SLIME GREEN: Greens political party red-faced after sinister backroom preference plot with Labor

greenspreferencepact The problem with posing as pure in politics is that it’s not possible.

Politics is all about compromise, all about achieving the manageable, securing incremental change and working with others to get things done.

Posturing as ethically pure and sort of politically neutral is a fiction the Greens political party have done well to maintain for so long.

The truth is the Greens political party is an extreme left-wing party that pretends to be environmentalist.

There’s nothing environmentalist about their policy that would strip private schools of cash and force them to submit to federal control. There’s nothing environmentalist about their policy announced today of slugging Australia’s working families with a new tax on convenience food. Protecting the environment is just one small part of their ultra-left wing agenda.

Indeed the Greens are the most effective political vehicle for the ultra-left in Australian history, more successful than even the once mighty Communist Party of Australia which never managed to get Senators elected but boasted hundreds of thousands of members, controlled many of the most powerful trade unions and had the equivalent of many tens of millions of dollars in assets in real estate, printing presses and cash. They did so well that most of mainstream politics in the 1950s thought it was necessary to outlaw them in order to protect Australian democracy from foreign-controlled dictatorship.

The Greens party has fewer bucks but gets a much bigger bang than its Communist party predecessor.

They say they are on the verge of winning the federal seat of Melbourne and electing Senators in each state, potentially giving them a power of veto over the policies of every government.

This will be a very different balance of power situation from that which prevailed in the Senate in the past with the initially political moderate Australian Democrats. At least in the Don Chipp era, they styled themselves as a centrist party positioned between the conservatives and Labor. Post-Chipp they descended into a party with very left-wing policies, with even their Leader Cheryl Kernot becoming an ALP MP.

The Greens eventually consumed their hated rivals’ Democrats vote and has now started munching into the Labor and even inner-city Liberal voting base.

But it’s all based on a con.

They are not apolitical.

They are the most ideologically driven left-wing party with elected representation in Australia.

They are the most successful extremist left-wing party in Australian history.

They pretend to be pure a pure as the driven snow, apolitical alternative to politics where the planet is given a chance. But it’s much more than that as even the briefest review of their policies makes clear.

They are a party just like all the others, keen to maximise their vote with carefully crafted and focus group tested pitches, desperate to maximise their elected representation with sleazy preference deals and willing to conceal some of their unpopular or unpalatable policies usually after they have prompted public scandal or odium.

The cutest part of all this is that like all brilliant salesmen, the aging Senator Bob Brown, appears to genuinely believe all his lies as he utters them.

He says with a straight face that even though his small party – membership is very small with a very clear chain of command headed by him and his office – has entered into preference arrangements with Labor that voters are free to ignore them.

Of course they are, it’s a free country. But many millions of taxpayer funded Greens party How To Vote cards will clearly indicate a preference to Labor ahead of Liberals in key marginal battleground seats.

Bob Brown knows that a very high percentage of voters follow these HTVs which is why his party and the others spend a fortune in printing and organisation in staffing thousands of voting booths across the nation, including weeks of pre-polling. HTVs influence votes, that’s the whole idea of them. For Brown to suggest otherwise is just the most recent of the many lies that have sustained his decades of deceit pretending to be an environmentalist while actually being a classic ultra-leftist who demands an ever-expanding government with a left-libertarian approach to issues like drugs and online bestiality (animal sex abuse) and child sex abuse.

And we have a word or two for Labor about all this too.

They can’t say the Greens are the focus of evil in the modern world if they’re playing footsie with them under the table at the Comrade’s Bar.

They can’t credibly ask parents to panic about the free heroin policies of the Greens party if they’re doing sleazy preference deals with those responsible.

They can’t reasonably challenge the Liberals on disgraceful preference deals with or hand-outs to the Greens if they’re embarked on the same sinister enterprise.

The Greens party is the chosen vehicle for the extreme left of Australian politics. Look at the career path of Greens activists, from ultra-left wing University groups, to hijacked environmental charities, to ultra-left wing unions like the Education Union and now into Parliament and power.

VEXNEWS understands that a number of Victorian based moderate parties like the regional party the Country Alliance and Shooters Party are deeply troubled by what Labor has done federally and worry about Victorian implications of how the ALP would act with a Greens party gun to its head.

The Country Alliance have urged their supporters in regional Victoria to be on guard:

The Country Alliance party has urged voters to turn their backs on any party that exchanges first preferences to the Greens in next month’s federal election.

Although not contesting the federal election, the party says that the preference swap between the Labor party and Greens sets a dangerous precedent for Victoria’s state election in November.   State election candidate Miles Hodge has instead urged voters to ensure they put the Greens last.

“The Greens stand for everything bad for regional families,” he said.

