WAGGING TONGUES: Julia Gillard once embraced "lesbian lifestyle" as student leader

juliagillardaus Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been accused of abandoning her roots by not endorsing left-wing and gay community demands to allow same-sex marriage.

Documents obtained by the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit – challenged to find a bad story about Labor after a number of spectacular take-downs of conservative candidates this election – reveal that in 1983, Julia Gillard appeared to be at the very least closely aligned with the lesbian political movement with the then notoriously left-wing Australian Union of Students.

Following the weekend’s gay rights rallies, the Greens party leader Bob Brown has called for a conscience vote on in the issue in Parliament, which would bring to the fore the individual opinions of MP’s on the issue.

Tasmanian and Victorian state branches of the ALP already support same-sex marriage, although state governments have no jurisdiction over marriage.

Our sources suggest they’d be keen to provide further evidence of Gillard’s changing views on the issue from within long-maintained archives within gay/lesbian groups, if federal Labor’s leadership doesn’t change its position on same-sex marriage.

In a publication of the Australian Union of Students Womens Department, known at the time for asserting that marriage was either prostitution and/or rape in funky fonts or fluoro stickers, then AUS President GIllard was embraced by lesbian activists who were celebrating what they called “International Year of the Lesbian.”

Julia Gillard is pictured in an intimate setting with fellow female AUS office-bearers “Gayle and Sue” (and has scarcely aged a year).

While those who remember her time in student politics tell VEXNEWS she was very much a moderate leftist at the time compared with the prevailing lunacy of AUS that eventually killed it, lesbian sisters at the time were very much on-side.

They referred to her as “glorious” and noted the “remarkable response from the popular media [from declaring the Year of the Lesbian] resulting in much time and energy wasted answering questions from misogynist media personalities about the sexual preferences of AUS’s three National Officers (who for the first time, were all women) and other earth-shattering inconsequencialities (sic).”

Those well-informed observers also tell VEXNEWS that feisty feminist Gillard might have been supportive of everyone’s equality, she didn’t “bat for the other side” whatever the insinuations of the nearly thirty-year old publication. “Militant lesbians might have been keen to claim her or perhaps give an impression about her that wasn’t correct but it’s worth keeping in mind, nothing published by the AUS tended to be true, many of its staff were involved in helping finance terrorism by providing money to the PLO hijackers and terrorists” one cultural warrior from the time recalled to VEXNEWS.

Gillard’s Women’s Officer wrote passionately of the “lesbian struggle” and the need to celebrate “the lesbian lifestyle” through “dances, picnics, sports days, beach parties and so on.”

The AUS publication explained that Gillard’s AUS had created “highly successful International Year of the Lesbian Collectives” in “Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, organising dances, forums and support groups” for lesbian women. Gillard’s Women’s Officer wrote passionately of the “lesbian struggle” and the need to celebrate “the lesbian lifestyle” through “dances, picnics, sports days, beach parties and so on.”

It was all pretty racy stuff – no doubt – by the standards of the time.

More controversially according to community standards now is the publication of a photograph in the same newsletter that puts two young girls in what appears to be a sexual context of them preparing to kiss passionately in a way almost certainly not allowed by the government’s previously proposed internet filter.

Many suspect it is only a question of time before the federal government buckles to pressure to formally acknowledge gay partnerships in some sort of official way, whether it is called marriage or not.

Gillard’s conservatives critics have claimed that she will push for this in any future term, pointing to a document she wrote for the lefty moderate group with the radical name “Socialist Forum” in the late 1990s:

“We need to recognise the only possibility for major social change is under a long period of Labor administration. Within that administration the Left needs to be willing to participate to shape political outcomes, recognising the need to accept often unpalatable compromises in the short term to bolster the prospect of future advance.”

aus1 aus2 aus3


lesbianseparatists meetingminutes lesbians2

More pages from that AUS publication have come through, including advice from the organisation at the time to straight women not to take lesbians to places where men might be and also not to touch them. Yes, really:

Do not invite her someplace where there will be men unless you tell her in advance. She may not want to be with them.

Do not assume that her heart will leaps with joy if you touch her arm… It makes her angry



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66 responses to “WAGGING TONGUES: Julia Gillard once embraced "lesbian lifestyle" as student leader

  1. Anon

    Is this it Andy?

  2. Darla Jane

    I fondly recall attending several funky functions with the Prez BITD.

    Her nickname back then was Fabian Beanflicker and we often ate lunch in Box Canyon or at the Y.

    Gosh, the memories are flooding back now.

