ENTRYISM: Adam Bandt's plan for Marxists to seize control of the "bourgeois" Greens party revealed

admabandt The Greens party candidate in Melbourne Adam Bandt, expected by most pundits to comfortably win the seat with as many as twenty thousand preferences potentially coming to him from the Liberal party, has made statements to an online Marxist discussion group in 1995 that make it clear he long ago planned to seize control of the Greens political party as a vehicle for his openly professed Marxist socialist “anti-capitalist” and anti ALP agenda.

Amusingly, at the time he was an earnest law student preparing for a life of middle class privilege, Bandt slammed the Greens party as “bourgeois” or belonging to the middle class, perhaps the most scathing criticism the young Marxist could conceive at the time to impress his faceless online correspondents. That he is now an affluent barrister, with a PhD and lives in the pricey leafy lefty suburb of Parkville might suggest the radical leftist has become quite bourgeois himself. He has recently been attending auctions throughout inner-city Melbourne bidding on properties in the $700-800,000 range according to earlier VEXNEWS reports.

The views contained in the Marxist discussion group are considerably to the Left of currently stated Greens party policy, which many would say is extreme enough with its big new taxes on everything from carbon emissions to death to toilet flushing, stripping away funds from independent non-government schools, shutting the World Bank because it isn’t in the control of despots and plunderers, closing zoos through animal import bans and making the state responsible for dispensing narcotics to addicts free of charge. Just to name a few.

We have also seen the ugly side of their extremist politics with Bandt’s campaigners writing graffiti about their Labor opponents being “climate retards,” a term of abuse commonly used to vilify and denigrate people with intellectual disabilities. Aside from the hatespeech, local campaigners have told VEXNEWS that Greens party campaigners act with extreme aggression and hostility to their Labor opponents. This is certainly reminiscent of ultra-leftists in student political circles of the kind Bandt ran with, where they frequently resorted to physical violence, in riots against Police, university security and staff and even occasionally their political opponents.

As a marginal seat candidate in 2010, Bandt is keen to present himself as meek and mild, softly spoken and reassuring, much like his federal leader Dr Bob Brown.

But Bandt’s politics is far from touchy, feely environmentalism. Fifteen years ago, when active in a notorious extreme left student political movement Left Alliance, he outlined his Marxist views in a variety posts to an online group.

Greens party insiders have told VEXNEWS that Bandt is considered an ideologue even by his fellow party activists, with him regularly urging on more extremist policy positions that are usually resisted by pragmatic power-broker numbers-man and upper house MP Greg Barber, who was day trading stocks and studying for an MBA while Bandt was preparing for the worldwide global communist revolution.

VEXNEWS has learned that he no longer refers to Marx in public but it is clear from comparing his views in the mid 1990s with current speeches (such as his oration to the Wheeler Centre recently) that the message is basically the same. The basis for the attack on capitalism has modified in its justification from class oppression to what Bandt describes as a “climate emergency.” While the justification has changed, the policy prescription hasn’t: bigger taxes, more regulation, bigger government, more bureaucratic control.

Bandt’s views are well worth scrutinising in detail because he is likely to be the most extreme-left member of the House of Representatives and according to published polls will be in the position to hold any government hostage to his anti-capitalist policy objectives.

With his attacks on markets, talk of “vangards” and collectivism, and an attack on the “two party system” it is clear his views haven’t matured much at all, he has just been careful to justify it all with reference to saving koalas and the trees they climb around in. He certainly doesn’t talk about the extreme left’s strategy of “entryism” in public at all now.

In 1995, he wasn’t as careful.

He made the case for what became a nationwide and systematic infiltration by extreme leftists like him, his now media spokesman and prominent student militant Damien Lawson and others like heir to the legal textbook fortune Stephen Luntz who were all involved in stridently anti-Labor ultra-left groups but who figured the only political future they could have would be turning the Greens party into a Trojan horse for their anti-capitalist views:

Supporting the Greens would perhaps be the most effective strategy at the
next election. The Greens are in many ways bourgeois, but they have been
able to exert influence over the Government's agenda. They are all we have
at the moment, as unlike Bernie Sanders*, they havn't voted for racism or
more cops. Let's ditch this 'third party' stuff: communists can't fetishise
alternative political parties, but should always make some kind of
materially based assesment about the effectiveness of any given strategy
come election time. Abstaining is irresponsible; supporting social
democratic parties is unjustifiable; building a 'new' party simply to get
votes can be absurd; supporting progressives who then send people to jail
is twisted.

