GREENS DISABILITY SLUR: Adam Bandt's Melbourne Greens party campaigners attack Labor as "climate retards"

The battle between the extreme-left Greens party and the ALP over the inner-city seat of Melbourne took a nasty turn this morning as Greens party campaigners attacked their opponents as “climate retards” in chalked propaganda at Macaulay Road in the leafy suburb of Kensington, known as ‘Ken’ to local latte sippers.

Adam Bandt’s supporters from an out of Melbourne environmental protest group were protesting against the Labor government at a Cath Bowtell street stall, eyewitnesses told VEXNEWS.

Soon after they started writing anti-Labor chalk graffiti on footpaths surrounding the street stall. The excitable climate activists asserted that Labor were “climate criminals” and various other crazy epithets.

One reference, visible in one of the images below appears to disparage Julia Gillard for not having children with message:

“Hate kids? Vote Labor”

Another horrible attack included the rather offensive slur on people with intellectual disabilities:

“Labor = Climate Retards”

The BBC asked readers interested in disabilities to nominate the most offensive and hurtful words relating to slurs made against the disabled. Retard topped the list, ahead of spastic, window-licker, mong and cripple.

“Adam Bandt needs to distance himself from slurs like this and ensures the Greens party supporters involved in denigrating and undermining people with disabilities are excluded from the campaign. Bandt has bussed in lots of out of towners to assist his campaign as they simply don’t have the support on the ground that Cath Bowtell has already attracted. He needs to keep a close eye on what his imported stormtroopers are doing,” one Labor campaigner told VEXNEWS.

The prospect of Tony Abbott’s election as PM is certainly electrifying the battle for the Melbourne seat with many wandering Labor voters apparently coming back to the fold despite inner-city disappointment with Labor over a variety off issues. Labor people on the ground also say that voters are genuinely shocked by the fact the Greens party seek to do preference deals with the Liberals despite pretending to be opposed to them and also don’t like the fact they voted with the Liberals to block the carbon pollution reduction scheme.

It’s certainly an interesting battle with the Greens party so desperate they are even willing to denigrate and abuse our most vulnerable citizens to make a cheap political attack.

All of this is contributing to a uniquely unified Labor defence of Melbourne where many traditional foes are locking arms to fight their biggest threat yet.

UPDATE: Members of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit have identified key players in the disabilities vilification graffiti.

One of the prominent Greens activists leading the operation was a Pablo Brait who self-describes as:

currently working in environmental policy for an association of local councils. He has a Masters in International Development and is active in latin american solidarity and climate change action groups.

The person identified as responsible for denigrating people with intellectual disabilities is a Paul Connor of a militant climate group inc3. He is understood to be denies being a card-carrying Greens party member although is clearly a supporter of Greens party candidate Adam Bandt. His apparently full-functioning brain might make him capable of denigrating the most vulnerable in the community as a horribly offensive joke but hasn’t equipped him to make very sensible life decisions. Last year, the militant fasted for forty-three days during the Copenhagen climate conference to make a point that no-one noticed or understood. He claims to have ingested nothing more than salt and water for that time. A cowardly bullying denigrator of the most vulnerable probably opted for chicken salt.



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80 responses to “GREENS DISABILITY SLUR: Adam Bandt's Melbourne Greens party campaigners attack Labor as "climate retards"

  1. Adrian Jackson

    Retard (Macquarie Dictionary – Australia’s Own) – Definition No1 says “to make slow; delay the progress of; hinder or impede”.

    Nothing mental about that as far as politics is concerned.

    I also refer you to my letter published in the Herald Sun, 23 Jul 10, titled “Apology a sign of weakness”

    Chalk is cheap political advertising too that is not graffiti.

    PS: The reference to “Holocaust” in the same dictionary is a interesting read too – no reference to WW2 at all

  2. Disgrace

    The word is noun here not a verb. So it means exactly what most of think it means.

    Which takes us back 20 years- the biggest disability is the attitude of some towards others.

    Have a close look at the ‘Holier than thou’ greens.

    Born to rule but not to include.

