BUGS: NSW Liberals fear Labor entrapment and recordings on race

libsfearlabor NSW Liberal candidates and campaigners have been warned by senior party officials to be on-guard for secret Labor “stooges” attempting to incite them into saying disparaging things about migrants, Muslims, mosques, asylum seekers, islamic schools or other issues of racial sensitivity and recording these statements on digital recorders for release to the media.

Nominations close today meaning that the party would no longer have the option of quickly disendorsing and replacing candidates caught in a race-row, a Liberal insider explained to VEXNEWS hoping we could help get the word out too. They fear rumours doing the rounds of a group recruited from ALP branches and Young Labor has been trained to sound like a convincing local in a number of seats, in order to deceive Liberal campaigners and encourage them to speak freely.

“Voters do approach you saying the most outrageous things and you don’t want to insult them or argue but Liberal candidates and campaign workers need to be on their guard to never agree with or endorse any racially vilifying or discriminatory statement from anyone who looks like a constituent, under any circumstances. We believe that Labor has a number of stooges working in seats like Lindsay attempting to entrap Liberal candidates and campaign workers in this way. We need to be very careful of Labor dirty tricks,” he urged.

“One candidate has expressed fears that he might have been recorded by someone at a train station and it’s definitely causing concern.”

The fears follow the disendorsement of NSW Liberal candidate David Barker for making anti-Muslim statements on Facebook and tweeted accusations about another Liberal candidate (in Greenway) Jaymes Diaz, which he strongly denied.

One senior Labor source familiar with the Lindsay campaign denied they were orchestrating any such sneak-campaign following their success in 2007 in apprehending the former Liberal incumbent’s husband who was caught distributing false Labor electoral material calculated to incite racial hatred. The intelligence that enabled Labor to expose Liberal involvement in the scandal is believed to have come from within the Liberal party itself.

But the Liberals are taking no chances, VEXNEWS understands, given how easy it is these days to secrete a digital audio recorder and microphone and obtain excellent quality even in crowded and outdoor situations.



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39 responses to “BUGS: NSW Liberals fear Labor entrapment and recordings on race

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  2. iana

    Can someone please bug David Davis MP and relieve the Vic Libs of his stupidity. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  3. Dan Lewis

    What a shame. It means once again we can’t have a frank discussion about the perils of uncontrolled Islamic migration.

    Political correctness wins over commonsense.

    Instead, we’ll talk about “immigration” in general terms, as though a highly educated, friendly, hardworking English, American, Israeli, South African, South American or other immigrant is no different to an illiterate Jihadi looking to pick up the dole.

  4. Adrian Jackson

    Danny boy (29 Jul 10, 16.02hrs) “uncontrolled” immigration; get real. Immigration to Australia is well controlled.

    Except for the English the rest of the countries or continents you mentioned are or were mainly fascist republics.

    The South African who immigrated to Caulfield were happy to stay under apartheid but when democracy was implemented they scurried off to Australia like rats leaving a sinking ship but the ship did not sink and RSA has just run successfully the soccer world cup.

    I hear Melbourne Ports, Wentworth and Issacs are going to get the treatment over the next 3 weeks.

    Ala Akbar

  5. Anon

    You’re the ugly face of Australia Dan Lewis, not immigrants.

  6. Joolia

    I defend Dan’s and everyone’s right to discuss immigration without being labelled a bigot.

  7. Joolia

    I declare Adrian Jackson a dickhead.

  8. How about a frank discussion on the quality of Taliban candidates? If there was ever a more salient argument for the Tali to emigrate to CDP-land, I’m not aware of it.

  9. Joolia

    I decalre Feeney and Labor’s own answer to the Taliban free to discuss immigration, Adrian Jackson’s sanity and to nominate for as many Unity seats as possible.

  10. Racial sledging is liberal's main renewable resource

    The libs have made dog whistle politics and sledging refugees a national media past time. The private racial sledging out in electorates is just part of the Abbott national conversation.

  11. Send libs home

    In a school setting if young Abbott constantly picked on new arrivals he would be sent home for bullying.

    But most media cheered him on to new heights over past two years. Useless media gave him oxygen…

  12. so apt

    The Liberal party are correct here after all who would want to trust Ms Gillard and the company she keeps!
    ALP cronies will try anything on to keep power!
    This inept unstable government has more leaks going than her majesty has had cups of tea!