I'd be interested in getting some responses.
Towards an anti-capitalist, anti-social democratic, internationalist movement,
Adam Bandt

[VEXNEWS: Bernie Sanders was a US Congressman associated with the extreme left who must have disappointed Bandt and the comrades in some respect by being merely mad rather than completely feral]


Bandt’s views are kept well hidden under a cloak of concern about climate and the environment generally perhaps because anti-capitalist attacks on private property, enterprise and our economy are so deeply unpopular in the community.

Concern for the environment is a big issue. As it should be. But the political support received by “anti-capitalist, anti-social democratic internationalists” is normally of the asterix variety.

The Greens party is different. It has been much more successful in winning votes of everyone from people who’d gladly support Adam Bandt “smash the state” types to doctors’ wives of Armadale who worry about climate change to pilates attending linen-wearing architect Dads in Parkville who aren’t sure about the science but want to give the planet the benefit of the doubt because that feels like the right thing to do. They are cynical about politics and see voting Green as an expression of concern about the political process too. Little do they realise they are being taken by the biggest con in Australian politics.

The hijacking of the environment movement by the anti-Labor Left is one of the biggest developments in modern political life in Australia.

But it has largely been unchronicled.


Bandt was not to know in 1995 that he would setting out an embarrassing truth.

A seasoned conservative political observer looked at Bandt’s writings in that link and provided VEXNEWS with a helpful summary for those unfamiliar with the jargon-filled social theory Marx mumbo-jumbo Bandt was laying on :

1. He was a member of Left Alliance which admonished the ‘ultra leftist’ of the International Socialists, Resistance etc for not being left-wing enough.

2. He doesn’t like how the ultra lefties are marginalised by red baiting tactics/language and that ‘fetishises’ Left Alliance as an organisation as more ideologically or strategically pure.

3. As a member of Left Alliance he is a ‘democratic centralist’ – he says that means the decision of the collective is binding on all; however in Leninist-Marxism that meant the decision of the leadership – claiming to be the leadership of the proletariat – was binding on the collective.

4. He says the tactics of fellow travelling or alliance building with members of the ALP is futile. The Labor Party is historically racist he argues; no better than the US Democrats- the Greens, which is a bourgeois party, is more suitable he says.

5. In fact, it is unjustified to support social democratic parties; the Greens can provide a vehicle for ‘praxis’ and eurocommunist type consciousness raising.

Bandt sees the Greens as a Trojan Horse for his anti-capitalist, anti-social democratic internationalist Marxism – how retro!!!


Bandt’s current strategy is to pretend to be a Labor man, who once worked at the same firm that Julia Gillard once worked at.

But the statements and admissions made here show the extent of the political fraud in which he is engaging, Labor insiders say.

One Labor strategist who read Bandt’s rant responded with a rant of his own that gives much food for thought:

“His remarks show he pathologically hates Labor and says we are exactly the same as the Liberals. He’s clearly a nutter.

Being anti-capitalist means being against private property. Being anti-social democratic means being against the welfare state and many of the great Labor achievements in ‘civilising capitalism’.

The criticisms he made of the Keating government are not greatly different from the criticisms he makes of Gillard and also made of Rudd.

He wants to run out an extreme left agenda and has done it by capturing the Greens party in a way that is inherently deceitful.

Can you imagine the average Greens party voter, a high-income earner in North Carlton or young medicine student living in a college, have any idea about the Greens party underbelly? Heaven help the country if Labor is held hostage by these people. And once Bob Brown retires in a couple of years, what then? Marxists like Adam Bandt will be left in charge.

If Labor doesn’t deal with this challenge head-on, the simple result will be that Labor won’t be electable in any form. So far in Tasmania, the Greens in Cabinet have been so overwhelmed by their portfolio responsibilities they’ve kept pretty quiet. But the situation there is inherently unstable.

A Labor government – which now appears unlikely anyway – dependent on Greens MPs in the lower house is a recipe for chaos. Their approach on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme shows they are absolutists who’d rather get nothing done about the issues they pretend to care about if they can’t get everything they demanded. And everything they demanded in that case would have 1) caused massive unemployment, 2) exported hundreds of thousands of jobs to China and Malaysia and 3) got the Liberals elected in the mother of all landslides.