  3. Charlie Wilson

    Adam Bandt would have a better chance of winning the seat of Melbourne if his campaign people could convince the punters that the Greens actually stand for something real

  4. Tim

    As a long time Greens voter living in the seat of Melbourne, I’m absoultely disgusted by this. If Bandt doesn’t speak out and distance himself from this kind of behaviour, and tell his supporters to conduct themselves in a decent manner then he can kiss my vote goodbye.

  5. Barry

    Greens policy document says:
    “The Greens believe that:
    it is a primary responsibility of governments to ensure equality of opportunity, to promote attitudinal change.”

    Governments but not the Greens political party apparently…

  6. Bernard Breathairian

    Paul Connor doesnt really believe in his cause or he would reject salt and water and let the climate alone sustain him.

    Come on Paul and Pablo – join the Breathairian movement – that will really send the people of Copenhagen [and Kensington] a message!

  7. Chris

    Those signs pictured represent a group independent of The Greens. So how is this Bandt’s responsibility?

  8. Lachlan Rhodes

    I was at this event this morning supporting Adam Bandt’s campaign.

    This group are not connected to the campaign, and I had no knowledge that they would be there.

    An ALP volunteer got into a fight with the person who wrote it, and another took photos. I was also offended by this so I arranged for a local trader to lend a bucket and broom so that the comment could be removed by the person responsible.

    The ALP volunteers were quite aware that the Greens and Adam Bandt’s supporters were not involved with this, and that we objected to it. I spoke to them personally.

    It’s a shame that people’s anger over climate inaction has made them act irresponsibly and offensively, but it’s also a shame that Cath Bowtell and her supporters were more interested in smearing Adam than in having the offensive comment removed.

  9. Lee

    The Greens attract more extremists than other parties. Reputedly Marxists & Trotskyites are active in many in many of their branches.

  10. Factional

    He looks a bit like Kiss Rath

  11. The Oxygen Bandtit

    Greens=arrogant, insensiutive upper middle class tossers.

    These people are a lot of spoiled middle class wankers who spend their time looking down at everyone else. They believe they have an omniscience that the rest of us don’t understand and therefore they are superior to mere mortals who work and pay taxes. Yet it is their fundamentalist belief that they have the only true knowledge that reveals the extent of their arrogance and depth of their ignorance.

  12. World war eleven

    [deleted – racism]

  13. Keith

    Does anyone now wonder why the Greens want to lower the voting age to 16 ?

  14. Melbourne_Voter

    Was going to vote green coz Lindsay was turfed. But not now.

  15. First of all, corrections about the lies printed above:

    1. I’m not a Greens member, never have been. In fact, believe it or not, I’ve never voted Greens in my life. In fact, last time I voted for Labor, as I thought they would act responsibly on climate change. How wrong I was!

    2. inc3 is not really all that ‘militant’, unless handing out flyers counts as militant these days? We are mostly Mums and Dads concerned about the future well-being of their kids and eager to push for stronger climate action.

    3. The “Hate your kids? Vote Labor” had nothing to do with Gillard being childless. I don’t really care if she is childless. I’m childless too. But one of us has policies compatible with a future climate in which Australia’s average temperature will likely be some six degrees higher, which will impact hard upon the future well-being and prosperity of those who are now kids. My point was that if you hate your kids, a good way of getting at them would be to vote labor and ensure they are subjected to that kind of future. I’m going to have to stand by that one.

    But having said all that, the word ‘retard’ was definitely a poor choice which I regret, and if there is anyone who was genuinely offended, and not just playing desperate politics, I apologise. My outrage at your party’s shameful record on climate got the better of me. I should have said Climate Imbeciles. Or Climate Morons. Or Climate Cowards? Or Sell-outs? Ecovandals?

