DON'T MOURN, ORGANISE: The Greens party is not just a threat to Labor's Left but to all Australians

image Endangered Victorian Local Government and Housing minister Richard Wynne has told Labor colleagues that his Socialist Left faction’s campaign in the federal seat of Melbourne was its “best ever”.

The Greens party won the seat, with a ten per cent swing against accomplished Labor candidate Cath Bowtell. A woman w

Wynne told senior Labor figures over the past week and this weekend that the campaign run by the SL was “the best they’d ever run.”

He perfectly represents the delusion and impotence of some in the ALP who have claimed the inner-city as their own since triumphing over Labor moderates by means of ethnic branch-stacking in the 1970s.

The world has changed.

If Wynne doesn’t comprehend that their campaign in Melbourne failed, then he should get out of the way. His approach, his strategy has failed. In his seat of Richmond, he is a sitting duck.

You cannot defeat an opponent whose policies are unscrutinised. You cannot defeat the Greens by being a pale imitation of them, begging to be considered somehow equally progressive. You cannot be held hostage on what sort of campaign should be run by Greens party supporters at the increasingly irrelevant Age newspaper.

Only when the opponents of the Greens party are willing to call them out on their policy extremism can they be defeated.

The voters who are going to be offended by telling the truth about the Greens are – you guessed it – already voting for them.

These things are obvious from the cheap seats. In the trenches though, Labor’s beseiged inner-urban left cannot or will not accept these inconvenient truths.

It gets worse.

Political number-crunchers tell VEXNEWS on the weekend’s numbers, the extreme-left Greens party could win not only four Labor seats (with Liberal preferences) but could also win the Liberal held seats of Hawthorn and Kew (with Labor preferences).

This is getting beyond a joke.

While we believe Ted Baillieu has been a dismal leader of the Liberal party and is central to the reason why the Libs aren’t soaring ahead in the polls. He is not our kind of Liberal.

But as much as don’t like noblesse oblige politics, and look forward to the rise of the Krogerities, if his party is elected at the next state election AND he is not because the Labor preferenced the Libs to elect some no-name Greens hippy, that would clearly be a massively destabilising blow against our system of democracy.

The simple fact is that Baillieu – as against the Greens party – is in a marginal seat, not a safe seat as some have previously believed. Hawthorn is safe against Labor. But it’s clearly not safe against the Greens party, particularly in this political environment where they will obtain swings of as much as 10%. In Kooyong, where the Greens didn’t do a lot, they got a 7% swing to them.

Assuming that kind of swing, or more, the Greens will comfortably pull ahead of Labor in Hawthorn and be very close indeed to knocking off Ted Baillieu, with Labor preferences.

He too is a sitting duck, squarely in the sights of Greens party apparatchiks.

In these circumstances, it is wholly inappropriate for the ALP to preference the extreme-left Greens ahead of the Liberals.

Just as inappropriate as it is for the Liberals to preference the extreme-left Greens ahead of the ALP.

They have played with fire long enough. Now it is the Australian people who will get burned. Burned by the massive tax burden the Greens party want to impose on high-income earners, those who die and all Australian industry and electricity users. Burned by ill-considered policies like stripping private health insurance and independent schools of billions, burned by heroin injecting rooms, burned by extreme positions like closing selective schools, closing our Zoos, closing the only Australian facility that makes radio-medicines that combat cancer. They even sell their policies to vested interest groups: they support the removal of the tough cop on the beat in the construction industry (the ABCC) and in return received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the CFMEU and ETU and other unions who would benefit from its removal. It would no doubt be deemed corruption if Labor did it.

Labor and its Left faction has a lot to process after the weekend.

They are grieving.

And rightly so.

They have failed to comprehend the threat against them. They have not had the will to do what is needed to be done to defeat an opponent clearly on their left.

They are in denial.

They have squandered the political inheritance of Labor and handed it to an extreme-left party that is in many respects diametrically opposed to the interests and aspirations of working people.

But the truth is that Labor still got more votes than an uncriticised Greens party.

The truth is the Greens stand for policies that are supported by a tiny proportion of the Australian people. There is a mismatch where their support way exceeds the support for their policies.

This mismatch will inevitably be corrected.

But the current approach of Labor’s Left in this seat has failed. It is time they thought very carefully about the future. They need to lead, follow or get out of the way as the labour movement responds to the greatest internal threat it has faced since the Communist Party controlled many of its key trade unions.

