TOUGH ON SLIME: Michael Danby tells it how it is on Iran

image Labor’s MP for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby doesn’t make people guess about where he stands on contentious issues. A full page ad in this week’s Australian Jewish News has some excellent observations about Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his regime’s attempt to build a nuclear arsenal that could obliterate Israel at a keystroke. He explains the government has already joined international efforts to restrain Iran’s hostile plans and pledges that “The Labor Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Julia Gillard will not shirk its historic responsibility to stand with Israel at its hour of maximum danger.”

If only more politicians would say what they mean and mean what they say. Most impressive.

Equally impressive yeserday was Belinda Neal, deselected in her marginal seat of Robertson after she dared to complain about rude service at a pub.

She was ordered to anger management counselling by Kevin Rudd, which is a bit like being asked not to stare by Julie Bishop.

Unlike Labor rats like Gavan O’Connor, the former member for Corio recently caught out influence peddling his way into millions at the expense of poor farmers, she has loyally accepted an adverse political result and moved forward.



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18 responses to “TOUGH ON SLIME: Michael Danby tells it how it is on Iran

  1. Adrian Jackson

    Authorisation – Is S Same of Toorak really Michael Burd of Toorak?

    Couldn’t Danby get someone from his electorate or himself to authorise the ad?

    Tried hard but still could not crack a real smile either – sad little man he is.

  2. Adrian Jackson

    The Secular Party candidate for Melbourne Ports has commented on this ad on his website

  3. Adrian Jackson

    Family first are a write off for the Melbourne Ports Candidates Forum and on 21 Aug 10 too, going by their behavior today.

    A Sen Fielding electorate office male staffer swore at me, with sex aid connotations concerning the use of a telephone handset, at 4pm today. He followed with a suggestion I should jump of a bridge and he used the F word – how unchristian.

    I said, I was unhappy their Melbourne Ports candidate was not attending the forum and when I got a brush off I said “I assume you are collecting boxes to pack up Sen Fielding office in 3 week time”.

    I reported this to Fielding Canberra office saying you need to calm the stressed Melbourne staffer down but I was not fussed by the swearing of their staffer.

    The candidate tonight responded to my email saying contact FFP HQ for a response to my query why he was not attending the forum and would not even tell me if he lived in the electorate.

    Comical, perhaps a rename of FFP to the Fucking Farce Party is called for.

  4. Anonymous

    Is it a coincidence that Adrian Jackson is the only person who has made comments on this.

  5. Israel Supporter

    If you really support Israel, you would vote for the Liberal Party.

  6. Adrian Jackson

    Israel Supporter (05 Aug 10, 0.34hrs)? (Hand on it only 11.54pm on 04 Aug 10 what wrong with you clock here Andrew).

    I pre poll voted today: 1. Secular, 2. Sex, 3. Greens, 4. Liberal, 5. Family, 6. Labour (Danby last). This will mean my vote will end up with Kevin Ekendahl the Liberal.

    But this does not make me an Israel supporter as there is more to Australia that a view on Israel.

  7. Danbys new constituants

    Interestingly the member of parliament often referred to as the “member for Israel” (no issue here) is probably going to lose most of his Jewish constituents going by the latest probable re-distribution which has most of the suburb of Caulfield moving from Melbourne Ports to Higgins. This will essentially make Melbourne Ports a stronger ALP seat and Higgins a stronger Liberal seat. (if they weren’t already so)

  8. Adrian Jackson

    Danby’s new constituent (05 Aug 10, 11.04am) yes I noticed that a few days ago and made a comment however. Yes it probably will still be ALP as you say; perhaps more so, but in opposition though.

    Will Danby’s Caulfield Branch (branch stacked from 20 to 300 members overnight to get Michael preselected back in around 1997/8) and some others currently in the eastern rump of Melbourne Ports end up in another electorate. I think so.

    This will mean a new branch stack in the Elwood to Port Melbourne end of the new Melbourne Ports (but he is not loved in this end od the electorate) or Danby will retire in 2013. I think the latter will happen.

    Here is your chance Jackie Willox (former Cylde Holding staffer) that you missed out on back then.

  9. Adrian Jackson

    Further the eastern rump of the current Melbourne Ports will not only go to Higgins but also Goldstein and perhaps a bit to Hotham (AEC map a bit to small on line).

