GOTCHA: Extreme-left Greens encourage voters to put race-bait extreme-right parties ahead of Liberal/Labor

bobbrownpauline450 After copping a barrage of criticism from confused voters after the Greens party’s sleazy preference deal with Labor, they resorted to a bizarre website edict calculated to be all things to all people.

In one statement, it clearly encouraged voters to put Labor or Liberal  last behind candidates like those from the Aboriginal and migrant critics of One Nation, a party often criticised for being racist.

Even their favoured propaganda vehicle, The Aged, seemed troubled by the Greens party’s lurch to the far-right. They explained they tipped them off that the Greens were being slammed by political opponents and that they quickly altered the text to hide their shame.

But screengrabs obtained by members of the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit incontrovertibly establish the Greens party urged their supporters to:

“Send the big parties a message by putting their candidates last and second-last.”

An ALP flyer set to be carpet-bombed on the inner-city battleground seat of Melbourne makes it clear that the Greens party is therefore urging their backers to put race-baiting parties like Australia First and One Nation ahead of mainstream parties like the Liberals and Labor. The Greens party is – like many far right parties – fanatically anti-immigration, so it could be more than just an alliance of convenience.

The Greens party website also falsely asserts that voters must number every square for their vote to be valid, which is not strictly correct. Legal experts tell VEXNEWS that you can number all boxes but one to make your voting intention sufficiently clear.

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19 responses to “GOTCHA: Extreme-left Greens encourage voters to put race-bait extreme-right parties ahead of Liberal/Labor

  1. Who Am I?

    Who am I?

    I came 3rd in a preselection against Marie Luckins.

    I set up a failed business called International Careers Pty Ltd in a tax haven.

    The peak of my political career was as an adviser for the Bronwyn for PM campaign.

    My only experience as a campaign manager before becoming State Director was campaign director and strategist for the losing Monash Province campaign in 2002.

    My closest political associate is Santo Santoro.

    I deliberately sabotaged the Prahran campaign, removing central funding for factional reasons.

    I was part of the losing team for the last Federal election.

    I was part of the losing team for the last SA election as the then State Director of the SA Division.

    I was part of the losing team for the last Victorian election as then State Director of the Vic Division.

    I gave the IT contract for 104 to a company Dan Feldman’s was a director of, without going to tender. Dan Feldman subsequently had to leave his law firm.

    I leased part of 104 Exhibition Street – a direct legacy of Robert Menzies – to Tolarno Galleries, who displayed Bill Henson’s child porn in the Liberal Party’s own building.

    I corruptly breached the Electoral Act, using the threat of pulling the party polling contract to get two people fired.

    I asked staff to blog against the State Leader, then when it came out, I knifed them as publically as I could to try and rat out of it.

    When the blog affair came out, I denied even knowing about the blog – lying to Ted Baillieu, Tony Nutt, David Kemp, the media and the party. In actuality, I had been bragging about the blog I had tacitly authorised for months – including in December to Don Nardella MP, who has since put the facts on the record in parliament.

    I undertook a secret deal with DPA Document Printing Australia Pty Ltd to re-employ Chandler for the Liberal Party, in a cruel hoax on the Party and the Jewish community.

    I left 104 Exhibition Street in a burning wreck, having lost both the State and Federal Campaign managers in a fortnight of the worst media coverage in the Party’s history.

    I tarnished the reputation of the Higgins 200 Club by associating it with donations from the aged care industry extracted by Santo Santoro.

    Both my first and second wives are better at politics than me.

    I am now the Deputy Director of the Liberal Party and am not very good at my job.

    I tell people I am an “accountant/ corporate accountant” despite no longer holding proper professional registrations to do such work.

    I am not very popular amongst the branch members in Higgins.

  2. Adrian Jackson

    It does not matter were the independents or minor parties are put on the ballot paper as the preference flow from all of them will eventually end up with the Labour or Liberal parties in most cases.

  3. Anon

    Given that none of the parties you mention have any chance in a lower house seat and the Greens will first preference Labor in the Senate, its not much of a story you got there is it?