“They stand for closing down activities that support regional families in favour of establishing injection rooms and other policies which run against the values of rural families.”

“If the same deal happened at the state election, it will see the end to hunting and rodeos, significant impacts on recreational fishing and winding back of jobs in the timber industry which will all hurt regional communities.”

“In this Federal Election people who vote ‘above the line’ in the Senate for parties that cut deals with the Greens run the risk of voting in their pro-heroin injection room policies and more.”

He said people should instead take the time to number the boxes ‘below the line’ on the large white ballot papers.

“This will take a couple of extra minutes, but ensures that preferences don’t go to parties that have unacceptable policies”.

Neither major mainstream party should have anything to do with the Greens while they remain so dishonest about their ultra-left policy agenda. Instead, Labor has introduced voting systems that have caused Greens to be elected in record numbers, the Liberals are on the verge of shamefully handing over inner-city seats to the Greens (an atrocity that will cause them long-term gravely serious damage in regional Victoria) and the media with some honourable exceptions repeatedly fail to hold this ultra-left party to account for what it offers as policy.

Their rise without accountability is a development that should worry every Australian.

When the Greens party promise they’ll be making history by being elected, they’re quite right. Those with an eye to history and a real understanding of the political origins of this highly secretive, Stalinist movement know that the consequences of appeasing political extremists are nothing less than catastrophic.



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36 responses to “SLIME GREEN: Greens political party red-faced after sinister backroom preference plot with Labor

  1. Vexnewbs can’t hack The Greens

    I didn’t think Vexnews could work any harder to make itself anymore irrelevant than it already was. But I was wrong.

    I’m surprised that you guys didn’t try and slip in an anti-Palestine/ pro-Israel angle.

    Perhaps you hypocrites are going soft.

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  3. S.

    Its is a special part of crazy that you live isn’t it?

  4. A vote for Green is a vote for Labour when it is all said and done. They could even have some sort of a merger in about a decades time, with a few Labour moderates shifting to the DLP even. Interesting times ahead.

  5. The Economist

    Onya’ Andy. Spot one yet again.

  6. Dean

    The author writes like 12 year old. What an uneducated buffoon.

  7. Reds are better in bed

    that’s why i joined the greens and it’s so much fun when you expose the liberal slime that ‘secretly’ hate unions, hate workers, hate pop music, hate football, hate greyhound racing; the list goes on

  8. The Economist

    Dean, I assume you’re a Green supporter?

  9. Ted B

    I’m actually thinking of striking a similar deal with the Greens here, to pull our lot out of the mud.

  10. Richard Di Natale


  11. Dean

    No, I am actually a swinging voter. The article is all opinion and lacks any evidence or analysis to back up that opinion. Just about every sentence begins with ‘the’ or ‘they’. The article is a sloppy puff piece and as I have previously stated, it looks like it was written by a 12 year old.

  12. Richard DR

    Bugger off Ted. You need to do a deal with Country Alliance. Particularly if you want to win some seats.

  13. Chris

    Good to see an article with out left wing prejudice. The hypocritical greens will see Australia ruined if they have their way.
    Reds Under The Bed, do you seriously think the greens support the use of animals in sport. They will ban greyhound racing just like horse racing when they can. As well as being farleft they also support animal liberation.

  14. Mike Baird

    my daddy told me it was a great idea to pretend to like the greens – as long as they don’t look at my record as an investment banker

  15. Rampant

    The Greens also have a policy to ban the fishing of “target” species. They don’t explain what they mean by that term.

    Whatever is a target, I guess

  16. Lord Snooty

    This means that Senator Steve Fielding will probably loose his seat.This is a shame as Senator Fielding is one of of the few in Parliament who talks directly to God.(U.S. Personification).Mr Abbott also has a direct line to God(Italian Personification) but a balance is needed for both views to be heard.I know Catholicism has had a very good effect on Art but the sight of all that blood make me feel quite faint.

  17. Rampant

    Probably lose his seat? Definately, I would suggest…

  18. Dean

    Chris, fine and well to have an article without ‘left wing prejudice’ but you cannot write an article without stating opposing viewpoints. It is with these opposing viewpoints that you present evidence to the contrary and present your own opinion. Without this, commentary such as this lacks any credibility. I’m not suprised the author hasn’t put their name to this piece of drivel.

  19. Arther conan doyle

    ‘The Country Alliance Party’ and the ‘Shooters Party’ say….. WTF? Who cares what those loops say. Give the Greens the balance over the phony Fieldings and Xenophone’s
    any day.

  20. Richard DR

    Ok Arther, so CA and SP are loops and FF and Xenophon are phonyies. .. and we should give the Greens the BOP. You and Deano wouldn’t be the same person, would you?