    Anyway, you’re obviously intent on using this gaff for as much leverage as you can get, so good luck. Direct people to my website if you want, lots more ‘militancy’ on offer there:

    peace and love,


    [Andrew Landeryou & the VEXNEWS faction]: Yep, Paul, there’s plenty of people genuinely offended by your poor choice of word. In fact I know plenty of intellectually disabled people, quite a few of whom would punch you on the nose for saying such a hurtful and stupid thing. Better keep clear of them. I have known your type for a long, long time now. You preach care and compassion but you live and act something completely different. I could get stuck into you at length for this but I won’t, you’ve apologised and that’s good enough for us. You are unapologetic though about slurring Julia Gillard for her personal choices though, which puts you in the same camp as Wilson Tuckey after a few sherbets. Our only advice: be the change you seek, Paul Connor. You cannot preach peace and live hate and retain any credibility, certainly not around here.

  16. anon

    Keep going hard Adam, you are in line to take the seat and knock off [deleted – sexism]

  17. Timothy


    “Vinegar Tits”, “Retards”… wow.

    What a charming bunch you are.

  18. anon

    [deleted – sexism] looks like she has a touch of the Yoralla Smile.

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  20. Dave


    It’s ‘Yooralla’, retard.

  21. Doug Evans

    This piece’s sensationalist shock-horror tone can’t conceal the (of course anonymous) author’s desire to gain political leverage by turning careless exuberance into something more sinister. The chalk messages scrawled by careless climate campaigners are harmless compared to the angry, generally unsubstantiated invective so often featured on this blog. Most of the comments both ‘for’ and ‘against’ the piece are disappointing, partricularly that clown ‘anon’.

  22. wayne job

    What an amazing bunch of pathetically misguided unthinking brainwashed fools. Just by existing, they are stealing wealth and oxygen from the planet, that could be put to far better use. Paul is obviously a waste of space that could be utilised for much better purpose. The Adams and his ilk are of even less purpose, for they pretend that all should live in bark huts and worship tofu as a new god. Whilst they sip latte. To use the vernacular to describe these people would have to include the word drongo, this is apt as it includes,idiot, fool , village idiot, intelligence deprived and ratbag. Forgive them for they know not what they do. No chance on my part for I do not suffer fools lightly, nor should any of us.

  23. Dan Lewis

    With respect to the first comment here, it’s curious that Adrian Jackson, Vexnews’ resident anti-Semite, lifelong failure, had to look up Holocaust in the dictionary.

    There is a difference between holocaust, and Holocaust – referring to ‘The Holocaust’, of which Adrian no doubt approved fully (though will probably take offence at being called on it).

    What happened, Jackson? Were you trying to find some sort of evidence it didn’t happen? Perhaps you didn’t notice it during your illustrious [chortle] time in the [snigger] military.

  24. Adrian Jackson

    Danny boy ( 31 Jul 10), I looked it up a week ago to get the correct spelling – was it holocaust, holacast, or holacaust – for the Herald Sun letter of 23 Jul 10 referred to in the first comment here.

    Actually I was surprised the Jews Holocaust was not in the Macquarie dictionary.

    This is what the Macquarie says on holocaust – 1. great or wholesale destruction of life; 2. an offering devoted wholly to burning; a “burnt offering” – from the Greek holokauston.

  25. Madam Lash

    Yes indeed the Greens are the last gasp for wealthy Trots with nowhere to go and plenty of disposable income

  26. Breathe in, breathe out

    @ Paul Connor.
    Gee mate, a bit ‘holier than thou’ arent you?
    Much of the noise about so called climate change is because you mis- informed nits are trying to force your warmist ideas down everyone elses throat. And don’t care how you do it.
    The Greens, like Greenpeace and the WWF got hijacked yonks ago, the original reasons for their existence quietly shoved out the back door by the current lot of self serving nutters.

  27. Skizziks

    Well, I took up the offer of Paul ‘Stop the World, I wanna get off’ Connor.

    Wow! Is this guy for real, or what?

  28. Skizziks

    Woops, I was so underwhelmed I forgot to say looked at the website.

  29. Jap Wailer

    Is this Paul Connor bloke smoking something? Only a cretin would believe that we will have a 6 degree increase in our average temperature. Unless he smokes enough to make the difference. Er, and as a bone fide Latino, I am unaware of any of the groups he claims to support. Time for the famed Vexnews Investigations Unit to doorstep this fraud and see if he knows any more Spanish than ‘ una paloma blanca’.


