RAO ROW: Bad blood in Indian community over Consul General cash snatch

raorow Prominent Liberal figures have been drawn into a messy financial row in the Indian community.

Malcolm Fraser and Jeff Kennett have both been linked to a controversial “charitable trust” created by the former Honorary Consul General of India Talluri Jagannadha Rao.

While the unpaid Honorary Consul to Melbourne for India Rao charged a $15 surcharge on each visa issued to tourists and others heading to the exotic travel destination.

Rao used the proceeds to fund the operation of a large consulate operation in Coburg, Indian community insiders explain.

He also used his position of prominence in the Indian community to attract clients to his marriage counselling operation.

There is dispute within the Indian community about whether this surcharge ought to have been levied, although that is largely now an academic issue.

But what continues as a live concern within the Indian community is what happened with the surplus cash of more than $400,000 left over from Rao’s reign.

Insiders tell VEXNEWS that there was an assumption that Rao would hand over the loot to one of the established and government backed Indian community organisations.

Rao has refused to do this and has instead engaged in what his critics slam as “empire-building” by creating his own “Australian Indian Benevolent & Charitable Trust” which neither acts benevolently nor charitably according to sources within the Indian community.

Despite pressing needs within the Indian community, Rao is refusing to hand over the cash to those in need, his accusers claim.

The former unpaid honorary consul insists that the assets of the trust need to be built up to more than $1 million before he will activate the charitable functions of the tax-deductible trust.

Indian community figures also worry there is very little democratic accountability over Rao’s organisation which has a hand-picked group of trustees who are essentially Rao’s mates.

Rao is expected to face growing pressure to distribute the funds to what one critic explains are “cash-strapped and functioning Indian community organisations and to stop involving prominent retired Liberal politicians to lend legitimacy to an organisation that is not much more than a cash-box and an ego trip for a retired unpaid honorary consul who wants to cling to a position of prominence he lost some years ago. It’s a shame he can’t put the interests of the community ahead of his own political power-games. We hope learns to let go and retire with dignity.”



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46 responses to “RAO ROW: Bad blood in Indian community over Consul General cash snatch

  1. Confused

    Dr Rao or Dr Patel???? Eerie

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  3. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t John Brumby’s Consumer Affair Victoria who have authority over these groups act? Consumer Affairs Victoria – a Brumby toothless tiger ???

  4. Anonymous

    Where’s Victoria Police on this? Or too afraid to investigate because he’s Indian?

  5. Brumby is Racist

    If he wasn’t Indian he would have been investigated by now. 1 law in Victoria for immigrants, another for others.

  6. Sources matter

    Andy, venturing into the world of indian ethnic politics is brave. But before doing that check your sources?
    Are they too liberal connected?
    Do they have conflicts of interest as education agents and international college owners?

    And then there is this vexed question?
    With 50% of recent arrivals coming from Punjab state and 25% coming from Andra pradesh has Rao or his education industry linked opponents likely to give a fair share of funds to punjabi or Andra groups in needy suburbs?

    Not likely … More likely Rao’s detractors will want the money to establish a plush country club on the banks of the yarra in a safe and afleunt safe liberal seat.

    Libs one and all.

  7. Anonymous

    So “sources matter”, Indians are in fact racists then to their own countrymen? Shameful really. Indians scream racism in Australia but in fact with their caste system and state bias are just a bunch of inbred racists themselves.

  8. Anonymous

    What nonsense? You had better check your sources. The former Consul General was one of the most charitable and dignified persons and the Indian community member (your source) in Melbourne who seeks to defame him should be ashamed – your website is a disgrace for publishing such baseless information.

  9. Gautam Gupta

    Has anyone seen my pappadum?

  10. Source matter for migrants too

    India like Malaysia, Fiji, and many parts of Europe is a mess with religious a regional discrimination.
    That is why Australia, UK, Canada, and the US have been able to cherry pick the best migrants from these societies for the last 40 years.

    The mainly liberal party members who ran the sham colleges expolited this too but with howrads lax rule where able to import Asian unemployment to Melbourne.

    Labor has closed down the visa factories. Whatever Rao’s past failings, the main source of people attacking him are motivated by his constant condemnation of the visa factories and their local liberal owners.

    The exploitation of these students for financial gain was a scam of billions of dollars.

    Labor has not publicly outer the prominent Australian, Chinese, Greek and Sri Lankan owners and agents of the private international colleges and so they feel free to play their games. These people defiled the name of Australia and their ethnic communities. All taxpayers are now paying the price with falling enrolments for our legitimate universities.

    Perhaps vex could have the courage to name and shame the liberals and fake labor supporters who ripped off hundreds of thousands of Asian students, destroyed australias’s reputation in Asia and critically undermined our real education sector …. All for private personal profit from a largest ever visas scam that exploited desperate lower
    middle class Asian kids.

    Forget the boats… Howard and Abbott were australia’s biggest ever people smugglers…..hundreds of thousands smuggled in under an education scam.

  11. People smugglers like us

    The international education scams of Howard really deserve a high place in history.

    At the same time as Howard was promising tough action on ‘boat people’ Australia had an open door policy as long as you paid the liberal owners of sham colleges $10,000 in fees.

    Was this any different to buying spot on boat from a people smuggler?

    Howard’s economic people smuggling was most successful in Victoria and reached the high point in 2009.

    Then Rudd closed the scams down and enrolments fell off. By the December enrollments will be 125,000 less.

    This drop off in international students is Abbott’s bogus cut to migration.