  21. Realistic voter

    The fires of Black Saturday would not have claimed so many lives had the state government done the right amount of fuel reduction burning in the months prior. The reason they failed to do so was for fear of a backlash from the Greens and other environmental lobby groups. It was the one thing a government can control when it comes to bushfires and John Brumby failed because of his dangerous association with the Greens. People should think about that before they do something stupid like voting Labor/Green.

  22. Dean

    Richard Dr, Arther conan doyle and myself are not the same person. As previously stated, I do not profess and political allegence. I am a swinging voter. Does questioning the credibility of articles on this site automatically make one left wing? If this is the future of news, Australia needs an education revolution.

  23. Arther conan doyle

    Richard Dr, nope. Xenophon is the biggest phony ever foisted on the Australian public.

  24. cynic

    The greens are as corrupt if not more corrupt than any politcal party. They are th elooney left that even labor’s looney left say are just plain weird, & that’s saying something. Read their polices. Folks, if they get their wway we will all live in caves, have no power, REDUCE CARBON EMMISSIONS TO ZERO BY 2050! Ha, ha. You dumbos vote for this mob.

  25. Adrian Jackson

    Your story is correct about the Australian Democrats decline when they moved to the left from the centre and dropped Don Chips great slogan “Keep the Bastards Honest”. Having moved to the left they were then out gunned by the Greens.

    I think that slogan plus Labours “It’s Time” and the Liberals Victorian Slogan “The Guilty Party” that saw Kennett elected were the 3 best since I started voting in about 1972.

  26. Argus Tuft

    Fielding should never have been elected in the first place, any green would be better than him. And he will hopefully take his stupid family first with him when he goes. I mean what more could you expect from the middle child of
    16 kids whoes mothe said she would have kept going had she not had a stroke

  27. Blackmambo

    Andrew Bolt has a good summary and warning about this today. I used to have to negotiate for evil big business with Greens and remain terrified of the day they get balance of power, especially if that Adam B in Melbourne gets up. If that happens, like business investment, I will be going offshore.

  28. Il Duce

    The Greens are scum. The pose as a big a threat to nation’s freedom and prosperity as the commies did back in the 50’s.

    BAN ‘EM!!!

  29. Les 20something

    The fact is, TruEnergy, International Power and others will not want to keep their capital in Australia with uncertainty over a CPRS and a Greens controlled parliament.

    Better to turn the lights off now – good practice for later on.

  30. unclear nuclear party

    What is the Greens association with the disgraced ‘ultra left’ Nuclear Disarmament Party of the 1980’s

    Never trust a man in a Koala suit holding a green bucket. They are terrorists in disguise

  31. melbcity

    A reference deal between the ALP and the Greens will deliver a Senate seat in Melbourne. If the Liberal party are close to winning government then they were faced with the prospect of the greens holding the balance. There are many members of the Liberal Party that were no happy or pleased with the deal cut between the Libs and the Greens at the last election.

    Family First Feilding will not be re elected. He knows it and so does everyone else. Family First will feed into the Liberal Party puting real Family interests at risk. Lower education spending and reduced family support and services.

    in 1996-2000 the Green David Risstrom was worth supporting, as he was also in 2004. The only reason he did not get elcted in 2004 was Latham’s support was below 39%.

    BUT the Greens of today are as Andrew points to the extreme of the extreme of leftist politics. Tbe sought you would not want to hand teh balance of control to.

  32. Future is green

    The greens are set to win big time in Vic and get balance of power. Get over it.

    The mainstream media is to blame. They and the libs have spent their energy whipping up fear and the fortress Australia mentality.
    The greens will clean up in educated areas because the lab lib bull that pretends to be national debate is insulting to many.

    Congratulations media. You have demonized labor … Barely lifted the woeful libs and boosted the greens vote.

  33. Rampant

    Future, why don’t you be a little bit more honest about the Greens. Their policies are on paper. They include shutting down the entire generation capacity of the Latrobe Valley. They want heroin injection rooms. They want to ban fishing. They want to ban shooting. They want our soldiers to use “non violent means” when at war. I suggest you read their policies and that you then ‘get over it’.

  34. Cameron

    Rampant, I did an internet search and the tiny segment of the policy you speak of seems to be this: “11. a reduction in fishery by-catch and habitat damage from both commercial and recreational
    fishing and other marine activities, and the conservation of key target species.”

    Target species are “species or assemblage of species which are primarily sought in a fishery” (see the fishonline glossary). If you don’t know what words or industry terms mean, please just find yourself a reference book.

    Basically it means that when numbers are getting low in a particular primarily sought species, stocks need to be conserved and replenished. Not really that mind boggling and confusing I didn’t think.

  35. Anonymous

    One term of the Greens holding the balance will be enough to root the country.

  36. jennifer holdsworth

    What a bunch of narrow minded rubbish you write, the best thing you can do with this page is compost it!

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