  30. Bobby Sands

    Shit, I’m peckish…

  31. Any good recipes for salt and water on that site, Skizziks?

  32. Walter Plinge

    I’d have just left the offensive words and written “VOTE GREEN” underneath.

  33. Bill Calvin

    The greens are a pack of shit eaters.

  34. Matt

    Typical Left, skew it around so it looks like they are picking on wobblies then scream discrimination. It is true that Labor/Greens are full of retards all wanting to seriously retard our economy if not outright destroy it.

  35. anon

    How do the Greens have the gall to campaign on climate change when their senators rejected the ALP’s legislation on ETS? It might not have been perfect, but it was a first step (always the hardest). Because Bob Brown was sulky about not being invited to sit at the grown-up’s table, we lost our one chance for a long, long time.

  36. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew, “Live” (Locals into Victoria’s Environment) is holding a Melbourne Ports Candidates Forum from 7pm to 9pm, Tuesday 10 Aug 10, St Kilda Town Hall.

    All 6 Melbourne Ports candidates have been invited to attend and 4 have accepted so far (01 Aug 10).

    The candidates are from the Australian Labor Party, Liberal Party of Australia, Australian Greens Party, Australian Sex Party, Secular Party of Australia and Family First Party.

    Google: Melbourne Ports Candidates Forum Live 2010 and its the first entry.

    You can email questions in advance for the forum too.

  37. anon

    I wonder what [deleted – sexism] will do when she loses Melbourne?

  38. Adrian Jackson

    I finally got a letter box card from the Liberal candidate in Melbourne Ports however nothing on policies; only a request for help as a volunteer, to donate money or to sign up as a new member.

    Still nothing from Danby or any other candidate. Perhaps Danby is just taking us Port Phillip gentiles for granted.

  39. @Jap Wailer

    Australia is indeed heading for a six degrees temperature rise under current emissions trajectories. Even the ‘cretins’ at the UK Met office can tell you this:
    If this doesn’t concern you, then we obviously have different sets of values.

    @Andrew Landeryou, As I said, I quite obviously didn’t slur JG about her personal choices, that’s just an absurd allegation, and surely your readers aren’t dim enough to accept it (?). You say you know my type, but let’s be honest, you don’t know anything about me, except for my fast and then this mistake, which isn’t much.

    But what do I know about you? Well, you have printed lies about me, for political gain, (see above), something I’ve never done to anybody and would never do, and made a little comical threat of violence (is it?). So maybe I’m not the only ‘type’ who can make errors of judgement when pissed off.

    Anyway, enough of this. Let’s move forward! 🙂

    [Andrew Landeryou: I repeat my advice to you not to call people ‘retard’ – if you get punched in the nose for it it would come as no surprise. We, of course, abhor violence. If you interpret that as a threat then you clearly have been on one too many 43 day fasts. That’s the problem with bullies like Paul Connor, stand ’em up and their cries of victimhood ring loud and clear. We stand by our observation. Pass the chicken salt. Adam Bandt should dissociate himself from putrid Paul lest Melbourne voters are reminded of the old saying if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.]

  40. Skizziks

    @ Gregoryno6; re recipes.

    That is a very good question. A very good question indeed. Throughout my career I have never shied away fron answering a good question, without fear or favour, with no deference to creed, colour or race. Every question asked deserves an answer.NO.

    Lots of other strange stuff, essays and records of how hard it all is in court, weird lyrics for songs.

    Salt in itself presents a problem apart from being toxic to humankind if consumed in excess, but for the ilk of PC, the credo would be the source. Ditto water, for any bottled stuff would be out, as would public water supply so probably it has to come from the source of the Amazon or something.

  41. Boofa Leigh

    Miss Vinegar has an appointment with me after the election. I am to give her both barrels of my wisdom. I hope I can manage. Things have been less than hard lately…

  42. Wenchy

    You can say that again Geoffrey, it’s most unsatisfactory for me. By the way has my campaign funds matured yet? Geoffrey you promise so much and deliver so little in all ways.

  43. Jason

    Lee if Trotsky weren’t ice picked the world would be a far better place.