We hope Labor’s inner-city Left know the final words of a controversial and executed unionist much quoted in song and verse “Don’t mourn, organise.”

It’s nearly enough to make me pack in this journalism gig and man/staff the barricades once again.

I have never been troubled about politics in Australia than I am right now.

This is serious.

It’s one thing for Tony Abbott or Julia GIllard to win an election.

You know what you’ll get. Some things you don’t like. Some faces you can’t stand on one side or another.

But the Greens party is different.

They are no less than a threat to the Australian way of life. A threat to our economy. A danger to jobs. A risk to everything our forebears have built and died for. 88% of Australians didn’t and won’t vote for them but they are now in a position to dictate what legislation will be allowed to pass our Parliament. Even who shall form a government. Their vote is concentrated in the inner-city, meaning that even with a small proportion of the country supporting them, they are now in a position to be over-represented.

And the major parties – Labor and Liberal – continue to hand preferences to them via how-to-vote cards. Labor preferenced them in the Senate. The Liberals elected them in Melbourne.

Where will it end?

Where it could end is that the inner-cities of our country – where the Greens party enjoy strong but still minority support – could end up being dominated by a far-left party with extreme demands. And our Parliaments and government held hostage by the generation of extreme-leftist who have taken over the Greens political party.

And because it’s happened gradually, both parties are still blind to the threat. It’s not just a threat to Labor’s Left. Or Liberal leadership. It’s a threat to all of us.



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82 responses to “DON'T MOURN, ORGANISE: The Greens party is not just a threat to Labor's Left but to all Australians

  1. Suicide left

    When the sl locked out most left unions and failed to invest in new blood it sealed it’s fate. Good night inner city left. You are now just the suicide left.

  2. Adrian Jackson

    Yes if the Liberals in the state election preference the Green in Bronwyn Pikes and Richard Wynnes seats in inner Melbourne then they could be lost to the ALP. Perhaps it is better some Greens get elected to see how they preform.

    However I though Adam Bandt statement minutes after being elected to the Commonwealth Parliament that he would not talk to the Liberals about forming government was naive, arrogant and foolish. Don’t burn your bridges before you cross them Adam “Ant”

  3. The Greens are upholding the Menzies Legacy. Menzies used to preference the Greens in Kooyong.

  4. Madam Lash

    Blame Tanner for the loss in Melbourne. He hasn’t worked the seat like he used to for at least 12 months and fingers are pointing in his direction as the source of the inner sanctum leak that derailed the campaign in the second week. His will go down as the biggest dummy spit on record. Yet he’s managed to walk away scott free thanks to the pathetic Melbourne media which went gang busters to get Bandt elected.

  5. Harry Lime

    Too right Andrew, this also beomes very dangerous for the ALP as if the ALP tries to adopt greens poilcies to shore up/reclaim Melb, Sydney, Dennison, Albanese’s seat etc then they will lose Seats like Lindsay etc and essentially put the Coalition in power for ages (a re-run of the 50’s/60’s).

    If the Libs want to be really evil (irrespective of gaining government now or not) they can spend the next term talking up Anthony Albanese’s and Tanya Plibersek’s likely Green opponents and force the ALP to spend resources there, instead of in the “traditional” marginals. The Libs aren’t going win these seats but they can completely mind-f*ck Plibersek and Albanese.

    The ALP needs to split up responsibilty, the Left get stuck into the Greens and the Right gets stuck into the Libs.

    The other aspect that you didn’t mention is that the ways things are now, the Greens will win 1 of 6 senate seats each half senate election at the expense of the ALP. As the weekend showed the coalition pretty much wins 3 of 6 and a chance of 4 of 6 in QLD and WA on the odd occasion (Victoria and Tasmania the only exception o Saturday) so they will always have pretty close to half the senate, the ALP can only expect to have about one third of the Senate, and there is little future in the ALP governing in that circiumstance.

    All in all the ALP needs to seriously harden up and really stick the boot into the Greens. Make supporting the Greens a socially unacceptable thing to say at a cafe or dinner party, this is the key to stripping their middle-class-lefty support base and leaving the Greens with only their hard core hippy support base (say 4-5% of the voting population).

  6. cynic

    The greens will do a labor this term & shoot themsleves in the foot. When many who voted for them as a protest see what the greens are really like watch them fall next time round.