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  4. Anonymous

    I wont be voting labor under Gillard no way in hell

  5. Dan Lewis

    So o lesbians actually walked the red carpet?

  6. Dan Lewis

    So no lesbians actually walked the red carpet?

  7. Les Beau Patterson

    Hardly the game-changing earth-shattering, knee-trembling news we’d been waiting all weekend for.

    Hardly a take-down of Gillard all!

    Is this just a teaser?

  8. Boofa

    After I slip er a hard one she never go back to lapping dykes.

  9. Procrastinateher

    So what, Julia did a little student politics? The fact that lesbians are even mentioned is to remind Ms Gillard that if she is elected, she should consider actually giving people – like those she used to coerce with – equal rights.

    I’m sorry, I know Abbott is counting on you thinking otherwise, but there are more than two political parties going to this election. Just because you see Julia/Labor unfit, does not mean you should give your vote to Tony and his speedos.

    Honestly, I’m glad I tune out “news” wise near election time.

    Go to a link like this one, look at the policy directions, and find out for yourself which parties agree with your views.

  10. Carol

    Pretty lame. I have known a few lesbians in my time, might even be some photos of me at uni talking to some….. oooo scandal.

    Hardly as ‘colourful’ as the Dawson uni days of racist, sexist bigot or Abbott’s groping sexual assault incident.

  11. this is a big deal

    If we are not scandalised by Gillard et al using a pic of little girls in an apparent embrace to advance the lesbian agenda, then what is wrong with us??

    It is poor poor taste. I want an explanation!!

  12. Glorious Labia

    Gillard is our leader! Moving the International Year of the Lesbian to 2011! I look forward to the picnic day with Julia

  13. Rectinol - I can't see the packet from up here

    Not married, no kids, a token boyfriend…you do the math?

  14. Ben

    For a straight person, she seems awfully bi-curious (not that there’s anything wrong with that in Melbourne). I wonder what attracted to her to the lesbian scene.

  15. dela rivet

    imagine what they’d do to a muscle luving gym junkie like me. Those sheilas should come down to the parliament house gym. could do great things with my sexy texty phone! Might even be able to find some young lib girls for them.

  16. john samuel

    Is this the best you can do 6 days before election day? Harden up give us some real poo. Bums and Tits is wats we want. e.g.

    “In 1977, a female student accused Tony Abbott of assaulting her. A
    few days later, police turned up at his family home in Killara and he was arrested after Helen Wilson signed a sworn statement that Abbott had groped her buttocks”.

  17. Bigger news is that Gillard has been charged for Treason and the A-G will not allow the case to be heard in a court of law.


  18. Amazing

    Your website has fallen completely down to the point of irrelevancy. Well done.

  19. john samuel & pauline hanson

    6 days before election day and this is the best you can do? if you want to be a real journalist you’ve got to give the punters “bums and tits”,not this slop. harden up.something like this.

    “In 1977, a female student accused Tony Abbott of assaulting her. A
    few days later, police turned up at his family home in Killara and he was arrested after Helen Wilson signed a sworn statement that Abbott had groped her buttocks”.

  20. Walter Plinge

    When asked if he was gay Nathan Lane famously replied, “I’m 40, single, and in musical theatre. You do the math”.

    Has the investigations unit got any photos of Miss Gillard treading the boards? Anyway, two out of three isn’t bad.

  21. I take some perverse pride in guessing the story. What’s my prize? Lifetime subscription to VEXNEWS?

  22. Jeremy C Browne

    So Julia Gillard thinks Henson style photos are cool? Our children aren’t safe with her!

  23. scared

    First the economy; now the kids … what next?

  24. john samuel and pauline hanson

    bit of a letdown 6 days before the election.wats we need is a bit of “Murdoch” bums and tits. harden up.
    “In 1977, a female student accused Tony Abbott of assaulting her. A
    few days later, police turned up at his family home in Killara and he
    was arrested after Helen Wilson signed a sworn statement that Abbott
    had groped her buttocks”.
    Tony thinks he’ll get to heaven by the back door.

  25. Someone once told me Gillards boyfriend is a 'Beard'

    What does that mean they giggled when they told me and then when I asked further they said you do the maths????

  26. Pissy Chryne

    Don Dunston is my hero, I live in SA, I love frocks, I have a token wife – you do the maths.

  27. Lesbians & Gays in public life - and so what?

    Anna Bligh Qland Premier
    Christine Nixon
    Julia Gillard
    Former NZ PM Clark

    and so what?! What happened to the word diversity?

  28. Pissy Chryne

    And me too I’m as camp as a row tents, even Abbott thinks I’m a [deleted].

