PARTY GIRL: Dean Jones' lover serviced prominent Liberal's party as "Sex Bomb"

sexbombliberalgirlCricket legend Dean Jones’ ex-mistress Kerri-Anne Hamilton has worked as a “Sex Bomb” party girl for New South Wales Liberal party identities.

Hamilton exploded into public consciousness this weekend after coming out as the mother of a son fathered by the married cricket ace and now dethroned Father of the Year winner. She has previously explained her occupation as “international flight attendant.” Elsewhere, Ms Hamilton has been described as a “promotional model” and has had to defend her involvement in her own failed “promotional model” business.

It appears Kerri-Anne Hamilton is a lady with quite a colourful past. And – in a perfect storm of the kind the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit collectively pray for – she had at least one night of professional interaction with prominent NSW Liberal players.

A Liberal familiar with the matter has come forward to make shocking revelations about the Dean Jones baby mama’s secret double-life. The high-ranking insider – speaking on condition of anonymity – has revealed that Hamilton once worked for a company “Sex Bomb” whose raunchy not-safe-for-work website explains that it provides scantily clothed, nude or semi-nude models, dancers, jelly wrestlers, waitresses and erotic services to paying clients.

liberalaffairtoremember VEXNEWS makes no suggestion that Hamilton or the company Sex Bomb Promotions Pty Ltd was or are involved in any unlawful activity of any kind. The company still to this day provides its services which include “Beef and Boobs” barbeques, bikini model car washing, snake shows, hot wax/candles and wet &wild bath shows, entirely within legal restraints in place within the State of New South Wales.

Our source says that after Hamilton’s recent star-burst of parental publicity, he immediately recognised the former promotional model from a birthday celebration attended by prominent Liberal party members back in 2002.

A colourful Australian-Lebanese Sydney property developer identity and Liberal branch-stacker David Baynie was celebrating his 30th birthday at the time at his tastefully mammoth pile on millionaires’ row on Telegraph Road in the old money, deeply conservative Sydney upper north shore suburb of Pymble.

Our source describes the area as “CEO country, many of the kids end up at exclusive north shore private schools, such as Knox, Barker, PLC and Abbotsleigh.”

The glittering and “extravagant” affair was among the best parties our source had ever attended he recalled fondly last night. He had the time of his life.

The celebrating developer was a close friend and party ally of then tight political duo now federal MP Alex Hawke and state upper house numbers-tsar David Clarke. Liberal Right patriots Hawke and Clarke have since recently split and are now fierce factional foes for reasons VEXNEWS finds deeply puzzling and sad.

The developer – a leader within the Sydney Lebanese Maronite Christian community – had successfully recruited many hundreds of family and friends to join Liberal branches within Alex Hawke’s and David Clarke’s and the Liberal Right’s sphere of interest.

Liberal leftists – occasionally prone to exaggeration – once claimed that when joining the party in large numbers, some of the developer’s backers and members “flashed pistols” to “intimidate opponents” who were resisting their entry to the party in several upper North Shore Liberal electorates. We very much doubt the veracity of the Sydney Morning Herald story on the subject but it does point to the developer’s major role in the party at that time. Sources close to Clarke agree that the Herald story was largely a racial slur by the Liberal Left that even the Herald came to have reservations about.

Multiple sources familiar with the matter say that the developer’s then political patron David Clarke MLC attended the party, even addressing the crowd of two hundred present, making glowing reference to the developer’s “Christian family values” and rightly recognising the great contribution of the Lebanese Christian community to Australian life.

Even more memorable, our witness says, was the presence of a bevy of bouncy beauties who serviced the throng as waitresses for the affair. He told VEXNEWS:

The waitresses were stunners, believe me. Dinner was served on the tennis court which had a big marquee over it.

He says those beauties were provided by promotional model services company Sex Bomb, and among them was Kerri-Anne Hamilton.

Our witness explains what went down:

Sex Bomb provided about a dozen waitresses who were asked to dress suggestively (ie show a bit of leg and cleavage) but not to run around in lingerie (as they normally might),

I have strong reason to believe that (a member of the group we cannot name for legal reasons) was a stripper and possibly an escort. She offered her "services" to a mate of mine who is certain that she was serious. She offered to escort him to functions or provide female company if he needed it. A couple of guys then started giving (their) phone numbers (to the girls). Kerrie Ann (later) made a couple of follow up calls.

It’s important to note that our source’s opinion is not a definitive statement and is merely his opinion based on his observation and subsequent statements from friends.

davidbayniebirthday VEXNEWS also wants to make it very clear that neither Hawke or Clarke – who witnesses say attended the gathering with their respective partners – had any awareness of the developer’s intriguing choice of waitresses or of any of the activities referred to above. It appears neither noticed them either, focused on celebrating freedom with one of their most effective lieutenants. Sources close to both men say they recall a large gathering of the developers’ large extended family and had no particularly indelible memory beyond that, suggesting perhaps that the younger blokes monopolised the attention of the Sex Bomb ladies.