    This will break up the so called Jewish vote (if it exists)between mainly 4 electorates. The reality as that Jews vote for all the parties just like we gentiles.

  10. Age of Reason

    The obsessive anti-Semite Adrian Jackson, expelled from the Liberal Party for anti-Semitism, continues to run his one-man pogrom from his Middle Park Berghof. But strangely for such an avid Jew-watcher, he doesn’t know who Saul Same is.

  11. anon

    Can’t wait to read that Israel has been blown to bits, it is filled with ‘illegals’ and the type that is from the bottom of the gene pool.

  12. Adrian Jackson

    Age of Reason (05 Aug 10, 11.56am) haven’t you got a real name or is this your Mossad code name.

    I am anti-Israel not anti-Semite; Palestinians and some Arabs are Semites too. The Israel lobby used this put down just like other totalitarian regimes did (eg) Stalin or Hitler against there opponents.

    Not a Jew watcher, particularly, just a Melbourne Ports, Israel lobby and Danby watcher so it follows I read the AJN as a consequence.

    Not that there is much to watch with Danby as he does nothing as an MP.

    I seen to have to repeat this point; is the Zionist brain not able to take it in the first or second time around

  13. Adrian Jackson

    I just got a larger map of Melbourne Ports from the AEC and the redistribution in 2013 will see the electorate get smaller geographically as medium density development expands in areas like Port Melbourne and Docklands.

    Melbourne Ports in 2013 expanded into Docklands and South Yarra (bounded by Punt Rd, the Yarra River, Williams Rd and Dandenong Rd)formerly in Higgins.

    However Danby will loose a huge area in Caulfield (east of Orrong Rd and south on Neerim Rd) which will go to Higgins and Goldstein.
    This is Danby’s bagel branch stack base.

    What will happen:

    1. Danby’s (and the Liberals for that matter) Jewish bases will be broken up into 3 electorates;

    2. The Pro Israel lobby will spread into all three electorates which could result in more branch stacking which could see Danby clones popping up everywhere; or

    3. Israel is overrun by a new Ottaman, Persian, Arab, Egyptian and Moorish Army and the Israel lobby will continue to be irrelevant and perhaps extinct.

  14. Adrian Jackson

    apparently the Australian Jewish News Newspapers is having another Melbourne Ports event on 15 Aug 10 but only Jewish candidates (Danby and Ekendahl) have been invited.

    Apparently the AJN organisors are unwilling or to bias to hear or invite any of the other 4 candidates. Danby probably told them not to invite the others.

    This will allow their reporters to meet the newspaper deadline a day before the election on 21 Aug 10.

  15. Adrian Jackson

    A summary of the AJN Q&A with Ekendahl and Danby is on their website now

  16. Adrian Jackson

    At the St Kilda Town Hall forum on 10 Aug 10 I asked the candidates what are the 3 local Melbourne Ports issues they would fix if elected (first below) and what was there No 1 nation infrastructure project (last below):

    Ekendahl (Liberal) Elwood canal clean up, protection for Marina penguins, CCTV caneras in our streets, Station pier upgrade (Kevin gave us 4 local issues) and renewable energy;

    Plowright (Greens) childcare, Public transport and chldcare again plus fast rail between Melbourne and Sydney;

    Danby (Labor) childcare, schools (at this point he has to be prompted by me for a third local issues and he said homeless project) and Melbourne to Domain tunnel;

    Vega (Sex Party) discrimination, primary health (sorry, I missed his third local issue due to noise in the audience) and broadband; and

    Storer (Secular Party) homelessness, equal rights, charity commission and renewable energy

    Emmerson (Family First) did not accept the forum invitation so I assume they stand for nothing.

  17. Adrian Jackson

    I just tried to put candidate answers to my question like here at (16 Aug 10) but some comments appeared but were deleted and a few retries appear to be blocked.

    The responses were genuine and accurate so what is wrong with the AJN, Andrew? Why do they have a comments section if few comments are allowed or blocked – bazaar

  18. Adrian Jackson

    Interesting that in Melbourne Ports all the minor parties DID NOT preference Danby (Labour) over Ekendahl )Liberal). The Greens, as usual, plus the Secular Party put Danby higher up that Ekendahl while Family First and the Sex Party put Ekendahl higher than Danby.

    Danby office is a mess. With Jonathan curtis being the main culprit.

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