CRUELTY: Greens slammed over animal import ban by zoo officials and broken-hearted kids

gregbarberbadman The Greens party’s extreme plan to attack Australian zoos – first exposed by the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit – by banning the importation of zoo animals has drawn fire Zoo Victoria’s director of conservation and the Herald Sun.

The Herald Sun’s crusading bad-ass reporter Matt Johnston picked up and ran with the VEXNEWS tale, obtaining damning comments from the Zoo officials and confirmation of the ban plan from Greg Barber MLC.

Dr Graeme Gillespie expressed shock and concern at the Greens party plan saying it would end the zoo’s efforts at conservation because imported animals are vital to continue the zoo’s breeding programmes.

Mali the elephant would never have been born, if the Greens policy had been previously implemented, the Zoo boss explained.

The Greens de facto Victorian leader Greg Barber is not for turning on the issue, implying it’s cruel to have elephants in Melbourne’s chilly winter. The truth is that elephants are treated absolutely magnificently, in conditions infinitely superior to living in the wild. It may be a cage but it’s a gilded one.

greensbanzooan The Zoo Victoria conservation boss made the compelling argument that by allowing 1.8 million people through Victoria’s three zoos that there is “an incredible vehicle to rengage people in a huge range of conservation issues.”

The Greens party’s ill-considered extremism on issues like zoos is a symbol for just how irresponsible and dangerous they would be if actually in charge of anything.

They’d strip the Melbourne Zoo and countless others of anything other than a couple of wombats and a goanna up a tree.

Zoos are a vital part of educating kids, about the world around them. The standards of zoos in Australia is not so much world-class as the best in the world. People fly from all over the world to visit them. There would hardly be a school in the country that doesn’t regularly visit them.

The Greens party vote is soaring. But it’s soaring without scrutiny. And when they are finally held to account – which will ironically occur more as they become successful – like Icarus they will fall to Earth with a thud.



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8 responses to “CRUELTY: Greens slammed over animal import ban by zoo officials and broken-hearted kids

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  2. Lee

    Great expose of the Greens madness.
    They make the old Communist Party look moderate in comparison.

  3. Anonymous

    no more butterflies 😦

  4. c u on the tram

    When journalists write a piece partly from wire sources, it’s common to put on the end a “with AAP/AP/AFP” or suchlike.

    How long do you think till we see a “with VEXNEWS” on the end of Herald or Age stories?

  5. Argus Tuft

    They still have nothing but a wilderness between their ears.
    They are just a bunch of anemic vegeterian bike riding lesbians

  6. Adrian Jackson

    c u on the tram (31 Jul 10) How true, I agree

  7. Leaky Looter Lew

    It seems Krudd also likes xenical.

  8. Dr Dean's Tiger


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