BANDIT BANDT: Greens party poser Adam Bandt pushes pilfering from prosperous and pounces on $800,000 property

banditbandt Greens party candidate in Melbourne Adam Bandt told a Marxist discussion forum that he was disappointed in other comrades when they disagreed with his strident defence of leftist militants who’d published a shoplifting guide:

Well fantastic. After posting the message about stduents facing jail because they said it is alright to refuse the commodity-relation when you have no money and want to eat, the first message I get abuses them and fears ‘anarchy’ if we ever let anyone steal.

Bandt – now a barrister sworn to uphold the law– made it clear enough despite thick Marxist jargon about the “commodity relation” (the Marxist’s disapproving term for working for someone in exchange for money)  that he believed it was legitimate to steal if you had no money:

Let’s get one thing straight. One of the most evil things about capitalism, as someone once said to me, is that you have to pay to eat. The editors of this student newspaper were making the strong point that the commodity-relation is _not_ natural and that it _does_ conceal exploitative power relations. They were not suggesting that the ideal world is a free for all as the person writing the message below suggests: they were defenidng the right of the substantial portion of the population who is fucked over by capitalism to resist in some minor way and to see beyond this ‘spectacular world’.

As a Marxist, Bandt advocated theft from capitalists (“the enemy”) but not from fellow left-wing “comrades”:

Further, they made it clear who the enemy was. Thus their first rule in their ‘how-to’ guide was ‘Never steal from someone who may conceivably be a comrade’.

Despite this endorsement of the theft of private property, Adam Bandt, a barrister after previously working at Slater & Gordon, is living very prosperously indeed in a rather expensive private property of his own.

bandtthebandit Some regard it as telling that very few of Bandt’s former colleagues at Slaters support his election, even some who favour the Greens party.

VEXNEWS has learned that Bandt paid around $800,000 for a Princes Street, Flemington property in inner-city Melbourne on the 21st of July this year.

We have obtained photographs of the property, which is certainly a comfortable home indeed. Locals have told VEXNEWS that Bandt the Bandit has indicated that he plans an “extensive” renovation that could bring the property well into the million-dollar range.

The VEXNEWS Investigations Unit asked Bandt whether he was still a Marxist and how we reconciled those views on property with his current status as a near property-millionaire. He failed to respond to queries on his wealth.

Others believe that Bandt’s hypocrisy extends well beyond the scope of owning a flash house in Flemington.

Legal insiders have told VEXNEWS that Bandt had been involved in representing big, burly, patriotic timber workers in litigation against the Wilderness Society over a physical conflict involving picketing protesters and the the workers.

The Wilderness Society is believe to regard Bandt particularly adversely over his involvement in the case.

He is also understood to have represented a number of clients engaged in serious pollution, but our source asked us not to name them, at this stage.

Bandt has also declined to comment on reports – substantiated partly by recently released leaked emails from within the Greens hierarchy – about his dissatisfaction with the priority he was being afforded compared with the Greens party Senate campaign.



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97 responses to “BANDIT BANDT: Greens party poser Adam Bandt pushes pilfering from prosperous and pounces on $800,000 property

  1. Grumpy green

    I was going to vote for the Greens but this hypocrisy stinks Adam! I’m switching my vote back to Labor.

  2. not another marxist lawyer

    Hey dean, another preaching marxist lawyer….sparkies money well spent…NOT….


    Of course, bandts large federal mp salary, perks and free feeds will allow him to transcend the evil of ‘paying to eat’ like the forgotten ETU members in the la Trobe valley will continue to suffer.

  4. WE FOR HIM TO paying to eat



    Even in his wildest dreams bob brown would have never imagined electricians dues paying to shut down their own industry.

  6. Tree huggers

    Tree huggers move over…..ETU cash speaks louder than the bleatings of the wilderness society…..

  7. value for money

    Good to see the ETU getting value for their hard earned cash this election…

    last election they paid $500k for empty alp promises…this election they have bought bandt’s empty rhetoric for just a shade over $300k.

    not sure this is what members wanted when they voted to disaffiliate from alp….

  8. 1 ring circus

    Dean was sick of the three ring circus of the alp and has now bought another dud ticket – this time in a one ring circus….

  9. Bernard Brunswickian

    Actually in fairness to Adam that’s a relatively modest house (and is in the electorate) compared to that of the Greens candidate for melbourne at the state level. Brian “Eaglemont” Walters – who doesn’t appear to have left his palatial grounds once during the Federal campaign.

