LOVED: VEXNEWS lavished with praise by unlikely source

VEXNEWS has been lovingly praised by an unlikely source. A website of young rebels including the fine young man Dylan Bird, who is studying “social theory” at Melbourne Uni and works “in the field of Indigenous employment at a Victorian government department” has lavished VEXNEWS’ fair and balanced election coverage with kudos and lerv.

Fuelled by funds from the Myer Foundation and by praise from the superannuated retired politician Mary Delahunty, Express Media (an arty not-for-profit) boldly set up an elections website that was meant to be free from political jargon and with a focus on the way the big issues affect young people. A commendable aim.

VEXNEWS might hit them up for a grant next year to fund our investigation into the bins of Greens party members to confirm or refute their personal commitment to recycling and to count the syringes. A dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

Anyway, enough about them, let’s get back to us.

Electioneering2010’s Dylan Bird is generous in his description:

I am writing to add one more source to that list, indeed the only source worth consulting in order to objectively weigh up your options at the ballot box this Saturday: that of course is – the home of fair, balanced and scrupulously researched political commentary.

Unlike mainstream newspapers such as Melbourne’s The Age, which the website describes as openly and ‘lovingly embracing’ the Greens, Vexnews is passionately non-partisan, guided by three steadfast principles: ‘Speaking truth to power. Afflicting the comfortable. Comforting the afflicted’. One need not delve deeply into Vexnews’ archives to see such a philosophy playing out.

Clearly this is a man who is hoping for senior appointment within the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit, if a career in social theory doesn’t work out.

He then cites examples clearly demonstrating that VEXNEWS is an equal opportunity slagger: mean yarns about Abbott, Gillard and the godless communists of the Greens party.

The lad was just warming up. He continues:

So, if you are still undecided who to vote for this Saturday; if you are looking for something which reaches beyond the facade of stage managed politics that has become the order of the day this election, then have a careful look through Vexnews’ archives. You will almost certainly find something there you didn’t know before.

Normally such high praise would merit a god-fearing Gloria Jean’s voucher to fill him up with latte but their current financial difficulties makes a voucher a riskier punt than $20 on Cath Bowtell in Melbourne, so we’ll just wish them all at Electioneering2010 the best of luck in all future grants applications.



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2 responses to “LOVED: VEXNEWS lavished with praise by unlikely source

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  2. Dylan

    Merely my being mentioned in the same sentence as ‘VEXNEWS Investigations Unit’ just goes to prove the great work Express Media does for budding young writers. Thankyou for your generous extrapolation of my piece.

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