BIG AUSTRALIA: Tony Abbott wants mega immigration programme with Sydney and Melbourne to grow 8 million strong

722440-tony-abbott The Coalition’s political positioning against unauthorised arrivals on boats has led to a widespread misapprehension about their position on immigration. The inner-city Left has been keen to demonise the Liberals as against immigration in all forms.

“Just because you’re against illegal immigration doesn’t mean you’re opposed to all immigration,” retiring LNP MP for Herbert Peter Lindsay told VEXNEWS at the start of the election campaign.

Many Liberals have made the point that the influx of unauthorised arrivals – most of whom become asylum seekers – has done much to undermine public confidence in a growth-facilitating immigration programme that they are generally strongly inclined to support.

Indeed, the record shows party leader Tony Abbott is strongly in favour of a big immigration programme, even if it’s not been front and centre in this election as both parties have tried to manage the fall-out in the outer suburbs and northern Australia about boat arrivals.

In an interview with Derryn Hinch just before Australia Day this year, Abbott said there was nothing wrong with Melbourne and Sydney aiming to grow to become mega-cities of 7 or 8 million people:

DERRYN HINCH: There have been headlines lately saying Australia could have a population of 30 million, 35 million. Sydney and Melbourne could get to 7 million, 8 million. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I mean, our population at the moment is about the population of California.

ABBOTT: I don’t see what’s wrong with it either, Derryn, as long as we plan for the infrastructure we need to make it all work…

Around the same time Abbott made the point in a speech that there is no limit to Australia’s capacity to absorb newcomers:

“there’s no reason to think that Australia has a fixed carrying capacity …My instinct is to extend to as many people as possible the freedom and benefits of life in Australia. A larger population will bring that about provided that it’s also a more productive one.”

His pro-immigration views are not new either, they are consistent with long-held views. He told the Young Liberals Federal Convention on the 4th of January 2002:

“It is in Australia’s interests to run a large, non-discriminatory immigration programme based on merit and humanitarian principles.”



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21 responses to “BIG AUSTRALIA: Tony Abbott wants mega immigration programme with Sydney and Melbourne to grow 8 million strong

  1. Stan

    Well I’m sure the electors of Western Sydney will be overjoyed to hear about this! Does this mean he has no intention of reducing immigration levels to 170k annually? Don’t tell me he’s saying all these things for show, only to forget about them after the election…

  2. Blind Freddie

    Australia needs a population of 500 million, accomplished by developing regional centres and the inland. In terms of water supply, countries like Israel, Egypt and the USA have managed to develop desert areas with sizeable populations and Australia could do this if monsoonal rains in the north were piped to the south east.

  3. Anonymous

    Is this the best you could come up with andrew? With just two days to go i would expect better. Unlike Vexnews, Tony Abbott is finishing the election campaign very strongly…

  4. Greens voter that hates human beings

    Immigration must be stopped completely and women should be banned from having babies

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  6. 457 visas take our jobs

    the liberal lies and smokescreen on boat people is a joke…..457 visas and a massive international student/worker scams are all about giving business a ready supply of cheaper labor…..

    this is liberal actions….forget the boats..tony has already given away your jobs….

  7. Anonymous

    The problem is you cant just say “oh 35 million is the right amount” because lets face it, how would you actually keep the population at a given number?

  8. the final green/blue nightmare

    add together tony abbotts half priced 457 visa workers and some dodgy deals with the industry smashing greens and australia is the next argentina…. green banana monarchy…here we come…

  9. green/blue nightmare in canberra

    Yes that is right…abbot majority in lower house and greens balance of power could spell doom for our living standards….

  10. big biz not dumb

    big biz is not so dumb as to listen to what comes out of tony’s mouth…big oz here we come….

  11. talihunter

    Tony Abbott is an ultra-conservative extremist, who has no place in the modern Liberal Party.

    Bring back Mal!

  12. Dan Lewis

    We absolutely need immigration.

    However we need the right kind of immigration.

    Sheik Hilaly and friends are not it.

  13. Death Row Darcy

    Without consumers the system collapses. the big end of town needs more people so Australia will get more immigrants whatever Abbott says.
    There are many ways of getting them in “457 visas” etc. The schemes are endless.Here’s what they want up front for the time being: (link below).

  14. Pissy Chryne

    If we all made man love the way I do there would be no population growth through the back door.

  15. Byron in Wahroonga

    I’m all the way with Pissy on ‘backdoor’.

  16. Mike Baird

    my daddy says that as long as they are good bible reading Christians who know that the bible is the literal word of God than it is OK for them to come here

  17. Craig.L.

    I with you Pissy Chryne, I too believe with an increase in man-love we can halt the unattractive gender of our species increasing the population.

  18. Taking of Pell 123

    Well Tony Abbott has had a bit of man love over the years from the good Cardinal

  19. no population policy, Abbott has lost my support

    what a DUMB idea. he has just lost my support. what a fool and a tool.

  20. hmmm

    I voted for LNP over Labor specifically because Abbott gave a promise to cut immigration to a specific number, not some vague statement like Gillard that would be easy to weasel out of. It’s the first time in decades that this issue has even been put on the table by one of the two major parties.

    If the coalition betray that promise they will regret it come the next election.

  21. Bilko

    as long as they dont come in boats

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