    Hardly surprising when the word around the smart bars is that if either Bandt or di Natale don’t get elected on saturday that Walters will be knocked from preselection and the loser slotted in

  10. browned off

    I am not sure about victoria’s no 1 sparkie buying a lower house greenie….the deals are done in the senate…deanie….

  11. on and again off again

    When acdc dean spits the dummy with the greens then what next election….australian sex party

  12. ASP - ROCKS

    AHHH, the Australian sex party…no there is a group who could spice up dean’s next UK fact finding mission.

  13. ASP - looking for politcal donors

    is it true that ASP donors always come first?

  14. Chris

    You know, in all fairness to him, it is a bit rich to describe Princes St as ‘flash’. Have you been there? I’m no great fan of his but it is right near all the Commission high-rises, right near Racecourse Rd which is great but has a few ‘characters’ and on the other end is Mt Alexander Rd. And not far away is Citylink. I wouldn’t mind living there, but Toorak it is not.

  15. Anon

    Has anyone seen the ALP Melbourne leaflet? It features endorsements from a number of community members, including a gentleman from one of the Horn of Africa communities.
    I was advised last night that Adam Bandt had rung this bloke and really abused him for endorsing Cath Bowtell.
    IMHO this is absolutely outrageous for 3 reasons:
    1/. No politician has the right to abuse a member of the public for participating in the electoral process.
    2/. Even worse to treat recent refugees from politically unstable lands in this way. They are used to far worse intimidation and deserve much better.
    3/. Disgraceful for the Greens to do this, when their entire purpose is supposedly about raising the standard of politics, not dragging it to a new nadir.
    FWIW, I have known my source, who is in an excellent position to know, for over 20 years, and they had absolutely no reason to lie to me about it. More to the point, they are as honest as the day is long.
    Demonstrates the hypocrisy of the ‘watermelon’ that is the Green Political Party.

  16. get out more

    Chris needs to get out more.

    …while inner city period housing may be near flats it is still gold out of reach of most naive green renters…

    these parts of kensington are back from freeway but with great access to city…plenty of double fronted houses too..

    the housing in these streets have not been struggle street for many decades comrade…

    you would however ‘struggle’ to get much change from a million in these parts…

    not sure i believe the $800k figure…perhaps advertised price….final auction price perhaps not disclosed….

    must be pretty sure of win to front up with twice the average mortgage…

    whatever the case on saturday you can be sure union members and tax payers will be paying for this humble million dollar shack one way or another….the upwardly mobile middle class lawyer always make the rest of us pay…..

  17. grow up grumpy

    grumpy green should grow up.
    the libs and labs have rorted the system for yonks – it is the greens time now man…..

  18. left wing users

    the greens are using the ‘asylum’ seeker issue – in alphington the greens and socialists are trying to protect their lib vote and keep the refugees out – in richmond and nth melb they are just using people….trouble is unlike trees..migrants talk back….

  19. melb prediction

    bandt win in melb by 666 votes….
    labor national win by 3 seats….

    melbourne gets a useless bag of wind for 3 years….

    conrgats on getting the bandt booby prize….

  20. deans mate

    $800k for that dump…shudda got gatto to negotiate

  21. Anonymous

    Go Greens! Suck ALP right.

  22. Byron in Wahroonga

    Sheesh. All yuppies, all the time. Where’s the diversity, greenies? Surely you can find one candidate who didn’t go to a private school?

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  24. copper bottomed kettle calling

    Whereas Andy’s efforts at MUSA were all principle

    jealous coz you failed?

  25. Pissy Chryne

    If he is prepared to eat meat followed up by a tasty cream sauce I might have something for him.

  26. candid

    Before you can be a marxist
    You must be a Capitalist
    To give you enough to become a marxist.

    Most of the marxists in the ALP are multymillionaires.

    Bandt is just trying to join the
    gravy train of federal parliament.
    What is the retirement pension of the previous member for Melbourne. Is it 10 times what a pensioner gets.?
    Why does a politian not have to wait until 65 to get his pension?

  27. Derrr I lost a whole company!!!!!

    if Brant gets in it will be due to the She-mile throwing oodles of ETU members at the seat so the she-mile will have bought Brants arse. Brant should ask Suzzana the She-male whats required of that position so he can get it right.

  28. mike baird

    as long as God has endowed him with such wealth and he tithes then what he does with the rest is fine

  29. Piv

    I notice that Adma’s new shack is fitted out with what looks to be reverse-cycle air coditioners. Better rip those power sucking bad-boys out ASAP!