  7. Anonymous

    here here

  8. Roger

    Mates the faux ALP doesn’t give a rat’s about Melbourne. They treat us as idiots & we are waiting for the State election to boot Bronny & Wynney up the arse.
    The Green vote does it for us. We have the baseball bats out & we are going to give them the hiding of their lives.
    You want to take real ALP supporters for granted & treat us like shit? Well w’ere coming to get you lazy stupid excuses for ALP candidates.
    You have absolutely no Ciore ALP Values…you New Liberals.

  9. Anonymous

    Its too late Richardson Wynne and the candidate in Bruswick will all be looking for new jobs come Novemebr

  10. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  11. Argus Tuft

    The Greens may be wackey but they are far more favourable than any of
    Red Ted’s right wing extremeists,
    particularly David Davis.

  12. Bill Posters

    The Labor candidate in Melbourne was hopeless, so naturally she lost to the Greens. If the inner city state Labor MPs don’t pull their fingers out and actually be seen doing doing something positive for the community, they will also lose.

  13. sun tzu

    Every battle is won before it’s fought.

    When Brumby sacked Newnham, Labor surrendered Melbourne.

    Nick Reece can crow about two seats (Labor could have picked up Dunkley & Aston if Reece had done more) but he allowed surrender monkeys to run the ALP off the rails in Melbourne.

    What a joke.

    Hang your head in shame, Brumby and limp dick Dan O’Brien.

  14. Gordon

    Say what you will about the ALP (at least they mostly believe in capitalism), I can’t believe the Liberal Party would risk The Greens (The Pinks as I like to call them) ahead of them.

    This isn’t a partisan political issue, it’s an issue for the entire nation! If the Liberal Party want the Greens, they should be held responsible for the consequences!

  15. The Manchurian Candidate

    The seat of Melbourne is not in the gift of the SL, the ALP, or anyone else other than its voters. You may not agree with the Greens. You may think their policies are nutty. The folk of Melbourne, overall, beg to differ.

    There’s this increasingly tedious narrative out there that the Greens are ‘escaping scrutiny’ and that as soon as people ‘wake up’ to their extremism, the Greens will evaporate overnight.

    It’s bunkum. Total rubbish.

    There’s a horde of folk out there ‘scrutinising’ the Greens – you included, Andy – all bleating from the same songsheet, whining like little children who’ve had their toys taken away.

    The Greens are winning seats not because there aren’t enough people critiquing them, but because there is a thick wedge of the population for whom, irrespective of their (many and varied) imperfections, the Greens represent the option best aligned with the way they identify in politics.

    These are people who are social liberal, want to see the government taking major action on a host of environmental issues, and to some extent are sick and tired of politics being altogether hollowed out of any kind of policy content. Yes, they are the Latte Curtain, but they’ve got just as much a right to their opinions as the Mortgage Belt.

    The problem is that Labor has two fifths of f@ck all to offer this type of voter. The problem is not the solipsistic squabble between SL and LU in Victoria. The punters out there – even the relatively switched on ones – neither know nor give a tinker’s toss about Labors factions. To imagine that the issue is that the candidates are not big enough ‘patriots’ is to stick your head so far up your bum that you’ll need a glass belly button to see out.

    Labor hemorrhaged a million voters in the fortnight after the CPRS was dumped. I don’t think the polls even blipped after the Great Schism in Victorian LU. What does this tell you?

    The sooner Labor realises this and gets its act together and starts selling voters in Melbourne something they want to buy, the better a chance it will have of maintaining itself as the force in progressive politics in this country.

    As it stands, it is on the path to a hiding in the electorate, and it will suffer dreadfully as young, talented activists desert it in droves.

    You’re right that the Labor party should not ape the Greens, but it should not treat the clearly, repeatedly expressed message it is getting from voters with disdain. There will be an ever-spreading green stain on the map over the next decade if it does this.

    A balding horde of weasel-faced men in cheap suits squabbling over the division of an ever-shrinking pie is the future facing Labor if it doesn’t pull its finger out.

    Maybe if the ALP could enunciate something resembling a positive vision, something that voters want to own a piece of, it might not be beset so on left and right. Maybe then it could reestablish some sort of meaningful core constituency.

    In short, don’t patronise the voters.

  16. Mick

    That screed read like it belonged on the false stereotype of a blog – run by an ugly, paranoid geek wearing pajamas in his parents’ basement. You guys can do better.


    The Greens look and sound like the sl 20 years ago.

    Full of energy.

    The SL are mainly bald headed suits their days.

    Chasing the bogan vote in western sydney and QLD means modern labor has little to offer younger voters.

