STANDING UP: One man is willing to call last drinks on out-of-control Greens party

ericabetzgreens Because of a complete failure by the Labor and Liberal machines to hold the Greens party to account, the extreme-left Greens party are on the verge of nearly doubling their vote from the 2007 federal election.

Published polls, like Newspoll shows a 79% increase in vote from the 2007 federal election to now. It might fade a little between now and polling day but the trend is unmistakable: Australia is on the verge of handing unprecedented power to the most successful extreme-left, big-taxing, heavy-regulating party in our history.

They could decide who can govern and who can’t.

They could have a veto on every piece of legislation, every amendment.

There are many seats where the Greens party could win, with as little as a quarter or third of the vote, sliding in on preferences.

But there’s one place they can’t: Tasmania.

tas And they can’t because of a highly principled anti-Greens warrior Senator Eric Abetz, the Liberal Senate leader, who Liberal sources tell VEXNEWS, personally insisted that the Greens be put last or near-last if the Socialists/CEC were running on Liberal party How-to-vote cards.

State Liberals in Tasmania strongly supported the move because they know all too well that the extreme left Greens party will never seriously consider them for government, they are enemies who have locked them out of office despite a very strong last state election campaign.

But it was Abetz who led the charge on this despite some in the Leader’s office who were pushing for the Liberals to put Labor last to cause maximum tactical disruption.

VEXNEWS has learned that senior Liberals carefully considered putting the Greens party last in all Australian seats given their plans to impose massive carbon and death taxes on Australia but in order to cause maximum tactical disruption to Labor in seats like Melbourne, Grayndler and Sydney, the Liberals are supporting the extreme-left.

Prospective discussions around Labor giving preferences to the Libs in WA seats (that are being threatened by the rogue WA Nats) in return for the Liberals putting the Greens last in inner-city seats occurred but went nowhere, we hear.

It is seen as highly likely that a surge of as much as 70% in the Greens party primary in at least three inner-city seats would hand them to the extreme-left Greens party and unseat two Labor ministers. The unwillingness of the Socialist Left campaign team in the Melbourne ALP to challenge the Greens on the looniest of their policies and the expected 90% flow of Liberal preferences to the Greens is likely to hand the Melbourne seat to an uncharismatic, uninspiring Marxist known within his party’s ranks as an egomaniacal prima donna.

The Labor Left should have already ripped off his leftist head and handed it to him. They have let him off incredibly lightly and it’s showing, in the polls, and in his confident strut around the electorate, insiders say. What will push him over the edge, it  is feared, is a very good flow of Liberal preferences, which like the fraud Adam Bandt is, he’ll bend over and take with a smile.

The party that once tried to dissolve the Communist party and even imprison its members will be aiding the election of potentially three extreme-left militants to the House of Representatives. It would be enough to have Sir Robert Menzies raising a right eyebrow, if he was still with us.

It’s a shame. And a triumph of tactics over strategy because the Greens party will – as they demonstrated in Tasmania – never seriously contemplate governing with the conservatives. They will not act as the Australian Democrats did and compromise on the Coalition’s proposals in government, as a party captured by the left, they’ll be the first to vote against even the mildest reform in the Senate.  Senior Liberals know this. And they know that the next generation of leadership after the ageing Senator Bob Brown is even more militant and dogmatically opposed to them.

The leaking of hundreds of emails by disgruntled elements within the Greens party has given an unprecedented insight into the fragility, disunity and unprincipled nature of the activities within that party.

Eric Abetz didn’t need to read the reports of the Greens party tearing itself apart on tactics and policy to know they are an ungrateful, disunited, extreme-left rabble not deserving of Liberal preference hand-outs. He should serve as an inspiration to Liberals everywhere.

If they get a reputation in regional Australia for aiding the election of far-left, anti-mining, anti-farming urban militants, the Liberal brand will be permanently damaged. Good men like Eric Abetz are doing all they can to ensure that isn’t the case.

It is also well worth reading Christian Kerr’s excellent piece in The Australian today on the Greens party’s big taxing and ill-considered policies. We haven’t always been kind to Kerr or agreed with the Liberal lefty that much but he makes a compelling argument about the absence of scrutiny for the Greens party’s policies, the failure of business groups to challenge the Greens on the most irresponsible nature of those policies and the sleazy arrangements that party has entered into to let militant construction unions off the leash in return for hundreds of thousands of dollars of loot.



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20 responses to “STANDING UP: One man is willing to call last drinks on out-of-control Greens party

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  2. Mini Eric

    Eric is my beloved leader! Do you think Ted Baillieu would be this sensible … sadly, no …..

  3. Very interesting article by Kerr. Thanks for the link, Andrew.

  4. Orlo Porter

    “Highly principled anti-Greens warrior Senator Eric Abetz”……
    In mid 2009 Abetz was a central figure in the OzCar affair, which involved allegations that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan had improperly given favourable treatment to a car dealer, John Grant, who was a friend of the Prime Minister. At a Senate inquiry on 19 June, Abetz asked a series of questions of a Treasury official, Godwin Grech, who testified that he had a “recollection” that a member of Rudd’s staff had sent him an email in February, asking that he provide preferential treatment to Grant. Abetz read out the text of what he said was an email, which purported to ask for preferential treatment for Grant. On 4 August 2009, Grech admitted that he had forged the email. Abetz then issued an apology, saying: “I am not only sorry to Malcolm Turnbull but to the Australian people and any anguish that may have been occasioned to Kevin Rudd and other people.” Herr Abetz is another religious crank and like his mate Abbott will tell lies for the sake of politics.