  13. Ollie

    Scared of buggers are we? So you should be. I’m a mean and scary bloke. Grrrr

  14. craig L from Ivanhoe

    I’m not scared of Buggers

  15. craig L from Ivanhoe

    I’m a labor bugger so watch out

  16. Factional

    I think Talihunter raises a valid point here.

  17. Arther conan doyle

    I suppose if you are not a racist there is nothing to fear. Why is it that the Lib’s when caught out exposing their true beliefs accuse people of dirty tricks. Bugger me. Thats a figure of speech Whiney, back off.

  18. Dr Dean's Tiger

    Only I can say: “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

  19. Malcolm, please come back. We need you to save the sheep from the evil sheep dog.

    Baa Baa Liberal sheep have you any wool?
    Yes Malcolm, Yes Malcolm, three bags full.
    One for Robert Menzies and one for Petro G
    And one for all the others who uphold his Legacy

  20. Mike Baird

    I only support people coming into the country who know that the bible is the literal word of God

  21. Blind Freddie

    Such activities are illegal without disclosing to all parties that the conversation is being recorded. Will Young Labor stooges with delusional political ambitions risk a criminal record?

  22. Taking of Pell 123

    I’ll tell Tony Abbott what to say..

  23. Marie

    Get back to work Vince. I don’t pay you to go on VexNews.

  24. Dan Lewis

    Adrian Jackson, I believe I speak for plenty of people when I tell you to go fuck yourself.

    You are a well known Jew-hater and your sneering reference to ex-pat South Africans now living in Caulfield, fits your usual bigotry however ignores that Jews were at the forefront of campaigns against apartheid in South Africa. Moreover, there have been South Africans migrating to Australia for thirty years and most who came early on, did so to get away from Apartheid.

    Since then, they have contributed immeasurably to local businesses and the Australian economy. That is, they’ve done a lot more than you have.

    Sure some of them are arseholes – and the same can be said of many Australians abroad. However to compare the South African immigration benefits to say, the Lebanese-Muslim equivalent, with its third-generation unemployment and criminality, is pretty enlightening.

  25. Adrian Jackson

    Danny boy (30 Jooly 10, 16.59) Temper, temper, darling or you could end up like Kevin Rudd – in hospital with some stress related illness.

    I will let others judge the rest of you comment except to say I live in Melbourne Ports Electorate and know the Caulfield South African fascist quite well.

    You see South African and Israel apartheid are interchangeable

  26. Kate Shouten

    I’m listening.

  27. Chad Sidler

    Naji Najar is a great friend of mine.

  28. Pierre de la Billiere

    I don’t know what’s supposed to be the big deal about being caught inciting racial hatred. Andrew Bolt, whom the Libs have no trouble associating with and the ABC and other media have no trouble giving a platform, incites racial hatred all the time!


  29. Factional

    Chad Sidler has no friends. Naji is simply using him in the same way that one uses a broken pencil.

  30. Rowdy

    Agree with you, factional. Chad is as useful as a used tampon.

  31. Boofa Leigh

    Leave it to me lads. I am really good at Rat F*cking. After all it is my job!

  32. Wenchy

    Geoffrey your ‘tackle’ does sit nicely on my big hooked nose doesn’t it?

  33. Kate Shouten

    My Labor Party defector boyfriend is also listening.

  34. Traitor's Kate

    Win for Students!

  35. Cherc

    “the ship did not sink and RSA has just run successfully the soccer world cup.”

    Doesn’t quite cancel out the electricity crisis, the water crisis, the sanitation crisis, the public sector strikes, the crime, the 50% unemployment in places, etc etc.

    Perhaps you could head off there since it’s so nice?

  36. Adrian Jackson

    Cherc (01 Aug 10) you can largely blame the Nationalist (neo Nazi) Suid Afrikaanse government from 1948, was it, to the early 1990’s as the Kaffirs were kept out of good jobs and good education.

    The ANC Commies have to pull up there socks too as they have been governing for 15 years but the rapid exodus (no not to Palestine) of the skilled whites and Boers (mainly half casts) has left a vacuum in the new South Africa.

  37. Chaddles

    Kate and I have plenty in common.

  38. Adrian Jackson

    They just gaoled the South African (ANC) Police Chief for 15 years for accepting bribes from a drug Mr Big in RSA. This Police Chief was also at one time the chairman of Interpol as well. This makes the last Eugene Terra Blanche look like an angle (which he is in reality now). Source: ABC News Radio (BBC) 04 Aug 10

  39. Joh

    Labor is spending too much of our money.
    Especially seeing michelle rowlands face everywhere.

    do they seriously need her face on every street.
    ten times over.

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