    Newham’s hate tactics were missing in Melbourne – but some of those cheap tricks won’t work anymore. Let’s see what he gets up to in Northcote. If it those cheap tricks he used in the by election are exposed it could backfire.

    And once the voters ‘kiss’ the greens for the first time, why stop at federal election.

    Tactics and staff appointments are not the problem – ALP needs to go back to the voters – strong candidates survive – weak ones that stand for nothing – even when hidden in safe seats – are the real cancer eating away at labor.

    When voters meet our safe seat ALP MPs they come away with disgust for a party that invests in such moral vacuums.

    The 100 year old vision of a fair go is still popular – it is just the value-free 20 year old party hacks that turn off voters.

    bad cooks ruin good recipes.

  18. Anonymous

    well said Andy, Wynee & Pike should step aside let someone who can take on the Greens

  19. Anonymous

    Safe seat MPs are the cancer of the ALP. Languiller & Kairouz & Sietz, Marsha Thompson, Brendan O’Connor & Batchelor & Harry Jenkins, Kelvin Thomson.

  20. Anonymous

    Er, The Age is reporting “Mr Shorten is widely credited as having joined forces with NSW Labor powerbroker Mark Arbib and South Australian party factions boss David Feeney”

    David Feeney I believe my friends at the Age is a Victorian Senator, check your facts hey!

  21. How do you explain the senate result?

    “The truth is the Greens stand for policies that are supported by a tiny proportion of the Australian people.”

    Then why do they Greens have a Senator from each state? I didn’t and won’t vote for them but I think it’s wrong to say they are supported by a tiny minority of people.

    To ignore this and move further to the right means losing more seast that were always Labor, not the bogan seats that have never been truly ALP.

    Completely agree with Madam Lash.

    Hey Bill Posters – have you met Cath Bowtell? She was a textbook candidate for that seat – there was no one better for the ALP to run – shame Linsday made it so hard for her to win with 8 weeks notice when Bandt had a 3 year run-up.

  22. c u on the tram

    From time to time there will be some complaints that we are pushing our people too hard. I don’t give a good Goddamn about such complaints.

    The harder WE push, the more Germans we will kill. The more Germans we kill, the fewer of OUR men will be killed. Pushing means FEWER casualties. I want you all to remember that.


  23. Roger

    Cath was the textbook candidate for the seat?
    Give us a break. She responded to absolutely no voters questions & refused to meet the people.
    I’d like to see ashithouse ALP candidate if she is the best you can do.
    Get real. You treat us like idiots we respond.
    The faux ALP is just so far from we real ALP people I doubt that you can even see us.
    To represent us, the real ALP voter is an honour not a divine right you born to rule New Liberals. FO.

  24. Madam Lash

    The Greens won the seat of Melbourne because they captured the under 30 demographic…Liberal preferences then sealed it

  25. I must agree with Roger on his comments.We in Brimbank got shafted by those Rats and can hardly wait to pay them back.Out here most Members are on the Age Pension,hardly any young Members.Those Branchstacking Rats have nothing to offer,not even enough Members to come to an FEA meeting.The ALP is DEAD,only they dont know it yet.

  26. Poor Roger

    Can only assume you were in Moscow for the last 2 months Roger. Cath was everywhere meeting everyone. I’d be surprised if she slept. If you think a first class unionist is faux ALP then you forget that the ALP was formed by the union movement. AWU – shearers – tree of knowledge anyone?

    The greens also worked the universities like mad after the high court decision to extend the closing of the rolls to get studnets to change from mummy and daddies address to their north fitzroy sharehouse addresses.

    If the greens managed to deliver on 1 promise in the next 3 years it will be a miracle

  27. Your time is up DICK

    So we hear Dictator Wynne was crying on Saturday night. Come November the Dictator will be paying for all of his and the socialist left’s sins in the treatment of electorate officers and good people in Brimbank.

  28. Anonymous


    Libs to form govt 1.90
    ALP to form govt 1.85

    ALP most likely according to bookies.

  29. Bipolar Bill

    I should’ve taken over from Little Kevvie, not JooLiar. Then the ALP would have had a 10% swing in its favour.

    People love me for the awesome media crosses I did during the Beaconsfield mining disaster.

    Wow. Sometimes I am even in awe of myself.

