UNPRINCIPLED: Liberals push extreme-left Greens party into Parliament

melbournelibs The Liberal party is usually seen as the most sincere opponents to the anti-market extreme-left rhetoric from the Greens party but the preferences on their how-to-vote cards in the federal election being distributed at AEC pre-polls tell a different story.

In the marginal inner-city seat of Melbourne, the Liberals are effectively handing their votes to the extreme-left doom-boosting militant Greens political party by putting them ahead of the ALP.

On published polling, conservative preferences will hand the Greens party candidate, Adam Bandt, recently outed on a left-wing website as a Marxist, victory in the federal seat.

It’s a move that could backfire massively with concerned groups from regional Australia worried about electing the Greens to the House of Representatives where they could hold a policy gun to the head of any government. Business is apparently also gravely concerned about the impact the big-taxing and extremist Greens party could have on Australian industry.

The Greens party isn’t shy about this either. They want to use the leverage they have to ensure their policies are implemented. Their policies are without question the most radical left-wing policies of any party that has elected representatives in Parliament.

As we’ve seen, their election will mean death taxes, stripping away millions of dollars from independent schools, the closure of Australian zoos and the even the abolition of the poverty-busting World Bank will suddenly be on the agenda in Australia.

A potential nightmare scenario for the country is a Labor government clinging on to power with the help of the Greens party in the lower house, while retaining a majority with the Greens in the Senate. This will mean Labor will need to introduce Greens party policies to survive but also that they’ll have the numbers to pass them in both houses. The Greens party is no longer just a bit of fun. Australia could easily wake up to a government held hostage by the most politically successful extreme-left party in our history, far more successful than the Communist Party before them. While it make great copy for VEXNEWS, the damage to the country could be enormous.

Tony Abbott has revived the fortunes of the Liberal party by appearing to engage in frank, direct discussion with the people of Australia. There’s nothing frank or direct about supporting those who oppose everything you believe in. It’s sleazy and wrong and it’s time conservative voters called them out on it.

And the Greens party of course is the ungrateful recipient of votes from the parties they attack and denounce the most, Labor and Liberal. No wonder many Australians are cynical about the political process. It is always those who preach piety the loudest who are the sleaziest, the ugliest and most putrid of all.

The Liberals and Labor should have nothing to do with the extremist outfit, the Greens party.



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60 responses to “UNPRINCIPLED: Liberals push extreme-left Greens party into Parliament

  1. Adrian Jackson

    I note that Family Farce is second; why not put them last instead of Labor. More interesting is that in the Senate the Libs have only 4 candidates plus 1 national instead of 6 on their ticket.

    Perhaps they are leaving a space for Fielding on the right of politics with a Senate preference deal.

  2. Adrian Jackson

    The SPA surmane Green my cause some confusion with a small number of votes. Im voting Green??

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  4. sg

    Hey Fonzie, let us know when it’s safe to get back in the water.

  5. Anon

    In an even more egregious act of sucking up to extremist leftists, the ALP in Victoria has preferenced the Greens 6 – 11 in the Senate.

    Shame ALP, shame.

  6. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr said the tiger.



  7. Lib Member

    Its actually a smart move by the Libs. Once both the Greens and Labor realise they need Lib preferences to hold onto these inner city seats the Libs may see some preference deals put forward by either party for other seats in the future. Could the Green policies be any more wacky than the pink bats scheme? Grocerywatch? Fuelwatch? 2020 summit? Cash for Clunkers? Green Loans? Green car subsidies? etc etc etc.

  8. Patrick

    Thanks for the preferences, guys. Melbourne is going Greeeeeennnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Argus Tuft

    What more could you expect from the F***en born to rule wankers, who are only liberal when it comes to the truth.

  10. Anonymous

    so it is okay for labor to preference the greens, but not the libs?

    C’mon andrew – this fortnightly rant is getting boring. how about a leak or two from the ‘gang of four’ to spice things up a bit?