This is the greatest challenge Labor has faced since the Split. But rather than have the Right doing the damage from the outside, now it’s the extreme-left who’ve stumbled on the perfectly devious brand for their sting. It’s people like Graham Richardson who propped up the Greens in the early days who have a lot to answer for. If the end result is that Labor cannot govern without this extremist and absolutist Coalition party full of ex or current Marxists, then they may as well eventually engrave the Liberal logo on the outer wall of the Lodge.

And for those who don’t give a rat’s about politics, it’s sending us down the Venezuelan road where you have competing parties squabbling for office that dwell in the extremes not fighting over the centre. We have previously achieved bi-partisan support on many aspects of economic policy, immigration and national security.

As a result of Labor soft-c*cks and Liberal opportunists propping up the Greens with sweet-heart preference deals, that national stability is going to be undermined by extreme swings. And this cancer

We are entering the most tumultuous and dangerous time in politics for fifty years. A narrow victory for either Gillard or Abbott and a likely Greens win in the House of Representatives means that the nation is in for a wild and crazy time and that progressive politics is being undermined from within by a highly sinister and very effective force.



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39 responses to “ENTRYISM: Adam Bandt's plan for Marxists to seize control of the "bourgeois" Greens party revealed

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  2. anon

    Ha ha [deleted – sexist] WILL lose.

  3. it's time

    The media need to do their job and ask Bandt:
    “do remain loyal to the ideals of revolutionary Marxism or not?”
    “do you intend to work within the capitalistic and parliamentary systems or do you want to overthrow it?”
    “do you find the violent overthrow of Australia’s current system and replacing it with revolutionary one party state desirable?”
    “why didn’t you join the Socialist Forum with Julia Gillard?”

  4. memories

    Any organisation that allows Damien Lawson into their fold cannot only have a high tolerance for militancy and perfidity. Lawson is an unreconstructed communist. The Greens are either the bourgeois party of muddle headed good intentions or it is the party of nasty brutes. It cannot be both.

  5. centre of the cyclone

    “it’s time”, you strapped yourself to a bed and come down from whatever drugs you’re on. Marxist revolution,
    one party state, violent overthrow of capitalist system. the average slaphead out there wouldn’t have a clue who Marx was.they are not Liberal citizens trying to increase their civil rights nor Marxist proletarians engaged in a class struggle. they are consumers vulnerable to the desires created by the media.consume,consume consume. whats the revolution going to bring them? bigger TV, a third car, 7 bedroom house, 14 days in Bali instead of 9 ? more footy on TV? you’re stuck in the 50’s Islam is the new enemy for now, China will be next (business greed/world domination).so get on the “I hate China bandwagon”,don’t get left behind.(excuse the pun).

  6. Lenin is dead

    Well done Andy.
    We know there are lots of Marxists & Trotskyites in The Greens. You found more evidence.

  7. Madam Lash

    Ran into a friend of mine…a former ALP member of longstanding who had more recently dallied with the Greens…he said that in the ALP the members were great and the pollies were pains in the arse….he said the Greens are the opposite…

  8. Madam Lash

    Adam Bandt is an ant and I’m voting Liberal in Melbourne and putting Cath Bowtell second… helping to put this insect back in his hole

  9. Bronstein

    Personally, I don’t have any problem with anybody being a Marxist. If Bandt is a Marxist-Trotskyite then that in itself shouldn’t be a problem. What is a problem, however, is candidates passing themselves off to an unwitting electorate as being something that they are not. Bandt definitely has a Trotskyite background. He was the enforcer for the Trotskyite Left Alliance at Murdoch University in the early 1990s. At about that time the Murdoch Guild of Students ran into financial difficulties, partly attributable to the employment of the Guild as a front for the Left Alliance. If Bandt is indeed passing himself off as a Green progressive but actually remains a Trotskyite then that would be a problem. If a candidate is a Trotskyite then that candidate should stand as a Trotskyite and should not hide behind a Green fig leaf. Should the underlying tenor of this article prove true then this would be a pretty poor reflection on the Greens, given that the race for Melbourne is supposed to be their highest profile campaign in the Lower House. It would be a pity if it should be proved that this campaign has a lie right at its core.

