JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH: Abbott says "as a married man, I suffer far too much abstinence"

abbottsex2 The very real prospect of Tony Abbott’s election on Saturday offers Australians the opportunity to have a Prime Minister of probably unprecedented frankness and openness.

And while that sounds like a pitch for him, it’s not meant that way.

Sometimes, a little too much candour is unpleasant for those hearing it, as a transcript obtained by the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit indicates.

Back in February 2007, he told a shocked and awed Triple J listening audience in a no-holds barred interview on sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in response to a question “Do you support abstinence?”:

Well as a married man, I suffer far too much abstinence…

It is unknown what his wife Margie thought of this observation.

He was on fire, that interview, as Health minister having very bravely agreed to go on the notoriously left-wing alternative radio station for yoof declaring at one point:

Do I think that kids should grow up in a condom culture? No, I don’t think that’s a very good thing at all.

Even the conservative wing of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit would rather the little tikes not catch HIV though, if they insist on rubbing nasties.

When pressed by the appalled leftist Triple J host about what he meant by the condom culture, he said:

Well, it means a whole range of things. And, basically, it means behaving responsibly. Of course, Triple J being a Government-funded station would want to make sure that good, wholesome messages like that are going out to people.

Making it clear that while he might be missing out at night-time, he is certainly not lacking a vision splendid for the nation.



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18 responses to “JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH: Abbott says "as a married man, I suffer far too much abstinence"

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  2. anon

    Christ if I were Abbott I’d thank my lucky stars the thought of bedding Margie is a horrible thought.

  3. Adrian Jackson

    His wife looks uncomfortable in the public eye, like the Liberal party launch last week. His daughters seem to do a good job though as an accompaniment to Tony’s campaigning.

  4. Taking of Pell 123

    Abbott may have not been getting any at home, but judging by the way he walks he must be somebody’s bitch

  5. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott always offers his firm behind for my nocturnal pleasures behind the pulpit.

  6. anon

    Milton Orkopoulos, stop impersonating Cardinal Pell you sick ALP deviant.

  7. QandA Watcher

    Tony Abbott did a wonderful job on QandA tonight. This time next week he will be the PM.

  8. Argus Tuft

    QandA watcher you are dreaming

  9. Duchess of Sturt

    I can help him to satisfy his carnal needs.

  10. Bargy

    Argy, the ALP will be reduced to six seats in Qld – you guys are gooooone. Enjoy the last few days of one of the worst governments in Australia’s history.

  11. Ronnie

    Ha! Just noticed a paid Google advertisement for Sarah Henderson on your site.

    I wonder what the click through rates are like? Probably quite good due to all the Vexnews perves looking for some vicarious thrills.

  12. Billy Bob Hickory

    they say that the reason Mick Jagger
    married Bianca was that she was his female Indentical twin.maybe one of those sycologeests can give you a reason for that? me i just luv kissing those cousins.

  13. darren

    what does Christopher Pearson have to say about this?

  14. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    Sadly he takes his urges out on my rear.


    Cant get enough cant get enough news in the media
    of Tony Abbott and his lovely family so Tony for PM
    Tony for PM
    Tony for PM
    far better than puttiny up with pushy man axing gullard roxon wong plibersek for the next three years
    spare us oh spare us all these dominating man eaters!

  16. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***Christ if I were Abbott***

    He! The presumptuous dreams of the utterly mediocre.

  17. Life on Mars

    Come on guys, don’t be sexist…broads hate that.

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