  30. Roger

    Mate my family has supported ALP for more than 100 years.
    I was a Unionist before you were born.
    I handed out ALP cards more than 50 years ago.
    FO faux ALP…New Liberals
    Get some Core ALP Values.
    You have forgotten the true ALP voter & we have had enough

  31. Hard working ethnics of the west

    Posted by Brimbank Party hack | August 23, 2010, 17:28

    That’s nice hot shot but in the seats of Gordon & Maribyrnong the swing was for the ALP not against. So obviously we are doing something right you fool. Of course your are always welcome to go on the AEC website for facts and figures but quite obviousally the SL havnt bothered to do that too well as the inner Melbourne seats are all but gone. Don’t blame the SL’s faults to the good people of the west. Accept responsibility.

  32. Rage Against The Machine

    Job well done Team Arbib… QLD Labor vote is now completely decimated. Avg 5.5% anti-ALP swing in metro QLD has seen all 2007 support lost, and a handful of notional safe seats now marginal, prospects for reclaiming these losses now 2-3 elections away.

    The spin and smokescreens now generated by Bill Shorten & Karl Bitar & co. – eg to put the blame at Anna’s feet is a complete fabrication… Bligh won a State Election a little over a year ago despite her unpopularity with the electorate, and now somehow is being punished now at a Federal Election? pull the other one.

    And the cabinet leak? The fact that the campaign was so destabilised by some easily dismissable/ defendable rumour based on hearsay says more about the fragility of Bitar’s management than anything else… its a desperate election campaign and anything goes – HTFU – unfortunately this proved he was out of his depth, and this leak is now being used by Team Arbib as an alibi for their incompetent campaign and bad judgement knifing Rudd.

    The only consolation from all this are we are free from the limp-wristed QLD Labor MPs who rode into parliament on the Rudd’s coat-tails, yet showed no backbone in standing-up to the factional manouverings against Rudd.

    Any MP worth his or her salt in QLD knew the importance of the Rudd factor to their chances and must have known how poorly such a dramatic intervention by the NSW Right was going to play out in QLD.

    So, well-done again to Arbib and his team of ‘work-experience’ factional leaders, on taking labor to a humiliating first term loss and consigning QLD to a battleground state for Labor again.

  33. Kuzushisan

    Ciamar tha thu a Clan Chieftan! You appear to be a McLeod, if your twitter pic is to be believed.

    Tell me, why this fear of the Greens? Your ‘About’ page speaks of protecting us from extremists, yet this is what I read into your ‘views’ from the above story and your ‘opinion’ of them or any group left of centre?

    I’m curious – what is your truthful vision for Australia? Your thoughts on Freedom are touted, but what of religious or political freedom? Who commands you?

    Suas le Clannach Gunn!

  34. Anonymous

    Be a man Bitar take responsibility and do the right thing RESIGN!!!

  35. fed up

    grow up everyone and face the truth – its a bitter pill but the party has screwed over its conscience. Its our people who swung to the greens, when we will get our friggin’ heads out of the sand?

    Labor has lacked principles and any sense of conviction since the 2007 election. Thanks to the limp wristed leadership of Rudd and thugs in the party who think they know better, based on a few focus groups. Its time to recover some values and sense of purpose?

  36. Ma sealake

    Why Labor threw a second term away?
    People need better resources supported of lives
    A letter regarding “Shaping a Healthy and Wealthy Future for Australia “sent to The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on 29 October 2009.
    My “Health Olympic Australia” project will not only assist the Australian Government to shape a better health system for Australians but will also improve the general health of Australians. This will put Australia in a strong position for long term wealth generation and prosperity.
    The “Health Olympic Australia” project is based on an experimental trial to prove the success results of “The China Study”.
    “The China Project” is referred “The China Study” outcome , a “survey of death rates for twelve different kinds of cancer in over 2,400 counties and 880 million (96%) of their citizens” conducted jointly by Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine over the course of twenty years.
    This will be achieved by Australian grain powder instead of gun powder in response to the calls of the “WHO’s Third World Health Revolution” to provide equal opportunities for everyone to gain his/her health and wealth.
    Prime Minister, the steps that will allow Australia to pioneer in achieves the worlds “Health Economy” is by Australia:
    • Inventing health improvement patterns;
    • Growing high antioxidant healthy grains and plants;
    • Manufacturing high antioxidant healthy grain powder products;
    • Exporting its health improvement knowledge and pattern; and
    • Exporting health improvement resources (including human resources).
    Now that Australia is being led by a progressive Labor government, let’s grasp this “Health Olympic Australia” opportunity to not only shape Australia’s health system, but to improve the health of Australians and the rest of the world. This in turn will allow us to further improve the long term wealth of Australia and the world.
    Prime Minister, this could also be Australia’s best opportunity to simultaneously win a Nobel peace prize and a Nobel Prize for Economics. I urge you to agree to allow this unprecedented project to happen under the leadership your Labor government.
    The highest regards
    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

  37. The reason Gillard did not win was because of her failure to respond to my letter to her last year, The letter exposed the truth regarding an incident in 1976 when a UFO landed on the roof of PANCH hospital.