  10. Sorry, make that dinner

    I eat greens for breakfast

  11. it's time

    Dear Centre of Cyclone

    The average ‘slaphead’ knows there was an 20 Century international movement to spread dictatorship to all corners of the world. They used tanks and torture and navies and starvation on a massive scale. Millions were killed. Bandt, Lawson et al want to give it another go. Bandt is demonstrating complete dishonesty in politics. If Bandt denounces radical Marxism (yes, some Marxisms are gradualists, like Bernstein and Julia Gillard’s Socialist Forum), then on face value we should accept his answer … expect to say that Bandt has been plotting watermelon politics since mid 90s. TRUTH IN POLITICS NOW

  12. Arther conan doyle

    What stupid rot.Bandt’s as dangerous as my Granny.She has been dead for years.

  13. The Icepick

    Trots are notorious entryists. They are aware of people’s disdain for their brand of crack-pot politics and therefore seek legitimacy through infiltraion of more acceptable organistations within the broader mainstream.

    Their whole philosophy is based on manipulation and deception. Fortunately, until now, these attempts have been riddled with failure and incompetence.

    In the 1970’s thes ought to infiltrate Young Labor and were expelled.

    In the 1980’s they soughtr to take over the Tramways Union and failed.

    They even made an attempt to infiltrate the army (important to have some agents here for the day the Revolution breaks out) until they realised they had to sign up for a few years. On poor unwashed, unshaven soul actually joined only to find that his “comrades” had gotten cold feet. Not sure what happened to him.

    Seems after all these failed ventures they have now founr succour in the bosom of the Greens Party.

    Red and Green should not be seen!

  14. Madam Lash

    The greatest thing Tony Blair ever did was kick the Trots out of the British Labour Party…it was always going to be onwards and upwards after that…the Greens have been successfully infiltrated by seasoned Trots who were effectively purged from the Australian Labor Party in one way or another. The question isn’t really about Adam’s past…it is why should he have the right to hinder the democratic vote of the rest of Australia…goodness knows what he’ll come up with if he’s elected…and if he’s a closet Trot….. then God help Australia!

  15. Lavrentiy Beria

    Tovariches, we are amongst you have no fear, when the day comes and it will a new dawn will arise for the downtrodden masses in the great southern land.day by day our agents are preparing and organising.more comrades are arriving legally through the UNHCR programme.we are alive and well in USSR. soon we will show you as we move on the rest of the Americas we will move south,from there to Southern Africa and upwards.disaffected youth in Europe will see the light and join the cause.however hard you try you will never stop the Red tide.
    \”Hasta La Victoria Siempre\”

  16. Billy Bob Shortarse

    Adam has my vote. Apologies to all those delusional die hards who still think that another ex-unionist will change the ALP from within and stand up for workers.

  17. Anonymous

    So what? Most in the Age and ABC believe in the communist manifesto.

  18. omg

    billy bob shortarse, do you really believe a first rate spiv like Bandt has the interest of workers at heart. He’s campaigning to close down mines and fossil fuel generators all over the country! That will only push the fossil fuel sector to South East Asia and elsewhere. Bandt aims to punish the workers for their false consciousness – ie their social democratic habits. Bandt is evil!

  19. you're kidding mate

    getting very desperate Andrew. I will be voting Labor in my electorate but when you need to resort to this sort of tripe you need to ask yourself whether you are aiding or damaging Cath’s campaign. Get a real job.


    100,000 extra mainly young voters……greens get up!

  21. no conspiracy

    No left wing conspiracy just careerist lawyers at work….

  22. Trotsky is dead

    Madam Lash is again accurate.
    It will be interesting to see what a trotskyite MP does in the House of Representatives. The 2 who were elected to the House of Commons destroyed Labour’s chances.

  23. politicalrealist

    Dirty filthy unwashed loony greens are a threat to all of us. Don’t let them in. Vote Creegs Last!

  24. politicalrealist

    Dirty filthy unwashed loony greens are a threat to all of us. Don’t let them in. Vote Greens Last!

  25. Out of touch

    Ultra left brandt is Dangerously out of touch…..you can’t buy a house for $800,000 in the federal seat of Melbourne.

  26. Sounds like all you comrades have sworn your allegiance to the party of capitalism!! Fantastically unreflective and uncritical of you.

    I’m no Marxist, but this post is just full of diatribe.

    Tony Abbott has a house worth more than $800,000…so is it only OK to be rich if you flaunt it like the Liberals?