  29. Anonski

    Joolia’s campaign launch was awful – you would’ve thought the ALP was ten points behind in the polls.

    Insipid – as if Joolia thinks she lost already.

  30. Anonski – I think she’s lost already, why shouldn’t she?

  31. Adrian Jackson

    I listened to both Abbott’s and Gillard’s campaign launch in full on ABC News Radio and Gillard’s speech was better but will the ALP really follow through on there promises.

    To get dole bludging families to work for the sake of their kids sounds good but remember Bob Hawke said that “by 1990 no Australian child will live in poverty”.

    Bob spoke well at today launch too but his recollections forgot interest rates at 18% in the late 1980’s, a rust belt state in Victoria in 1988/92 and a $92 billion federal debt by 1996.

  32. RDR

    Any university lesbian couples like a lift home I can accommodate, txt me.

  33. sooty

    I am disappointed no-one has thought to use the Easy-Off BAM! guy in their launch.

  34. Rectinol - I can't see the packet from up here

    What a terrible campaign launch at the end of the campaign, JuLIAR. The reliance on Hawke smells of panic. Relying on an old drunk to try and help you cross the line is pathetic. All he does is piss people off Hawke = 18% home interest rates and a lot of pissed pilots and their families. Back to your rathole, Hawke, I say.

  35. Blah blah

    Excellent – I think Lesso are smashing!

  36. Gobbler


    Things are going very bad for the ALP. The Libs are likely to win this weekend.

    I’d better write some fake documents damaging to the Coalition and then accuse Senator X in Stat Dec of being the real author.

  37. Pro liberal democrat

    I couldn’t care less if JG batted for the other side in sexual matters – the truth is she batted for the other side in the major ideological struggle of the 20th Century – that of freedom versus the dictatorship of the State. She was a communist supporter (CPA member?)during the height of the cold war. By implication she supported the USSR and Maoist China in preference to the liberal democracies of the West.

    Now Andrew, if you want the big scoop, track down her pro-communist utterances of the 1980s.

  38. Ollie

    Me and Pissy and Alan Jones love to loiter around the Gents.

  39. Charles "Biffy" Biffen.

    I’m sure the election brings some cold war warriors from out of their bunkers,stumbling around in the sunlight wearing their gas masks and anti radiation suits. for gods sake some one tell them the wall is down,China is a full blown (i love that term, very 80’s)capitalist country, military dictatorships of whatever stripe run most of the poorer countries. the so called major ideological struggle of the 20th century has gone, dead and buried.
    of course you sometimes see refugees from the sixties with their denims and grey-streaked pony tails so therefore you have their opposites the right wing nut. personally i find them both very sad. the only struggle for the average pleb is to get home on time to watch “Master chef”.

  40. Pro liberal democrat

    Dear Charles “Biffy” Biffen. Not everyone who was anti-communist was a right wing nutter.

    Yes, capitalism had triumphed in China though it remains a dictatorhip.

    My point is that at the time that there was such a great global ideological struggle (which seems so strange to Gen X or Y), JG sided with the dictators not the liberal West. Apparently she remained an organiser for the Socialist Alliance (the successor body to the CPA) well into the 90s.

    How out of touch with mainstream Australia is that?

    Is she now just a typical poll driven pollie, does she now recant her CPA inspired view of life or what??? We deserve an explanation.

    Poor old Tony – he has to pay the price for his 1980s papist views, why not Julia for her communist views?

  41. Nina Selah

    I know all 3 women in the photo and they are hard working, honest and straight…..not that there’s anything wrong with being gay….Julia is our best bet on Saturday and she’s survived much smarter attacks than this one. And she has grown and learnt a thing or two over the years, so who cares what she said when she was 20….. go Gillard

  42. Taking of Pell 123

    I want to see the sex tape of Julia and Penny.

  43. This might be as good as it gets, ToP123. And really, some things SHOULD be left to the imagination…

  44. anon

    I have often been appalled about the homophobic comments made on this site. Well, you have reached an all time low.

    I wonder what you have against Julia Gillard, perhaps it is your backroom mates, Feeney, Williamson,Shorten,Jackson are getting in your ear.

    What you have done is hand the government over to the Libs. and all you dickheads who have vented your hatred on this site for people you just did not like because they were from the wrong side of the ALP – live with the shame

  45. Anonski

    Why wasn’t that scumbag Fraser at the ALP launch?

  46. Adrian Jackson

    So what happened to Sue and Gayle. Where are they now?

