STATE PRIDE: South Aussies heart ♥ Gillard

gillardadeliade Gillard and South Australia. Ah the milestones!

Gillard is Australia’s first female prime minister and South Australia, the first place on Earth to extend the franchise and permit them to sit in parliament to the fairer sex in 1894.

Yes, the Croweaters beat New Zealand. The Kiwis extended the franchise in 1983 but women weren’t eligible for elections until 1919. NZ’s first female MP went into the bearpit in 1933. That means Western Australia’s Edith Cowan reached an earlier milestone when she knocked out the State’s Attorney General in 1920.

New Zealand, of course, has the honour of beating Australia to having its answer to Margaret Thatcher, Jenny Shipley in 1997.

South Australia’s suffragettes, however, are actually laggards as the free settlers’ state did not elect a female MP in either the upper or lower houses until 1959.

Quel embarras! Queensland’s first elected a woman in 1929 – Irene Longman, a Country Party stalwart.

Moreover South Australia has never installed or elected a female Premier; although NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and even the Northern Territory and the ACT have.

It raises some interesting questions: have South Australian suffragettes sat on their laurels since 1894 or are they just really bad at nagging? Is electing South Australian male pollies just like electing women candidates?

South Australians are always trying to press upon the rest of the Commonwealth their progressive credentials when their record on female representation is terrible. Were they born annoying or is it their unpotable water?

This state of affairs is even curiouser and curiouser as South Australians seems to be going head over heels for a Welsh born woman PM representing the boganic heartland of western Melbourne.

There is no doubt South Australians are claiming Gillard as one of their own and perhaps Gillard’s status as first female PM as a South Australian milestone too. The love even prompted a jealous Julie Bishop to swoop on the town and insist her South Australian First Lady credentials were far more impressive than Julia’s. It fell on deaf earlobes. Not even a gnome-shattering death-stare was enough to persuade anyone that Noel Crichton-Browne former close personal friend had a stronger Adelaide claim.

They might love her still but the fact is Gillard grew up in Adelaide and got the hell out of there as soon as possible. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the place, is it?

South Australia and Victoria appear to be the only States where candidate association with PM Rednut is proving effective.

This includes electors from Sturt and Boothby.  These inner metro seats are held by male Liberal incumbents – Christopher Pyne and Andrew Southcott – on narrow margins. Their Labor candidates are Rick Sarre and Annabel Digance. The challengers are running hard on their Gillard’s leadership whose broader than board accent is quite distinctive from that of most Adelaidian Liberals, famous for their polished vowels.

The Greens are preferencing the Labor candidates ahead of Pyne and Southcott who, in turn, are likely to gain Family First votes.

Pyne is a high profile frontbencher. His scalp is one the Labor Party really want. However Pyne and the lower profiled Southcott have both proved that they could dig deep in campaigns as they did in 2007.

The Libs have just three weeks to pull up their primary votes to winnable levels.

But the most curious development leaking from South Australian insiders is Alexander Downer’s former seat of Mayo is in play.

Call it the Gillard factor …. or maybe it is something else?

Mayo’s incumbent is Jamie Briggs, Workchoices’ champion and former adviser to John Howard.

Mildura-born Briggs has already turned Alexander Downer’s former seat from safe to marginal in a 2008 by-election – the worst by-election result for the Coalition since the 2007 loss (Higgins, Gippsland and Bradfield were all good).

Briggs’ Labor opponent is a 19 year old, Sam Davis, who replaced the endorsed candidate who dropped out for “private reasons.”

Could Briggs really change Mayo from marginal seat to a Labor win?

If anyone can, it is Briggs.

Those wacky whacky South Australians: long may they surprise us on 21 August 2010.

No doubt many will be keen to see whether Labor strategist Jim Chalmers or Liberal Julian Sheezel will be having a punt each-way.



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25 responses to “STATE PRIDE: South Aussies heart ♥ Gillard

  1. Voice of SA

    Whiney Pyney is in real trouble in Sturt. He is working very hard at shoring his vote up in the bathhouses of Adelaide though.

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  3. Ben

    Labor only as a small lead in SA, according to recent polling data, which is why they’re shock troops will probably dress up as Family First people again to steal votes. With a Gillard-first media up there, you’d think they would be miles ahead. The censors must be furious.

  4. proust

    BTW, it’s bleeding obvious by now who the Fed ALP’s scurrilous LEAKER surely is: [deleted – profanity]

  5. Anon

    Strange pic Andy, which could be construed as Julia giving the Nazi salute. I’m no fan of Julia’s but would have thought there are better pics of her than that one.

  6. Barr Smith Downer Playford Hawker

    Julia is not well loved at the Adelaide Club.

  7. pop!

    Briggs is truly a terrible member of the animal kingdom

  8. Argus Tuft

    So Briggs and Pissy are gone great stuff. We need to be rid of Little Johnnie’s mates

  9. the boganic heartland of western Melbourne – damn, that’s good. Almost makes me wish the parents hadn’t moved from Yarraville to East Burwood when I was three.