  11. Anonymous

    Then all major political parties should put the Greens last – just like they did with One Nation.

  12. Hanson-Young: a dangerous exreme left opportunist?

    Bottonline: the Liberals did not *make* these Greens hard leftists, it is a psych disorder all of their own.
    Hanson-Young has just taken a swipe at Abbott over his ‘no means no’ comments. Her swipe proves that it is not Abbott who is insensitive to rape victims, it is Hanson-Young and her deliberately reading into the choice of Abbott’s commonly used words, what is clearly not there…just so H-Y can get an emotional rise out of the issue of rape and rape victims. That is just so opportunistic and low of Hanson-Young.
    If the public are dumb enough to vote in such poorly behaved desperate non-thinking people/Greens, then they deserve the rotten policy outcomes that will flow.
    When a mother says to her child: ‘no means no’, is she talking about rape? I dont think so, desperate nutter H-Y.

  13. Anon

    Liberal have always put Greens ahead of Labor in Victoria in all seats. Nothing to see here. Move on.

  14. Anon

    Trust Joolia with a trillion dollar economy?

    You’ve got to be joking!!!!!

  15. Whaaa

    Vex News, strugglin for news.

  16. Toolbags

    Hanson-Young. Another toolbag with a hyphenated surname! Have you evr noticed that people with hyphenated surnames are more often than not toolbags?

  17. My dear Lord Fatty, it was great to see you in the Herald Sun whilst perusing those models.

    I was impressed by both the location of your hands and the direction of your eyes.

    Once again, you have the retired members of the Parliamentary Liberal Party very proud of your achievements.

  18. Reverse Donkey vote

    The Greens only have a cHance of winning Melbourne if the Liberal party falls below 20% and the Greens above 24. Strategically ALP supporters could vote 1 Liberal and then preference the ALP no 2. This would shore up the ALP vote. I doubt very much that Melbourne’s conservative vote will support the Greens.

    The Greens have the donkey vote in their favour estimated to be worth 2%.

    Liberal voters would be well advised to reverse donkey vote. Start at the bottom and work their way up.

    I think it would be appropriate for concerned members of the public to register a HTV card to reflect a bottom up position

  19. Melbcity



    5 Pearson, G (FFP)
    4 BANDT, A (GRN)
    3 MURRAY, J (ASXP)
    2 COLLYER, D (DEM)
    1 BOWTELL, C (ALP)
    6 OLSEN, S (LIB)

    LIBERAL (Reverse Donkey)

    6 Pearson, G (FFP)
    5 BANDT, A (GRN)
    4 MURRAY, J (ASXP)
    3 COLLYER, D (DEM)
    2 BOWTELL, C (ALP)
    1 OLSEN, S (LIB)


    6 Pearson, G (FFP)
    1 BANDT, A (GRN)
    2 MURRAY, J (ASXP)
    3 COLLYER, D (DEM)
    4 BOWTELL, C (ALP)
    5 OLSEN, S (LIB)


    1 Pearson, G (FFP)
    6 BANDT, A (GRN)
    5 MURRAY, J (ASXP)
    4 COLLYER, D (DEM)
    3 BOWTELL, C (ALP)
    2 OLSEN, S (LIB)

  20. Anonski

    Keeping Melbourne from the Greens is the least of the ALP’s problems.

    Deakin and Corangamite are almost certainties for the Liberal Party.

    Issacs is also looking shaky for the ALP.

  21. Anonymous

    So Labor is putting the Greens ahead of the Liberals – isn’t that just as bad as the Libs putting the Greens ahead of Labor???