    Anon, read the debate on labor’s ETS legislation. You will learn a great deal about what a sham it was.

    All of you, the ridiculous chalk drawings were no doubt the work of the ‘labor campaigner’ or some other similarly reliable vexnews source.

    [VEXNEWS: A claim that would make a bit more sense had Adam Bandt’s campaigner Paul Connor not confessed on this very page]

  44. Anon

    After the ALP loses the election will Little Kevvie try to become Opposition Leader?

  45. Greens and Backburning

    What is Adam’s view about the need for more backburing in the State of Victoria as per the Royal Commission’s Recommendations? Can we find out please or does he too want to consult for a few weeks?

  46. The price we pay

    Back to the subject. Can the greens make a public apology to the disable community? Or is their dignity collatoral damage in Adam bandt’s scramble for power?

  47. In bed again

    Given the Adam bandt campaign slur and abbotts disdain for disable access to cinemas it appears libs and greens are in bed together again.

  48. Yuppies are all the same

    The libs give us rich wasp lawyers for mps who all know better than us how we should live.

    The greens give us rich wasp lawyers as mps who all know better than us how we should live.

    Both voted for no action on climate in Canberra.

    Both are blockers and play dog whistle politics on cutting migration.

    It suits both of them with their rich Anglo vote blocks to blame and lecture migrants.

    Everyone is to blame except their own voters who have the highest carbon footprints in the country.

    Voting green and liberals gives the same inaction and the same scapegoats.

  49. darren

    what do you expect from the party that at one time had as their lead candidate a man who calls for babies with disabilities to be put down for the sake of society –

  50. Gerry of Mentone

    “Victorian Greens Party spokesman Jim Reiher:”The Greens do NOT oppose controlled back-burning.” BUT: “An effective strategic fuel-reduction burning strategy is required on scientific fire ecology behaviour information…”

    In reality, no amount of science will see the AGP support major fuel-reduction burning.

    Wasn’t this strategy used for decades by the tobacco companies to stop anti-smoking campaigns by governments? [Thanks to:

  51. Beryl

    To Yuppies are all the same, alp candidate for Melbourne Cath Bowtell is lawyer (probably a ‘rich wasp’ too).

    To The price we pay, the Greens didn’t do the chalk drawings and Andrew is yet to apologise for the slander.
    Darren, reference please.

    Andrew I point you to Paul’s comment, “I’m not a Greens member, never have been. In fact, believe it or not, I’ve never voted Greens in my life. In fact, last time I voted for Labor, as I thought they would act responsibly on climate change.” But sure keep up with your ‘hard hitting’ investigative journalism. The laughs are plenty, especially with pearlers like Paul “denies being a card-carrying Greens party member although is clearly a supporter of Greens party” blah blah. Good one!

  52. She-Mile

    I dont care how stupid and unfeeling they are I’m stiil going to give them more of the members money because at least they pretend to like me.

  53. darren

    @Beryl – ever read the work of Peter Singer?

  54. "Lefty scum"

    Your title is misleading, the perpetrators of the chalk messages were not actual greens members or candidates, just “extreme left”ies.

    If every supporter of the Liberal or Labor parties actions and opinions were given such focus and claimed as the actions of each respective party, you’d never even have time to give this one statement any focus.

    Quit being so biased, your party is showing…

  55. Admonkeystrator

    Negative attention, is still attention, and thus free advertising.

  56. John Brumby’s most useless Minister,do nothing Dick sure loves sucking Wattermelon.Wonder what else he likes to suck

  57. Anonymous

    cant believe my etu dues are supporting this fuckwit. bring on the next etu election.

  58. anon

    I wonder what [deleted – sexism] will do when she loses Melbourne?

  59. Dave

    @Boofa Leigh

    “Miss Vinegar has an appointment with me after the election. I am to give her both barrels of my wisdom. I hope I can manage. Things have been less than hard lately…”

    Would you care to enlighten us as to:

    Whos is “Miss Vinegar”?


    What you mean about having an “appointment” and your “barrels of… wisdom”?