  5. Is this meant to be a balanced article. FAIL.

    There is a difference between journalism and propaganda; Saenator Abetz is the bloke who wants to “tinker” [his word] with the deceased WorkChoices laws through the Electoral laws. What a fine upstanding citizen.

  6. Anonymous

    Eric is a tosser but he has got some spine – Ted Baillieu could learn from this guy.

  7. Tassie australia's weakest link

    Jobless but well forested tassie has always been the weak link of the federation.

    The senate gives this state that is the size of two metro councils the weighting if a whole state.

    If other words we suffer a massive Gerry-mander from federation that gives small states more than one vote one value in the senate.

    This Gerry-mander was the price paid to get a nation on 1901. A century later population growth in qld nsw and Vic make us a nation held to ransom in the senate.

    The greens have been smarter than most to realize power can grabbed in the small apple isle.

    The future of the eta was killed by climate extremist Abbott and by the power hungry greens.

    Australia’s future now swings on Saturday with these two extremes of the carbon debate. Abbott who will do nothing and leave it to the next pm to fix and the greens who want to close down the energy sector before a renewable energy sector is put in place.

    As keating said this Chamber is ‘unrepresentative swill’ . It killed the eta and therefore critically wounded rudd and is now set to extract an even higher price from the Australian people.

  8. andy bult

    How have the greens been able to get under the radar when they want to introduce death duties again and legalize injecting rooms not to mention shutting down our power stations for the sake of being green.A non accountable group of fanatics so far out of touch with reality it is not funny [deleted]

  9. Carli

    it’s so much fun seeing right wing lunatics like you eating your self up as the Greens march on.

    What were your predictions of the Greens demise…? of not getting above 10% of the vote?


  10. Taking of Pell 123

    Erica Betz the thinking liberals centrefold

  11. Attila

    pfft. The path back to state Government in Tasmania is over the dead body of Eric Abetz.

  12. The Greens will be elected in Victoria on the strength of Liberal Party preferences fueled and boosted by One Nation, Family First and the DLP (Based on 2007 voting data and 2010 ticket vote preferences)

    The reason is due to a flaw in the way the Senate vote is counted. Instead of being based ion the value of the vote the Senate system is based on the number of ballot papers. The Liberal party will have 1.3 million votes valued at less then 0.4 this is topped up by 300,000 votes at full value from One Nation, Family First and the DLP. When the surplus from the LNP 3rd candidate is distributed the LNP ticket vote will be inflated disproportionately giving the Greens a bonus 7,000 winning margin.

    The outside alternative is that the ALP will secure 42% primary and the LNP 38% vote in Victoria electing three Senate seats in their own right. In which case the Liberal Party will not elect a 3rd senator. The Greens are expected to secure 12.5% state wide.

    I do not expect the Greens to out poll the LNP in the lower house seat of Melbourne where there is a margin of less then 0.67% between the LNP and the Greens. Docklands is expected to give the LNP a marginal lead over the Greens.

  13. Double dissolution

    The Greens can only hold the balance of power with the support of either the LNP or the ALP.

    The greatest fear is that the Greens will demonstrate their propensity to try and hold the government of the day to ransom by refusing to compromise. We saw that with the Carbon Trading tax rejection.

    If the Greens hold the balance of power we can expect a double dissolution and fresh elections within 18 months.

  14. ?

    Eric Abetz is the most disgusting and objectionable being (I cannot call him “human”) ever to serve in the nation’s Parliament

  15. Anon

    Has anyone seen the ALP Melbourne leaflet? It features endorsements from a number of community members, including a gentleman from one of the Horn of Africa communities.
    I was advised last night that Adam Bandt had rung this bloke and really abused him for endorsing Cath Bowtell.
    IMHO this is absolutely outrageous for 3 reasons:
    1/. No politician has the right to abuse a member of the public for participating in the electoral process.
    2/. Even worse to treat recent refugees from politically unstable lands in this way. They are used to far worse intimidation and deserve much better.
    3/. Disgraceful for the Greens to do this, when their entire purpose is supposedly about raising the standard of politics, not dragging it to a new nadir.
    FWIW, I have known my source, who is in an excellent position to know, for over 20 years, and they had absolutely no reason to lie to me about it. More to the point, they are as honest as the day is long.
    Demonstrates the hypocrisy of some of the Greens, including the extremists who have been trying to ‘take over’ the greens since at least the mid 1990s, as evidenced by Bandt’s comments elsewhere on the web.

  16. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***In mid 2009 Abetz was a central figure in the OzCar affair***

    Senator Abetz was not a ‘central figure’ in the Ozcar affair.

  17. Hyperdog

    It would seem that young Eric must have got rolled on this one. Contra to the original preferences shown here, ads in today’s Mercury preferenced Couser (GRN) ahead of Jackson (ALP) in the only seat where it actually might matter, Denison.

  18. stumps

    Byron in Wharoonga.
    if “Senator Abetz was not a ‘central figure’ in the Ozcar affair”. what was he then? that was a very profound statement you made. As Tony Abbotts old girlfriend said, “please explain”?

  19. sal

    At first I thought this a wonderful piece of satire – then I realised the author is serious! Seriously delusional more like. “Highly principled” suggests a high level of morality and ethics, not what I associate with Abetz. I am sure he does have principles, but they are what serve him and the party, not the people of Australia.

    Funny how most politicians don’t see the need for them to be the same!

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