  38. Anonymous

    Irene thats so funny i havent stopped laughing

  39. irene webber

    to that pretend irene webber the only reason Julia Gillard lost was because of the idiots on the right – the faceless men including the supposed leader of the HSU. Also the UFO that landed on PANCH was the OH&S Officer at the time ,but then again you could not give a rats about how many people have died – could you

  40. Anon

    What a transparent tosser is Oakeshot. All he wants is a Ministry in a Gillard Government.

  41. [deleted - impersonation]

    That was no UFO….it was me scouting for my new wife from Outer Space!!

  42. Darabin clownciler

    I saw the UFO as well, it was Shortens head!

  43. Anonymous

    At this rate Langdon will turn Green

  44. Adam Ant - You won on Lib Preferences!

    By demonstrating that he is a one eyed Laborite, Adam Ant will cut short the prospects of other Green Candidates being elected to office on the back of Liberal Preferences! Remember , it could be 4 Green MP in the Assembly of the Victorian Parliament.

  45. UFO spotted

    The only UFOs in the Alp is the whacky nsw idea that you can have a labor brand without labor values and their other loser habit of changing leaders as often as underpants.

    The cancer in the Alp is safe seat mps AND the NSWs young Turks.

  46. Liberal insider

    The Greens will destroy the ALP in time. We will do our (little) bit to help.

    1. State & Federal – We will decide which Green gets our preferences – you will not know which one until late in the piece – this will ensure you donot know where to put your $ and porkbarrelling until it’s too late.

    2. Melbourne is a seat that we can turn on or off for the Greens or the ALP. Bandt will be a oncer if he is simply an ALP stooge as he appears to be saying he is.

    3. The ALP will have to form a coalition with the Greens and adopt their loopy policies – this should be a huge bonus to the Liberals.


    Bring back Keating to fight the greens, to organise the ALP rabble and to stop all the ALP bleating!
    Long live the King Keating!

  48. Wendy

    Read it and weep boys. We’re not only here to stay, we’re going to take a lot of seats too.

    Greens are in power with labor in ACT and Tas … and now maybe federally.

    I suggest you all take a good lie down

  49. smell of a deal the moring after

    Dean Mighell’s issue was like any real unionist about ALP’s poor federal IR laws.

    He now has his own legally trained Green in the federal parliament to pursue this issue.

    At the state level, with better relations all around – dean is already praising Brumby’s shift on solar…not to mention the fishing and shooting issues!

    Do you smell a deal between nervous nelly SL MPs and the ETU?

    The Greens it seems will have to rely solely on libs to catch their inner city seats.

    Actually with city based Ballieu getting into be with inner city lefties I can see a good photo opp of Brumby on the back of dean’s 4×4 ute doing some fishing and hunting.

    C’mon Brumby show the bushies and weekend warriors your wide side!!!

    Can’t wait to see the regional response to Ballieu’s ongoing love affair with the Greens hatchet man Greeg ‘witch hunt’ Barber.

  50. Liberal insider


    you will only win seats if we preference you. Otherwise – Zip


    The solid swing against the hapless Bowtell in Melbourne must have gone down a treat in the Pike, Wynne, Garratt and Richardson households.

    Can almost here them mumble ‘Surely they (the voters) would not do THAT to a sitting ALP MP’.

    No never mind….do not worry poor pets… just go to sleep and let the nice Greg Barber tuck you in.

  52. socialist left baby boomer are not old nags

    These up start 30 somethings in the Greens are beyond endurance.

    In my day we wanted to change the world….these days these blood greens are changing seats….

  53. wake up gramps

    Changing seats is how you change the world grand pa!

  54. ETU has already laid king hit

    The ETU does not need to pursue the ALP in the state election.

    It has already king hit the inner city area.

    Do not fear….the baseball bats will come out again in november.

  55. Kids gotta drive

    For those deluded souls in King street:

    these new Green voters will not come back to Labor in November.

