DOGS WON'T HUNT: Victoria's seat of Flinders is Liberal dream come true

greghuntclowns High-flying Liberal Flinders MP Greg Hunt is considered in Canberra a potential leadership contender. A Liberal of the wetter persuasion than usually tolerated here, he’s certainly a smart and articulate fellow and much more principle-driven than sloppy Liberal left wets like Joe Hockey from NSW.

He’s had a good run in recent times, teaming up even with the ETU union militant Dean Mighell to score points about the Federal programme to put free insulation batts in household’s ceilings. As one of few Commonwealth policies (other than liberating Afghanistan) to directly cause loss of life and the incineration of homes, it has provided ample opportunities for the Opposition. And Hunt has made the most of it.

Hunt must truly think the political gods are smiling upon him.

Liberal sources exclusively told VEXNEWS this morning that the Labor candidate in Flinders, whose public assertion that Tony Abbott’s policies were “influencing people to take their own lives” understandably attracted national attention, Adrian Schonfelder was in fact a former Liberal party member and even worked doing phone polling in the past at 104 Exhibition Street.

Liberals say Schonfelder was not the most productive campaign worker but was memorable for his quirky views.

He has some stiff competition in Flinders though.

The Australian reports today that the Greens party candidate – amusingly bearing the same name as Bob Brown -  is what is called a “truther” or one who believes very strange things about 9/11 terrorist attacks:

"The 9/11 commission was not conclusive that al-Qa’ida was responsible," the Western Port News quotes Mr Brown as saying. “There are huge questions that need to be asked — one building came down without being hit, architects say the building looked like they were brought down by controlled explosions. What happened to the bodies and plane at the Pentagon?"

Every one of these assertions or implications is absurdly false.

While Labor in Victoria is having a red hot go at McEwen, La Trobe and even hoping Aston might swing, it is understandably pessimistic about its chances in Flinders.



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20 responses to “DOGS WON'T HUNT: Victoria's seat of Flinders is Liberal dream come true

  1. anon

    Greg Hunt is a lightweight, his brother Eric Hunt has a lot more talent.

  2. Adrian Jackson

    Greg Hunt is not that wet after all he supported the murderous invasion of Iraq that killed 100,000 civilians including little kiddies just like the ones shown in the photo.

    The Iraqi kiddies killed were often in little bits or blackened like a well done BBQ steak because of the effects of 3 degree burns caused by their burning homes after the “brave” US Air Force and US Armoured Units shot the crap out of their villages and towns.

    Interesting too were the comments against Tony Blair conduct today from the former head of Britain’s MI5 concerning the lead up to the invasion in 2003.

    She said Iraq was not a threat to the UK and that an invasion would cause concern in Britain and encourage insurgents from the UK, which happened.

    Tony Blair should be tried and hanged

  3. Stephen O'Shea

    Doesn’t he have a cousin Mike?

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  5. Carn

    I’ve heard his brother Mike is quite wet at times too.

  6. Anonymous

    Doesn’t he have a nephew Robert Anderson?

  7. Yorik Hunt

    I think Mike Hunt and Opheliac Hunt are the best hunts around.

  8. Casey

    Greg Hunt is the epitomy of a stuck up little rich kid who crys if he doesn’t get his way. He is merely a ‘stunt’ politician who is high on doing cheap stunts or saying baseless statements to get a headline but is low on actually delivering any real benefits or changes. A fine example wof this was a couple oy years back when he made a bold statement that he would fix the std call charging debarcle the residents of Cranbourne have had to endure for years…..the result of Hunt’s statement…you guessed it nothing !!!!. The sooner the majority of the population of Flinders wake up to this fraud the better.

  9. Wenchy

    Leave Mike Hunt alone you morons. Who do you think I am?

  10. Pissy Chryne

    I’m not interested in Hunts full stop. But I love Ben Dover and Phillip McCrack.

  11. Anon

    Schonfelder always was a tosser. Some things never change.

  12. darren

    better than Joe Hockey?- that is hardly a useful yardstick – I have seen dog turds with more talent than Joe!

  13. Piv

    Agree with Casey about Hunt being a “stunt” pollie. He’s made a name for himself on the ‘ninch stepping into State Government issues to increase his exposure and prove his credentials as an active local member. Greg frequently comments in local media and in advertising on issues including the Crib Point bitumen plant, Frankston Bypass, Gunnamatta outfall, Port of Hastings/Melbourne… etc etc.

    Can’t say he’s had a great deal to say at a Federal Level though.

  14. peter

    isn’t greg the sneakly little turd who pretended to be a community youth worker in Mutijuju to disclose non existent sex abuse and justifybthe intervention (or was he the producer of the farce)….don’t let the truth get in the way greg

  15. Rampant

    Mike Hunt? Has anybody seen Mike Hunt?

  16. well well well

    Schonfelder – what did your gradfather do during the war?

  17. The blokes on the jobs

    Militant union ETU.Pffffffft Mighell the biggest bosses boy going around. The union is as weak as piss on the jobs and Mighell is a shit union secretary that surrounding himself by shit organisers

  18. Hastings

    Greg Hunt is a woman dressed in men’s clothing

  19. Adrian Jackson

    The ALP candidate for Flinders had a car accident and has withdrawn due to his injuries (undisclosed) and he has been replaced by another ALP candidate

  20. Dean 'Pantie & Bra Wearing' Mighell

    I’m tough don’t you worry about that just Delores the she-male.

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