  30. Anonymous

    If the fools who live in Melbourne want to elect a tosser like Brandt then go for it – they should then be made to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  31. Alice in wonderland

    All this talk about houses has me thinking about who is renting the garage in Joe Hockey’s house in Canberra at the moment? At one stage Joe had his LNP colleagues 3 to a room plus Brendan Nelson was renting
    the garage.It’s good to see these poor battlers helping each other out and Joe being about to pay his mortgage on his second home whilst struggling on his Parliamentary stipend.

  32. Anonymous

    Balances out anyway. Rose Isler – Moonee Valley Greens Councillor and State Candidate for Essendon – just sold her Flemington house for $850 odd. Although she is moving to Travancore which will set her back a bit . . .

  33. Adrian Jackson

    $800,000 does not buy much these days in inner northern Melbourne.

  34. Stan

    Before I read this my views on Bandt were pretty negative (I had no idea he was a lawyer, but his smugness and Blair like ‘sincerity’ should have given the game away).
    After reading this, I’m actually feeling more positive towards him. Having spent some time working for the asshats at Coles some years ago, and seeing our absolutely evil manager call the police on a little old lady (almost certainly on the age-pension) for ‘stealing’ a block of chocolate (at her age, it may have been forgetfulness) just so he could get he pathetic annual bonus. Other actions to further his bonus including refusing to pay overtime that he requested us to work, telling staff to go home after only 2 hours work – he really was a charmer! Reading Bandt’s comments, he is arguing similarly to a certain Reverend in the Anglican Church – if you are starving and have no other options, stealing may be acceptable, but only from a multi-national, not a small business, or family run place. Down with the Exploitative Duopoly!

  35. Taking of Pell 123

    I hear God has endowed him with something else Mike Baird

  36. Union shame

    Medical scientists association of Victoria (HSU no. 4 branch) are calling on their members to vote for the Greens, go to their web site.

    How can HSU overlord Michael Williamson allow this disgrace to happen?

  37. mick

    “Why does a politian not have to wait until 65 to get his pension?”

    Hypothetical. You remove the pension and put them on standard pensions.

    Lets imagine for a moment that you are Darren Cheeseman, a no hope backbencher from no where with no chance of ever becoming anything more than a chair filler in government.

    A huge milk firm (big industry in Corrangamite) comes to you with an offer of a cushy “advisory” job for life if there would happen to be some increases on import tarrifs of dairy products.

    Its alot easier to corrupt someone who has no future than someone who wont need the money.

  38. wake up micky

    C’mpn micky, wake up….Aussie politicians are the cheapest in Asia….just ask the Chinese.

    Free trips, bit of booze, cash, property and women….

    The pension means nothing they need to share that with their wives and ex-wives…they considered that their right anyway.

    Corruption in Australia at the higher level is not about broke MPs…that applies more to low paid Asian cops…not the top end of australia is so corrupt because it make them feel superior to get free stuff with out us…the public knowing….it is a special right of passage for a very special club that a NSW Premier laid down and most want to follow….

  39. corruption free green vote

    Yes corruption is rife in OZ

    ..that is why I am voting Green in Melbourne….adam brandysnap only has to answer to Dean smiles and that elite cranes chap….he is not owned by anyone….

  40. dont believe the hype

    brown says brandt wont give libs power…but what if abbott attaches a ministry to that string… are lib puppets…and the just a halfway house so etu can give liberals help….

  41. Green's for smoking, not for voting

    @corruption free green vote

    Huh? He has to answer to Dean and some guy from Elite Cranes… but he’s not owned by anyone… apart from Dean and the Elite Cranes guy…

    Is it just me, or are you making no sense whatsoever?

  42. PRA



    Elite cranes prefer the cops and robber anti-union antics of joolia’s ABCC….gives them more work not less…


    It may seem a bit pricey at $300,000 but Dean can get brandt to do some private members bill that sinks like a stone….then the hon bandt can join the other silent ex etu chair warmers in club fed….

    if etu fall for it three times there is really is no hope…

  45. Greens for smoking

    middle class marxists lawyers always make someone else pay….. do not worry the union members will pay for this somewhere down the line…..

    remember the benevolent lawyers fund…BLF…..

  46. Vinegar tits

    Medical scientists are not a union but a social club run by horrid old bitch

  47. save energy now

    jonesy and the socialist left should save energy now…greens have melb in the bag….

    now what was it that il Kim and Giles and the other burnt out leftovers say about blue collar unions being the past in the socialist…..

    stacking out factional meetings with paid advisers and staffers has its limits in the real world….