  47. chris

    I know a girl who had to get a dyke haircut before she was able to finally land a job in a Victorian government department. This is what Victoria has come to. You now have to pretend you are gay. Please just shoot me.

  48. politicalrealist

    Geez I can see why none of the major media outlets have picked you up Andrew, really weak story!

  49. Pisstopher Chryne

    I like rainbows.I like Ethel Merman. I like unicorns and I have a high pitched squeaky voice. You do the math.

  50. BS Detector

    Wow, this story is right up there with:

    “Man NOT abducted by Aliens”


    “Campers FAIL to see Bigfoot”.

  51. wtf

    I can’t believe this hasn’t got legs. Tim Matheson’s love child from 19th century does!

  52. Kristine Nickson

    JG for PM – she has learnt all about leadership from me.

  53. Anonymous

    Staff at PPO would be so proud of Julia’s achievements at the Australian Union of Students.

  54. Mr Rabbit

    Lesbianism leaves a foul taste in my mouth.

  55. Dear Chris

    It may surprise you to know that not all dykes go tot the same hairdresser. Maybe your friend was just really not very good and that’s why she couldn’t get a job.


    Nothing about Gillard shocks anymore well what is Peny Wong so this ALP has a PONG about it an ON THE NOSE smell
    so not voting for the choice party
    yes ALP a choice to be a lesbian
    a choice to waste money our money
    to spne taxpayers money like it is water
    the ALP so lacks moral tone
    Some Parents dont want their children to follow the example of the ALP hard women like Gillard and Wong and Plibersek the list goes on and on!
    Vot Australias Loose morals party out!

  57. andy bult

    The truth is out I am a male Lesbian.

  58. Lesbians & Gays in public life - and so what?

    I am heartened to hear from internal Labor sources that Julia is committed to reform which will correct an injustice by allowing same sex marriage if she wins the next Federal election.

    Why shouldn’t lesbians and gays have the same right to marry, to conceive and to adopt children. And to be represtented as completely normal in our children’s education system ?

  59. be consistent

    to so what? – your proposal is in itself discriminatory as you do not propose to legalise solemnised polygamy. Be consistent pleased.

    At least the AUS commies were not discriminatory in arguing for marriage’s abolition. Now all the gays in the village want to endorse an institution they once derided as slavery and prostitution in the name of equal rights. What hypocrites!

    If Gillard is not being open about gay marriage at this election, then that it is a scandal as she is deceiving the public. You may be heartened by duplicity and lying but the public will surely turn on her for it and with it, your cause.

  60. Joe

    Why aren’t the media reporting this extremeism? Could she have been any more left wing in her day? Any more extreme?

    The media seem very happy to show their left wing outrage from time to time that Abbott is a catholic (like millions of other Austrlaians.)

  61. Good grief

    Um Joe how is supporting gay rights extreme? Millions of Australians are in same sex relationships. Some of them are even Catholic. I’m sure Tony had his fair share of it in priest training as well

  62. go joe

    Um Good Grief – promoting the AUS program included marriage as prostitution and using kiddie porn for lesbian propaganda – how is that not extremism?

    By the way, if marriage is prostitution who in a gay relationship is the john?

  63. SM

    1983 AUS National Conference
    Anyone remember the Womens Officer Motion, supported by Julia that, “All Men are Rapists” (Carried)

  64. Pissy Chryne

    Join my team we have no need for any yucky girls or women.

  65. Ma sealake

    What are time bombs of Australia democratic society?

    The Australia historical hung parliament demonstrated the big gap of inequality society between the small educated elite groups get highest pay by talk feast used mouth work controlling live essential resources of the country in every social platforms against the biggest less educated groups get lowest pay by hands work squeezed by discriminative policies that sucking live blood from poor/less wealth off?

    Voters’ voices do not hear?
    Voters’ pains do not ease?
    Voters’ cries do not care?

    1. Poverty will not be phase out if no fairer resources to share;
    2. Illness will not be reducing if no preventive measurement in real action;
    3. Agriculture will not be revitalize if urbanization continuing its path;
    4. Housing affordability will not be reach for young generation if government continues cashing from young generation debt by eating out the whole cake of education export revenue without plough back;
    5. Manufacture industry will shrink smaller and smaller if no new elements there to power up to survive;
    6. Employability will not in the sustainable mode for so long as manufacture and agriculture not going to boost.

    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

  66. TheGladeGirl

    Just watch the body language of Julia Gillard with her ‘First Bloke’. They don’t look a couple to me. The wouldn’t be the first gay/bi friends to set up a smoke screen by pretending to be straight.

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