SHOWING OFF: Former PM COS Alister Jordan's going to Wesfarmers

alisterjordan The Australian’s newest recruit in patriotism James Massola normally does so well squeezing out bits of Canberra gossip has great advantages brought by his resourceful hard-drinking, demon-dialling and print platform.

Canberra sources say that the young buck shames old coasters like Christian Kerr (the Count of Mid-life Crisis) with his commendable news-sense, passion for the job and excellent contacts.

But VEXNEWS is first with the worst.

We note today Massola appears not to know where Alister Jordan, the brilliant former chief of staff to the even more brilliant Kevin Rudd, is heading for work. It will be announced later, he reckoned.

This was enough to provoke the VEXNEWS Investigation Unit into action.

Apparently he’s going to Wesfarmers, on an impressive salary almost certainly bigger than The Australian’s annual profit. Wesfarmers, of course, is the nation’s biggest employer, owning companies like Coles, Bunnings and, Kevin Rudd would be interested to note, Loyalty Pacific.

We wish all concerned well in their future adventures. Except Rudd. Oh, and Christian Kerr.



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13 responses to “SHOWING OFF: Former PM COS Alister Jordan's going to Wesfarmers

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  2. Joe

    So this is the reward for the politicians and their minders who keep the Coles/Woolies duopoly in power – a plum job working for them after politics? Didn’t the former director of the Nats go and work for one of the big two also?

  3. at least Jordan is smart and a hard worker. Christian Kerr has one flaw: he wouldn’t work in an iron lung. This lazy bum hasn’t broken a single news story at the Oz. not one. the guy is dead weight ready to be heaved overboard. real news breakers like Karvelas and Maiden – and even Professor Megagenius – are carrying him. they have every reason to resent subsidising this oxygen bandit’s cosy lifestyle.

  4. Arther conan doyle

    Rudd, Jordan, and Harriss , thanks for nothing.

  5. Insider

    Is Kerr still gay and a coke head or did he give it all away after he was sacked by SA premier John Olsen for ‘pleasuring himself’ in the back of a taxi?

  6. Lino-Filth Kerr

    There is nothing wrong with being a lazy coke head.

  7. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew, I did a comment after Gillard was made PM that it may not just be Rudd the factional faceless men want to get rid of but it could be Gillard too.

    The leaks recently seem to confirm this as both are under attack from leaks.

    That is of cause if the cabinet room is not bugger which would not surprise me. But by who – Labour factional types, Liberal power brokers, AFP, Mossad, CIA, MI6, KGB; who knows who could be doing it.

    After all national governments can not be trusted when it comes to war, foreign policy and trade.

  8. In god and the Westminster system, we trust

    Adrian, we have faith in the cabinet system of gov if you don’t. Cabinet and the APS need to know frank and fearless discussions are held in confidence. That is why the execution of whistle blowers is entirely reasonable.


    Cant blame ALISTER for that well who would seriously want to work around Ms Gillard well lets face it she aint no oil painting!
    Australia so needs voters to vote on who is the best leader and not on gender lines alone!
    Now as was rightfully pointed out women LOST their own chance FOREVER to VOTE In The First woman PM as that was taken away from Us by the ALP faction power brokers that executed Rudd! ALP chose a woman Pm and NOT the voters who were robbed of this chance so the joy has been taken away from us because of the brutal execution of a good man Krudd who was trying his hardest for so many!
    ex PM Rudd was gotten rid of in record time by Ms Gillard who so lacks sound judgement and is NOT fit to be our next leader! Gillard doesnot deserve to be our PM as she is very ruthless about her own personal ambition! Australia needs a leader that wont stuff up Gillard stuffed up Rudds prime minstership and was Rudd given any warnings that he was allegedly off track, NO NO NO as Gillard wont answer us honestly on that important matter so why should we ever ever trust her with our future! Not good enough Ms Gillard you exercised your CHOICE to depose Krudd so now many will choose to vote you out!
    you cant control the leaks you cant control the BER spending you really dont respect religions – where is the PROOF of that so goodbye Ms Gillard! you would say or do anything to grab power so why would anyone ever trust you!

  10. Mediocrity getting jobs...its third world country time

    Here we go folks. A guy who helped lead Rudd to ruin being offered jobs by big business. Of all co.s, Westfarmers. Little wonder the ALP never got serious about retail competition; the former COS seems to have been thinking about his own future.
    we really are turning into a third world country with this kinda non-arms length stuff.

  11. Boofa Leigh

    I am looking for one of those Angry Kevin Burgers! One seriously pissed off Burger topped with lashings of blood and vile I hear …. nothing like a bit of Rat F*cked tucker ehh Wenchy…

  12. Adrian Jackson

    I was watching Julia today on TV when she was saying if Labour win the election and if a cabinet minister is found to be a leaker he will not be in cabinet for long. The TV camera then panned onto Bill Shorten and he looked very uncomfortable and his eyes were darting everywhere which is another give away sign of dishonesty

  13. Age of Reason

    I don’t care where Alister Jordan goes so long as he stays away from politics. He’s done more damage to Labor in three years than Billy Hughes, Jack Lang, Doc Evatt and B A Santamaria combined did in their whole lifetimes.

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