  10. a dish served cold

    Briggs thinks himself a genius ….. how sad

  11. wtf

    Pyne was never ever one of Howard’s mates and Briggs may have thought he was Howard’s mate

  12. SAS

    Anon at 12:46 – Adelaideans would be more likely to recognise the similarity between the picture and the statue of Col Light on Montefiore Hill in North Adelaide.


    Ms Gillard is good at making decisions about decision a decision to knife Krudd a decision to be real so this is getting so unreal!
    Ms Gillard you have as much credibilty as the Queen of England saying she is a republican so what do you really stand for except peronal ambition and your chioce to decide and no one elses!
    julia you are the mother of all decison makers and a policy bombout
    you cant be trusted to be a longterm Pm becuse you may make too many decisions BUT sometimes doing nothing is a sound choice too you seem to lack the nous to realise this!

  14. Monica O'Shea

    I am so proud for taping Rick Sarre, the labor candidate for Sturt, disagreeing with Labor’s climate change policy?
    I did it to prove to Chrissy Pyne that I am part of his faction again.
    It is so exciting to be able to betray labor after betraying all members of the Liberal Party. Oh, and Chris can I have those naked photo’s of me back please now.

  15. Pissy Chryne

    I don’t Julia when she is behind me going hard, fast and deep with the ‘strap on’.

  16. You’re not using that picture to best effect, Andrew. Here.

  17. Dan Lewis

    It was one of the newspapers who first rant that photo and I think it’s pretty tacky.

  18. not happy

    This article is very sexist and mean to South Australians. The bit about Jamie is acceptable.


    yes the double standard Gillard can drop all the clangers touch all the people knife the PM but the minute anyone confronts our darling gillard all hell breaks loose
    how come Tony Abbott has to COP it all with red speedo protesters but if anyone supposedly steps out of line with Gillard she gets an apology
    this just proves that Gillard is NOT FIT to be a PM
    well she attacks all the men KRudd and now Latham and she gets away with it so dont reward her bad behaviour vote her out!

  20. GAMUT

    YES we can give credit to single people for what they contribute eg the kind bachelor uncle BUT these people can also lose TOUCH because they so very often apart from visits to neices /nephews live at times in the very adult world!
    Families who have children become sensitive to others because they go through the GAMUT of childhood illnesses and traumas.
    This is something MS GILLARD has NOT EVER experienced simply because she is not a parent!
    so she may state she is so understanding yes in theory but she Gillard has no real practise at raising a child and raising even one child is sheer hard work! ask any parent !
    It takes courage and sacrifice to have a child we hope Ms Gillard can so appreciate that every mother is special be they stay at home or not
    see every family works we are so tired of the working family mantra that the ALP spouted ad nauseum
    if everyone chose childlessness there would be no future generation. Ms Gillard would do so well to appreciate this fact!

  21. VENEER

    GILLARD is by far the most boring politician in years her handwaving drives people mad
    her mantra phrases eg more to be done mean what!
    Moving foward what does that mean?
    we dont beleive her words anymore so we will judge her by her actions and as of late her actions are that of lady macbeth and not st joan of arc
    in other words Gillard is all a veneer our for herslf not a team player but someone who thinks she is far better than she is well she thought she was better than Krudd but where is the irrefutable proof that is so?
    so where are the key indicators that will prove she was right to knife Rudd
    Ms Gillard would do well to act with a real genuine humility and to not just spout words that may be INEXACTITUDES!


    That Bob Hawke ie Gillarses campign groupie what a superior attitude he has to Mark Katham but thats ok isnt it Bob because you are in Gillards groupie clique
    you know what you have no integrity at all you sound off at Keating and now Latham and did Krudd get a talking down to too
    hey Bob the only one that makes irrelevant comments may be you so get you boring old self out of this campaign

  23. CHOICE

    Yes we have so noticed a reluctance to discuss the most fundamental issue of this time abortion and the way the lives of our future the next generation the innocent unborn are so being ignored!How INSENSITIVE all we know is that we will NOT be voting for any pro abortion MPs Ms Gillard is always for choice so long as its her choice and no one elses like her view her choice to get rid of KRudd well Ms Gillard you choice here may well backfire on you ! well you wouldnt have been Pm if you had been aborted but then again you so conveniently forget that! you attack all the men Krudd and Latham with your sharp mouth and people dont like it simple as that!


    TONY THE TENACIOUS, fit to govern a fit man a devoted family man
    its time Australains realise what a great PM this man will be far better than the embarrasing alternative!
    Dont let pushy dominating Gillard take control because Australia has been out of control under Labor for the past three years in so many spheres
    so voters spare us Vote Australais lazy party the ALP out
    life in Australia is not easy Under labor its HARD LABOR

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