    They have a shiny new hybrid car and there’s no point going back to the gas guzzling ALP commodore anytime soon.

  56. AC

    Oh dear if the truth on me comes out, I can’t go back to being Bronny’s man servant if she loses her seat. Mummy will be so mad at me – ohhh it’s not fair.

  57. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***These are people who are social liberal, want to see the government taking major action on a host of environmental issues***

    As long as those they’re prejudiced against suffer the consequences: loggers, farmers, fishermen, foresters. Selfish spoilt yuppies in the concrete jungle, ignorant about the bush and those who live there, but united in their hatred of things they don’t understand.

  58. Green member

    Good bye ALP

  59. brian

    Hmm..the far right are attacking the Greens for caring about people and the environment and not BIG Business or foreign investors.
    The greens won because people were outraged at the axing of Rudd by right wing machine men..and reject Abbot and the big business serfs: the liberals

  60. NTEU Member

    I blame Alex White

  61. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***attacking the Greens for caring about people and the environment***

    ‘Caring’ has never accomplished a damn thing, Brian. The greenies have claimed the environment issue as their own for twenty five years now. In that time they have overseen a decline in the number of endangered species and the worst bushfires in Australia’s history.

  62. cath

    where is giles?? he is such a good campaign manager

  63. Irene,do you have a job? would you sleep with a younger man?

  64. irene webber

    Irene Webber the 14th – are you offering me a job – nah sleeping with young men is like working at the HSU all full of promises and never come in the end

  65. One of the chasers best

    Why I voted Greens.

  66. Grover

    Greens have blood on their hands since their land clearing policies led to the deaths of dozens on Black Saturday. Greens are racists since their Wild River development bans in North Queensland deny indigenous people their rights to self-determination. Greens are hypocrites since their policies will cause steep price hikes and power shortages in outer suburbia and the regions while they share the abundant power provided to big business and industry in the inner-city enclaves they share.

  67. Greens and nsw alp

    The greens are run by a small group of old hands who know how to build a youth brand and fool gulible young hipsters.

    The nsw Alp are run by a small group of foolish young hipsters who know how to wreck a hundred year old brand and turn off voters young and old.

    The former know how to play to win power.

    The later know how to lose power.

  68. Past use by date

    Bitar and Arbid are young Turks no more.
    Clearly past use by date.

    Crash the car 3 times and you lose the keys.

    Bitar and arbid have trashed four labor leaders so far – take the keys away.

  69. Winners are grinners

    Brown is waiting in senate to smash mad Katters pipe dreams.

  70. Greenie

    The ALP believes in nothing, has no substance, is all spin and tries to be more conservative than the Libs. It belongs in the rubbish bin of political history.

    The way things are going, that will be sooner than I ever thought possible.

    Roll on!!!

  71. Bonnie Miller

    The Greens are fighting seats with lacklustre candidates like Alex Bhathal. Passers by on Saturday at Preston Primary Polling Booth overheard her say that “you couldn’t get more petty bourgeois than the Whitlam Labor Government.”

    I think the voters of Batman deserve better than this tripe.

  72. Alex Comfort

    Bonnie, you shouldn’t be surprised at Alex Bhathal’s views on the Whitlam government. She’s a dirty Trot in Green clothing: a great many of them are. I encourage people to goad all “Green” candidates as much as possible, so that they show their true colours – usually a very dirty red.

  73. Anonymous

    The infiltration of the Greens by the Socialist Alliance, Maoists and other leftie ratbags should be of concern to us all. Naiive young voters are being deceived by talk of hugging trees and dolphins, but there is a secret agenda …

  74. Greens the new middleclass left

    The greens are the new middleclass left. And in a glorious twist liberal preferences are pushing them along just fine.

    No being a left wing rump in Alp is useless compared to being an outside King maker.

    Libs are too dumb to realize far from being a problem for the right of the Alp the greens are simply a proxy exterminator of the inner left mps.

    However the final end game is greens with 12 seats and labor reduced to 32. At that point the green tail will wag the labor dog.
    The trick is to keep good slice of dopey lib voters preferenciing to greens. This is a losing game for Ted…the greens game is to dictate terms to a labor government… The cannot form coalition with Ted without losing their inner city voters with 80% still preferencing labor.
    Like any successful parasite The greens need to keep the labor host alive.

  75. Bye by socialist left

    tanner gone ….Moran wynne pike …. All soon gone… And gee look at the talent. Maria v. By cHistmas socialist left mps will be able to meet in a phone box.

