case.

  11. Denison

    Good of you to add the assuete accusation that Tasmanians commit incest more than other Australians.
    How germane.
    How droll.

  12. Denison

    Talking of Tassy and Sir John Kerr, one influential person whom Sir John privately consulted before the dismissal was Prof. James McAuley at the University of Tasmania.

  13. CommonSense

    Don’t be daft.

    Everyone up the wazoo will be complaining if the GG makes the decision and it goes to Labor.

    I want JGill to get it, but the GG should make sure it doesn’t look biased, otherwise we’ll be losing the next election in less than a year.

    The ethicist is right. To prevent accusations of biased, she should be very careful.

  14. Michael

    Is this the same Leslie Cannold, ‘ethicist’, who re-phrased Tony Abbott’s adolescently inflammatory comment “no doesn’t mean no” referring to Julia Gillard, into the more anodyne “no means no”, regardless of his real utterance being well and truly on the public record?

    The woman who in the same sentence in the same recent article, wrote, “While his pounding of the ‘no means no’ mantra in response to Gillard’s request for a debate was widely lauded as a blunder”, apparently believing blunders are something to be ‘lauded’. An ethicist who clearly has slippery standards of commenting upon facts on the public record, and imprecise understanding of the English language – imprecise enough to transform ‘black’ into ‘white’.

  15. Adrian Jackson

    I note that when I mention Bill Shorten’s personal life (my comment 23 Aug 10, 19.29pm), and this is the issue hear for some, over the last few months there is a problem but Sarah Henderson get no such protection here over the last few weeks. [VEXNEWS: Deleted because it was defamatory, we do the same for Liberal MP Inga Peulich and a number of others. Adrian is brave enough to put his name to his comments – which we respect – but that doesn’t give him a licence to say anything he likes. I’d be happy to explain the difference between our Henderson story and the assertions made by Jackson privately. Our number is 0415 99 33 26.]

  16. P Singer

    Cannold is a moral fraud – the kind the ABC and The Age love because they have no insight into their own hypocrisy. Middle class masturbation at best. Just the old Temperance movement dressed in countercultural chic at worst.

  17. Dusty

    Um, is this the same Leslie Cannold who wrote a beyond-parody whine in the Age about how she couldn’t keep her own little darlings quiet at home, so she trooped off to the State Library (where we occasionally see Andrew) and angrily demanded that Library staff keep everybody else’s little darlings quiet for her. Leslie is supposedly working on a ‘novel’ (sic) about Jesus’ feisty proto-feminist sister. How’s that coming, by the way?

  18. Frank Peters

    What just like that independent constitutional expert George Williams.

  19. BloodOnTheFloor

    The decision of who is appointed PM will be decided on the Floor of the House. The GG just needs to ask that the question be decided on a vote of no confidence on the current Government.

  20. BLAH

    What about Cannold is actually a one trick horse – pro abortion or women’s centric abortion – if you don’t meet her ‘high’ standards on this issue you are immoral. Just a boring old feminist pretending to be ‘ethical’.

  21. George

    It get worse … Based on some of the posts on Cannold’s website, her partner is someone called Adam … has anyone asked Leslie whether Adam Bandt is actually her partner? And she lives in the electorate of Melbourne.

  22. Not married to Bandt

    Her partner is not Bandt and I think she’s a south of the yarra resident so doesn’t live in his seat

  23. At least Leslie isn’t one of those Greens that Anthony Albanese has to beat off…

  24. yalal

    ‘VEXNEWS Investigations Unit’ HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! You are just too funny Andrew!

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