DEAD: Corrupt suspended liquidator Dean McVeigh dies suddenly

deanmcveighpic After having a red hot go at ruining countless lives and successfully cheating a very large number of creditors, Dean McVeigh, the Rolls Royce driving, notoriously corrupt former suburban liquidator recently suspended by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission for varied acts of corporate fraud died “suddenly at home” on Monday, August 9th according a death notice in the Herald Sun newspaper today.



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13 responses to “DEAD: Corrupt suspended liquidator Dean McVeigh dies suddenly

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  2. Tina T

    And you probably assisted in his early demise, Andrew. I hope you are not tacky enough to dance on his grave- but then again, who am I kidding?

  3. Huh?

    And rape victims who ensure their attacker is convicted should be held accountable for the attacker’s incarceration? Very strange logic Tina.

  4. Andrew Landeryou - editor VEXNEWS

    A bad man died. We don’t say he’s Jack the Ripper but we’re also not going to whitewash the truth just because he died either. He hurt a lot of innocent people, well beyond those caught up in the political mess surrounding the Melbourne University Student Union. We think our brief report on this was both consistent with the truth of that and the appropriate level of decorum in the circumstances. Justice was done, in terms of his suspension as a liquidator, so I suspect most of those cheated by McVeigh or others ways damaged by his shenanigans will be content with that.

  5. anon

    Just got to pray that lump of human excrement Gess Rambaldi dies too.

  6. Angry Creditor

    Will his wife and children who enjoy the cash and assets stolen from creditors have the decency to return it unlike dead Dean? How she can sleep at night is beyond me.

  7. Onsol

    The McVeighs were white trash. Plain and simple. Buying a 1980s Rolls Royce with personalised numberplates only reaffirmed the obvious to everyone who knew the family. Good riddance to scum.

  8. Jeremy Rothburn

    Vivian McVeigh, please advise ASIC if you will be returning the money your dead husband stole from creditors over the last 15 years in sham administrations.

  9. Anonymous

    This guy ruined many reputations with the impunity provided by the Corporations Act. Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he suddenly becomes good.

    9 February 2010
    Page 1 of 1


    The Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board (CALDB) has announced that it has, pursuant to s1292 of the Corporations Act, ordered the suspension for a period of eighteen months of the registration as a liquidator of Mr Dean Royston McVeigh of Foremans Business Advisors at Sandringham in Melbourne.

    The CALDB has also ordered that Mr McVeigh undertake an educational program in the areas of independence/conflicts, investigation, reporting and office procedures and systems, and, on completion of his suspension, be subject to peer reviews of his next five voluntary administrations and next five creditors’ voluntary liquidations.

    The CALDB found that in ten separate external insolvency administrations (extending over the period 2001 to 2007) of which Mr McVeigh was either voluntary administrator or liquidator or both, Mr McVeigh failed to carry out and perform adequately and properly his professional duties in areas including independence/conflicts, investigation and reporting.

    A copy of the CALDB’s decision and reasons is published on the CALDB website (
    The CALDB is an independent statutory body given functions and powers under the Act. The Board’s disciplinary responsibilities pursuant to the Act are intended to provide an incentive to registered auditors and liquidators to maintain high professional standards. The Board also has a public protective and educative role by virtue of its jurisdiction to cancel or suspend the registration of an auditor or of a liquidator.

    For further information contact:
    Gary Hoare

    Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board
    Telephone: 02 9911 2970

  11. Andrew it is clear as day that McVeigh is suited to act a auditor or liquidator. This report is damming. Whilst the board has gone light on McVeigh in imposing a 18 months suspension and peer review of his best 5 cases (If anyone if stupid enough to appoint him as liquidator).

    McVeigh was also required to undergo a conflict management moderation and other training to address his serious shortfall in professional conduct.

    It are leaches such as Mcveigh that seriously undermine confidence in Australia’s corporate management. clearly he has shown little care or concern at minimising creditors losses whilst pumping up his own fees that bleed trash companies he is supposed to manage and liquidate.

    I am surprised that his conduct and management of the Melbourne University case was not subject to review also. Clearly McVeigh has a case to answer for his misconduct and abuse of the trust placed in him.

  12. Dean McVeigh a man whose professional career was cut short and ended in disgrace. His demise and loss of creditors in come will not be missed. He will undoubtedly be counting fireballs in hades.

  13. Anonymous

    Being dead doesn’t suddenly make him a good man.

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