  76. Switch the lights off

    Can the last left labor mp switch the light off…. Before they leave spring street.

  77. Hazelwood

    No need to turn the lights off…. The greens will switch off the la trobe valley….

  78. Power broker nightmare

    The loss of 4 inner city laborseats is a powe brokersxnightmare …will carr now ask for more seats… Wynne for thomastown pile fof Melton?

  79. Ma sealake

    Why new election costing another $170 millions people’s burden, politician extra pocketing?

    Why not $170 millions to create a national hurray “Health Olympic Australia” project for a truly “Health Revolution” once described Australia health reform by ousted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

    A “Health Olympic Australia” project will direct benefits to everyone in Australia within 3 years, for everyone’s health creation, everyone’s wealth creation regardless of gender, age, and or race, then benefit to everyone globally afterward?

    People demands fairer resources supported of lives today, not tomorrow, and not another 3 years on and on?

    There are at least five economic productivity outcomes will resulting significant GDP progressing from a “Health Olympic Australia” as follow:

    1. Reductions in Australian Health Workforce cost;
    2. Reduction in Healthcare cost;
    3. Reduction in lost productivity cost;
    4. Increase from agriculture outcome;
    5. Increase from “Health Olympic Australia” creation in goods/products exportation.

    Australia people will fill the miss opportunity to them should it exist today.

    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

  80. Ma sealake

    Why Coalition steams ahead in Australia federal election?

    Australia now enters a challenging political era for 70 years; voters in crying for a change with anger to share fairer resources supplied lives from the first term of government?

    Voters looking for action to have improved resources support lives that suppose lead by government in the following eight commitments:

    1. What vision of prosperity voters seen?

    2. Why action not enough in the past 3 years?

    3. How many election promises has been fulfilling?

    4. Where productivity motivation to voters?

    5. What materials to speed up election promises processing?

    6. Why some election promises powerless process?

    7. How far transparency in each department service voters wanted ?

    8. Where prioritized direction to empowerment the nation?

    A “Health Olympic Australia” project will direct benefits to Australia within 3 years, for everyone’s health creation, and wealth creation regardless of gender, age, and or race, then benefit to everyone globally afterward?

    Australia people will fill the miss opportunity to them should it exist today, but yet to discover the value by government.

    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

  81. Ma sealake

    What time bombs will rock Australia democratic society?

    The Australia historical hung parliament demonstrated the big gap of inequality society between the small educated elite groups who get highest pay by talk feast used mouth work controlling live essential resources of the country in every social platforms against the biggest less educated groups who get lowest pay by hands work squeezed by discriminative policies that sucking live blood from poor/less wealth off?

    Voters’ voices do not hear?
    Voters’ pains do not ease?
    Voters’ cries do not care?

    1. Poverty will not be phase out if no fairer resources to share;
    2. Illness will not be reducing if no preventive measurement in real action;
    3. Agriculture will not be revitalize if urbanization continuing its path;
    4. Housing affordability will not be reach for young generation if government continues cashing from young generation debt by eating out the whole cake of education export revenue without plough back;
    5. Manufacture industry will shrink smaller and smaller if no new elements there to power up to survive;
    6. Employability will not in the sustainable mode for so long as manufacture and agriculture not going to boost.

    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

  82. Ma sealake

    What democratic societies should learn lessen from Australia election 2010:
    1. What productive action Gillard Labor government 5 billions to UN buys ousted PM Kevin Rudd’s face?
    Voter’s pains did not link to high income Politicians and Bureaucracy.
    The Australia historical hung parliament demonstrated the big gap of inequality society between the small educated elite groups who get highest pay by talk feast used mouth work controlling live essential resources of the country in every social platforms against the biggest less educated groups who get lowest pay by hands work squeezed by discriminative policies that sucking live blood from individual poor/less wealth off?

    Voters’ voices do not hear?
    Voters’ pains do not ease?
    Voters’ cries do not care?

    1. Poverty will not be phase out if no fairer resources to share;
    2. Illness will not be reducing if no preventive measurement in real action;
    3. Agriculture will not be revitalize if urbanization continuing its path;
    4. Housing affordability will not be reach for young generation if government continues cashing from young generation debt by eating out the whole cake of education export revenue without plough back;
    5. Manufacture industry will shrink smaller and smaller if no new elements there to power up to survive;
    6. Employability will not in the sustainable mode for so long as manufacture and agriculture not going to boost.

    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

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