Party insiders say Baynie is much less active within the NSW Liberals than he used to be, maintaining no more than 10% of the members he had once enthusiastically recruited, but that he is still on f
riendly terms with Hawke and Clarke.

An industry expert explained to VEXNEWS, after offering his own private harem to spread the good news of our independent news empire to Flinders Street station commuters:

Promotional models might be selling sexy but they’re not necessarily selling sex…

Our Liberal party-goer said in this case he’s convinced the ladies for the evening could well have been ladies of the evening:

A couple of guys I know swear black and blue that they had a quick liaison with one of the girls out the back.

The night of nights clearly left an indelible impression in the memory of our Liberal lad:

Kerri-Anne was not the only girl from the south-west of Sydney who was working that night.  I also remember a hot blonde by the name of Kristy or Kirsty from Camden. There are some things you never forget.

Like this story, probably.

The source explains that Baynie kicked on to an even grander property in Wahroonga, before running into the kind of trouble most developers expect as a professional hazard by having a business failure to the tune of $30 million plus when a unit development went wrong. If you haven’t been bankrupt in Sydney property circles, you’re not trying hard enough, is the traditional view.

Some say the broke bloke is still living large in Wahroonga, flashily giving $20 tips to impressionable 19 year old waitresses in the suburb’s classy coffee shops and still managing to find $30K per annum in elite private school fees. A clearly very resourceful chap.



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40 responses to “PARTY GIRL: Dean Jones' lover serviced prominent Liberal's party as "Sex Bomb"

  1. Paul Jones

    What an outstanding read!

    This party is legendary. I heard about it a few years ago.

    Now I know the true story.

    Thank you.

  2. Adrian Jackson

    Sydney Liberals have all the fun; not so in small talking, “and what do you do” interogation cocktail parties that I attended for 9 years to 2003 as a Liberal here in Victoria.

    You save a lot of money by NOT being a member of a political party

  3. Fatty Doyle

    Little Fatty is throbbing again.

  4. David Clarke MLC

    I am a mainstream, political conservative…

  5. Boofa Leigh

    Ohh Ohhh Kerri-Anne…..I am going a little lite headed….Dooo youuu waant aaa lesssoon innn thheee daaark artttt or politics – I thiiinnnk I haaave a vaaacanany riiight nooow! But Hurry!

  6. Wenchy

    Don’t forget the can of Delay Spray tonight Geoffrey.

  7. RDR

    Mmmm a little old for me but if you need a ride home luv, txt me.

  8. Craig L from Ivanhoe

    Not interested.

  9. laughter

    Thanks Andrew – I was going to go to bed, but had a quick squizz at Vex before I did so and, of course, my thirst for dirty and scandalous carnage on good liberal politicians, was quenched!

  10. Anon

    Clealry such a Party would not have been of any interest to ALP filth, Milton Orkopoulos

  11. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    Please Mr Abbott don’t make me join you in the Pulpit tonight.

  12. Anon

    Little Blonde Choir Boy, why do keep confusing Tony Abbot for Milton Orkopoulos? Did the Milt ply you with alcohol?

  13. Clarke Fan

    If David Clarke was at this party then everything is ok.

  14. Miles

    But what about me, Alex???

    You promised me an invitation!!

  15. inga binga

    why wasn’t I asked to do this work. I did such a good job years ago in the family restaurant in Oakleigh. Many an older man loved my juicy morsals.

  16. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    No I’m not confused at all, it is definitely Mr Abbott.

  17. Anonski

    Little Blonde Choir Boy, time for you to admit that Milton Orkopoulos has done some nasty things to you.

    Projecting Orko’s crimes on to someone else (Abbott)will not help you.

  18. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    I keep telling you IT IS Mr Abbott.

  19. Dan Lewis

    Bah! Hanging out with strippers can see you one day become Prime Minister (albeit only for a little while).

  20. Anonski

    Little Blonde Choir Boy – you remind me of an ALP MP crapping on about the Coalition reintroducing WorkChoices.

    You can tell the same lie 100 times, only an imbecile would believe it.

  21. Whiney

    I have been to a few Queen’s birthday parties myself…although the renters were slightly different than the one in this story.

  22. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    Mr Abbott and Cardinal Pell did it I am sure.

  23. Boofa Leigh

    Why aren’t you returning my calls Kerri-Anne? I have a fresh supply of the nasal stuff and I am hot to trot. PS don’t tell Wenchy – I am on a promise this week, and the next week and the next week after that etc etc…….. 😦

  24. ian.a

    Liberal candidates ( poor buggers ) are paying $200,000 for the defamation case lost by David Davis. Marginal seat campaigns are being stripped back accordingly.Heavens to betsy , how lucky is Brumbles to have landed Ted and David?