    Not only did he and his party create the problem they are now trying to use Labor’s solution as their promised migration cut.

    So we must bow down to Howard – the master manipulator of Australian politics, who poured scorn on poor boat people while setting up the laws for Australia’s largest people smuggling racket – private international colleges.

    Fortunately it was run by ‘the right kind of people, ‘people like us’ – good honest liberal party members – so it was all OK.

    Tony, how long before you revisit your heroes policy on international education?

    How many liberal millionaires were made selling Australian citizenship dressed up as an education visa?

  12. international education - liberal's lost cash cow

    Labor has removed Howard’s link between education and migration.

    How could Australia be educating more overseas students than the US?

    It must have been 80% scams.

    Labor now needs to clean up the 457 visa system.

    The Liberals only hate boat people because they mates are not getting a cut.

  13. just a poor education agent battler

    Ballieu wants to restart the visa factories for his liberal mates but Abbott’s desire for the redneck vote in Queensland has dashed all those hopes.

    With abbott’s promised migration cuts to hit student visas – what hope for Victorian liberals and their millionaire college owning mates.

    Makes it real hard for education agents and migration agents at the coming federal election.

    What can a poor liberal battler do?

  14. Ravi with the lot

    Stop the bickering fellow liberals. Vasan and Nitin Gupta are all great victorian liberals.

    If it had not been for Vasan’s and his education recruitment service Victoria would still have a hairdresser skills shortage!

  15. Nitin to rescue all


    please help I have a diploma cookery and MA in trickery can Ted get me PR?

  16. Vote for 'uncle' Ted

    Landlord ripped you off….college over charged you for dodgy cookery course…immigration agent charges $7000 to lodge a stupid form…education agent fitted you up with dodgy loans….never mind…still waiting for PR…..never mind all that…we liberals are with you all the way….we feel very sorry your family farm was mortgaged to pay for all this…..but listen dear brothers and sisters….you must have a third cousin twice removed who can vote liberal the coming state election…please…text me…

    yours in confidence

    Not In GUPTA

  17. Ravi with the lot

    I will be voting Labor you silly silly Gupta.

  18. Gunga Din

    Having caused most students to lose any chance at PR and reduced 70 colleges to a handful of bankrupt shells and having made numerous rental house now loss-making dives…can I Gunga Din humbly asked the Indian liberals:

    where is Ted’s indian vote block?

  19. anon

    [deleted – racist]

  20. anonymous

    Phil Honeywood, ex-Kennett minister, is now the business development manager at Cambridge International College – worth asking him for his perspective?

  21. Brumby's crime commission

    One of the first jobs for the crime commission should be the links between sham colleges liberal mps and members and bogus employment and mafia controlled rooming house empires.

    you will find Australian citizens of all ethnic backgrounds up to their necks in fraud but one group will be linked to all australua’sdia largest dodgy immigration scam- the Victorian branch of the liberal party.

  22. liberal's royal commission

    Do not hold your breath waiting for a liberal party probe into the cash for PR scams by dodgy international colleges…and how much cash was handed over by these naive would be asian migrants?

    How many taking a cut back in China, India, Nepal and Phillipines etc?

    we will never know the full extent of this billion dollar rip off…swept under the carpet too many pollies, would-be pollies, failed-pollies and ex-pollies involved…all grateful kangaroos no doubt.

    Aussie taxpayers do not stand a chance with this rotten lot….

  23. baba

    don’t vorry i can get you here on a 457 to work at mcdonalds.once your’e
    in no problems.proof below.

  24. Wa skill shortage

    457 visa are a great way to give boss total control over desperate third world workforce. Labor has put some controls in place….but Abbott would go back to bad howHard free for all. See above link to see how disgusting 457 visa exploitation can get.
    Wake up Australia

  25. Guest worker madness

    457 visas are a great way to bring in unfree workers….. How long can you do this and expect fair rights at work?
    This unaustralian scam was put in place for high flying execs…. Under howard it spread to factories and service sector…meanwhile 800,000 Australians under employed, 500,000 with no job and too many kids Without training or a trade…

  26. Rajiv

    Who are you Mr Rao to determine what is and isn’t appropriate use of our money? If you earnt it, spend it as you like. But it is not your money, it is the Indian community’s. Bad man who tricks people.

  27. Vasan Srinivasan Murali Kumar


  28. Vasan Srinivasan Murali Kumar


  29. Vasan Srinivasan Murali Kumar


  30. Virendra Banana

    Dr Rao was against influx of dodgy students.

    SO an education agent does this STORY against him.

    ITS SIMPLE now that failed AGENT has no income stream, so he wants this money for his UMBRELLA.







    WHATS GOING ON here ?


    Where is the evidence for this news. This is clearly irresponsible journalism.

    I will take over FIAV soooon.

    – JAYA HO


    Corruption in DELHI Commonwealth Games…

    AND you know who is the DE ATTACHE in Melbourne …?

    A famous man Melbourne man from Forrest Hill who now has the Indian Umbrealla..






  36. indian origin

    T j Rao used to behave like a prince in the indian community, and Dr. Marar is his assistant. Every where T. J Rao goes, Marar used to go like his shadow.

    I agree , T J Rao involved in Milking money from public via consulate office services.

  37. Virender BANANA

    Dont WORRY, I will take over that fund, while ARUN SHARMA or JAYA SHARMA will take over FIAV soooon.


    i WILL TAKE OVER FIAV..Thanks you Dr Row, Hashish Row, and Virender BANANA.



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