  48. double trouble

    CFMEU outer burbs cold calls are killing labor in third spot for senate –

    and ETU will have a lower house fed seat…..good work carr, shorten and brumby….Greens will have to fed offices for assault on three state seats….R, B and Melbourne gone….the sl base gone… left with branch stackers and dirty broad acre developers in hume and whittlsea….nice empire carr….

  49. Madam Lash

    all you guys have obviously forgotten one thing…and that’s the women’s vote… Cath only has to increase her majority slightly and she’ll get in…suck it up boys!

  50. sl not finished

    we still have east and south east seats you union suckers

  51. suicide left

    yeah….lets look at the dynamic fed member there…and all those tricky marginal state seats……good deal kim….

  52. Madam Lash

    and now i can appreciate why the Ruddster kicked Dean out of the party…he’s anybody’s

  53. Greens replace carr et al

    We are looking at the death of the sl…the greens are the new voice of progressive change inside and outside the ALP….suck it up SL losers….

  54. opportunity

    the defeat of a raft of tired sl candidates looks more like an opportunity….after all leave the inner latte sipper set with the greens….leave south with left and NUW SDA…..west and north will be back in labor unity…

    Greens and Labor unity can clean up.
    they will be cheaper than left rabble…

  55. inner city left no loss

    the inner city left were always too comfortable….have not seen a real reformer from left since Hawke govt .eg Hand and Howe….tanner was not much chop…and the insipid lot on offer now put everyone to sleep…

  56. leftovers

    yes what were all those port phillip and fitzroy/carlton alp lefties anyway…just like right wing deal cutters who drank organic coffee….you can get the organic coffee without this trash…

  57. Maria will save us

    Maria V will save us stay at home lefties

  58. can get worse

    think a little comrades…the armchair socialists that now run the green could be a lot worse…

  59. get back to work

    shouldn’t you greens and alp types be out meeting voters…or is that not the go these days….is it all done with twitter…

  60. blank cheque west melb.

    might just give em all a blank ballot… better than the blank cheque they all want..

  61. deano nth melb

    $300,000 smackers is not a blank cheaque…

  62. naive but loverly

    you are so naive mr she male

  63. better owner

    with a good owner bandt may be better green MP….you do not want the dog to hold the leash…

  64. Ivan-hoe.

    $300,000 buys Adam Brandt hey? I hear a State MP bought a 20-sumthing rent-boy and he didnt cost anything like that!

  65. pension talk

    for minsters and long serving mps eg four termers…it is better to quit and take pension…
    latham tried to rain on this parade…but howard fixed it up…

    the good thing in the alp is that your can retire and then play faction politics with no consequences for your actions….

    all still pulling strings…the magic pudding of MPs pensions keeps them keeping on…

  66. tail can wag dog

    better owner, yes it is all fine in theory but etu dogs always slip the leash…

  67. house hunting

    i think the thing that is killing the alp losers in melbourne is not that bandt can afford $800k house…that he is that confident of winning he settled….

  68. stanilists

    dear anon.
    you want bully free are dreaming…this lot are like ‘born agains’…aggressive, know all, pushy and full of their own bullxxxx.

  69. Alp peeved?

    The ALP on this site just need to get over it and let Melbourne go….

  70. magpies

    did joolia think?…magpies will swoop in melbourne…

  71. darren

    why is anybody surprised – most of the Green I know own harbour side mansions in manly

  72. Adrian Jackson

    After reading all this Melbourne electorate stories I recommend that the ALP ACTU hack Bowtell be put LAST on the ballot paper.

    I note that former ACTU hack Jennie George was present in a mob that smashed there way into the Commonwealth Parliament in 1996.

    While today we read that another ACTU hack Bill Kelty was a trustee for Graham Samuel for investment in DFO which is about to go into receivership.

    It looks like Samuel could have lost most of his $50 million fortune as he had to appoint trustees when he became a national investigator into company fraud.

    The ACTU is full of careerist, hacks, wankers and incompetents.

  73. Alex Hork

    Bec wants to make me more green.

    She’s already put Baci on a vegetarian diet.

  74. Adam's the man

    Poor old Vinegar Boobs she’s not handling the likely probability of defeat on Saturday too well, is she!!

  75. politicalrealist

    Alas the Greens are political scumbag opportunists like the Nationals. God help us if they have the balance of power 😦

  76. Valkyrie

    Some comrades are more equal than others eh Adam?

    Love the fact that the Greens all cherish the environment so much, they choose to live in the inner city!

  77. Wissy Pine

    The ArseBandt looks fetching in his felt hat – I’d like to have me some of that!

