BAIL OUT: Liberal lefty David Davis to make colleagues pay for his $200K mistake

daviddavisdecline davidavisfull The Sunday Herald Sun’s James Campbell has ably reported on some serious internal rumblings in the Victorian Liberal party room over reports that the Liberal Left’s David Davis planned to raid a parliamentary party cookie jar to cover the $200,000 he lost in the settlement of defamation proceedings brought against him by ALP strategist Stephen Newnham.

Campbell reports that a communications fund funded by a coerced $1400 a year levy imposed on MPs from their after-tax income could be fleeced by the Victorian upper house leader without even a discussion in the party room.

Upper House MP Gordon Rich-Phillips, Ted Baillieu and David Davis have the power to sign off on the expenditure. Liberal sources tell VEXNEWS that Baillieu refuses to deal with the funds, figuring he’s got enough issues over his personal finances and claims they cause conflicts of interest with his public duties.

An MP told the Sunday Herald Sun:

”If this is coming out of the communications fund there will be extreme – I mean extreme – anger.”

Extreme anger? That sounds like what Davis’s drivers get in passenger road rage incidents that still have tongues wagging among the ministerial drivers who reckon Davis is as hard-drinking and abusive a passenger as they’ve had in decades. Notably this is includes a former Labor minister for Aborginal Affairs reputed to have got his driver to drive him to the residence of his aboriginal affairs adviser and when she declined the opportunity to come outside to speak with the drunk lefty, he yelled out so loudly that neighbours heard him calling out “Come out, you black c-word.” Such stories are the stuff of Spring Street legend.

We’d like to see patriot Michael Kroger drop that anecdote next time he’s trying to fit up the reasonably moderate Julia Gillard as some kind of extreme leftist because of her involvement in a group Socialist Forum. The truth is that in the strange world of the ALP, this group was an anti-Kim Carr Socialist Left moderate group within the Left, formed by former comms in the 1980s whose pragmatism had been well practised defending hideous Soviet and puppet regimes over decades.

Back to Davis, the Sunday Herald Sun discloses that a party room meeting this week would discuss the proposed fleecing of the “communications fund” by David Davis for his private legal expenses.

We’d love to be a fly on that wall.

One of the other outstanding issues is why it is that the Victorian parliamentary leadership have their own bank account with hundreds of thousands of dollars in it.




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13 responses to “BAIL OUT: Liberal lefty David Davis to make colleagues pay for his $200K mistake

  1. Unga Banga

    He can keep his greedy hairy palms of my cookies.

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  3. Rivers

    D-Squared, you should pay for this f*&k up yourself, or better still, get Teddy to pay for it.

  4. Adrian Jackson

    Why don’t the MP’s have a defamation risk insurance policy?

  5. Syphologist - a pox on pollsters

    Defamation? Didn’t realise Vexnews reported on the Singapore parliament these days. Or is John Brumby planning to hand control of Victoria to Temasek Holdings?

  6. RDR

    Jeeez lucky my texting and rides home didnt cost me 200k

  7. RDR

    If it had cost me 200k the Mrs would have really cracked the shits with me.

  8. Anonymous

    I hear that there maybe a Labor member (soon to be retired) that will be subject to a defamation action. This may be called the “tit for tat” election campaign.

  9. Adrian Jackson

    Is the little boy wearing a Xavier blazer?

    I note the older boys who were caught thieving thousands of dollar worth of clothing items in NZ have been expelled today.

    But will their parents be giving them a good caning too.

    Lets name these “Caflic” crime please Andrew and what do their parents do for a job – Lawyers perhaps in some cases I bet

  10. Steve Sensible

    It doesn’t matter if you are Catholic or Jewish, Adrian hates ya’.

  11. Adrian Jackson

    No I dont hate Catholics or Jewish folks. I just make fun of Caflics and I hate Israelis and US republicans.

    I note the new Conservative PM of the UK whilst visiting Turkey said of Israel that unrestricted two way trade must be allowed in Gaza and the Israels Gaza “prison camp” was unexceptable. Well said Mr Cameron

  12. Ronnie

    Adrian hates those patriots who defend their nations from terrorists and make negotiating peace impossible. Adrian hates Americans who defeated communism. Cameron’s line is the same as every Euro leaders but you did not mention moves by Europeans to outlaw the Turkish IHH of recent blockade fame for its terror links

    Us neocons make the world safe for your transparent rancour and bigotry. I accept your gratitude

  13. Anonymous

    Hi anonymous July 27 0:27

    Who is that labor member?

    What is the defamation?

    When will we hear of it?

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