    As for bigger government…man you guys just don’t read policies. You just wanna live your life? Great! How about we tax the rich more so you can do just that. Or is this the quasi right wing affluent crowd who has taken care of themselves and their family and is pulling up the drawbridge?

  27. BS Detector

    I’m a Liberal, but I sure as Hell will not be preferencing the Greens ahead of Labor.

    Where is the mainstream media on this issue? Silent.

    Why? Because they are either to stupid to understand, too lazy to investigate – or are, themselves, Green collaborator.

  28. BLAH

    Lachie McK, the trouble is people do read Green policies!!

    If you want to tax the rich more -vote Labor. It has a perfectly sound redistributive platform. Perhaps the largesse of the Liberals with FTB A & B might suit you or the family farm welfarism of the Nats. But don’t pretend the Greens are interested in balancing the ledger for the poor. Bandt is correct in saying the Greens is a bourgeois movement aimed at restricting our liberties to eat, work, travel and play.

    The Greens are also the most anti-immigrant party – a lowing only illegal entrants but reducing legal immigration to nil – that’s drawbridge politics that can only make sense if you are a greenie.

    As for the commies, they are leeching onto the greens with their ‘climate change’ fronts. Beware as they know only evil!

    Rich spoilt kids like Bandt is probably feeling very guilty about his conspicious property portfolio. I hope he is suffering.

  29. surreal politics

    The Greens on migration – the asylum seeker position of greens is great double speak – we welcome more illegals – but will cut back migration to sustainable levels….hmmm last time I read a green’s rant ‘sustainable population’ was 1788..you know when a zero carbon mob last ran the joint…

    so the welcome refugee rant is just spin….Greens position is zero carbon…zero population and economic growth etc

    Just start with their carbon targets and work backwards – they are very cute and will not give their population target anywhere because we have already past that….

    A greener Australia means a smaller Australia – cutting carbon to any of the levels asked for by the Greens requires limits to both lifestyle and population…

    Just hope you are already retired on an organic solar powered Otways farm like Greens Candidate Richard Do Natale before the Greens flick the switch to off on Victoria’s 600 years of coal supply……

  30. feel good politics

    Vote Green = you will feel better in the morning…..but poorer in the long run.

  31. ETS missed opportunity

    Given that both major parties could not get their act together to give as a real ETS – is it any wonder our democracy is now being hijacked by the ‘mad monk’ Abbott and these ‘green nutters’.

  32. anon

    Ahem. Wasn’t ’95 like, 15 years ago? I believed a lot of crazy s*** back then.

    Maybe the ALP should focus on dealing with the Greens at face value – concentrate on why people are voting for them.

    Conspiracy theories make you sound more crazy than them.

  33. left wing past

    Is it true ultra leftist Adam Bandt visited Cuba with the AWU’s Paul Howes?

  34. Cuban nights hard to forget

    Paul went with the trots to the Cuba when he was a lad…but it is untrue that he and bandt were there together…..

    However, the other theory that the coal-powered Howes is a Cuban plant and that his high-carbon rants are designed to make the Greens look sane does seem to have more credibility by each day…

    The occasional pro-refugee barrage from Howes is also explained by left wing reflexes developed in his youth…

    ….in short the harder you look the more reds you find under those beds….

  35. Marxism today

    being paid up marxist in the 90s – $12.50

    sucking up to Parkville liberals for their preferences to get elected as Greens MP for Melbourne – priceless

  36. Bandt is now thrashing out his ultra-left campagin against the Liberal Party by refusing to even talk to them, even though the Greens are supposed to be Conservative. Instead he wants to screw up Labor – good luck Labor. If you go into power with the Greens then you will be in the dark for years to come.

  37. Jackie

    The Liberals handed the seat of Melbourne to the Greens with their preferences, but got nothing in return.
    Great negotiators.

  38. ActNow

    Yes the Liberals ran dead, polling only 19% down 5% from the 24% they polled in 2007. The Green vote was also boosted by the collapse in the Democrats vote don 60% to less than 1%.

  39. Adam Ant - You won on Lib Preferences!

    As a Liberal who preferenced the Greens ahead of Labor in Melbourne, I am really looking forward to placing Adam Brandt last on my How To Vote Card when next I vote in Melbourne. Bring on an early election to shut down this little fake!

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