  78. The medical scientists are a disgrace,close the green loving swines down

  79. Itchy Urge

    Ahhhhh, looks like the blind have hit their panic stations. Adam will romp it in and the fat lady is already singing.

  80. I'm typing this with a rifle in one hand and a fishing rod in the other

    VOTE 1 Shooters and Fishers Party

  81. Greenie

    ‘I’m typing this with a rifle in one hand and a fishing rod in the other’ PLEASE make my night point the gun under your chin and pull the trigger – worthless scum live you deserve to die.

  82. Anonski

    Spoken to a few Labor staffers this evening and they are all gutted. It seems Abbott is a PM-in-waiting.

  83. alp right wing coup backfires

    Looks like the dudding of rudd and lurch to the right was all for nothing.

    alp to lose national government and inner Melbourne

    Greens the new party of progressive politics – it is of course free from the emily list agenda.

    Sorry girls you just wreck labor.

  84. 'boys club' in back in town

    Left women in the ALP celebrated the defeat of union like cfmeu and etu too soon. Unions that founded the socialist left faction.

    But the so-called ‘boys club’ is back in town and will win a spot for a male green lower house MP and also get a male Greens senator (Greg Barbers brother in law).

    The CFMEU, the ETU and the Greg Barber faction of the ALP are the new left force in Victoria – and as the Abbott government unleashes its anti union attack this new force of BARBER, ETU and CFMEU is the only defense for working families.

    The right wing of the Labor party will have plenty of time in opposition to go back a rethink its exclusion of the industrial left.

  85. think before you vote green

    the last post shows that the greens are just a faction of the ALP.

    think before you vote green.

  86. bandt is clearly a hypocrite who has no idea what he is talking about. representing the legal fraternity and advocating theft is a very wrong standard and will effect how young impressionable minds think. i am as an australian ashamed that he is running for parliament and i think his double standards must be exposed before damage is further done. what a dangerous person he is. appalling. people go to jail for theft. how would you feel if one of your family was sent to jail for theiving from hard working australians. i hope the general public values higher values and morals that are typically australian can see through his dangerous advocacies.

    seriously concerned australian living overseas.

  87. Sit... good boy.

    Bandt had better behave himself in parliament or he might find himself without Lib prefs next time around.

  88. Good grief

    Spare us from your inaccurate commentary Adrian Jackson. Samuel is the head of the ACCC not ASIC. The ACCC does not investigate company fraud. When will you piss off to Palestine already?

  89. blind

    the ALP is blind.
    Greens exit poll by RMIT students on pre polling shows easy win for greens in Malbourne.

  90. Madam Lash

    that’s only because their supporters want to sleep all day on Saturday…judging by the types in the lines that I saw on the news…the only people that are blind are the wankers in the Greens…

  91. Better call the waaaambulance cause Bandt won. Suck shit ALP right.

  92. Anonymous

    The Greens have a mandate deal with it!

  93. adam bandt: just to let you know is a relative of ours and he treated his grandmother appallingly. he obviously has his own personal agenda and i would like to know exactly what that is. i personally believe he wont do that well in the parliament as the greens policies will take australia backwards. one point is that wind turbines dont do much except take up space, ask the scientists who have investigated their effect.

    also, how can a person who left his grandmother stranded in the city of melbourne have any true australian values of being good to your own personal family, another question i have is if part of the greens party is kindness, i am not sure he is representing anyone but himself.

    another thing, at his grandmothers funeral he present himself as a very cocky and arrogant person.

    if i think of anything more i will let you know.


  94. Enlightener

    The Greens dont have a mandate, your ignorance is showing, they have the balance of power, thats an entirely different thing, and will no doubt be abused as they attempt to ram their flakey policies down the throats of the 88% of voters who didnt vote for them. (88% would be a mandate, or even 51% you clueless wally)

  95. Anonymous

    Mandate: noun: a command or authorisation to act in a particular way on a public issue given by an electorate to its representatives. Doesn’t have anything to do with percentages you clown

  96. Piv

    Re: Green Mandates – Bandt has a mandate from the electorate of Melbourne. He has no such mandate from the people of Australia. That said, if he does in fact share in the balance of power, I’m looking forward to seeing if Bandt can stay true to his radical Greens values and try and assert his “mandate” upon the good people of Australia.

    Is he an idealist or is he a pragmatic power hungry politician?

  97. Carr

    Bandt didn’t go to a private school. He went to Hollywood High in Western Australia which has since been demolished. Hollywood High has been knocked down too.

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