  22. Madam Lash

    That’s right anonski…Greens have probably already had their high water mark in the inner city of Melbourne…and they have too many candidates all over the place…weakening their focus on the Senate…they should understand what happened to the Democrats when they tried to get lower house seats…I agree about Deakin and Corangamite..it looks like a Lib win all up…and the Night of the Long Knives is bound to descend on Labor and those who garotted the Leader

  23. Mike's staff

    No way Libs are gunna win Deacon. Mike Symon is an absolute legend

  24. Adrian Jackson

    Melbcity (04 Aug 10, 12.37hrs) should have a real name and an authorisation by address on his personal HTV “Card” above

  25. Ben

    There are more Labor people in bed with the Greens. Plus, we don’t know the secret details around the Brown-Gillard deal. Will the praying atheist please explain?

  26. keep left

    thankfully, Andrew, your views on the matter are entirely irrelvent

  27. keep left

    irrelevant 🙂

  28. RightOn

    Andrew you assessment and concern is right on. The Greens represent the greatest threat to political stability in Australia at a time when Australia can at least afford it. I sincerely hope that the Greens do not win control or balance of power in the Federal Parliament.

    Australian workers concerned about their superannuation investments should be very concerned. I have already pulled back my investments preferring government bonds to the stocks or housing.

    The best outcome for workers is a return of the labor Government and a no vote for the Greens

  29. Suck it up libs

    There is a great justice that the liberals of the inner city will soon have 3 levels of green governance. Suck it up libs.

    Even better that the largest collector of first preference votes the Alp is being wiped from inner city map. 30 percent ruling the majority.

  30. Democracy

    The greens like their bolshivek ancestors understand the menshaviks are there to be pushed aside.
    That’s why they run each branch like a small soviet committee. That is also why their will soon get balance if power in country from their 12% of the vote.

    The average liberal democrat have no clue, the media are too busy playing abbotts game…. The greens have outfoxed you all.

    You can call them bitter ex Alp stalinist types, the ‘faceless men’ who run the greens know how to play the game from a minority position and suck up naive green voters.

    Labor and libs have given in on many fronts….australia’s future is now assured with the greens turning us into the tassie miracle….. A jobless nature park…..

  31. Spot on

    Greens are job killers who hug trees.
    They won’t rest until the mainland is reduced to ashes.

  32. Greens rule melb

    The liberal preferences have sealed the fate of Melbourne.
    Greens rule ok.

  33. Etu sells out valley

    if they greens gain the balance of power via melbourne and the senate then the people in the valley will pay the price.

    The greens will shut down power and inflict 50% unemployment in the valley.

    Good work dean.

  34. Etu stands up for members

    The Australian loser party need to understand that etu members are backing dean 100% in his fight for the new green energy jobs and for the shutting down of the abcc.

    A gross feed in tariff is the only way to build the new green economy and jobs for etu members.

    Only political dinasaurs like joolia the dinasaur don’t get this.

  35. Green jobs

    Yeah…..the whole valley will retrain as environmental officers….. And keep our jobless towns tidy….. Wake up etu!!!

  36. Green jobs grow on trees

    Shutting down forestry and coal means a bleak future for the regions…..but what do dean’s latte suppers care?

  37. Green ministers

    What ministry will bandt demand?
    the minister for de-industrialisation?

  38. Brunswick basketweavers collective

    The minister for post industrial handcrafts……

  39. Dinosaurs r cactus

    Crude attempts to characterise the greens as hippies is part of the normal fare on this woeful blog.
    But get with the program …. The zero carbon economy is about new technology and smarter jobs.
    Digging up coal is the past not our future.

  40. It's the planet stupid

    The Melbourne election is all about action on climate change. Labor had their chance to lead and stuffed up. Move over and let a green do the job.

    The future of our kids is at stake.

  41. Adrian Jackson

    I just pre-poll voted in Melbourne Ports. Reps: 1 Secular, 2 Sex, 3 Greens, 4 Liberal, 5 Family Farce, 6 Labour (Danby last). The Liberal will most likely end up with my vote there.

    A different story in the Senate: 1 Stephen Mayne, 2 his wife and the Liberals last in reverse order with No 60 Ronaldson (dead last).