  4. Life on Mars

    On a different topic why is Adelaide Now, Perth Now and all of these ‘franchises’ such crap? I am fed up with this catering to the lowest common denominator and blame the ALP and the Libs and every other trough dwelling politician for the dumbing down of meaning to get the votes. Get rid of compulsory voting and then we might have a small chance of getting some meaningful argument back into politics – rather than the whose toughest on crime mentality to appeal to the head-butters who are forced to vote and can’t think beyond LA Law or whatever other crap they watch on TV. As to this topic, fuck the Greens and their socialist low life brethren. Go the Bill of Rights Party…oh there isn’t one…well, there should be and that’s who I will be voting for anyway. Cheers fellow voters.

  5. Lord Snooty

    What will happen is that most independents and minority parties will loose out because models or simulations that explain the workings of complex systems are seemingly impossible to construct: As a model of a complex system becomes more complete, it becomes less understandable; for it to be more understandable it must be less complete and therefore less accurate. When the model becomes accurate, it is just as difficult to understand as the real-world processes it represents.

  6. anon

    I can’t wait to see the look on [deleted – sexism] face when she is defeated in Melbourne.

  7. Greens in it to win it

    The greens preference deal allows yarra moreland and darebin greens to do their own thing.

    Why wouldn’t they grab preferences from extreme right.
    The greens now have many hungry egos to feed in local government. control of one federal seat office and three or four state seats is a big thing.

    This new control over three levels of government is a very big step onto mainland Australia for the greens. No one can blame them for doing the deals. If you add in the barbar upper house office then the greens will have 1 fed office and 4 to 5 state offices in the inner north subs.

    This is a huge turning point in history and it will give the greens a base that they have longed for for many years.

    They are not going to worry about being shamed for deals with the devil to get such a powerbase.

    SEnator Kim Carrs office may be the only labor left office left in the inner north by Christmas. Happy Christmas Alp.

  8. Life on Mars

    It is not such a complex system as many would have us believe. It appears complex because political parties need to pander to every voting Australian. In effect we have a complex social system which is at its broadest at the bottom which is then overlaid and fused with a political system that is stretched to cover its own needs. An almost reversal of the Pareto principle, where here we have 80% of an apathetic population whose only understanding is their own pockets and safety dictating party policy thereby creating populism politics. Not so complex. Solution: Benevolent dictatorship.

  9. Byron in Wahroonga

    Alan and Christopher see you in half an hour in the far cubicle at the Wahroonga Gents Public Lavatory.

  10. Lord Snooty

    Mr. Mars your comment about life is spot on.People can make decisions based not on what they actually want to do, but on what they think that other people want to do, with the result that everybody decides to do something that nobody really wants to do, but only what they thought that everybody else wanted to do.

  11. It all makes sense

    Life on mars is almost right but it is worse than 20%. the political class of less than 0.01% of the population are willing to any noise that think will make a disinterested 3000 swinging voters in a handful of marginal national seats tick a box.
    Add in the balance of power given to tasmanians at federation and you have our crazy political system.

    You can see why they made a law against urging an informal vote – as the informal vote remains the only rational choice. And they just don’t want that to catch on.

  12. Looney libs and labor make it hard for bob browns real looneys

    Bob brown votes down anything that won’t take us back to the cave. The policies are crazy but who cares they will never govern … Just block.
    Mr abbott runs a pro business party that won’t change ir laws for 10 years. Yeah right .
    Joolia does not want big oz.. But won’t cut migration. Righto, sure that should work. Perhaps the constant lies just might induce mass sterilty.

    the pixies are no longer at the bottom of the garden…. The run all 3 parties…..

  13. Life on Mars

    And in the words of the great philosopher, Ford: “It comes from a very ancient democracy, you see …the people are people. The leaders are lizards. The people hate the lizards and the lizards rule the people…….. if they didn’t vote for a lizard…the wrong lizard might get in. Got any gin?”

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  15. Anonski

    Abbott easily won the debate. Joolia was soundle defeated.

  16. Larry Lib

    Tony Burke is a shocker. He makes Arbib look good.

  17. No more bed hopping

    Can the greens give a guarantee that their mps won’t bed lib mps? We know the libs and greens screwed the ets. But the public should be spared the mental picture of them screwing each other.

  18. Outsider

    Another thing that does not invalidate your vote is writing something on the ballot paper, provided it does not obscure the numbers.
    If you don’t want a ‘Big Australia’, the best way to impress it on the politicians is to write ‘Reduce Immigration’. It worked in the ‘No Dams’ campaign to save the Franklin river.

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