  60. Elitist political class are our ugliest mob

    The snobs who run liberal, labor and now sadly the greens are our ugliest mob. The use smear whether aimed at women, migrants or the disable is rampant.

    The blog entries even on this item show deep ignorance in a group that is meant to be offerring us ‘change politics’.

    It appears to me that the barber/Bandt ambition faction of the greens is a rotten achorn that has fallen far from the bob brown tree of wisdom.

    That barely concealed contempt for others contains the seeds of distruction for the greens as a force for good on our body politic.

    Stripped of that small hope – we cannot blame many young people who view the greens as a short term protest vote but ultimately view them as another group of political self

  61. Injecting a few facts

    Cath Bowtell has devoted her working life to the union movement and bettering the lives of workers throughout the country.

    She was the lead ACTU negotiator with the government on the Fair Work Bill. This woman is smart and committed.

    She gave up a good job at WorkSafe to run for the seat and is currently unemployed as a result. This woman is committed.

    On a community level she has been invovled with Community Legal Centres in North Melbourne and her two kids go to local state schools.

    [deleted – sexist]

  62. arthur cartwright

    Why are the conservative Liberal Party giving their second preferences to a Marxist type Party in the electorate of Melbourne? Do they think all Liberal Party voters are fools?

  63. wtf

    why are the greens evil? because they hate people

  64. Injecting a few facts - again

    The green’s aren’t evil. They have’t made the transistion from lobby group to political party.

    As the brilliant Geoff Gallop wrote: Politics doesn’t just involve decision and advocacy, it also involves negotiation and compromise.

  65. Eoin

    @Elitist political class are our ugliest mob, the Greens weren’t responsible for the chalk drawings. The person who was apparently responsible posted something above saying “I’m not a Greens member, never have been. In fact, believe it or not, I’ve never voted Greens in my life. In fact, last time I voted for Labor”. This ‘article’, along with every other substandard post on this site is riddled with fantastic lies and substandard writing. You shouldn’t believe anything you read here.

  66. Beryl

    @Darren, Peter Singer doesn’t call for ‘babies with disabilities to be put down for the sake of society’. Who told you that? How gullible are you? Singer is an ethicist and a philosopher who, in an effort to grapple with the issues (as philosophers do) and to assist paediatricians who must deal with these very real issues every day, wrote a book dealing with the ethical and philosophical issues that arise when a critically disabled baby is born. It is his job to get us to think about the important issues, and this was intended to aid paeditricians and families when they make decisions on whether to treat or not to treat very severely disabled babies who may have little or no hope for recovery or a pain free existence. While we don’t like to talk about these issues, the reality is that doctors and families are faced with these awful decisions everyday. It is far better that they consider the full range of complex issues, than make decisions without knowledge, based on simple assumptions. Or would you prefer a family chose not to treat with no knowledge of the facts and issues? Typical lib/lab viewpoint. If you choose to read his works, Darren, perhaps you could check out ‘Pushing Time Away’ which is an account of the demise of the Singer family under the Nazis in Vienna. There you will find his heartfelt opinions on senseless killing and destruction.

  67. salah a din

    here’s on for you Dan Lewis should keep you pretty twisted for weeks

  68. @andy, Putrid Paul! Ha! Got a chuckle out of that one. But let’s not play that alliteration game, there’s too many good insults starting with ‘p’ and not enough with ‘a’! 🙂

    Come on andy, “hate kids? vote labor” was clearly about climate change in this context, admit it, you know you want to. Inference to best explanation my friend.

  69. Sexist alive in Vic greens

    It is very instructive to read the many blogs attacking cath bowtell on sexist grounds. It is very sad that we see the female candidate slurred repeatedly around female sexual organs.

    It is very sad that the greens, who lecture the libs on this, can stoop to sexist sledging when defeding a slur on the disable.

    The greens are running a very blokey and distructive campaign in Melbourne with a very blokey ad agency.

    The slur used here is one from a very old box of tricks from people who should and do know better.

    underneath this slur is something very disgusting…. A base level hatred of women.

    I am not sure what is lower in this election – abbotts awful racist campaign against asylum seekers or the underhand sexism in the greens campaign.