  25. Freemason

    Sydney is an evil city and they are all going to hell

  26. Kerri-Anne

    Boofa I heard on the grapevine your name should be Spoofa, as the show was over before Wenchy’s began.

  27. Joolia Gizard

    Don’t worry Kerri-Anne I am sick and tired of Leigh and his rampages on this blog. He is a low life. Always has been, always will be.

    I still have sickening memories of what this moron did to me when he was the member for Mordialloc – and I wasn’t even in Parliament!

    For those interested read this –

    Well I haven’t forgotten Mr Leigh. Now I am PM I am coming to get him.

    First I have the Federal election next month to square away and then onto helping JB.

    I will take extra delight coming in to help Janice Munt our excellent member for Mordialloc against the ‘Liberal’ blonde bimbo Boofa Leigh is supporting in more ways than one.

    Its people like Leigh who give Politicians a bad name. And you know what I do with these types of people? I have a long memory, longer finger nails and lots of back room boys to call on!

  28. Free the Freemasons

    Hawke is a freemason. Clarke told me so.

  29. spunkypru

    Always amazes me why the nationality is an issue. Mr Baynie was born in Sydney Australia. He is an Australian citizen. HE IS AUSTRALIAN. Why is his parents heritage mentioned. And why is the fact that he is a Maronite Catholic so interesting…

    I will tell you why….because of all the racist rednecks who are simply jealous of a man who is making something of himself….and seems to have a little influence in the anglo dominated blue blood liberal…

  30. Bob the Builder

    Spunkypru, You are right to question why nationality and religion got a mention. Your last comment though is worth responding to.

    As someone who is active in the building and construction industry I can tell you that racism is the last thing that motivates those who dislike David Baynie. It is his hypocrisy.

    There is an associate of Baynie’s who I have met on a few occasions who used to joke that if you are going to go bankrupt for $1 million then you may as well declare yourself bankrupt for $10 million and hide the other $9 million.

    People who have met Baynie in a professional capacity or around the Upper North Shore question how he has been able to maintain his lifestyle despite being declared bankrupt for over $30 million.

    Personally I don’t care whether he had promo models at his party, or whatever they call themselves. I wasn’t there to witness whether money was really passed under the table in return for services rendered around the back of the house. I think it is lovely he can fulfil a childhood dream and drive a red Ferrari.

    What I have a problem with is the decent hardworking people who get cheated and conned out of their hard earnt money by these types of shiny spivs living an extravagant lifestyle that they have not legitimately earnt. All this while promoting their Christian values.

  31. spunkypru

    bob the builder, fair call. that i cant comment on.

    BUT, He is Australian, born in Aust, raised in Aust. As you can see racism is alive and thriving.

    Why werent the nationalities of the Models, or the politcians mentioned. Some of the models have Immigrant backgrounds…so mention them. What are he policitcians backgrounds….IF ITS SO IMPORTANT.

    The Sydney Lebanese Maronite Christian community is a proud, law abiding, assimilating, tolerant and hard working group. The good they have brought us goes back 100 years. The local thornleigh Lebanese community are a family we should embrace and be proud of. NOT ridicule and marginalise.

    I am friends with many of them, and to have them as part of my community makes me stand taller.

  32. Pru 4 Premier

    Spunkypru, I agree with your comments aboutbthe Thornleigh Lebanese. All the members of that community I have dealt with are decent hard working people. Having a bad apple like Baynie in that community shouldn’t be a reflection on the others.

    I can say the Lebanese ladies there are among the best cooks I know.

    As for nationality, I am pretty sure that both Hawke and Clarke are Anglos and all Anglos shouldn’t be judged on their conduct.

    I checked with a couple of blokes who attended that party and they were pretty clear in their recollections – one brunette, the rest blondes and probably all Anglos.

  33. Bob the builder

    Pru4Premier, it is great to hear from you again. I have just worked out who you are.
    I hope you are not having to work too hard for your inner city pad.

  34. Boofa Leigh

    You know the good thing about lying down with the blond dog is that when we both get up we both still have fleas!

  35. Wenchy

    Geoffrey funny you mention nasty little rashes.

  36. Hal Fwit

    Lesbian Maronites?Got any pics?

  37. Bob the builder

    Page 22 of today’s Sunday Tele is a great follow-up to this story. Well done on your scoop. I am sure that there are more stories on Ms Hamilton out there.

  38. David Barker

    I still believe in David Clarke

  39. Where was my invitation? As you can see here ( ) I look quite fetching in revealing clothing and could have been a waiter at the celebration. David Clarke tells me I have strong Christian values too, and that God would deliver me the seat of Chifley. I could then hang out with my chum Cori Bernardi while Tony prepares the world for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  40. Thanks for the update Bob the Builder. Hamo is a dirty dog.

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