    By putting minor candidate No 1 this probably will mean that they will not get 4%+ of the primary vote and both they nor the major parties will get any taxpayer funding from my vote (about $2.50 per vote).

    If you are cheese off with the 4 major parties (Labor, Liberal, National and Greens) by doing this you can deny them Commonwealth funding but you can still vote for you most preferred major party candidate from those parties ahead of the others but all further down than No 1 on the ballot paper.

    Under legislation controlled by the Labour and Liberal parties tens of million of dollars go to the major parties after each election under this corrupt and bias system.

  42. Adam rocks

    Mr vex can try hard to knock the bloke.. But do we want another invisible and voiceless Alp mp? Adam rocks …. The rest suck. End of story.

  43. Zero carbon

    The greens justifying their dirty prefence deals is waste of carbon.

  44. Future is green

    Using dirty liberal votes to get a green in Canberra is a great re use of something that was going to waste. Greens are the ultimate political recyclers.

  45. Labors love lost

    The idea of labor voters voting liberal is just so crazy it might work…..NOT.

  46. Dr Dean

    Baaaa, said the sheep.



  47. Boofa Leigh

    Hey my motto is ‘whatever it takes’. Of course my standards were not high when I was in Parliament and have dropped to scumbag status since being turfed out on my neck. But what the heck! I can still pull the chicks!

  48. Boofa Leigh

    Hey my motto is ‘whatever it takes’. Of course my standards were not high when I was in Parliament and have dropped to a much lower level since being turfed out on my neck. But what the heck! I can still pull the chicks!

  49. Boofa Leigh

    Someone is trying to ‘moderate me’. Is it something I have done or something I have said?

  50. Boofa Leigh

    Ahh yes it is something I said.

  51. Boofa Leigh

    It must be me saying that I can pull the chicks I guess? But it is true! Just ask the Wench about my seductive powers..

  52. Anon

    Did Krudd have a lobotomy or was his gall bladder removed?

    Giving his first interview after his operation to Philby Adams!!!!


    Great to hear one multi-millionaoire talking to another.

    Good to see Krudd filling the airwaves for the True Believers, the listeners on Radio National.

    This guy is the epitome of “Tool”.

  53. RightOn

    Adrian Jackson, Anyone can produce a HTV card, Only those cards handed out on election day need to be authorised.

  54. Adrian Jackson

    Right On (10.42am) Not true even an ad in a newspaper has to have and authorisation and I think those HTV’s on line should too.

    I have said put Danby last, in Melbourne Ports, on this site but that is not a HTV with numbers in every box.

    Why does Melb city, you and so many others hide behind an screen name? Don’t you have real names.

  55. Sandy

    Why are the Liberals wanting to help elect a Trotskyite in the electorate of Melbourne?
    The Labor candidate is too left wing, but a Trotskyite is not a moderate!

  56. The blokes on the job

    The ETU stands up for its members.Yer right tell that to the blokes on the job that never see a organiser because there gutless shit and mile’s the wanker that put these duds on and then sends in the comments on this site like the one above and expects us to beleve his crap.pffffft

  57. JohnNomin

    News just in: Vexnews searches for stories with relevance. Can’t find any, publishes story about preferences instead.

  58. Another Lib Member

    Andrew, surprisingly low for you.

    Melbourne will never go Lib. Greens are ALP’s nemesis and biggest threat in the seat.

    Oh, and to Mr Tuft, the “born to rule wankers” tend to inhabit the unions far more than the Liberal party. Never met an entitlement deficient union hack yet. Always trying to thrust their will upon others. Bosses, workers, anyone they can.

    Hell, one company I worked for employed an ex union official as the HR manager. He proceeded to screw the workers. Same methods, different target. He got sacked for sexual harrassment…figures!

  59. thanks for liberal preferences

    When we move to abolish the ABCC and embarrass all those ‘union heroes’ in Parliament — the greens will be thinking of all those liberal preferences.

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