    I have voted green before…. But never again.

  70. Etu blokes fest

    Has anyone noticed how full of it the etu is. The support greens on Melbourne, Alp in deakin and wills.
    All the bleating on IR Laws is just a smoke screen.

    It seems the etu just does not like labor left women.

  71. Deans world is a mans world

    With only a handful of women sparkies in his union – deans war on left women is smart internal politics. Sorry girls thus is a hard core numbers game for etu consumption. Refugees and the climate are side shows for 4wd driving hunters like dean.

  72. Anonymous

    and the expression leftard is different because …

  73. Adrian Jackson

    I got a nice leaflet from the Greens candidate in Melbourne Ports, Sue Plowright, today and had a nice chat to her, seems a nice local candidate.

    So far her leaflet is the only one on policy that has been delivered so far to my letter box in Middle Park (04 Aug 10).

    I told her she would be ahead of the Liberal on the ballot paper but the Liberal will be ahead of Danby who will be last.

  74. Shimmy

    So Adrian, why is Patriot Danby last on your ballot paper? Because he is a Joo?

  75. Adrian Jackson

    No Shimmy (04 Aug 10) because he is lazy and useless. If Clyde Holding (former MP) or Tanner were ALP candidates here in Melbourne ports they might have got my vote.

    With Danby too its not about Jews but it is about Zionists (a fascist political movement) that Danby supports.

    Anyone who supported Israel in 2006 when the Israel Air force was bombing thousands of Aussie visiting relative in Lebanon is not only a war criminal but a traitor to Australia.

    Liberal Senators Fifield and Ronaldson also supported Israels aggression and when I prepolled today Ronaldson was No 60 (dead last). My hate of some MP’s is bipartisan

    See my common on the electorate of Melbourne/Greens story here in vexnews once it is cleared by the moderator.

  76. Anonymous

    Cath Bowtell was given a reward with a “perky” job in the Workcover public service by Brumby while she waited for pre-selection.

    That is how Labor works.

    No wonder they are so shitty that the Greens will defeat her in Melbourne.

  77. darren

    @Beryl have you actually read any of his work?

  78. Beryl

    @Sexist alive in Vic Greens, what sexist sledging are you referring to from the Greens apparently “defeding (sic) a slur on the disable (sic)? What slur? What sexist sledging? What ‘underhand sexism’? Which ‘blokey ad agency’ are the Greens supposedly using? Do you pull your ideas from the moon?

    While it is not clear what ‘slur’ you are speaking of, if you read above, you will see the person who wrote the supposed slur the subject of the ‘article’ is not attached to the Greens in any way. He is a former labor voter with no connection or affiliation to the Greens who is concerned and angered about labor’s inaction on climate change who wrote something unthinking and (according to him, unintentionally) offensive. Greens members at the event were offended and obtained buckets of water from neaby shops to remove the writing from the footpath (see comments above).

    Where is the evidence to suggest “the Greens are running a very blokey and distructive (sic) campaign in Melbourne”? This is simply not, and never would be the case. You need to base your claims on facts and actual events when you write publicly something so ludicrous and incorrect as your statement that the Greens have “a base level hatred of women”.

    I’d like to say I expect more from this site but I don’t.

  79. sigh

    @Disgrace, as a noun the word retard also means ‘a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine’.

    @Tim, whatever the guy meant with what he wrote on the footpath, slur or not, this had nothing to do with the Greens. That much has been established many times over on this page alone. Andrew never lets truth get in the way of a ‘good’ (completely fabricated, manipulative and opportunistic) story. You shouldn’t read it if you think it’s actual journalism. It will rot your brain.

    @Barry see above.

  80. Suzie

    @Adrian Jackson. Israel only bombed Lebanon because it was defending itself as two Israeli soldiers were captured. Get your facts right. Israel has always had to defend itself from fundamental Islamic terrorits which are in all Middle Eastern countries.

    If Dandy supported Israel then that is great. As Israel is the only democratic nation in the Middle East that doesn’t persecute gay people and allows women to have abortions!!!

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